Greg’s spoiler story

SPOILER WARNING! Comments will contain spoilers.

I don’t ordinarily announce spoilers on the front page, but when an Office fan named Greg wrote me and told his story and I saw all the photos he took, I just had to give this tale a little front page love.

If I’ve whetted your appetite, continue on to the spoiler post. It’s interesting.


  1. WOW…now those are some spoilers. I can’t figure out why Young Michael would be there? I mean are they watching a wedding video at first? And Karen is still around for the wedding? I’m not sure I predicted that one. That really affects the way I feel after last night’s promo. What to think…what to think?

  2. For some reason I thought at first that you were saying Greg Daniels wrote you with a lot of spoilers. I was like, why would he do that?? lol

  3. Apparently Michael is the child of hippies. That’s how it looked to me.

    Karen’s still around for the February episodes, but we all expected she’d be around at least a few more episodes.

    It was fun to see, but if anyone is afraid to look, don’t be. It isn’t the mega spoilerage that I feared at first.

  4. Maybe the reason for the young Michael is that Phyllis is getting married in the same church his Mother did and he has a flashback?

  5. Good point! Is anyone else totally shocked that The Office received nothing last nigth at the Golden Globes?

  6. it’s gotta be a wedding “film” – super 16, of course.

    i like that young michael is the same actor used in fundle bundle.

  7. Tanster, in The Dundies and E-Mail S. we already saw her. She didn’t talk, but she was there with Kevin.

  8. I am in anticipation of thursday’s episode! i want to know what jim says to karen! also, it makes sense that they would show the wedding between phyllis and bob vance. i wonder why karen is staying around. hmmm…interesting

  9. 12- i love this show-

    It says karen/pam because when you zoom out there are shoes in the bag.. it takes less space to put the shoes in one bag than in two.

    haha- dont worry. they wont combine pam and karen into one character

  10. I think the Karen/Pam thing was attached to a bag full of accessories–purses and such.

    In my head I was thinking that Phyllis’ wedding reception would be the perfect time for some Jim/Pam moments. I hope so…

  11. VERY COOL! I wish I would have seen this!! I don’t live TOO far from there. A bit of trivia for those of you not from L.A. or who don’t recognize it: That is the same church they use in Seventh Heaven. My husband was a groomsman in a wedding there a few years ago (before I knew him).

  12. they wont combine pam and karen into one character

    i know. though Jim would LOVE that. end all of his problems! lol

  13. I’m going to guess that Michael as a little kid is not a flashback. It wouldn’t fit into the shows format. It could however be a home video.

  14. It could be a flashback. Remember there was a flashback of Jim and Pam’s kiss in Gay Witch Hunt.

  15. E-

    It wasn’t technically a flashback in Gay Witch Hunt; they had ‘caught’ it on tape, and were ‘editing’ it into the story. I’m sure Michael somehow made the whole office watch him on vhs again :)

  16. Out of respect for them. They didn’t like that pictures had been posted. They never said to take them down, I decided to.

  17. im glad they broughten oscour back! it was funnY with the spanish party DWIGHT IS SO DUMB:o

  18. I don’t know where to post this question but I figured that this might be a place for it… did Kevin and his fiancee, Stacey, ever get married? I mean, it seemed like they’ve been engaged a long time as well.

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