The Office Season 3 spoilers

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Last updated: May 16, 2007

This post contains spoilers and news about The Office Season 3.

May 16: Ask Ausiello

Question: There hasn’t been any scoop on The Office since early April! Come on, Ausiello! Give us something! — Emily

Ausiello: I tried (and succeeded) to make up for lost time at NBC’s upfront Monday, where the entire cast (sans Steve Carell) was in attendance. John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer confirmed my frienemy’s report that producers shot two different endings for the season finale, but denied it was because they were waiting to see if Rashida Jones’ fall pilot was picked up. Their costar/producer B.J. Novak later backed that up, saying, “We always knew [which ending we were going to use], we just wanted to keep it a secret.” He added that the twist ending is indeed a game-changer, and one that revolves around everyone. “Next year’s going to be different,” he teased, “and you’ll see why in the finale.”

May 9: IGN interview with Brian Baumgartner

There is some big stuff coming up for [JAM] in the finale. I can tell you that Kevin plays an important role in deciding Karen or Pam. And he takes that role very seriously.

May 8: Us magazine

Re: ‘The Job’ (May 19):

The scoop: There’s an opening at Dunder Mifflin corporate, and Michael (Steve Carell), Jim (John Krasinski) and girlfriend Karen (Rashida Jones) all want it. “Somebody does take the job,” cocreator Greg Daniels tells Us (best bet: Jim). “We’ll see more of the New York offices next year.”

Office crush: Fans rooting for Jim and Pam (Jenna Fischer) to revisit romance may be disappointed: Jones is back for Season 4, and, says Daniels, “Pam is on a journey of self-discovery. Her happiness may be more about her self-realization.”

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May 7: Watch with Kristin

I can’t believe your Office scoop about Karen and the two endings! Aaah! Does this mean no one knows yet whether Pam and Jim get together?

Precisely. In one ending, they get together. In one, they don’t. However, I can tell you that Pam will grow a spine and say some things she’s been dying to say (are you not loving the new, ballsy, tire-changin’ Pam?!) and that Jim will have to make a choice between them. Brian Baumgartner of Scrantonicity fame (they rule!) dishes: “Kevin plays a crucial role in determining: Pam or Karen?” Gaaah! Brian also confirms that they’ve shot “several endings,” adding, “We honestly don’t know for sure what will happen at the end. There’s a job opening at corporate, and there are several people from the Scranton branch who are vying for that job in New York.” I’m told Karen and Jim are two of the three people who want that position, which is why Rashida (Karen) was spotted shooting scenes in New York with John (Jim) just last week.

Gustavo in Provo, Utah: Do you know if Jan is pregnant on The Office? I think she’s pregnant by Michael.

There are big developments coming on the Man front. Angela Kinsey tells us, “There’s a big new twist for Michael and Jan. It’s really funny. They just keep getting a little more bent. I love that storyline, actually.”

Dani in Great Neck, New York: Any Office romance news?

Dwangela is dwiiirrrty. Angela Kinsey says this of her recent make-out scene with the Schruter: “One of the writers, Mike Schur, told me that after he watched that scene being filmed, he realized that Dwight and Angela have probably made out all over the office at different times, after hours, and it sort of makes us all look at the office in a new way. So I think they’re gonna have some more rendezvous moments—absolutely!”

May 4: Watch with Kristin

Sources tell me exclusively that The Office is shooting two endings to the current season—one in which Rashida Jones (Karen) leaves the show, and one in which she stays—because it is not yet known whether Rashida is back next season.

As you may have heard, R.J. shot a comedy pilot for Fox called The Rules for Starting Over, and she won’t know until late next week whether it has been picked up. If it is, Rashida’s leaving The Office to fulfill her Rules contract. If it isn’t, she sticks around for another season to make us Jim and Pam fans miserable.

Meanwhile, how’s this for news of the maximum awesome variety? Sources tell me the rumors are true that The Office may be expanding to a full hour next season. Word is, NBC execs are seriously considering a lengthier Office on Thursday nights (perhaps signaling a move of Scrubs to ABC).

All will be revealed when the networks present their new fall schedules to advertisers the week of May 14 in NYC.

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May 3: OfficeTally!

Spoilers for tonight’s episode, ‘Women’s Appreciation’:

  • Michael is confused about his personal life.
  • Facial hair becomes part of a prank.
  • You’ll see a room at Dunder Mifflin you’ve never seen before.

These spoilers are based on what I saw during my set visit back in March. They aren’t earth-shattering, but I did write them, and NBC did approve them. I hope the facial hair prank made it in to the final cut; it’s pretty funny.

This may be the only time ever that a spoiler originates from OT. :)

May 2: IGN interviews Angela Kinsey

Any hints you can give on what’s to come in the last episodes of the season?

Kinsey: Oh, they’re great episodes, I have to say. We have three more. Two are super-sized and our season finale is an hour-long special. One episode we go to a lake and Michael’s decided he wants to do sort of like a Survivor meets The Office to see who’s really got what it takes for leadership qualities. John Krasinski had to wear an outfit, and I will forever look at him differently, because he looked so hilarious to me. That’s about all I can say about that. Dwight and Angela have a scene. We always shoot our scenes back to back. We never look at each other, because we think we are super sleuths. We really think we’re getting away with this big secret. And in one episode coming up they wanted us to face each other as we spoke. And first of all, I know why I should never look at him, because I laughed through every take, because Rainn as Dwight is hilarious to me. But it totally changed [things], and it had this amazing dynamic the minute we faced each other. So that was a fun moment for me personally. And I can say this about the season finale: questions will be answered. There’s some big, big twists. And Jan and Michael have something big that happens to them; I’m gonna emphasize the word big.

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Apr. 30: Watch With Kristin

Paul in San Francisco: Any news on the Office finale?

I’m hearing you Jam fans will be pleased! Yayaaay!

Apr. 22: NBC Boards

Check out these photos of John and Rashida, then head on over to GMMR for speculation.

Apr. 19: NBC Press Release

Synopsis for ‘Beach Games’ (May 10):

LIFE’S A BEACH — Michael (Golden Globe winner Steve Carell) is being considered for a position in corporate and has to recommend his replacement, but while the group expects a fun outing at Lake Scranton, Michael has planned a day of “Survivor”-like competitions to find his successor. Meanwhile, Pam (Jenna Fischer) is not asked to join in any of the activities and is forced to watch Jim (John Krasinski) and Karen (Rashida Jones) have fun together. Rainn Wilson, B.J. Novak, Angela Kinsey, Oscar Nunez, Kate Flannery, Phyllis Smith, Ed Helms, Paul Lieberstein, Mindy Kaling, Brian Baumgartner and Leslie David Baker also star.

Synopsis for ‘The Job’ (May 17):

THE FINAL REVIEW IS ONE-HOUR SEASON FINALE — In a special one-hour finale, the office is still buzzing from the events of their day at the beach. A job opening in Corporate pits coworker against coworker as Michael (Golden Globe winner Steve Carell), Jim (John Krasinski) and Karen (Rashida Jones) all head to New York for final interviews. In Scranton, Dwight’s (Rainn Wilson) new regime institutes sweeping reforms, Pam (Jenna Fischer) plays an interesting role and Jan (Melora Hardin) comes in with exciting news. B.J. Novak, Ed Helms, Leslie David Baker, Kate Flannery, Angela Kinsey, Oscar Nunez, Phyllis Smith, Paul Lieberstein and Creed Bratton also star.

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Apr. 16: Watch with Kristin

Ginny in Texas: Any hope for Jam? I want them to be together right now!
Well, the good news is that I’m hearing Karen will not be in The Office full-time next year (there are whisperings she might be sent to corporate—hurrah!), so all the Scranton stars seem to be aligning for a Jam make-out session. And if you’ve seen Blades of Glory, you know just how hot that second kiss might be. (God bless Jenna Fischer and her slobbery tongue! Funniest part of the flick, if you ask me.)

Christa in Laguna Niguel, California: Any news with The Office? I’m newly hooked!
I spoke to Oscar Nuñez at this weekend’s GLAAD Awards, where the show was nominated for the “Gay Witch Hunt” episode, and he tells me that his character’s gay relationship won’t be seen again this season. “Maybe next season. For this one I think we’re kind of done.” As for the rest of the gang? “There’ll be some movement of personnel.” Like, Karen to corporate? (Yes, I’m going crazy with anticipation of what may be!)

Apr. 13: NBC press release

Synopsis for ‘Women’s Appreciation’ (May 3):

CAN’T LIVE WITH ‘EM, CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT ‘EM – Outrage breaks out in the office after Phyllis (Phyllis Smith) gets an unexpected eyeful from a flasher. Michael (Golden Globe winner Steve Carell) makes some important personal decisions when he takes the women on a special outing. Meanwhile, Dwight (Rainn Wilson) and Andy (Ed Helms) work on catching the predator. John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, B.J. Novak, Melora Hardin, Leslie David Baker, Brian Baumgartner, Kate Flannery, Mindy Kaling, Angela Kinsey, Paul Lieberstein, Oscar Nunez, Rashida Jones and Creed Bratton also star.

Apr. 6: Starry Constellation Magazine

In an interview with Melora Hardin, Melora says:

What is it about your role as Jan on “The Office” that really has enticed you to keep coming back to the show?

Well, they made me a regular on the show in the second season so they have me for the next five years and I just love her! I just think she’s got a lot of depth and dimension. I always describe her as a woman who has a hard exterior and a soft, gooey center. I love that her flaws are showing through. She’s got so much going on at all times, there are a least three things to play in every moment with her, so she’s a lot of meat to bite in to for an actress. I have to say, I’m madly in love with Jan Levinson, so I guess it’s a good marriage. You’re supposed to be in love with your character.

Apr. 5: NBC press release

Synopsis for ‘Product Recall’ (Apr. 26):

AN OFFICE IN CRISIS — The office is in crisis mode after a large shipment of Dunder-Mifflin paper is accidentally sent out with an obscene watermark. Michael (Golden Globe winner Steve Carell) tries to manage the media with an impromptu press conference. Jim (John Krasinski) and Andy (Ed Helms) try to calm the high school principal who has sent out prom invites on the affected stationary. Rainn Wilson, Jenna Fischer, B.J Novak, Phyllis Smith, Leslie David Baker, Mindy Kaling, Rashida Jones, Creed Bratton, Oscar Nunez, Angela Kinsey, Brian Baumgartner and Kate Flannery also star.

Tipster: Nicole

Apr. 2: Watch with Kristin

Helena in Boston: I need a Jam session!

Don’t we all? My toast is so dry and barren without Jam! But I’m 99 percent sure we get some lip-smacking Jam deliciousness by the end of the current Office season. I’m hearing that Pam continues on her path of asking for what she wants: First, the light beer, and now, the Big Tuna. Meanwhile, Karen might be headed for—drum roll, please—the Dunder-Mifflin corporate office! Or, at least, that’s the way it looks from here. So, pray to the Jam gods (Smucker’s?) that it’s true.

Everlee in London, England: Michael and Jan have become my favorite part of The Office! Any scoop you can give us on what’s coming up with them?

Melora Hardin, who plays Jan, recently told me, “[Jan] is getting wilder. She is a little kinky—I have to say, I think Jan is one of the most exciting, multidimensional characters on television.”


  1. I was wondering about the “airing of the documentary” too. I mean, it has to air sometime within the series. Hey wouldn’t it be cool if everyone at work got together in the conference room to watch the premiere of the documentary? That’s something I know a lot of people would want to see. I do anyway.

  2. ooh jennie you’re awesome! i’ve always wondered which interview the whole, the documentary is airing in their time thing came from. now i know!

  3. A new romantic interest for Jim? Roy trying harder? I don’t like where things are going. They lured us in with a story line, and I just suspect they’re going to pull the rug out in season 3.

    And I don’t see how they could play that documentary. If everyone knew everything the film crew caught: Roy would kill Jim, Angela would die of embarrassment, Kelly would punch Ryan in the face, Michael would be in jail, Scrantonicity would break up and Dwight would be totally unaffected.

  4. Very, very plausible, GMMR. I also believe that Jim goes to Stamford, and then comes back.

    I also believe that Dwight will miss Jim terribly while he’s gone. ;)

  5. Nice job!! But why does my stomach turn at the thought of Jim having a new love interest? My prediction – Jim is heading to Stamford, where he will have another “office romance”. Downsizing brings Jimmy (and his new floozy) back to Scranton, where a now single Pam is the one with the jealous streak.

  6. So you’re saying it was Greg Daniels who blew Valerie Plame’s cover? Maybe Condi Rice will do a cameo in season 3 as Dunder-Mifflin’s new CEO.

    Swift Boat Paper Salesman for Truth

  7. you’re so easily distracted….tanster. in your haste to post this, you completely forgot that the new character jenna asked me to create will be joining the cast in season 3.

    does everyone remember the blatant lie that kevin fed us about the extra scenes that would be in one of the episode repeats? if they are going to release false info they should have creed do it. i mean we already know he steals right?

  8. This is not really a spoiler or prediction, but I thought I would point out in the British version they didn’t have the public airing of the documentary until after the series was over and then it was an integral part of the subsequent Christmas Special.

  9. Linner, what was the fallout (if any) from the public airing of the documentary in the UK version? Was everything that was caught on tape eventually aired?

  10. Pretty much. For one, David Brent (the boss) even though he hated the way he was edited, took his 7.5 minutes of fame and tried to run with it, which is both sad and hilarious. Dawn (Pam) went to the States with Lee (Roy) and stayed in denial about her feelings for Tim (Jim). Tim tried to shrug off his friendship with Dawn, but now everybody knows how he feels about her. The documentary crew returns for the Christmas Special, so it’s very much the same format. Hope I didn’t give too much away!

  11. Wow. Sounds like a “big story beat,” as Jenna would say. :)

    If that were ever to happen in the US version, my guess it would be later in the season, not sooner.

    By the way, I never really knew much about Ricky Gervais until I was putting together this post and watched the entire interview he did. He is laugh-out-loud funny!

  12. How about they move Jim to the other office and groom him to replace Michael after he leaves to do movie work?

  13. I’ll have the UK series 1 in my hands thanks to Netflix tomorrow. Just curious, but how much does the original series spoil the US version? Do the story lines completely veer off in different directions, or are their parallels?

    Oh and why do people assume Jim’s being groomed to replace Michael? I feel like I missed where that comes from.

  14. I doubt Dwight would really miss Jim as he doesn’t get much enjoyment out of Jim. Jim would miss Dwight, just as I miss the person I used to screw with before I went back to school.

  15. Wow, thanks Tanster for putting this together. There are so many little tidbits everywhere, I was actually thinking of putting something like this together so I could get a grip on it all.
    I thought maybe Jim would miss messing with Dwight if he transferred, but I never thought of Dwight missing Jim. I love that idea!

  16. Well, maybe Dwight wouldn’t necessarily miss Jim but I think he would miss the attention. The only people who really talk to Dwight are Jim and Pam (Angela wouldn’t want to make a scene and although Michael talks to Dwight, he’s not very friendly at times.) I think the scene from The Injury where Jim helps Dwight and then in Conflict Resolution when he’s talking to Dwight about transferring

  17. Sorry, didn’t mean to hit submit yet:

    …shows that Jim and Dwight are actually friends, but its just kind of a quirky relationship.

  18. Wow, I never thought about them actually airing the documentary & what the reactions would be at Dunder Mifflin after they saw it.

    It looks like they’ll have Jim go to the other office for a bit & I know Dwight will miss him almost as much as Pam does. Dwight would be so bored if Jim was gone & I think he likes the attention, plus Jim will be bored at the new place without Pam and no Dwight to pull pranks on to occupy his time.

    All I know is they can’t do a Jim/Jan hook-up because they don’t have a cute couples name like “Jam” Or “Dwangela”! I mean it would just be “Jan” or “Jim”…not very original.

    Thanks for putting that all together for us Tanster!

  19. Thanks for compiling these, Jennie.

    This was the quote that made me think, as I still do, that Jim will be “away” for a while:

    “I’m hoping to have a job next year! Because they’re like, yeah, you might leave the office and I’m like, but I’m still on the show, right?”

    I’m with you on that one, tanster. We’ll see.

  20. wow, thanks for posting these jennie. all we can do is guess and wonder what’s going to happen. my guess is that no one will have ever expected what’s really going to happen on 3:1

  21. What does the (2) after Meaning signify? Is this to be a two-part episode?

  22. Tanster, just a heads up, but I think Twiz TV mistakenly put up those three episode titles for The Office, when they’re actually titles for House ( shows those titles as House episodes). I guess we’ll find out soon enough…

  23. Jenna Fischer updated her MySpace blog and said this about season 3:
    “In other news, I returned to work on The Office today. I hope I don’t sound like a broken record but I’m seriously feeling like the luckiest girl in the world. The first script of Season 3 is AMAZING. I know everything that happens! Finally!”

  24. I absolutely cannot wait for the episodes where Martin Freeman and Mackenzie Crook guest star. That’s going to be hilarious!

  25. I was just reading the script for booze cruise and does anyone know if the words “(The 27 seconds that follow can’t really be described, but I’ll do my best)” were written by Mr. Daniels or NIKKI?

  26. Maybe it’s just me, but I can just see Carol Burnett as Michael’s mom…I think that could have so much potential! Anyone else think so?

  27. Ran into John filming a movie with Mandy Moore in Jamaica, and he says he’ll definitely be coming to the Stamford branch!! Sad to see him go, but excited to see how they get him to come back!

  28. Are the videos in the “Kristen visits the Office” article the same ones you posted recently? I can’t really check for myself, right now.

  29. has listed the episode names for the first 3 episodes for season 3. Does anyone know if that is true? I thought I read somewhere that NBC was keeping that close to the hip.

  30. Maybe it’s all a big trick, and they cleared Jim’s desk just to throw us off track? …maybe? …please?

    (I plan to remain as deluded as possible for the next month.)

  31. I’ve noticed that on Pam Pong, they have the names of the first three episodes of season 3. They are 1: The Meaning, 2: Cain and Abel, 3: Informed Consent. I don’t know if these are verified but man, The Meaning… Sept 21st couldn’t come fast enough.

  32. I don’t get why the question says Applebees. Um, hello it’s Chilis! Okay, now I feel like a Trekkie calling out such a minor detail.

  33. ahhh, now i’m not sure if i can wait until the 21st!!!! at least before i could pretend like it wasn’t already filmed, now…no such luck

  34. That’s sweet that Melora Hardin is going to get a Myspace page. Gay Witch Hunt?! That’s hilarious.

  35. This might be the right place to say this… But the NBC Fall Preview thing is on now (at least on the East Coast) and it has some spoiler-ish things.

    Little things like Jim working at the Scranton branch. Dwight’s bobblehead is stolen and Jim convinces Dwight to give Jim the ransom after seeing the usual ransom note (with magazine letter cutouts…) and then Pam holds up a bridal magazine… So did she get married?

    And some other random clips.

  36. Jan could have sent in Ed Helms’ character to oversee the branch…ie 16-1(jan)=15, and maybe no perminent transfer for Jim? just a though.

  37. Congratulations, tanster, on having this page linked to by’s “pop candy” blog this morning. You’ve really hit it big! ;-)

  38. Kristen from E! is the most annoying spoiler person ever! She never has nothing new and her personality is obnoxious! I can’t stand that lady!!!!

  39. I am getting worried. ARGH, was David Denman’s name always that far up on the cast list???? When people said we’d be seeing more of him this season, I thought it was a teaser. I am getting soooooo worried about the fate of JAM. yikes! must go watch season 2 dvd, lol….it takes my mind of these scary matters.

  40. I know we’ve all been hearing the rumors that some lovely Office couple might have marriage in store for Season 3, but who could it be? Roy and Pam? Ryan and Kelly? Dwight and Angela? The list goes on, but a picture posted on Bobby Ray Shafer’s (Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration) MySpace might hold the key to this mystery. (Rehosted on ImageShack)

    Could it be that Bob Vance has finally found his Catehrine Zeta?

    Original Link

  41. Whoa… I can’t believe Silverman would drop something that huge about a long-distance relationship.

    Stupid New York Times.

  42. UMMMM WHAAAATTTTTTT???? Sept. 17th spoiler, I DON’T BELIEVE (but really want too) IS THIS TRUE?

  43. For the Sept. 17th spoiler: I really hope this can be interpreted in more than one way, because I wanted to find out what happened on the show, not in some article. Possibly it means that they are long distance friends? Who am I kidding, I want them to be more than friends as much as anyone else!!!

  44. One more thing. If Jim and Pam have a long distance relationship… whats the deal with “love interest” Rashida Jones or whatever her name is.

  45. Yepp, i was so excited when i read that, but then remembered rashida jones. If Pam has pictures with her on her myspace but Jim was at her branch, then we know that theyre joining.

    about that love interest, i dont get it. If i didnt know Jim better i would say that he was cheating, but that cant be right!

    rghhhhhh i cant wait 4 days!

  46. oh man i can’t believe it. we know jim has actually transferred. we do know too much. but spoilers were bound to happen i guess.

  47. Gah, it is official Jim transferred. I bet they’ll push Angela and Dwight more. With Jim gone 2 of my favorite things about the show are gone. Jim’s in office relationship with Pam and Dwight. BOO, what will I do now? I’m so anxious to see what happens Thursday.

  48. I know this is probably wishful thinking, but does anyone else remember the article over the summer ( i think it was at the USC panel but i’m not sure) where the producers said they are completely aware of everything that “leaks” out. And how they will go to extreme measures, even if it means sending out enornous press announcements and “misleading photos” to protect all the secrets? I think thats what going on now. I mean they wouldn’t drop such a bombshell
    (jim’s transfer-a photo from the 2nd ep.) when the new season hasn’t even premired yet…. hummmmmmmmmm

  49. Lola, I think it will be really interesting to see how S3 plays out, and we’ll come back to this post and check on which spoiler tidbits ended up being true and which ones were released as decoys. :)

  50. Not really a spoiler, but I have a theory that Roy was in the breakroom and saw/heard Pam on the phone and the kiss with Jim. I think he baited Jim into watching over Pam, didn’t go home, and waited for the sparks to fly. The view we saw was not from a camera, but from Roy’s own eyes. (?)

    This idea has been rolling around in my head for awhile and I just had to put it out there because I can’t stop thinking about it.

  51. From Jenna’s latest myspace:

    Oh! I saw the first episode. IT’S AMAZING!!! SO funny. Maybe one of our funniest episodes ever. Steve is brilliant. And John…OMG…John is hilarious this year. There is a Jim/Michael/Dwight scene that is one of my favorites ever. Ed Helms knocks it out of the park. His character is such a perfect addition to the cast. And Oscar is beyond awesome. Don’t believe everything you read about Season 3 of The Office…even if it’s printed in a big newspaper. I’ve heard a lot of rumors and no one has gotten it quite right yet. It’s fun to hear all of the theories on what happens.

    A Jim/Michael/Dwight scene? Hard to do if Jim out of state…or maybe I’m just being too optimistic.

    Casino Night is still “Next On” on the NBC Office homepage.

  52. maybe the silverman rumor was purposely planted, like Lola said. that rumor just happens to be more believeable than the previous rumors, like the one that jim was going to chop off pam’s head and/or set her on fire for the s2 finale

  53. Now the question is…does Ausiello have any firsthand knowledge of that which the Times talked about, or was he just relaying what he had read, or is he going along with a decoy?

  54. My guess is, Jim really transfered. I don’t think they would go quite to this length to create a decoy. I guess we’ll all find out tomorrow! WOO HOO!!! I’m kind of nervous to see what’s going to happen!

  55. You know what, Jim not only probably gets transferred, but he’s also made some sort of manager. In the clip on Ellen, Angela says the convention is only for managers, and we know from the pictures that Jim goes to the convention. Therefore, Jim is probably a manager of some kind in Scranton.

    And that’s why I pay 40,000 a year in tuition here at the University of Miami.

  56. From the photo of Jim at the convention, his title says “Sales Associate” so I’m not sure if he’s a manager. Plus when if the two branches “merge” in episode 8, having two managers would be problematic. I guess I’m just wondering how they keep Jim involved if he’s at another branch.

    This week has been excruciatingly slow!!! I don’t know if I’ve ever anticipated a show as much as this one. I can’t wait to see what happens with Pam and Jim (and Roy). I can’t possibly imagine that they would have Pam and Roy get married…maybe they postpone it? Who knows?!!!!

  57. Michael Scott is a ‘Regional Manager.’ If I’m remembering correctly, Jim was applying for the position of ‘Sales Manager.’ I don’t know much about the pecking order at a fictional paper company, but I imagine that if and/or when the banches merge, Michael would still be in charge. What would be funny? If after the merger Jim is in a higher position than Dwight.

  58. “Jim told me you could purchase gaydar (spelling help?) on the internet.”

    Why would Dwight be talking to his enemy if he was transfered too Stamford? ;)

    Its becoming confusing in these last 24 cruical hours-oh excuse me, we’re less than 24 hours on the East Coast. :)

  59. Did anyone see the new preview of The Office that was on during The Biggest Loser at around 8:45? It was the same one with the voiceover they’ve been showing, but this time there was a little, tiny scene — it looked like right after “The Kiss” — with Jim saying, “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that.” And I think they may have been holding hands? I’m not sure about that part, though.

    So there WAS dialogue after the kiss. Jenna’s a fibber. ;-)

    Someone else has to have seen it so I know I’m not crazy!

  60. Stacy,
    I saw it too and was totally shocked to see it. Now I’m wondering if the premier starts up now or right after Casino Night.


  61. HOLY COW in response to the Biggest Loser post! OMG, are you serious? I missed it! OMG I want too see it! Do you think they’ll show it again in the next 24 hours?

  62. Maybe they will replay the clip during the Tonight Show since Steve is going to be on. Fingers crossed for that.

  63. They HAVE to play it again. They’re smart folks. They knew that as soon as that hit the air, we’d all work ourselves into a Jam-inspired frenzy. And here we are. :-D

  64. Ack why do they tease me so…I honestly think tomorrow may be the longest work day ever! Aw, I love Jam!

  65. ahh!!! That was so incredibly cute, it really was. Yeah, I think they were holding hands. WHY can’t it be Thursday??? If someone puts that on YouTube, post it please!

  66. Yep I saw it too and started freaking out!! I am ready to record it, should they show it again, and will then post it on YouTube!

  67. I didn’t see that jim/pam biggest loser preview, but someone should put that on youtube. right now. and then post the link here. I’m thinking that that must be a flashback when jim or pam explains what happened, or something like that. obviously the “documentary” cameras caught what happened after.

  68. You know the song ‘Stars’ by Lamar, I think it is, that was on the preview? Well…. I cannot find it anywhere to download, yet I love it. Does anyone know where it would be? I swear it does not exist outside that promo.

  69. I think they may be adding a new preview on nbc. Whenever you pick on the preview picture in the bottom left corner, an alert box pops up that says “Coming Soon!”

  70. I didn’t see the post-kiss preview, but it could be that they are just using footage that they didn’t use in Casino Night. We’ve definitely heard a lot of times that the show picks up in real time, not where we left off. As far as a flashback, not sure how they would make that work with the documentary style.

  71. Well, Kidnapped is now over and it was never shown again. I’m not sure if they would show it on a commercial break now that the news is on. I guess the west coasters can catch the promo in about half an hour to 45 minutes and get it recorded and up on YouTube.

  72. I saw it. It looks like they re-filmed that last scene this season. Look at Jim in the scene, they show first the part that was aired in May, then that new part. He has a shorter haircut in the new scene. It’s sad I notice this stuff.

  73. OMG. Thank you, Denise! Pam looks like she’s smiling at the end of that. I think that bodes well!

  74. OOH Denise thank you!!! That was great! What a fabulous first kiss (well second if you count the Dundies) Now Steve’s on Leno…what a great week!

  75. Best promo EVER!

    Seriously loves it. I think I’ve watched it about 20 times within the past few hours, just to see the way John Krasinski delivers that one line. LOL

  76. it’s weird that you bring up that promo clip during the biggest loser because sadly i was watching biggest loser last night and when the promo came on i just did not want to see it for some reason so i didn’t watch. crazy. no spoilers for me. except the jim/michael convention picture unfortunately.

  77. Yay, Jennie! I am so glad that you got a better quality clip of this! Poor people having to endure my shoddy recording. whew!

  78. If anyone could convert the YouTube video to WMV and host it, that would be awesome. Can’t download Flash here at work so I can’t watch any YouTube videos!

  79. I thought it was taking place in real time? Why would it still be May? Unless the opening is that, then the me song, then it’s September.

    Oh, well. We’ll find out tonight! YAY!!

  80. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! I gotta babysit tonight! DANG IT! maybe i can get the kid to go to sleep by 8:30. But then i will miss my name is earl. DANG IT!

  81. I like your thinking Colin… hadn’t thought of the cold open picking up where Casino Night left off and then returning to real time.

  82. that was really cool to watch the promo but John’s hair really turned me off. I know they filmed it after season two but still, couldn’t they have founded a wig to match his hair? Hehe, little things bug me like that. I bet it bugged the producers too.

  83. OK so here is my fear…
    NBC has lost some of their best shows recently right? They lost their number one status. The only night I watch NBC is on Thursdays anymore and hardly ever in the summer. So, finally they have an Emmy nominated show, My Name Is Earl, and an Emmy winning show, The Office (of course)…I HOPE hope hope they don’t pressure or over exploit either of the shows into becoming something they are not. I’m afraid of The Office getting bigger and losing what it is we all love about it. Right now the cast loves their fans and interacts with us in some ways via My Space and blogs, etc….it’ll be sad when the show explodes and things change. Just a thought I was having as I anticipate tonight’s show.

  84. Pams hair is really different too – I never would have caught that. I usually catch things like that! I guess I’m just too excited for tonight!

  85. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy right now and so excited and it’s in just 2.5 hours!!!!

  86. Excerpt from Greg Daniels’ post-show blog:

    “Next week, we are following Michael and Dwight on a trip to the paper industry convention in Philadelphia where they will interact with Jim and the Stamford manager. Michael has some issues with Jim leaving, and Jim is trying to get news of certain individuals who work in Scranton. And Pam goes on a date with someone new.”

    Since we’ve been told that Ryan and Kelly will be double-dating during this episode, I think it is safe to say that Pam will be out with them. Perhaps Kelly found someone to set her up with. Should be interesting…

  87. Interesting new developments in the Stamford office, with Ed Helms bringing his exceptional talent to the show and Jim eyeing a possible new interest. Will he go back to Scranton when he learns Pam has called off her marriage?

  88. Hmmm…..secret admirer of Pam in the office? The only person I could think of that could make sense is Toby. Well, maybe Ryan, but he’s already got Kelly.

  89. Toby immediately sprang to mind for me as well–could it be? Michael could get highly over-protective of Pam, and the double date idea sounds like fun, with the four of them out together!

  90. Ok, first of all, hi. I’m new to the posting world of, but I’ve been a big fan of the site for a while.

    Second of all, ‘a be-yotch from hell’?!
    Are we going to see a reverse of the Pam/Roy relationship this year? Possibly with Jim in a ‘what are you thinking’ kind of liaison?

    Also, the new crush on Pam…I’m so intrigued.

  91. The crush on Pam has got to be Toby. I think that would be cool…Toby never has anything good happen to him.

  92. So, this new information about Jim Pam stuff bubbling up in the third episode makes me think that Jim will indeed find out this week that Pam didn’t go through with the wedding. What does everyone else think?

  93. I agree, I don’t think Jim knows about Pam and he’ll find out that she didn’t go through with the wedding this week. I mean, c’mon…Michael is involved and I’m sure that he’ll say something. I mean, it’s almost a guarentee!

    On another note, I’ve been hearing lots of speculation about Jim and Pam never getting together. People have been bringing up quotes from the actors about how the writers are keeping it real and there’s no guarentee that they end up together. Of course this flies in the face of the fact that they have also been saying that they’re advancing the Jam storyline slowly to make it seem more real. Having Roy more involved and Karen thrown into the mix is just to add more juicy complications.

    At the end of the day, it doesn’t make sense to diffuse the main storyline of show, the one that adds that extra something to it. I mean, Michael and Dwight and the rest are great but Pam and Jim adds the “X factor” that makes the show really great, that makes people want to come back and watch it. (At least that’s my opinion)

    Sorry for writing so much…just had to get that off of my chest. I feel better already! :-)

  94. Angela possibly pregnant??? Nooooo, I don’t like that idea, I would hope that would wait a little longer until the season really gets going…too much for right now!

  95. I’m seriously begining to doubt that NYT spoiler. I think that it would be awesome if it did happen, but the show doesn’t appear to be going that direction. But Pam is about to find out from Michael what Jim told him at the convention. And if she didn’t know that already…
    Logically–If NBC wants to keep the show going, they will put Jim and Pam together. I mean you don’t pump up that single aspect that much, and then let your entire audience down. It will loose sooooo many viewers if it doesn’t deliever. Maybe that’s just me being optimistic.
    That’s not a spoiler, just my opinion. I mean, imagine you are a writer. You have spent the better part of two seasons pushing this one relationship. When it hits this part of extreme gray-area, do you just drop it? I wouldn’t…

  96. With the whole Jim and Karen thing,I’m not gonna worry about it. I’ll start worring about it when Jim goes back to Scranton (Seriously folks, I’m 99.9% sure that Jim’s gonna go back.)

    Eventually, Jim and Pam are gonna end up together anyway, or there will be riots out on the streets.

  97. Strange doings in Stamford. This guy Andy (played by Ed Helms) is showing quite a temper. Will this keep Jim from playing his little tricks? That Goodnight routine with Karen suggests thst he may have an ally in her, but Andy is not the Dunder that Dwight is.

  98. I will be pissed if Jim and Karen ends up together. It seemed its inevitable that they will hook up, Karen seemed to has a thing for Jim.

    To the office writer, please send Jimmy home.

  99. I think I love any episode automatically that has Dwight on his recorder. Plus, I have a coat that looks almost exactly like Pam’s, which is neat.

  100. Is it just me, or does it seem like the concept of a merger is making less sense by the day. I mean, I know it’s possible, but it wouldn’t make sense to move the show out of Scranton, not everyone likes their job enough to move with it (eg Phyllis) and what would happen to the other new characters? I think some other solution is more likely.

  101. I hope Jim ends up with Karen..even though he won’t. I think she is (could be…information is limited) smarter, more interesting, and more pretty than Pam. Also…to those who think ‘The Office’ is the best show ever. I agree…but there is no need to call other people stupid who don’t agree. I am sure there are plenty of incredibly smart, successful people out there who do not get ‘The Office’ at all. Please…’The Office’ is well written and extremely clever but you do not have to be brilliant or even that smart (attuned to details) to appreciate it. Calling other people stupid for not liking your sitcom is lame…just articulate to them why The Office is so great…be confident in your own taste and stop worrying what others think…enough people like ‘The Office’ you don’t have to worry about it getting canceled…who cares how many viewers 2HM gets.

  102. I mean I do about the “idiot” thing, but not about the Jim and Karen thing. lol. Maybe I should have made myself clearer

  103. I wonder if something odd will occur to bring them together, like it turns out Stamford was cooking their books or something like that? Or maybe Josh is taking some money on the side, so they decide to keep Scranton open instead of Stamford.

  104. Or – and this idea has been presented here before – the office in Stamford may be a more expensive branch to keep open, AND if Michael really scored that Hammermill account, that may put Michael in a better position than Josh. They’re trying to make it seem, I think, that it will be unlikely – Josh referencing that he would find a place for Michael if their office ever absorbed Scranton in “The Convention” for instance – but I think it’s much more likely to happen the other way around. Some people will get fired and only a few people will move so we’ll probably just see Karen, Andy and Josh moving to Scranton. That’s my take on the situation.

  105. Lezlee-I agree with you, that scenario makes the most sense.

    And that Ryan/Kelly episode sounds hilarious!
    I think the proposal will be some type of reproposal from Roy, I don’t want it to happen, but I can’t imagine it would be Ryan or Dwight proposing.

    Maybe if Ryan got really really drunk.

  106. Hey guys: Can Andy keep getting away with that tough guy behavior? He’s off the wall! Can we get him back on the reservation(if he was ever there)? And does anybody do video games at the office, with the boss keeping score? Not where I work.

  107. As unlikely as this is–I’m desperately hoping that it’s Jim that proposes to Pam. But that’s really not unlikely…more like optimism on the borderline of insanity. Oh, well. Lezlee, I love that scenario! It’s the best one so far. I hope this Karen thing doesn’t go to far…it would make me cry. Comedies aren’t supposed to make you cry.

  108. VERY excited about the upcoming Diwali episode as the Mindy Kaling written shows are usually my favorites (The Injury, The Dundies). I’m hopeful!

  109. Did anybody just see the preview for “Initiation” that aired during the NBC football pregame show. I don’t want to be a spoiler, but i just wanted to say “Thank God”.

  110. so for the promo for this week… jim & pam reconnect?!?! but, couldnt anyone hear a THING they saying to heach other? i couldn’t (must be my speakers) something about how far away they were from each other?…

  111. “how twisty would it be if dunder mifflin absorbed jim and his new office crush?” what does that mean??

  112. I think the “twisty” reference just means that it will be an interesting plot twist when Jim and Karen go to work in Scranton.

    I had heard that there is an upcoming episode called “The Merger.” What I’m wondering is if “Branch Closing” is different?

  113. I agree with Weak Arms. I wonder if the episodes are the same.

    What I’ve been thinking about for a long time is how the branches are 3 hours apart (in real life). It seems like the cast and crew have prided themselves in keeping everything “real” and as lifelike as possible. I just don’t see how two branches could combine that are that far away. It’s not like 1/2 of either offce would pack up their families and move 3 hours away for some crap paper job. It will be interesting.

  114. In real life I don’t think it would make much business sense to shut down a branch like Stamford in a much larger market (Jim even mentioned that he is doing very well with sales — much better than he had been in Scranton) in favor of a smaller-time branch like Scranton. But all the pointers seem to be indicating that Stamford will soon be closed and absorbed into Scranton. Most likely Michael will make another “day saving” move (a la “The Client”) that allows him to remain as manager (the show would definitely be pointless without Michael as manager). Will Josh stay on? I don’t know. The whole thing makes sense from a dramatic perspective, but not from a real-world one.

  115. Another thought. From his guest appearances on “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”, Chip Esten (who plays Josh, the manager of the Stamford branch) has demonstrated that he is a very talented improv comedian. Yet they have him playing straight-man Josh on “The Office”. I think his talent is being wasted on a small role that has no comedic angle to it (so far, at least).

  116. I think the problem the writers have right now is that with two branches, they are forced to cram too many characters and storylines into a half-hour show format. Things seem a little spread too thin for me, and everyone (and especially the Stamford folks) is getting short-changed. I guess things will feel more focused if and when the two branches merge. But then maybe you are right, Alvin, that feeding us piece-meal is going to keep us coming back for more.

  117. Folks – a one point, Jim had booked himself a ticekt to Austrailia – he had planned to be away for Pam’s wedding. Anybody think he still went? Any chance intersteing skeletons from that closet might creep out later? Thoughts?

  118. Lance, good point. We also know from his 4 years on The Daily Show what a great comedic talent Ed Helms is. In his role as Andy in Stamford we’ve seen only a little more of him than we have of Josh. and I look forward to a lot more. In Jenna’s blog, she said that we would really like Ed Helms’ character.I guess it takes time to work the new performers into the story line. And maybe making us all wonder is what keeps us coming back.

  119. Well, this sounds very much like the possible merger I mentioned earlier. It may seem counterintuitive but if the Stamford Branch is actually more expensive to run (and that property has to be a lot more expensive to rent than Scranton) and if Michael’s branch and/or Michael actually ends up out performing Josh, I think there’s a good chance of a very few of the Stamford employees ending up in Scranton. Maybe even Josh. Probably defintely Ed Helms and Rashida. Also, I just watched the pilot last night and Jan says “I have just told Josh in Stamford the same thing I am telling you, either your branch or his is going to have to close and absorb the other”. It’s never been clear which branch it would be. I for one think it will be such a relief when they finally merge, AND I think it will only get funnier from there.

  120. but like i said below, it doesn’t make logical sense that two branches so far apart wouldn’t merge in real life, and that’s what the show is all about

  121. big fan, these kinds of mergers happen all the time in the corporate world. When two braches merge, some employees are given the choice of severance or a move to another office. Makes sense to me.

    I believe I read somewhere that “The Merger” is episode 8. This “Branch Closing” episode, if it does in fact air on Nov. 9, would be episode 7, right? So first we’ll learn about the branch closing and then we’ll get to see what happens when they merge.

  122. Yeah, I have to say that it happens all the time. A good friend worked for a national company and they shut down the branch here and offered him the same position in New Jersey (we’re in Arizona) – they decided they couldn’t afford to keep all their branches open so they closed two and anyone who wanted to relocate did, otherwise they took their severance and looked elsewhere. They were told that the biggest issue was the cost of keeping the branch here open – even though they were profitable, it wasn’t enough to justify all the costs associated with the physical building. In addition, they did want to lay off some workers, but it’s cheaper for them to offer the severance or new job and relocate option than to just lay people off – many people don’t want to relocate so that solves the lay off problem.

  123. ok, so i can accept that it does happen, but who at either branch would hang around for such a crappy job. and, if stamford goes to scranton it seems like some scranton folks would have to leave to make room for the new ones. who would leave? is oscar gone for good?

  124. big fan, I think Oscar is just gone filming another project and will be back on The Office later this season. Remember, also, that there are other people in the office that are “filler” — we never see them in the conference room with the rest of the group, but occasionally glimpse the back of their heads in a shot. Maybe some of them will be bumped off to make room for the Stamford folks.

    I imagine that Jim, Karen, and Andy are the only ones who will make the leap from Stamford to Scranton — Jim because it is familiar territory for him, Karen because she likes Jim and wants to be near him, and Andy just because it’s a job. Now I’m wondering where they’ll all be sitting…

  125. From what I’ve noticed, the day that shows on here (updated 10/19) is the day that the blurb was posted on OT. The day that the blurb was “discovered” or that the article was posted elsewhere is the day that shows on the blurb. So…it was elsewhere the 17th, added to the blog the 19th.

  126. Scarnton’s closeing ?!?!?! This most be a cover up for something! They can’t do this to us! I’m vary upset right now! I geuss the only thing that could happen is if they merge with Stamford but then what?!?! I’m scared right now *Goes pale* Please writers! Listen to the fan’s! we need the Scranton branch back!!! I can’t beleave this! I need to findd out what is to come of our beloved office! This is driveing me CRAZY!!!!

  127. I am real curious how they are ever going to make this work. Someone like Stanley or Phyllis cannot realistically be expected to move to Stamford – really, ditto for most of the other people there – Dwight’s going to leave the beet farm? Don’t think so. People with children like Toby and Meredith aren’t going to want to go for multiple reasons. That just can’t be happening. Not seriously right? Like there must be some sort of catch – some last minute save of the Scranton Branch right?

  128. What’s probably going to happen is that Michael, Dwight, and/or Ryan could make a sale that saves the branch. Either that, or (according to my sister) someone in Stamford makes a huge mistake that ends up causing Stamford to shut down.

  129. My theory: In trying to keep his staff’s spirits about the closure, he fails at doing so. Michael decides that the only way he can make them feel any better, is by trying to keep the branch from closing. He makes a big deal near the end of the episode, effectively closing down the Stamford branch and merging Stamford into the Scranton branch in the episode after.

    It’d fall in line with his character to come through big time near the end of the episode. Look at “The Client”, “The Convention” and last episode where he makes a huge deal near the end.

  130. I think it’s pretty obvious that they are going to save the Scranton branch at the last minute (do the major “Cosby Impression”, “Hammermill” and “Chili’s” sales ring any bells?) I think that Jan is going to play ball with Micahel, lose, and that they will merge the branches into the scranton office. Either way, it sounds like a good change for the show. I would love to see Pam & Karen and Dwight and Andy interact with each other. And it will be great to have Oscar back later as well. I forsee the merger as a very positive thing for the show, even if they change locations. (But since it’s only the 3rd season, I don’t see them being so bold as to completely change the whole landscape of the show in just a few episodes.)

  131. Oh, they are so totally messing with our heads.

    No way is this going to happen, Scranton will prevail.

  132. So, I was looking at old spoilers and I came across Jenna’s my space blog from Sept. 10th. In it there is a picture of Ed handing Jenna a manilla folder. They look like they’re in character and they are definitely in the Scranton branch! I just don’t see how they could leave Scranton and not lose important characters.

    P.S. As I was writing this “Lovefool” came on my Ipod…I didn’t even know I had it in there! Anyway, I almost laughed out loud but held it in since I’m at my own, not as fun and exciting, office.

  133. OMG! This is waayyyy out in left field but wouldn’t it be hilarious if…

    Michael saves the Scranton branch by hooking up with Jan? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    (according to the latest spoiler Carol is on the way out so it’s possible)

    I will absolutely DIE if this ends up happening…LOL

  134. Anti-Soccermom, I think you may be right! Wow, now I’m even more intrigued then before. Ha, I’d feel bad for Carol but man Michael with Jan?! That would be fantastic! The writers could have A LOT of fun with that relationship, well they already do but just imagine all of the possibilities! Michael is so not your typical hero but he always seems to save the day somehow…well at least when it REALLY matters :)

  135. I know, I know, gettin’ cocky, BUT…

    I’m going to venture another prediction:

    The “unexpected proposal” is going to be Michael proposing to Carol, which will be unbelievably awkward seeing as they have only dating for a short while… She will turn him down (of course), they will break up- leaving Michael available for the aforementioned Jan hook-up.

    Sounds plausable, right?

  136. Does anyone remember the season preview that showed Jim and Dwight in the kitchen in a cracker eating contest, and the whole scene where Jim and Pam had kidnapped Dwight’s bobblehead doll? All of that clip took place in Scranton, so there is no way that office is going to shut down.

  137. H.I.O.B. – those scenes were shot specifically for the preview show, those will not be in any episodes this season.

  138. Thanks for the info Dwight Poop, I didn’t realize that. The Diwali song is freaking hilarious!!!

  139. 1) The Diwali Song is genius. They need to sell it on iTunes once it comes out.
    2) Pam and Karen as friends? I can’t say I’m too surprised. Plus it will also make for a very conflicted and confused Jim. He’s extra cute when he’s confused, imo.

  140. Saw the new promo for next week. So what’s the deal, engagement? Who? I’m thinking that who ever gets engaged, it’s pure accident.

  141. It has gotta be Ryan with the whole proposal thing. The snuck his picture in there at the end of that promo.

  142. Nov 16 Episode 3.08 “The Merger”


    THE OFFICE –(8:36PM-9:20PM) –(TV-14)
    “The Merger”
    MERGER — The Scranton branch and the Stamford branch of Dunder-Mifflin are merged, bringing old friends Jim and Pam back together after months apart. Michael and Dwight and the other employees deal with the changes. Steve Carell, Rainn Wilson, Jenna Fischer, John Krasinski, B.J. Novak, Melora Hardin, Leslie David Baker, Brian Baumgartner, Kate Flannery, Angela Kinsey, Oscar Nuñez, Phyllis Smith, Paul Lieberstein and Mindy Kaling also star. Ed Helms (“The Daily Show”), Rashida Jones (“Wanted”), Ursula Burton (“The West Wing”), Mike Bruner (“C.S.I”) and Wayne Wilderson (“The Class”) guest star.

  143. Josh is not there!
    Ursula Burton (”The West Wing”), Mike Bruner (”C.S.I”) and Wayne Wilderson (”The Class”)
    I think Ursula Burton is the blond girl from GWH, look at

  144. I’s say that the Scranton branch will remain. I’ve seen too many clips during “Making of” tours and such where Ed Helms and Rashida Jones are on the set of Scranton. Why would they just go to visit the set, when both of them are in completely different locations?

  145. i dont think scranton will close because they are supposed to be doing an episode in scranton for the st patty day parade and we all know when that holiday is.

  146. Paper Magic Group, which makes greeting cards, Valentines and other seasonal products, is often confused for Dunder Mifflin. The office building is shown briefly in the show’s opening credits, along with a Mulberry Street sign.

    And actor John Krasinksi, who plays Jim, visited Paper Magic when he was scouting possible locations and filmed the opening montage of the city from his car. He is the only cast member actually sighted in Scranton.

    But the cast plans to come to Scranton to film an episode about the huge St. Patrick’s Day parade. And the mayor wants to fly the cast in through corporate sponsors for “The Office” day, a big lovefest of the show.

    here is the proof to back up previous statement

  147. Okay, I posted this on NBC just now, and I’ll post this here.

    Okay, I was just browsing on YouTube, and I found a video. It’s a podcast of Entertainment Tonight, and it’s a behind the scenes. They interview Steve and Rainn about the show. Holy freaking crap, this video is a dead giveaway that the Stamford branch closed. Plus, they are showing freaking clips from upcoming episodes!!! Come on! They wouldn’t just film that to yank our chain.

    Look, where Rainn is sitting too!

  148. i don’t get what that “split second shot” proves really, we all knew Jim was coming back, so this isn’t really a suprise or anything…. :)

    I really liked that video by the way.

  149. /***/”From Terry: More on The Office!
    Someone’s going to try to kiss someone this week. And you will squeal! I nearly fell off my couch.”/***/

    Oh man, please don’t let that be Jim trying to kiss Karen while he’s drunk. Oh, I’m pretty sure that’s who it’s gonna be. Oh man.

  150. Melissa — November 23rd is Thanksgiving. I’m sure there will be some special on NBC that night, since networks rarely show new episodes on holidays. I guess they figure you might not be inclined to watch it while sitting next to your Grandma Ethel.

    My guess is that it’s Andy who has the criminal past, though maybe that choice is too obvious. Looking forward to finding out!

  151. chip dude is not transfering. Ursula Burton (”The West Wing”), Mike Bruner (”C.S.I”) and Wayne Wilderson (”The Class”)
    are the other stamford guys. i guess the convict is one of them

  152. Darn, I was hoping it would be chip dude! Is Ursula the blonde from the premiere? Maybe it’s here-she is crazy, after all-according to Andy. And that’s saying something.

  153. Someone pointed out during “Initiation” that Jim’s nameplate said “Assistant Regional Manager”. I swear in “Diwali” his nameplate said “Regional Manager”. Someone tell me if I’m seeing things.

  154. -Look up Mike Bruner on It appears to be “chip guy”, am i wrong?
    -I noticed the same thing on jim’s name plate! funny stuff.

  155. “Meanwhile, Jim (John Krasinski) “coaches” Andy (guest star Ed Helms) when he decides to make a play for Pam (Jenna Fischer).”

    No, no, no, no, no Jim … what are you thinking????

    Sorry … I really like Andy, but the only person Pam is supposed to be with is Jim.


  156. If more than just Andy & Karen are transferring my guess is that it wouldn’t be one of them. I have the feeling whoever it is won’t be with the show for the long haul and I don’t see either of them leaving. However, that said, if they are the only ones then my guess would probably be Andy, but it’ll probably be something minor that happened when he was a kid … he just seems that type that was probably a hellion growing up.

  157. you’re right! so… Crazy Blonde, Chip Dude and… Wayne Wilderson? who is this guy?

  158. No, I think that they mean “coaches,” as in “sabatoges,” his chance with Pam. 1.) Jim wouldn’t help someone else with Pam. 2.) He would think Andy was a little too “pshycopath” for her.

  159. I think we’re all overlooking the possiblity of jim being the guilty party. It says one of his “new co-workers”. Jim falls into that category.

  160. Thanks Chris & Elisabeth … thinking of it in those terms I can see that happening and would explain why “coaches” was in quotation marks. I just saw it and kind of panicked. Thanks again!

  161. Well I guess you could be right, bigfan, but I’m sticking with either Andy, Karen or someone else (reading the posts on this board it looks like they won’t be the only ones coming over from Stamford). I just think of “new co-workers” as being someone you’ve never worked with at all, but I do understand why you’re saying what you are. It is a possibility.

  162. Anyone else mad that Ausiello’s 100th report didn’t have any Office bits? Because I sure am.

  163. I just finished watching “Branch Closing”, wow. I thought that they were going to announce the Stamford Branch merging into the Scranton Branch. This is giant. Well, we’ll just have to wait to see more.

  164. Sorry, I meant to put that I thought that they were going to announce the Stamford Branch merging into the Scranton Branch next week. Sorry again.

  165. Hey, I found the promo for next weeks ep. And for those wondering, I believe Pam says “It’s really you” when she and Jim hug. I know someone asked that question.

  166. The ‘Yes!’ scene… it’s from Email S.? it’s the same ‘Yes’ from the Dwight-eating-chocolate scene? Or it’s new? Watch Pam’s hair in that scene. I think they use that old scene.

  167. Apparently there is a new extended promo that aired tonight a little after 8pm EST. It includes Pam asking Jim out for coffee. He says he is still getting settled and she looks a little hurt. West Coasters… tivo and youtube please!

  168. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Toby is one of the people who quits/gets fired. I only say this because of where Dwight was sitting in the Netscape promos.

  169. I’m wondering if Creed will be let go this season. If they let him go, it wouldn’t surprise me. And if I had to guess about which one the convict is, I’d say it’s either Andy (if it’s a new guy) or Creed (if it’s someone at the branch.) But you never know…it could be Karen. That would kill the love you feel for them really fast.

  170. As for the person quitting, I’m guessing it’s either Pam or Toby. After seeing Pam get her feelings hurt by Jim in the last preview, I wouldn’t be surprised if she left the Office for a little bit…even if it’s just for a little while.

  171. Can Michael fire Toby? I didn’t think he could since as Head of HR for Scranton Toby works directly for corporate and therefore can only be fired by Jan or someone at corporate. Of course, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him quit given how Michael acts towards him about 99% of the time.

    Other than that, I really have no idea. It’ll be interesting to see though.

  172. Is it possible that Karen (Rashida Jones) will get fired? She may be the foil, but isn’t she in the new Paul Reiser project? Also in the show Our Thirties…

  173. On one hand, I want to know what the deal is about the chewing gum just because I’m curious, but the other hand … given that Pam’s jubilance is cut short about having Jim back because of it … well do I really?

    What can I say? I don’t really like getting any news that quite possibly effects “JAM” in even a slightly less than desirable way.

  174. I hope the chewing gum thing is just Jim pulling a chips and trying to get Karen the proper gum. I hope the chewing gum thing is NOT Jim and Karen sharing the same piece, after a makeout sesh, or otherwise; that’s unhygienic. Karen that is.

    Still a bit of not liking Karen because she wants to be BFGF with Jim. {Shutters}

  175. Oh Angie, you said exactly what I was afraid to think! Sharing the same piece that is … ewwww!! Seriously … TMI!!

    Hopefully it’ll turn out to be just like it was with the chips thing … him trying to find her the gum she likes, but then again for someone who is a very devoted “JAM” fan even that may be a little too much to take. Of course its better than the already mentioned alternative. Ewwww … once again!

  176. Whew, reading that very last bit of the latest spoiler about Pam and her emotions playing out throught the episode gave me goosbumps!! How much more anticipation can i handle before tonight!~?

  177. One of the posted rumors here says that someone quits and someone gets fired. Do these both refer to Tony, who first quit and then got fired? Or is there someone else who will soon be quitting?

  178. Bah!! We have to endure this Jim/Karen thing for a long time: at least 5 weeks! Greg Daniels better see that JAM belongs together and get them back to where they should be!

  179. “And it’s certainly not over. And I don’t know the outcome or the end of it. We’re discussing that right now.”

    What does THAT mean, “it’s” referring to Karen and Jim??? or Jim and Pam???? like the tension between Jim and Pam is still there, yet he is with Karen??

  180. I assume the person who quit and who also got fired was Tony in both cases. I think the way it was worded in the spoiler was meant to be a bit of a teaser.

    In regards to the NY Post and what Greg Daniels said, I think when he said its certainly not over I think he was probably referring to Jim & Karen, because I honestly think that’s the one everyone is expecting to end at some point and that Jim & Pam’s relationship will never truly end even if does change from time to time.

  181. Yes, Shannon, I think you’re right. But i’ve also read and heard somewhere else that Karen (Rashida) is only signed up for 10 episodes, and i’m not sure when those episodes started but i just thought i’d mention that with that spoiler in mind, it sure looks good for Jim and Pam… although since the writers don’t even know how that’s going to play out, there’s always a good chance that she’ll stay on for more episodes.

  182. Meridith, I think they must have extended Rashida’s contract if it was initially for 10 episodes. She has been in every ep this season, which makes 8 so far, and Greg Daniels seems to be saying that she will be in at least 5 more. My guess is she will probably be kept for the rest of the season, so that there can be another cliff-hanger at the end where Jim has to choose between Karen and Pam.

  183. Carol hasn’t dumped Michael yet?! Wow, she’s either nicer or crazier than I thought. Anyhoo, I’m way excited for Jan and Mike to hook up.

  184. Yay!! Finally Michael and Jan hook up! More Office awkwardness… and of course boss sleeping with bigger boss. Leads to great entertainment.

  185. How could you not think that Carol is crazy? For anyone to last more than one date with Michael is a certified ticket to the funny farm.

  186. Well, I think Michael has an underside of gentleness and caring – mainly we see this after he and Jan spend the night together, and he comforts her, and Jan tells him that he was very nice and that he cried with her, etc… and I think we see the show-off version of Michael Scott, but he has another side to him behind the scenes of what we don’t get to see.

  187. I think that the “directing another episode” refers to the fact that he wrote this one. (I think I heard that someone else directed the episode…Roger Nyguard, I believe…) but he MAY be directing the upcomnig episode. Which I think would be cool…however, I’ve never heard of Gervais actually stepping behind a camera to Direct a show…only to produce or write. But I could be wrong.

  188. t1gp, yeah, that bit of info seemed a little suspect to me as well, because i haven’t been able to corroborate it with any other source …

    If you have a link to the Roger Nyguard info, please let me know. Thanks!

  189. Andy and Dwight in a fight over Status. This has great potential. I think these writers can spin this at least as long as the Jim/Pam romance, which, by the way, ain’t over yet.

  190. I wonder if they’re having one of the Christmas parties at Benihana and if so will Michael bring out his Ping impersonation (from “The Dundies”)??

  191. What do you think about the two parties?
    Angela VS Pam & Karen
    Pam and Angela VS Karen ?

  192. Why does it always say Oscar is starring… they must just keep the same names in, and not edit who’s in the show and who’s not for that particular episode.

    Anyway, I’m leaning towards team Pam & Karen vs. Angela, because we’ve heard in recent spoilers that Pam and Karen do become friends, so it would make sense that they bond over something like this. Both of them are far more normal than Angela. They seem to get along better than Angela and Pam do, and i’ve also read in one of Pam’s blogs that she and Angela get in a big fight or something – so maybe this is the episode she’s talking about.

    I also noticed that it doesn’t have Hannah listed as a guest star in this episode… maybe she quit after all… or they may have just not named her, who knows.

    I think that the “Benihana” part, is probably the part where it says Andy takes Michael out drinking with Dwight and Jim. (Sounds like fun!)- my guess is they go there. Just a thought.

  193. There’s something I don’t get. The Christmas episode will be 40 or 60 minutes long (without comercials)?

  194. I am really looking forward to the final two episodes of the year. The preview scenes I’ve seen for “The Convict” look fantastic and the “Benihana Christmas” should be another legendary show. I believe that it will be 40 some minutes then commercial. Hopefully it will end up being about 45 minutes long. That would be sweet.

  195. Wait, Jim tries to keep Andy AWAY from Pam? I thought I read somewhere that he pushed Andy towards her?

  196. I think he pretends to push Andy towards Pam by saying the wrong things – well, at least that’s what I think. Who knows, gotta wait 6 more days! :(

  197. What happened to Oscar? I don’t remember him leaving.

    Also, the show is much better now that Jim is back to pick on Dwight.

  198. Thanks tanster, although someone told me that benihana was some sort of catholic preacher guy, so now i’m very confused. they should post these thing.. :p

  199. I think that it said that Jim ‘coaches’ Andy to hit on Pam, so htat just means now that he pushes him away. See Jim still has the hots for Pam!!!!!!!!

  200. Benihana means “Red Flower” in Japanese. It is also a chain of Japanese restaurants. Perhaps the title comes from the name of the restaurant where Jim, Andy and others spend Christmas drinking…or maybe it is where they have an office party outside the office, like when they go to Chili’s for the dundies. (Remember the scene in a Christmas Story where the family has Chinese duck because it’s the only place open on Christmas day?)

  201. Found this definition of a “casting side” …

    Sides are portions of actual scripts that the actors have so they can study their lines. Casting sides are sides given for the use of people who are auditioning for roles of new characters.

  202. That Martin casting side didn’t make it in the episode as aired. Wonder if it will be a deleted scene.

  203. So the rumor turns out to be correct: one person is fired (Tony) and one quits (Martin).

  204. Jim standing at Pam’s desk. both smiling.=the way the world should be.

    seasons 1 and 2 flashbacks coming to me!!

    love it, can’t wait! ONE HOUR!!!

  205. Yes, Jen, that is the way it should be. And with the “Classified” folder, it certainly looks like they a plotting another prank or sharing a secret about someone.

    Wonder what’s with Michael wearing the bathrobe over his suit? Did Creed turn the thermostat way down?

  206. LazyScranton, my guess is that Michael received the bathrobe as a gift, and he’s not too happy about it. (Notice the Dunder Mifflin shopping bag on Jim’s desk in photo #5.)

  207. Rainn Wilsom has a short and sweet (Ok, so it’s not sweet) interview in the new Pwople. I guess Steve like to punch him in the eye…..???

  208. I think that in the christmas episode Pam and Karen will become good friends making one of the parties, and Karen will tell her about her relationship with Jim. Michael and Jan, that’s not me, it’s a spoiler. And Dwight and Angela? I don’t know.

  209. Classified Questions:

    Will Packer return for the Christmas episode?

    What about the two stoner delivery boys?

    And who is the mystery guy from “Merger”!?

    Will the Jim/Karen split be messy or gentle?

    Will Bob Vance Vance Refrigeration make a guest appearance?

  210. i read an article about the mistery guy some time ago, but i can’t find it! i think he’s working with toby in HR… if anybody remembers that article, please, post it.

  211. I wonder if the writers are going to start writing so we favor Karen and Pam over Jim. In other words Hoes before Bros haha. Right now I like all three, but if Jim doesn’t start playing his cards right with one of these lovely ladies things won’t look to good! Not that I like Jim any less, at this point how could I?! He’s absolutely adorable.

  212. OK, I think I’ve got myself convinced that the last two minutes between Jim and Pam includes some sort of mistletoe. A girl can hope, right?

  213. On the downside … Someone gets dumped???

    Unfortunately I have a feeling its not Karen.

    On the upside, the last two minutes sound very, very promising!

  214. It’s definitely not Karen whose getting dumped. We already know it’s Michael, from previous spoilers.

  215. i can’t help but think that Pam tries to give Jim the teapot back. I mean why else would he reject her x-mas present. That’s kinda harsh

  216. Ahhhhhh! Jim rejects Pam’s Christmas present??? NO!! But then again, it’s redeemed by “What little time Jim and Pam do spend together is well worth the wait”… ah, the suspense… I can’t wait an entire week.

  217. Post-It Thief.

    niceeee thought!!!! maybe!!!! omg that’d be awesome, very unlikely, but all the same, awesome!

  218. on the ksdk interview jenna mentions in a year or so she wants a family (kids). can a pregnant pam be worked into the plot in a year or so?

  219. In her KSDK interview, Jenna never gave a timeline for having kids. She said only, “I think it’s still down the road for us.” She said something to the effect that she takes mothering seriously, has a very busy schedule right now, and doesn’t want to start a family until she has the time.

    If she does get pregnant while still doing the show, I suppose they’ll have to hide her behind her desk all the time, or else write that into the story. Could it be JAM has a baby?

  220. “The interesting part is that Pam is the one who calms him down and convinces him it’s not such a bad thing. I’m thinking this relationship with Karen may be the thing that actually brings JAM back together! Yay!”

    Music to my JAM deprived/JAM losing hope more and more ears!!!!!!!!!!!

    but then at the same time, poor Karen, I’d be wicked hurt if I was her…woah, wait, what am I saying?!?!?!?! hahah, no really I do kind of feel bad…

  221. there are some great new spoilers over on watch with kristen

    but im not liking how pam is the one who calms jim down… is a little too friendly.. but not a romantic friendly. a friend friendly.

  222. Kristin said, “… [Dwight is] tight with Michael right now …”

    I couldn’t disagree more. Anytime Dwight tries to suck up to Michael or get on his good side, Michael dises him. Michael clearly seems to be in favor of Andy as his sidekick in crime, thanks to Andy’s much more calculated approach to kissing a**.

  223. Jim and Pam are not friends. Period. Any developments like this are just a cover for (of course) things they aren’t saying. It’s just another way to bring them closer as “friends” because that’s all they want/can get from each other right now (yeah right), but it actually serves to drive the point home that they are so damn compatable it’s silly. :)

    That’s how I see it.

  224. I saw a “NBC thursdays” montage over the weekend, and it included a short clip of Michael dumping what looked like a huge Gatorade cooler over Toby’s head. Is this something new or from one of the old episodes?

  225. JAM sucks. Karen is a Goddess. Jim don’t go back to PAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  226. one of my comments that got lost the other day:

    in the ksdk interview jenna mentioned that she wanted kids/family “in the future”. can pam be written to be pregnant?!?! she also said she’s not pregnant now, so don’t go jumping all over

  227. “Any hope for Jim and Pam?

    Pay special attention to his rebound speech to Michael this week. It’s good, revealing stuff!”

    I love it!!!!!

    Wait, who is quitting, who could it be??? not thrilled about it!

  228. Jen- I think the person who is quitting is Dwight and he goes to work for Staples because of some previous spoilers of someone seeing Michael and Dwight filming at a Staples

  229. I think that all the main people have extended contracts, or that’s what Jenna said in some interview, so…I don’t think it’s any of the main five. I hope it’s not Stanley. Maybe it’s Toby.

    Karen and Pam’s relationship makes Jim jealous? Okay…these writers are brilliant. I hadn’t thought of that possibility…that Jim would be jealous of his own girlfriend for her friendship with his one-time bestest buddy and also the love of his life. Wow.

  230. I hope it’s okay for me to share this, if not I’m sure it will get deleted! :) I think I know who is going to quit. It will be Dwight. I saw a post on the internet months ago when googling Office Spoilers and a woman from LA ran into them filming some scenes from the Office at an Office Depot or maybe a Staples. Michael was there in his typical suit and Dwight was there wearing a uniform for the store…. :)

  231. What do you think Jim would be getting jealous of their (Karen and Pam) friendship for??

    And yeah, it does sound like Dwight would do something like quit and work for Staples. Hey – Josh might be back in the picture after all… But this gives it another spin on the story to prolong it – I want as many seasons as NBC can give us!

  232. Meredith – not sure what you mean. :)

    It’s in the Kristen spoiler that Karen/Pam’s newfound friendship makes Jim jealous. If you mean WHY would it make him jealous, then I’d say that he would feel left out and resentful that Karen is free to be close with Pam (jokes, talk, lunches or whatever they’re going to do together) if he himself has resolved to keep himself distanced from her. After all, he and Pam were best friends and I’m sure he misses that very much.

  233. OMG! Michael photoshopping his head onto Carol’s ex-husband… So funny.

    And so very creepy. LOL

  234. Elisabeth, for some reason your comments were being tagged as spam and put in the spam bucket! I rescued your comment on the Chicago Trib post so you should see it there now. Sorry about that, let me know if this happens again …

  235. “Jim and Michael have a great scene on the couch. Well it starts out as Jim and Michael, but shifts for a moment to Steve and John, before returning to Jim and Michael again (see if you catch it)”

    Hunh??? Can’t imagine what this is about. The actors break character and it is kept in the final cut?

  236. New Episode info, (via Bailey08 at the NBC Office boards):

    [b]Back from Vacation[/b] airing on January 4th 2007

    Michael returns from his Jamaican vacation a relaxed and revitalized man, but that quickly changes when a spicy vacation photograph makes its way around the office. Meanwhile, Jim and Karen have an argument—with Pam caught in the middle of it all.

  237. I can’t do it… I can’t wait. I can’t, I CAN’T! If there were any way possible on earth that I could watch this episode early, I would do it IMMEDIATELY. There are SO many spoilers now that I feel like I know everything about “Benihana Christmas”… but of course there are little teasers that make me want to scream and tear out my hair while punching the computer screen in agony asking continuously if it’s Thursday yet……

  238. One of the spoilers in one of the reviews that has been published (GMMR and the other one) was that Jim will talk to Michael about rebound relationships. I wonder, will he be resigned to the fact that he is in one, or will he say that he waited a while before getting involved with someone again in order to insure it wouldn’t be one (a rebound relationship).

    I’m really really antsy now… I don’t feel like I can wait any longer… I want it to be on tonight!

  239. Elisabeth,

    I was actually having the same problem as you the other day. I was in the middle of trying to post and the site went down momentarily and then when it came back up my post didn’t show up, so I tried to post it again and it said I had already posted it (even though it wasn’t showing up). So I tried again and again and after that first time it was coming back with any messages nor showing up. I eventually got it work though by writing the message up differently and then trying to post again.

  240. Okay, here is my theory on the cliffhanger (it may be wishful thinking on my part, but here goes) … think Jim & Pam & some mistletoe! :)

  241. I’m guessing the rebound speech will be pro-Pam somehow because it was what Kristen Veitch (or whatever her last name is, from Watch With Kristen) referenced as a key moment to pay attention to in response to the question, “Any hope for Jim and Pam?”.

  242. ah man.. “Back From Vacation” looks bad for Team Karen.
    I hope they work out what ever they’re going to argue about.

  243. Somewhere I read a spoiler that Jim & Karen have an argument over her getting a place on his street (he feels she is moving too fast and he is not ready for that) … I’m guessing that is what their argument is all about.

  244. Back From Vacation looks like it’s going ot be bad for Team Karon, And maybe good for Team Pam! (I’m trying not to get my hopes up. (Can ya’ tell?) ;)

  245. I for one am very pleased to see that we will only have to wait until Jan 4th for a new episode. I was worried it was going to be much longer!!!

  246. So was I, Anti-Soccermom. I was mentally preparing myself to re-watch the episodes a thousand times each before January when we get a new ep. But the 4th isn’t too far from tomorrow, so maybe I can handle it. That is, of course, if there aren’t tons of spoilers out there for that episode shooting my anticipation level higher than necessary!

  247. not good for JAM if Karen and Jim are fighting, and PAM is in the middle.

    I wonder what that spicy picture is..hmm..

  248. “Michael returns from his **Jamaican** vacation a relaxed and revitalized man, but that quickly changes when a spicy vacation photograph makes its way around the office. Meanwhile, Jim and Karen have an argument — with Pam caught in the middle of it all.”

    I thought he was going to Europe. Maybe he decided to do both.

  249. Re:the David Denman quote about stretching out the Jim/Pam/Roy love triangle – at last someone being honest instead of the usual ‘being real’ mantra.Jim and Pam being together NOW would be equally believable but wouldn’t serve the longevity of the show.

  250. “And Roy gives Pam a nice present at the end.”

    From David’s interview. If this is what’s meant by not missing the last two minutes, I’d rather it not be a Pam/Roy related two minutes. My little heart can’t take anymore disappointment today. And anything involving Roy and Pam would be some more disappointment. Damn the writers and their cruel way of getting people hooked on a fictional TV couple, screw with their hearts and yours, and then making you follow it so much to the point of insanity! Great ratings ploy, horribly mean however.

  251. What can you tell us about tonight’s Christmas-party episode?
    Denman: Michael gets his heart broken by Carol, and they take him to Benihana to cheer him up. Roy is trying to be funny for Pam a little bit. There’s a scene when I’m trying to talk to her, and she’s not having it. She and Karen end up kind of becoming friends in this episode. And Roy gives Pam a nice present at the end.

    Figure put the whole little bit up. If anyone cares.

  252. In the Boston Herald article, it says that Jim makes a realization about Pam… anyone got any ideas about what this might be??

    And there’s a cliffhanger… not a big one, but I don’t know if I can wait for three more weeks!! What could it be?? Finally, the long-awaited hour Christmas episode is here… tonight!

  253. Maybe he realizes he’s still in love with her. Can we dare hope?

    Probably not. ;)

    He probably realizes that she and Roy aren’t quite as over as he (Jim) would like to have imagined.

  254. My new vow, stay away from the spoiler section!!!! I feel like i already know everything that’s going to happen tonight, which kinda of spoils ( no pun intended lol) tonights episode. I’m not nearly as excited to see it as i should be…

  255. wait, what? It’s in the folder? hmmmm, I wonder what this means, possibly he doesn’t like the plan of attack Pam wanted to take with Dwight or something?? I can’t wait another 16 minutes! I know, I am such a complainer! lol. yay East Coasters!

  256. About the realization Jim has about Pam … it seems to be that it must be when Jim is talking to Michael about rebound relationships and that as he is talking it is obvious he is really talking about himself & Pam & Karen and not Michael & Carol & the waitress (but of course, Michael doesn’t see that) and it is then that he realizes that he does still love her.

  257. “Karen and Roy both find out the real reason Roy’s and Pam’s engagement was canceled.”


  258. I remember when they put ‘The Strike’ as Episode 6, I don’t really know if that sinopsis are real, but they sound great…

  259. Okay, I just contacted NBC and asked them if those synopses were accurate.

    Their response: “No. I haven’t even seen scripts with these titles.”

  260. Thanks for letting us know Tanster- I didn’t think they would have released synopsis about episodes through February yet anyway ;)

  261. Oh god, not a pregnancy!!! Pregnancies ruin every good show on television. I hope it’s not for real.

  262. I don’t believe Wikipedia for anything they have about, well, anything. I don’t think that Roy and Karen would learn the real reason for the breakup so suddenly, it just would not make much sense.

    But who knows.

  263. Wow, those synopsis/titles are intense… In a way, I hope they’re not real, but then again, whoever may have written those synopsis’ had some really really great ideas… and it wouldn’t be that bad if they were true. I’d be betting that Meredith would be the unexpected pregnant woman… and we all know she has a history of stripping down to the nude!! hmm..

  264. these’s spoilers make sense, but i’m scared to hope… cuz if they’re real, i’m gonna go nuts, and i really need to go to bed..

  265. those spoilers DID make sense.. like how kristin said someone would be quitting the company in january and the synopsis for jan. 18th says that dwight would go into a rivalry paper ocmpany.. so i could see why it might be true,.. but then again, it’s wikipedia..

  266. I think the other ‘come back’ is Michael, returning from his vacations.
    I can’t bealive that Jan is traveling with Michael, they need a very good explanation to that. She refused the invitation to the Casino Night in a first time, then the relation get worst! And now, she acepted a travel to Jamaica? I don’t know, i don’t like the idea, but i need to see the episode!

  267. A few episodes into January, wouldn’t Dwight be returning?

    I keep thinking we’re coming to the end of Andy’s tenure in Scranton and that makes me beyond sad.

  268. If there is a pregnancy in the office, I reeeeally hope that it is Dwight and Angela. That would be hilarious. Could you imagine Dwight as a father?

  269. You know something? As much as I love Ed Helms as Andy, I’m kind of itching to just get back to the old crew. Some of the disjointedness people are feeling from this season has to do with the altered dynamic, I’m sure.

    Does anyone agree, or is it just me?

  270. E, I agree, but I can’t deny that I love Andy. He adds a twist to the dynamic, and even though I do miss the old dynamic, it’s too late to take out Karen and Andy without things being a little weird around the office especially with Jim and Pam and Jim and Dwight because of Jim’s new #2 position. I can’t figure out what the difference is between Andy’s position and Jim’s. Either way, I miss the old dynamic, but I also like this new one a lot. I guess everything changes.

  271. Haha…I can’t figure out the difference between ANY of them! :) I guess I just feel like since the newbies are ‘guest stars’, the writers want to get all the screentime they can out of them and so they are a focus of every episode. I like them both (Andy and Karen), but…

    I guess it just struck me the other day that we haven’t seen ONE interaction between Jim and Dwight at their desks yet this year. I miss that! Jim and Dwight were second only to Jim and Pam in my fave couple on the show. I loved their interaction. I feel like Andy is getting screentime at the expense of Dwight, and I don’t know if I like that. You know? :)

  272. This quote from Kristin (E-Online) has been on the spoilers page since November:

    “Carol dumps Michael in the next couple weeks, which leaves him heartbroken at first, until he realizes he can rebound with, who else?! Jan! To my surprise, I’m hearing Ms. Levinson is totally into it, and even goes on a romantic getaway with Michael over the Christmas holidays. “Man” (Michael/Jan) is on!”

    So it was obvious that Michael invited Jan to Jamaica, and she accepted.

  273. I just have to ask because I think I must have missed something. What is the reference to “the whole apartment thing with Karen” that Jen made in her comment? Sorry if this is something that everyone knows, but I honestly don’t think I’ve heard about it and now I’m insanely curious.

  274. Nicole,

    Kristin of E-Online put out the following rumor, which is included above on this spoilers page:

    “Unfortunately for JAM lovers, there’s no set exit plan for Karen. She’s going to be around for at least awhile, so you’ll have to get used to her. However, you might be happy to hear that Jim isn’t quite head over heels for K-dog (Karen, not Kristin, to be clear). I’m hearing that when the show comes back in January, she’ll be talking about getting an apartment on his street, which causes him to freak out because he feels they’re moving too fast. The interesting part is that Pam is the one who calms him down and convinces him it’s not such a bad thing. I’m thinking this relationship with Karen may be the thing that actually brings JAM back together! Yay!”

  275. I like Jam, and I like Karen. BUT, I REALLY like ANDY, who displayed a little more personality (not just that tough hunk we have seen to date)on the Christmas show. I think he can be a catalyst for almost any outcome the writers can dream up, and I trust their imaginations. And Ed Helms is a great comedic talent, definitely up to the high standards of this show.

  276. “…surprising news comes Karen’s way.”

    I bet Jim tells her he really did like Bridget Jones 2.

  277. “Angela’s secret boyfriend Dwight”… ??? since when have they worded synopsis’s like that?

    That synopsis sounds like a hoax for some reason. It sounds even more unbelievable than any of the wikipedia ones…

    Maybe I’m wrong, but… eh.

  278. Since it was “officially” posted on the calendar unlike the five Wikipedia episodes I’m inclined to believe this.

  279. Ha, I immediately thought pregnancy too. However, if Karen is pregnant that would be so soap operaish…Blech.

  280. PS – maybe she finds out the history of Pam and Roy while trying to push her ‘you should date him’ setup.

  281. If Karen was pregnant, I don’t think it would say “Karen LEARNS surprising news”, it would say “Karen SHARES some surprising news”. It’s a documentary style show, and that’s not likely news that she would learn on-camera.

    My theory: she’s paired up with Phyllis to do the traveling sales(wo)man thing, and Phyllis let’s something slip about Pam and Jim or Roy, thinking that Karen already knows about it, and then says “Oh dear” (ala E-Mail Surveillance).

  282. i think Karen gets a clue about Jim, Pam, and Roy’s thing. Since in Back From Vacation, Pam gets in the middle of a fight between Jim and Karen, and if Karen knows that Jim and her talked about the issue, she probably would get mad knowing that Jim confided in “just a friend” who happened to be a female.

  283. Well, plus…I mean, if Karen knows nothing about their history (which you have to assume she doesn’t based on some of the things she’s said), she wouldn’t know that Jim and Pam were best friends before he transferred (much less about Jim’s romantic love for Pam). She might be angry at Jim for confiding in Pam because she’d feel like, “Hey, that’s MY friend!” after the x-mas party.

    Maybe that’s it…someone says something like, “Yeah, Jim and Pam are really tight! Best friends, etc”. That would surprise her for sure.

  284. Okay, a little off topic right now, but I have a theory. I think it is Phylis that announces she’s pregnant.. of course “with Bob Vance’s baby”… maybe a little Bob Vance Jr!

  285. SO…who’s gonna be paired up? :)

    Phyllis and Karen? Stanley and Andy? Jim and Ryan?

    Phyllis and Jim? (ooh, that would be good – I vote for this)

    I feel like this is an opportunity to put people together who aren’t normally together.

  286. Marc,
    I hope your wrong,Toby and Pam together would be the first contrived ‘roadblock’and would make me feel nauseous.

  287. Pam and Toby don’t work in sales, so they probably won’t be on sales calls anyway. They might accompany salesmen for fun or something, but they definitely won’t be going as a pair. Pam is a receptionist, and Toby works in human resources.

    I agree that Jim and Phyllis would be nice to see. I bet that Karen goes with Phyllis, though, especially after her perfume comment, it would be funny to see their relationship unfold. Also, Phyllis is the most likely one to let Karen in on the Jim-Pam history. Andy and Creed would make a really funny pair. Actually, Andy with anyone else, and Creed with anyone would be funny. Creed and Jim would be awesome! I doubt that Kelly will go with Ryan, but if they are given a choice, there is no way Kelly will go with anyone else.

    It sounds like Dwight will have his hands full at the office, so he probably won’t be out doing sales.

  288. Sam, Kelly is from Costumer Service and Creed is not from sales (I’m not sure in which department is he, but is not sales)
    The sales are: Jim, Dwight, Ryan, Andy, Karen, Stanley and Phillys.

  289. Of course Dwight isn’t leaving for good, he’ll be back within a few episodes for sure. The show would crumble without him! Not that I don’t absolutely LOVE Andy as well, and not to even mention Jim and Pam who could carry the show on their own… but we know Dwight isn’t leaving for good. He’ll be back, just like Jim came back. Only I doubt he’ll even be gone for that long! :)

  290. Nah, Dwight’s not gone. I think one of the main focuses of this season is the fact that everyone’s comfort zones are being messed up by the new people and the new dynamic they bring. Andy is cramping Dwight’s style and affecting his relationship with Michael, Karen is obviously an obstacle and the cause of alot of grief for Pam, and Jim is almost a new character in his own right with his change of attitude.

    I like the new people but as I’ve said before…I hope we get back to the old crowd/dynamic before the end of the season. :)

  291. If anyone’s pregnant, it would be Kelly. I can’t see Jan getting pregnant before she gets married… she’s far too careful for that, and it would throw the show off a little bit. But if Kelly gets pregnant, then there are some good ways you can go with that.

  292. The title for the January 18th 2007 episode has been released- but no synopsis. Its called “Oscar’s Return”
    Source here

  293. yup yup– i guess we cant go by whatever wikipedia says

    i wonder who made those up?

  294. I thought Oscar returned in the Back from Vacation episode? Maybe it’s a spoiler and the real title is Dwight’s Return (momentarily quitting and working at Staples)?

  295. I think the prank-ee is Andy. I think they do it to get back at him for making Dwight quit. I think Jim really IS on Dwight’s side when all is said and done…and maybe this will constitute Ed Helm’s exit. After all, isn’t he sitting in Oscar’s chair?

    Oscar will need his desk back. ;)

  296. whats going on with Jim and Karen and Pam being all buddy buddy?? its like they’re living in some bizarro world. lol. that’s just me.

  297. Jen, totally! I agree!

    It’s probably just Jim trying to be involved. If Karen and Pam are going to be friendly, then he’s going to butt his way in. ;) Also, it’s the only way he can do stuff at the office with Pam without Karen getting suspicious.

    Poor schmuck! ;)

  298. I heard that people had seen Steve and Rainn filming at Staples, But thats just a rumer i heard so i hope it’s not true!

  299. This is what confused me…

    From Mike: I loved the Benihana episode of The Office! My favorite part? When Oscar returned from his “sabbatical” and said it’s “too soon!” Will he be back?
    Yes. He does have his official Dunder-Mifflin homecoming a few episodes into the new year. I’m hearing they throw him a welcome-back party, although, sadly for Oscar, I’m told his coworkers might actually be more focused on the return of someone else we know and love.

    Well, if it’s not Michael…is this the return of Todd Packer? Dwight at Staples? Stacey?

  300. Uch. Watch the second promo for this season.
    if jim and pam dont end up together, what will we put on our toast?

  301. If anyone is going to get pregnant (assuming there is any validity to this rumor) I don’t think it will be Kelly. That seems a little to obvious.

    I think it might be Angela.

    Kelly getting pregnant would make sense but wouldn’t be as funny.

    Remember Dwight asking if she was on ANY Medication?

    Angela having Dwight K. Schrute’s Love Child!

    That would be hilarious.

    And it couldn’t happen to a nicer couple. :)

  302. Um, where can one veiw the second promo for the season? Or at least what promo are you talking about, JimHalpertIsLife?

  303. The rumor about a character getting pregnant comes from a now-deleted Wikipedia posting about future episodes (see a copy above). Now that NBC has posted a summary of the Jan 18 ep, which does not at all match with the summary that had been on Wiki, it appears that those Wiki summaries were bogus. So I don’t think anyone will be getting pregnant anytime soon. But then Karen will be getting surprising information next week, so possibly it could be that she is pregnant by Jim?

  304. However, I think it more likely that the surprising news Karen receives has something to do with the relationship between Pam and Jim. In a previous ep, Karen told Pam that she should date Roy, so clearly she has no clue about Pam’s history.

  305. Ya Lazyscranton, I kind of hope Karon gets freaked about Jim and Pam’s past and trys to brake up with Jim. That would be sweeeeet.But most likely Karon finds out the info from Kelly or Kevin says somthing, Along with a vary Kevin’ish line. Is it Thursday yet?

  306. A promo just aired during football for the Traveling Salesman episode. It was kinda weird. It had Phyllis and Karen in the same car but they had this crazy hair and makeup.

  307. Oh, I saw it too…Phyllis had her clown makeup on like on Conflict Resolution but so did Karen…Maybe Phyllis gave Karen a “makeover”. Oh and did you see Jim slap Dwight? That was funny!

  308. Sounds like from the promo that Phyllis and Karen will be paired up next week on “Traveling Salemen”. Maybe Phyllis will give Karen the scoop about Jim and Pam. Phyllis can be kind of gossipy at times, so I could very well see this happening.

  309. Kristin of E-Online gave this rumor (posted here on Dec 11): “One of our Dunder-Mifflin faves will be quitting the company in January. He or she will have a falling out with Michael and end up accepting a job elsewhere.” So far, the only person to quit this month has been Hannah (I doubt she was a “fave” in very many people’s books, and she left with the least amount of fanfare of any character so far). I have seen speculation that Dwight quits and goes to Staples based on (1) bogus episode summaries on Wikipedia and (2) reports of sighting Steve and Rainn filming at a Staples store. I don’t see anything in the January episode summaries that indicates anyone quits this month unless “Andy takes advantage of recent events to get closer to Michael” (The Return) indicates that his rival Dwight leaves.

    Any ideas? Who would you most and least be willing to see leave? I wouldn’t shed too many tears if Stanley quit, but I would be very disappointed to see Jim or Pam go.

  310. Did anyone look at those preview pictures for The Return? Where are Ryan and Stanley sitting?

  311. From Kristin:
    sadly for Oscar, I’m told his coworkers might actually be more focused on the return of someone else we know and love.

    Who left that we know and love? The purse girl? Carol? Captain Jim? Martin? Packer? I don’t think we know and love anyone who’s left …

    P.S. I think if anyone’s pregnant, it’s Phyllis! Baby Vance, Vance Refrigeration!

    P.P.S. Stanley can never leave! I can live without Oscar or Creed, but not Stanley! “That’s what she said”!

  312. I was drifting off to sleep last night & it hit me- wouldn’t it be odd if Jan turned up pregnant after an impromptu trip to Jamaica? Just a though.

  313. ewww, I really need to know what’s happening with Jim, Pam, Roy, and Karen. I really, really, really, really, REALLY would like to know!

  314. Ok so here’s what I think/hope will happen. Jamreny (Jim, Pam, Karen, Roy) or Jamyren (you get the drift) is probably going to unfold before our very eyes soon. Perhaps at the wedding of Phylis. How awesome would it be if Jim and Pam stop putzing around and get together at the wedding. Squee! Karen and Roy will be upset, obviously. So they will have sex because they find cofort in each other, as Pam and Jim ride off into the sunset? Crazy, but weirder things have happened.

  315. haha maybe im a geek for being excited about this, but i totally asked that question about the love trapezoid.. Julia P :)

  316. Ugh, Kristin’s such a tease! But if she can’t even talk about the love trapezoid, it must be good.

    Wow, Vance twins? I think we’ll be hearing the words “Vance refrigeration” a lot.

  317. Well with Kristin not being able to spill any info on Jim/Pam/Karen/Roy etc., then it’s got to be good – and of course that means “someone” is going to spill the beans about Jim and Pam’s “history”, and Karen will find out thus leading up to what we aren’t allowed to hear about until the episode.

    But I, for one, am still looking forward to Bob and Phyllis’ wedding! That should be quite the interesting experience. I CAN see Jim and Pam doing some “connecting” there… I’m willing to bet that Pam gets dressed up and catches some eyes ;)

  318. Not sure if any of you guys care or not, but I-Tunes screwed up and put The Shins new album online today when it was supposed to be released on the 23rd. I know it is one of JK’s favorite bands for you die hards :)

  319. realy quickly- it said a while back that theyre trying to think of an end to the jim-karen-pam-roy confusion

    seriously though, can they end jim and pam’s relationship at all? even if pam marries roy and jim marries karen (puh-lease) every time jim and pam talk we’ll be expecting hints to their relationship


  320. Kevin’s latest myspace blog says that there will be an appearance by his Scrantonicity band in an upcoming episode. Anbody else guessing that they will be playing for Bob and Phyllis’s wedding?

  321. Episode synopsis for February 1st episode via Bailey08 at the NBC Office message boards:

    “Ben Franklin” February 1st, 2007

    A WEDDING SHOWER FOR PHYLLIS–Acting on bad advice from his friend Todd Packer (David Koechner), Michael (Golden Globe winner Steve Carell) brings two “adult” performers into the office -a stripper and Ben Franklin — in honor of Phyllis’s (Phyllis Smith) wedding shower. Meanwhile Karen (Rashida Jones) confronts Pam (Jenna Fischer) about her past with Jim (John Krasinski). Rainn Wilson, B.J. Novak, Melora Hardin, David Denman, Leslie David Baker, Brian Baumgartner, Kate Flannery, Paul Lieberstein, and Mindy Kaling also star.

  322. i don’t get the Ben Franklin thing, maybe because i’m not american. Who does Michael bring? A Benjamin Franklin performer? The “Ben Franklin” thing is an expresion or doesn’t have any sence?

  323. Anyone notice that Ed Helms isn’t mentioned in the Ben Franklin summary? Normally if an actor isn’t mentioned in the summary itself, they’re credited afterward.

    Does this mean Andy’s leaving in the next episode? Maybe coinciding with Dwight’s return?

  324. In Brian’s MySpace Blog he said Scrantonicity was going to play in an upcoming episode.

  325. I usually like it when the “Office” steers away from what NBC considers “must-see” tv, including but not restricted to: eating raw animal parts, bathroom humor, random but heated makeout scenes between pivotal characters. I say this to add that I hope the Pam/Karen interaction in the upcoming February episode doesn’t follow the understated route that we saw (and enjoyed) between Jim and Karen this past week. I hope this is the opportunity for us to see Pam stand up for the man she obviously wants; the last thing I hope to see here is another, “Oh, yeah, don’t worry. It’s totally over, nothing happened.” I can say this with the full confidence that a more “brazen” step, by Pam standards of course, would be handled brilliantly by the Office writers and steer clear of the mishmash that had been plaguing NBC for a while until this show came along.

  326. I don’t know if anyone mentioned it already but I seriously think that the promo shots for the Return are actually promo shots for Travelling Salesmen.. If you look at them, Angela and Pam have the same clothes, Stanley and Ryan are sitting there where they had their sales call (was it a church or something) and then that Toby/Pam scene was that creepy coffee scene that is infact the deleted scene 2 from TS.

  327. Why would Karen confront Pam about ‘her past’ with Jim? Unless some serious flirting takes place in The Return ,she seemed to believe Jim that Pam didn’t reciprocate his ‘crush'(nicely underplayed Jim!)

  328. YES
    YES i am SO excited to lead up to this episode!
    because jim must do something while theyre pranking the office mate that shows that he still likes pam, and karen must catch on.
    sweeeeet stuff!

  329. I don’t really get the Ben Franklin reference either (and I am American). I guess that would be a performer dressed and acting like Benjamin Franklin, the 18th century statesman. Scranton is somewhat near Philadelphia, which is where Franklin hung out much of the time, so maybe that has something to do with it.

  330. There will be a Wedding Shower episode and a Bachelor Party episode? Or it will be the same? Cause ‘Ben Franklin’ doesn’t mention nothing about Bob.

  331. My theory about where the Jim/Pam/Karen storyline is going: Karen realizes that Jim and Pam still like each other and eventually decides to step aside to bring them together. She may even encourage them to do so. I know this is a painful storyline for Karen, but it would be one that maintains her integrity, rather than a big messy breakup with Jim.

    The big question mark here is Roy. Where does he fit into all of this? Because right now, it seems like the writers are finally heading toward Jim and Pam getting together. I’m probably being optimistic. Another option would be for some more Roy-Pam chemistry to go on; then, Pam may tell Karen that she’s falling back in love with Roy.

  332. the end of the promo shows jim and karen in the boardroom and karen asks jim if he still has feelings for pam ( the stars music is playing) so i guess its a good sign, “jim looks like he wants pam”.

  333. I’m a little leary of Jim being 100% honest here. I think he kinda fudges the truth a bit. Because I don’t picture her staying around after knowing her boyfriend is into another girl. And based on the ep in Feb, and now the spoilers for later, we know she sticks around. I’m worried about this.

  334. We know that Michael has a step father, so, maybe is that wedding video. There’s no other possibilities, cause if it’s a ‘flashback’ i stop watching the office… If you see this photo, you’ll see that is the same young michael from ‘Take your Daughter to Work Day’

  335. Yeah it appears that both Karen and Pam are in the wedding. I wonder how their friendship is going to be affected by this “stunning” new news… I’m looking forward to seeing how Pam responds to Karens questions!

  336. What makes us think that Pam and Karen are in the wedding? Am I missing something? Or do you just mean ‘at’ the wedding?

  337. Hmm… maybe I just assumed they would be in the wedding because Phyllis obviously likes both of them. Also, there are pictures of (i think) matching shoes for Karen/Pam in the pictures posted from Greg.

  338. ‘Greg’… What is the address of that scene? I’m not in California, but I could see it on Google Earth, if I knew where it was.

  339. Jim and Pam must be pretty convincing when lying to Karen for her to still be around for the wedding.

  340. Who is Stacy? I don’t remember a character with that name. Could it be Michael’s mother?

  341. According to this link, Ed Helms signed a deal with NBC/Universal to write/star in his own series.

    (Scroll down to the Daily Show paragraph or Ctrl+F “Ed Helms”)

    So yeah, looks like Andy is good to go

  342. Does NBC have spies all over the internet taking down anything related to them? I can just picture them in some dark room, “Bruce we got another, let’s taken ’em down!”

  343. The video on the Watch With Kristin website has some nice interviews with Rainn, John, and Jenna.

  344. I think that Michael will have remorse about Dwight leaving and will go talk to Dwight to try to get him to come back. Dwight will tell him that he will come back only if Andy is gone. Michael will fire Andy (or force him to quit) and then Dwight will come back. And all of this should probably happen in the next two episodes.

  345. I saw the same thing — on Moorpark st., right?

    looks like fun. wish i could only be a member of that church!

  346. Not verified…but

    February 22

    “Art Class”
    Writer: Mindy Kaling
    Director: Roger Nygard

    When Michael is disappointed with the abilities of his coworkers in creating a mascot for the new company ad campaign, he persuades Pam to give lessons.

    March 8

    “The Flu”
    Writer: Paul Lieberstein
    Director: Ken Whittingham

    Flu season hits the office, and only Dwight remains well. Also, Jim is left incharge of the branch for the day as Michael stays home sick.

    March 15

    “New Neighbors”
    Writer: Michael Schur
    Director: Ken Kwapis

    After Vance Refrigeration relocates from the officepark, Michael becomes suspicious of the new business and throws them a spying party in the warehouse.

  347. I’m very interested to know if these three episode descriptions are correct. I mean: they seem real enough. The writers are ones that are due to contribute more episodes: Lieberstein and Kaling have only each done one so far. Also, the dates would be in line with the show’s scheduling.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to the hearing what the source is. :-)

  348. oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no that last bit tore my heart out.
    if roy comes back into the picture im going to be so upset.. everything was going so well!

  349. Well the Roy business is too much. How much longer can this go on without both of them at least acknowledging they’re in love? It’s torture to watch, & we know that Jim is threatened by Roy. Fiddlesticks!!

  350. If she gets back together with Roy, even for one night, it’s gonna be such a bummer for her character. I’m all for Roy being in the picture passively (as in, she’s trying to be sensitive to his feelings, he’s bringing her plates of chicken or fish, etc) but not in a serious way.

    It’s okay if Jim THINKS that…not if Pam DOES it.

  351. The writers have kept Roy mostly under wraps recently, & I almost forgot about him. So I think they’ll bring him back with a bang. In my opinion this is Pam’s last chance. Otherwise I’m going after Jim.

  352. Really think now that Karen and Jim’s relationship is cooling off, that they’re going to bring Roy back in full force. These recent spoilers point in that direction. Turn away from the dark side Pam!

    P.S. I’m very happy Toby has a date. I love him.

  353. So if we go with the obvious extrapolations from those call sheets, Pam is slowly getting back together with Roy, while Jim and Karen’s relationship is egenerating into an embarassing mess?

  354. If Pam gets back together with Roy, I am just going to lose it. This is getting a little beyond ridiculous, don’t you think? I’m serious – the writers have dragged this JAM thing out long enough, and now it’s time to work on putting them together. Jim’s nod and “yes” to Karen were a huge step towards finally making this happen. But if Karen confronts Pam in the next episode, and Pam DENIES her feelings for Jim and thus messes everything up, sending Jim back to Karen, and then Pam back to Roy… OMG, the show will lose serious credibility.

  355. “Meanwhile Karen confronts Pam about HER PAST with Jim. ”
    Maybe it doesn’t change anything, but it’s not ‘her feelings’, it’s ‘her past’.

  356. Gimme a break! Roy? Roy? Noooooo! Say it isn’t so! Haven’t we been through enough of this already? I’m so not in the mood to endure watching that guy mess with Pam’s mind. I knew it had to be coming but dang it anyway. Be strong Pam! Do not go to the dark side!

  357. If Pam denies her feelings for Jim when Karen questions her, then how can you be mad at her? She’d be doing it FOR Jim, so as not to screw anything up with he and Karen. Pam won’t know what Jim said to Karen in the last episode unless Karen tells her…and why would she do that?

  358. it must have taken a lot for pam to call off a wedding after so many years. especially someone like pam, she must’ve been absolutely certain because she doesn’t exactly seem like the type to fly about making rash decisions. so, after all that, i think there’s very little chance of her going back to roy, however reformed he may seem. she’s not stupid, and i think even she realizes that it’s better to be where she is now than stuck in that relationship. so honestly, if the writers were to have her and roy get back together that’s seriously screwed up and not progressing the plot forward at all.

    (Thursdays, 8:30PM-9:00PM ET)


    02/08/07(8:30PM-9:00PM) :HERE COMES THE BRIDE– Phyllis (Phyllis Smith) regrets giving Michael (Golden Globe winner Steve Carell) an important job at her wedding after several embarrassing moments. Pam (Jenna Fischer) has flashbacks of her own wedding planning when she sees Phyllis’s decorations. Meanwhile, Dwight (Rainn Wilson) is determined to catch wedding crashers. John Krasinski, B.J. Novak, Melora Hardin, David Denman, Leslie David Baker, Brian Baumgartner, Kate Flannery, Angela Kinsey, Phyllis Smith, Paul Lieberstein, and Mindy Kaling also star.

  360. Omg, Karen is not in Phyliss’ wedding! Look, Rashida isn’t listed in the cast at all… unless I missed something. What does this mean? Does she quit?

  361. I think she’s not listed because technically, she is a guest star. I hope she’s gone, though!! Pam needs to forget about the flashbacks, & flash forward to Jim. I still think Roy & Katie belong together.

  362. Creed, Andy, Karen, and Oscar aren’t listed, but Karen is confirmed to be at the wedding, in another spoiler post.

  363. Dwight is determined to catch wedding crashers. lol. hysterical.

    I really would love to see Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson show up…lol…

  364. Will Phyllis’ wedding be an hour-long episode? That seems like a lot to fit into 21 minutes.

  365. Kristin said, “But you will be happy with coming episodes!”

    Seems to me the only way most of the fans here would be happy is if Jim and Pam get together.

  366. coming episodes. episodes. plural.
    so that means that ben franklin will be up on the j/p index (northern attack :))
    and then phyllis’s wedding too.
    hopefully art class or whatever will be positive as well.. pam cant go back to roy! she just cant!

  367. Yah! ‘Upcoming episodes’…I’m so excited now.

    I mean, i know that Jim and Pam won’t get completely together in the next few episodes (gotta save something for May sweeps), but I’m looking forward to some much needed openness.

    And maybe a little dancing at Phyllis’ wedding.

  368. oooh Lis, I like that, dancing at the wedding, it would bve incredible!!

    yay! for Jim and Pam, boo hoo for Karen, I really do feel for the girl, I mean come on, I love Jim too, but I know that he loves only Pam, not me, so I can see how she’s feeling. lol.

  369. I just hope by “coming episodes” she doesn’t mean the last few of the season. I can’t wait that long :(
    p.s. What the heck is Karen going to be doing the rest of the season?

  370. There’s mention of a Pam/Toby interaction from the extras in the business school episode over at

  371. I saw this call sheet to. I didn’t get any indication that there would be a Toby/Pam relationship, nor did I see any reason to believe Kelly is pregnant with Ryan’s baby. Personally, I think this source is BS.

  372. I’m not sure how I would feel about Kelly being pregnant with Ryan’s baby. I think Ryan loves Kelly, but the tensions and grouchiness of Ryan’s character this season might not make it fun to watch him become a dad.

  373. Is it me or does “Dwight battles a bat that gets loose in the office” sound more like one of the Wikipedia fake summaries??

  374. Haha, how would a BAT get loose in The Office? Sounds… fishy… or possibly a bit “batty”…

    Good God, I apologize… it’s almost 5 on a Friday. I just want to get out of THIS Office! So please excuse my horrible puns.

  375. hmm david denman’s name isnt posted in business school but it is for other episodes.. i hope hes not in it.
    sorry david.
    but really.. you would have asked pam to go back to your place.

  376. So 566 are you thinking the supposed spoiler of Roy inviting Pam over from the art show won’t happen? I know someone else tried to dispell the supposed spoilers PMonkey posted earlier.

  377. is anyone with me when i say i hope dwight wears his grandfather’s tux to phyllis’ wedding

  378. In the new photos posted by NBC, it looks like Jim & Pam are both sitting by themselves…I guess Jim & Karen really aren’t together, thank goodness.

  379. Pam’s Art Show:

    Art and subconcious drawing always comes from strong emotion. Considering what Pam’s been through, do you think that she’ll have some sort of picture that everybody (except maybe pam) will realize it’s Jim?

  380. Mindy Kaling wrote Ben Franklin, Angela said that in her blog, so probably BF will be the sex shop episode.

  381. I am getting so sick of them throwing stupid curveballs on the Jam front. We’ve seen it on so many other sitcoms, I love this show because it doesn’t usually follow the other’s leads. Seriously bummed out that they are starting to with Jam.

  382. At there is a post that you can click on that reads “whedon’s week at the office”, I suppose its from a producer or director’s assistant (but I’m not to sure). The pics look like they could possibly be from the upcoming episode Business School–pics at a gallery and a campus.
    Sorry Tanster. :)

  383. Come on, guys. So pessimistic. Nothing stopping them from leading us to believe Roy/Pam could be rekindled…and then nip it in the bud before the end of sweeps.

  384. Yes, yes it is out of the question. Beesly what are you thinking? Does Karen trick her into thinking Jim’s over her? Don’t reRoy. I know he’s hot and sensitive now, just don’t do it!

  385. I hope that ‘cocktails’ includes Jim and Pam going out for drinks after work!

  386. I think Pam getting back together with Roy is fairly realistic. I know that most of my major relationships took two or three tries to end. You get lonely and you start remembering only the good times. She was with Roy forever practically, it’s only natural to retreat to an ex-boyfriend when you’re depressed and sad. I don’t like the development, but it’ll be nice to see Jim angry or jealous. That could really prompt some kind confrontation between Jim and Pam. I can’t wait to see what Karen has to say to her, though.

  387. They filmed at my school!!!!

    Why did they have to film over the break:(

    Oh well, can’t wait for Business school…and Phyllis’s Wedding, and Ben Franklin, and…

  388. I think people are getting far too worried about the Kristin ‘spoiler’.A rekindling of Pam and Roy’s relationship has never been ‘out of the question’.David Denman has said the writers wanted to make Roy a more viable option for Pam and thats why he’s had a 360 degree personality change!

  389. I want five boxes of paper to fall on top of Roy.
    Nevermind. He’d just get out from under them and emerge a hero.
    This will be an interesting sweeps month!

  390. Sounds like this Roy development is just a ploy to piss people off and drag the JAM anticipation further. Could they be pushing this back until the end of the season? It’s quite possible because they said Karen IS there for the whole season. And we have at least 9-11 more episodes to go depending on if it’s a 22 or 24 episode run.

  391. I think the writers and the producers of the show deserve more trust from viewers like us. They had Jim confess his love to Pam after just the show’s first full season on the air. Jim admitted outright to Karen that he still had feelings for Pam with still around 11 episodes of the season to go. I’m a bit of a couch potato and “The Office” has already given a lot more of the Jim-Pam relationship than a lot of other shows have shown for their main relationship at this stage.

  392. I totally agree with Chris in post 574…there HAS to be some artwork representing Jim at her show. I haven’t been following pmonkey’s “spoilers” about this particular episode. Is Jim going to attend her show?? Hmmm….

  393. I agree with Angie in 580. I would like to see some originality here! If Pam/Roy happens again, I might not be able to watch.

  394. 591- I’ve heard a lot of talk about them NOT wanting to do another season ender Jam. That’s why most people are hoping for a mini-cliffhanger at sweeps to get the ball moving. Too many Jim/Pam cliffhangers is way too similar to Friends, and I know this all too well, because I’m a former friends-aholic.

  395. Anybody watched the clip with Todd Packer? It answer the question about whether Karen and Jim broke up and I’m sad to report the answer appears to be no. :(

  396. has a different clip for Ben Franklin with Jim and Karen. And it makes my JAM heart sad.

  397. Nooo I don’t think I even want to see the clips. I guess the good news is, Karen is still a “guest star” so she won’t be around forever. But that could change so it really isn’t good news.

  398. I don’t mind Pam _considering_ going back to Roy, as it would make sense since they were a couple for so long (you don’t just forget that and move on without looking back once or twice). I just hope they don’t make it a full-blown relationship again with them dating seriously or living together. I feel a moment of weakness might be good fuel for plot development, but not another relationship. After all, “Poy” or “Ram” just doesn’t flow as well as “Jam.”

  399. Two reasons why I don’t think Pam will return to Roy, however much they tease us with the possibility.Firstly,Pam’s growth this season would be pointless if it led to her returning to the man largely responsible for stunting it.Secondly,it was a stretch to believe Jim coming back to Scranton so soon after Casino Night but there’s no way he’d stick around for a rerun.He’d be out of that office so fast his feet wouldn’t touch the floor.

  400. Funny, I don’t really give much thought to that anymore, Scully…but Jim coming back to Scranton WAS unlikely if he really did want to get over Pam. At the back of his mind he probably went back because he couldn’t resist the idea of a single Pam. The only mistake he made was bringing Karen into it.

    Dammit, if he’d only taken Pam up on that stupid cup of coffee. THAT was the moment when it could have all taken a different course. Sigh. Jim, you stubborn fool.

  401. i don’t know if this is related, but apparently some people have been eating hand sanitizers because of the alcohol content. it sounds to me like some people have watched gay witch hunt too many times.

  402. This is the only spot I could find to post this little note. In case you’re wondering, some kids over at Facebook got together and declared February 15th “International ‘That’s What She Said’ Day.” You’re supposed to take advantage of innuendo and say those special words at any and all opportunities. There are 73,000+ people in the “group” recognizing the day! Michael would be so proud.

  403. I was thinking…even though Kristin said “A rekindling of their (roy & pam)relationship is not out of the question”, I think it will only last a little while, since “you will be happy with coming episodes!” I’m assuming by “happy” she means some Jam will eventually happen. Ok I’m just rambling now.

  404. I wonder if this “ex” of Karen’s could play an interesting role in busting up a certain couple that we’re all waiting on to break up. Hmm…

  405. Not really a spoiler, but you can there are e-cards of Phyllis’s Wedding on There are some pictures of the reception, but nothing too revealing about the episode.

  406. I’m putting this here where it belongs (sorry Tanster!)
    NBC’s promos for next week’s Thursday night shows all have a romantic theme. They show a shot of Jim and Pam talking at the wedding, and the voiceover promises romantic moments and what not. In the clip they show, Jim and Pam are talking and Jim says “that’s cute” or something to that effect.

  407. kristin said we’d be happy with upcoming episodes.
    looks like phyllis’s wedding is going to be jam-packed.
    pun intended.

  408. Word, it’s not a group, it’s an event. Search “International ‘That’s What She Said’ Day.” It’s a massive event as it is; there are 120,000+ confirmed guests as of today.

  409. WOW!! Just saw “Office”-specific promo during “Heroes.” This is going to be AWESOME, kids!

  410. Yes new promo with Jim dancing with Karen but looking at Pam and Pam at him…ahhh can’t wait!

  411. Yeah, I hope the new promo gets up here soon. It warrants tight scrutiny and delightful speculation!

  412. Ok I missed the promo…I’m off to watch Mindy on Conan & hope for a spoiler…or at least a promo.

  413. Anyone else out there think that Karen’s “ex” that is mentioned in the Cocktails episode synopsis might be a female?? I know I read somewhere that there may be other gay characters on The Office other than Oscar and this just popped into my head when I read the description. It would certainly throw a wrench in thier relationship…maybe…or not. Your thoughts?

  414. I tried not to read the casting sides, but I did. I guess Andy is back. I hope his character has changed a little.

  415. Those casting sides are great! (Yes, I’m a sucker for spoilers.) I was cracking up just reading them and imagining the characters saying and doing those things.

    One thing, though. My dad is a saftey trainer, and office safety IS more than reading a pamphlet out loud. Admittedly, not as involved as a warehouse, but still it bugged me. Just had to defend the honor of all safety dudes. Safety dudes, I defend your honor.

  416. Could Kelly and Ryan be over?
    from the script
    You should work out Ryan. You’d look so hot
    Totally, we should both work out.
    You Bastard!


  417. Did you guys see the Ausiello comment about a JAM setback this week?!?! Noooooooooo!!!!!

    I’m fine with them being apart until “it’s time”…but, I’m not ok with going backwards (i.e. Pam getting back together with Roy!)


  418. I notice ‘Cocktails’ is written by Paul Lieberstein. Perhaps this is the episode where Toby finally asks Pam out.

  419. I’m assuming the setback is Roy. We all knew that was going to happen. Karen’s always a setback, so unless they make some serious progress (Jim falls in love, Karen and Jim move in together, Jim proposes, Karen’s pregnant, etc.), then it’s probably Roy.

  420. AAAHHH so frustrating!!! For the love of Bob, please no Karen pregnancies. The setback is obviously Roy, and damn damn damn. Grrr I can’t watch this anymore.

  421. We need to look at the positve in Ausiello’s statement.


    Once I saw the pics for Cocktails I knew that nothing good could come of this week. I predict: Pam/Roy hookup this week… Next week Pam will realize what a bad idea the hookup is when Roy shows up with his brother at her art show… I am hanging all my hopes on “Cocktails”…since it’s the end of sweeps.

    I guess it makes sense that they would string us along throughout the entire month… and not give us the payoff right in the middle!

  422. It looks like Andy is now copying Dwight instead of Michael, which could prove hilarious. I bet Andy is trying to ingratiate himself with Dwight and Dwight is sarcastic to him but inside he’s all, “Andy appears to want to be my friend. What could this mean? I do find Andy occasionally entertaining, but I disagree with his opinions on the future of the robot species to consider him anything more than just a coworker.”

  423. Remember that “gun spoiler” from one of the John’s(Props Guy) myspace blogs? I think it’s from “Safety Training”, cause it’s an episode that involves the warehouse

  424. It would be hilarious (and kind of sad, but it will at least give Pam an epiphery) if Roy and his brother come to the art show and leave her there.

    Then Karen reunites with the EX and then…JAM-dom.

  425. According to spoilers, Roy invites Pam back to his place…

    Pam!!!! Just say no!!!!!!!!!

  426. Hey, Karen’s getting back with her own ex sounds like the perfect plot twist. All this time we “JAM” fans have been split between disliking Karen for coming between Jim and Pam, but at the same time feeling sorry for her (and having a slight resentment for Jim) for his using her to get over Pam.

    So at the end of the month we’ll learn that we’ve been the fools all the time, because, despite what we think, she’s actually using him to get over her ex. Which will explain why she’s been trying so hard to force a relationship with Jim, to help her get over the man she truly loves. Maybe for awhile we’ll be forced to endure another secondary triangle, as Jim’s ego forces him to fight for Karen, pushing Pam closer to Roy as she figures Jim’s really into Karen, until May sweeps comes and it all blows up and everyone comes clean with their real feelings…

    Jim and Pam still want each other, and Karen still wants her ex, leaving Roy out in the cold…or with Kelly who’s rebounding from Ryan (ok, that part’s a bit of a reach, forgive me…)

  427. Guilty-

    I was thinking the same thing… Though you have thought it through in much more detail! haha

  428. If Karen’s ex is a woman that would be lame dash o.

    This isn’t the O.C. Two years ago.

    But I am all for the Ex playing some part in breaking up the Karen and Jim.

  429. I kind of like Roy now though. Jim and Pam are still meant to be, but at least Roy is a good option…for now? Temporarily. And they would still have more chemistry than Karen and Jim who don’t even get a celebrity couple name.

  430. Karen still being hung up on her ex would explain a lot- her and Jim don’t even act like a couple… Even that weird hug she gave him last week completely lacked any sort of chemistry whatsoever.

  431. I am so confused. Jenna said that something happens at the wedding and we would be happy but then Ausiello has me upset. This is driving me crazy! I still have high hopes….Jenna wouldn’t mislead!

  432. Good point KingoftheStupidUniverse–Jenna and Kristen both said we’d be happy with the episodes coming up (though I do still anticipate some angsty fun and hardly expect Jim and Pam to make out like teenagers outside the church). Who is this Ausiello and have we seen her resume? : )

  433. I think regardless of what happens (or hopefully doesn’t happen) with Pam & Roy in the next few episodes, something is going *down* at that wedding that will give us some major hope. I bet Karen & Jim are both just using each other, but tit for tit. Also…if Pam goes home with Roy, I WILL slap her a little.

  434. Yes…wig perhaps? Maybe Karen broke up with him over the wig…or maybe she gave him the wig, trying to change Jim into something he’s not…either way, I think the wig plays a part in the breakup.

  435. I love how we’ve pretty much decided that the “big development” of this month’s story arc will be Jim and Karen breaking up. I think this is totally possible, but I think it’s fabulous we’ve made such interesting calculations and predictions about how it might all go down. In this way, I adore OT.

  436. Jam. I remember when the Office used to be about playing pranks on Dwight, and when Pam and Jim had little crushes on each other. I just wish the show used to be more about working in an office, and not a documentary about there lives.

  437. But I would argue that Jam, Dwangela, and other relationships like them give the characters more depth. If it was just about an office, a viewer could drop in and out and not feel connected to/care about the characters. I think the show has achieved a great balance between the characters’ relationships and the crazy workplace environment. Besides, we’re getting a whopper of a Jim prank this week (re: sneak peak video clip)!

  438. I don’t know why, but I have a feeling that Phyllis will say something to Jim to make him realize that Pam has feelings for him. Phyllis is always good at giving the JAM moments a jolt of energy. Just a guess.

  439. Not sure if this has been mentioned or not, but Rashida is getting ready to star in a new sitcom which will probably take up all of her time, meaning Adios Karen.

  440. Did anyone believe what John was saying at the end of that video? Karen is not the better choice. Arrgggh

  441. There is a small article about the upcoming episode Joss Whedon directs.
    (sorry I don’t know how to post links)

  442. OH MY *&*@^@% GODDDD!
    i have to say im a little dissapointed. i realllllly like rashida. i wish karen could have stayed around.. just not be with jim.

    p.s. there is no way roy can get in the way. i was more worried about karen.
    p.p.s. this makes for a good season finale, by the way.

  443. annnnnd.. i think we should rename JAM. I think it should now be JAMYLLIS because where would jam be without phyllis? its seriously a threesome.

  444. I like Rashida alot and under other circumstances I’d be really disappointed to see Karen go, but since she is interfering with JAM, then adios!

  445. I just read this on Kristen’s (E!) blog

    Meanwhile, in real life, John Krasinski (Jim) and Rashida have been spotted out together all around town, both in L.A. and New York, leading to speculation that these real-life exes could be together once more. But for the record, I’m told by those in the know that the two are just “very good friends” and John K. is single. All in all, an excellent day for Office news. Am I right, ladies?

    HAHA! Rashida gets the last laugh.. GO JOHN…. YEAH!

  446. Now we have to speculate how the writers take her off the show. I’m assuming she’s going to quit like everybody else from Stamford.

  447. Kristin Vietch made a great point… as much as I love David Denman, can’t some producer offer him his own pilot? I would really love it if the Jam train could gather some more steam without Roy’s desperate plays for Pam’s affection.

  448. argh why can’t i avoid the spoilers :( i’m happy that rashida landed a new gig, although i’ll miss her on the office. i think she’ll be the one to break things off with jim, once she’s honest with herself. let’s hope jim doesn’t treat her like she’s just another katie.

    btw is phyllis going to be gone for the next 6 episodes? because of the honeymoon? are she and ed helms going to come back around the same time?

  449. Since someone mentioned they think that March is full of repeats then maybe Phyllis will be out the next two episodes and return to new shows in April. That’s just a guess…

  450. I hope they relase at least one episode in march, it’s gonna be awful if they’re all repeats

  451. NBC has scheduled an Office promo for the 4th commercial break of SNL, i hope someone from USA tape it and upload it to youtube or some web. Thanks!

  452. There is a guy in the Televison Without Pity forums that works at a NBC affiliate tv station (spoonfulofsugar) and posted it. I only read it and said it here. I hope it’s true.

  453. Just curious what happened to Andy? I read in your previous posts that he won’t be in any of the Feb episodes and that Dwight took his desk spot on the show. What’s going on????

  454. There was a promo on the TWoP forums of the Business School episode where Joss Whedon talks about directing The Office. It’s hilarious!!

  455. That Kristin is such an idiot!
    Ryan is not a temp, and anyone who reads spoilers on the show doesn’t need reminders of who the characters are.
    And the episode airs Thursday, what a scoop!
    For someone who proclaims to love the show, she didn’t manage to catch the extanded version where we see Andy being sent to 8 weeks of anger management.
    arrrrrrgh, i really dislike her.

  456. Actually if you look at the promo Jim is still at the desk he’s been at, across from Dwight. It’s shown in two spots on that promo. Too bad, although I’m hoping that will change soon.

  457. In yahoo’s Office Romance video feature, Mindy mentions that Ryan has to move back to where Kelly and Toby sit in the episode they were in the process of filming (Cocktails), so there’s a good chance Jim will be moving back to his old desk. An indication, dare I hope, that things are on their way to being right again!!

    I’m betting Ryan has to move after Michael’s shenanigans during Business School. Hurt and offended, Ryan will be Michael’s beloved no longer–banished out of Michael’s sight to be in the back with Toby. How fitting. Aw. hehe. ;)

  458. Andy will be coming back, because he is a signed regular on the show now, but he’s been at anger-management for the past few weeks, and I think he’ll come back in March or April.

    Those Kristen spoilers are nothing short of disappointing.

  459. Good God Kristen Veitch is annoying. Great Spoilers Kristen! You’re so in the know with all of your juicy tidbits!


  460. If they are repeating Branch Closing on Mar 1st, then I would expect they would be running The Merger on the 8th, since those episodes are like a two-parter. I hope they don’t have too many reruns, though.

  461. ausiello posted some more office spoilers on nothing we didn’t already know though

  462. “Jan. 22: Watch with Kristin

    From Carly: Oh my goodness! The Office was amazing this week. Does this mean Karen is officially out of the question for Jim? Please say yes.

    Not exactly … Karen is sticking around all season long. But you will be happy with coming episodes!”

    Um…Ben Franklin, Phyllis’ Wedding?

    Kristin is not my ho no mo.

  463. On the website when you put your mouse over Pam’s picture, it says: Pam and Roy reunite! Joss Whedon directs!

    What is that supposed to mean? (I’m talking about the Pam and Roy thing)

  464. Yeah, what’s with all the “not-spoilers” we keep getting? Honestly, these people get paid for this? ;)

  465. I interpreted the interaction between Pam and Roy completely wrong last week. Funny wise this will be a great episode. Relationship wise, it depends who you are rooting for.

  466. I think we are all waiting to see what karen’s ex is like. it seems pretty obvious it will mean something bad for Jim/Karen. My theory is that he is married and Jim loses respect for her. Kind of like, he realizes that Pam would never be that kind of person to cheat on a spouse. Anyway, just my over-thought out theory.

  467. Yeah, still trying to figure out why, JAM-wise, I’m meant to be happy about these latest episodes. I’ve enjoyed them all and LOVED “Business School,” but I’m not sure if Kristen and I are watching the same episodes…

  468. tanster–someone on a facebook message board suggested there might be some validity to the idea of hour long episodes next season since “Scrubs” is taking its bow this season. Any truth to this?? I think my rabid excitement at the prospect is disturbing my roommate…

  469. East Coasters: if you see the promo again, please post the TV show and approximate time in which the promo aired, so I can get my TiVo ready. Thanks! :)

  470. #702

    Kristin is NOT team Karen. I’m fairly certain of that. I’m sure the upcoming episodes she was referring to are the ones in May.

  471. In this upcoming episode, Jim meets Karen’s ex-boyfriend. The writers wouldn’t introduce her ex unless something bad’s going to happen between Jim and Karen. (I assume Karen’s ex works for Dunder Mifflin and will show up the cocktail party, right?) So, I can imagine one of three things happening:

    -Karen, feeling jealous and insecure about Pam and Jim, tries to make Jim jealous by flirting with her ex-boyfriend. Unlikely scenario, if you ask me, but I had to present it.

    -Karen still has feelings for her ex-boyfriend and Jim finds out about this.

    -Karen’s ex-boyfriend confides in Jim that Karen’s psycho or needy or bad in some way. Jim gets worried.

    The Office writers surprise me sometimes, so I’m looking forward to seeing how this plays out on Thursday.

  472. Karen’s Ex is the chubby regional manager from the Valentine’s day episode. (Not Josh and Not Albany kicked out of strip clubs.)

    Wouldn’t that be awesome if Jim was Karen’s rebound? And then they break up at the party?

  473. I’m SO over the love triangle! I’m losing interest in the show this season and I’m not the only one. My friend who just started watching this season doesn’t even like Pam because the writers didn’t keep up the character they created in the second season. So when Jim gets together with Pam again on this season’s final episode, many will be over it or against it.

  474. The truth is that they have to do something JAM-wise in this episode to have us hold our breaths until the end of the hiatus… I mean there has to be a conversation, some break-up(s), or a shared look, even something more positive than the last 3 weeks have offered! Otherwise they’ll start losing viewers, not me, but in my defense – I am a very patient person.
    But it’s really simple logics (or at least I hope it is), they would be crazy not to use this last week of February sweeps to do something that we’ll keep talking about for the upcoming weeks…

  475. I love the way they’re playing Jim and Pam. This show isn’t all about Jim and Pam – it’s about ALL of the characters. Besides, if you wanted just another sitcom with a stupid unrealistic love story, then go watch something else, because Jim and Pam’s relationship is about as realistic as you can get. Things don’t happen overnight, and the show doesn’t focus on that primarily, because it’s not ONLY about that. Don’t get me wrong, I want Jim and Pam connection, but I love how the writers are writing, and I wouldn’t change a thing. It sure keeps ME on the edge of my seat… And that’s what it’s all about.

  476. After seeing the scene between Pam and Toby in Business School i’m convinced more than ever they are going to have a relationship at some stage.Yuk!!!

  477. I hope Pam and Toby don’t do anything. That would mean that she’s dating just about everyone in the office, which would be extreme for her character.

  478. I don’t anticipate a Pam/Toby hookup- Toby brought a date to Phyllis’ Wedding. He’s obviously getting “out there” a lot more than Pam!

  479. Hmmm…Scary?

    Perhaps a Jim and Roy fight? I haven’t quite figured out how this could logistically happen- but it is interesting to speculate on… Remember, Kevin told Jim he had his back before… hahaha

  480. Hey guys, I was driving to work this morning and they interviewed Rashida on the morning show. (Yay Phoenix! We have to represent!) It was a pretty good interview so I’m putting it a link to it here. The DJs are pretty funny (except they say that they like Karen instead of our Pammy). I put this in the spoiler thread because they ask Rashida if she was leaving The Office and she said “NO”, flat out said it. They asked her what about the pilot she was shooting and she said she was going to do both. I think she was lying but you guys can hear for yourselves:

  481. She better be lying. I can’t handle another season of this parallelogram (or triangle as it seems now)!

  482. hey y’all.. the is from watch with kristen

    From Brittany in Louisiana: I really need some Office scoop! How long before Jim and Pam get together?
    First the good news: May sweeps will be here before you know it, and seeing how good “Casino Night” was for us Jammers last year, I think we can hope for something even better this year. Also, I’m going to see all of the Officers this coming Friday at the Museum of Television and Radio’s Paley Festival, so hold tight! Bad news: I’ve been watching TV for a looong time now, and I got a little worried last Thursday when Jim became B-ball pals with the CFO (not his initials). If Jim becomes a muckety-muck at Dunder-Mifflin, would a relationship with receptionist Pam still be kosher? Hold me, guys—I’m scared!


  483. Tanster–can you just give a few adjectives to keep us going in these desolate weeks of reruns. You know, like “awesome, earth-shattering, hilarious, etc”
    Understand if you can’t, but just thought I’d ask. : )

  484. Okay, I know I keep harping on this, but there’s just no end in sight and no official word to validate this horrible thing I just read:

    “The Office” is in reruns until April 12.

    Sorry. I went a little nuts there…

  485. This is NOT a spoiler, but I didn’t know where to post it. Tonight on MSNBC Joe Scarborough is going to visit the set of THE OFFICE. His show is on MSNBC 8pm central time.

  486. From diferent sources:
    3.18: The Negotiation
    3.19: Safety Training
    3.20: Women’s Appreciation
    3.21: Coal Walk
    And there is the ‘golf course’ episode (maybe 22?)
    Tanster, I think you should post a link to this — a great recopilation of all the new spoilers.

  487. My hotel room Internet access is crappy so I’m finding some difficulty in posting this weekend.

    Thank you Bold Guy for holding down the spoiler fort while I am in LA this weekend! :)

  488. Safety Training Spoiler Not on TWoP…as far as I can tell…this came from…but I think his source was Wikipedia…so not sure how true it is.

    “When Roy confronts Jim in front of the entire office, feelings are revealed and relationships are ended. Meanwhile, after Darryl asks the office to watch a warehouse safety film, Michael, with the help of Dwight, puts together his own office safety film. Andy, back from anger management, helps Jim deal with Roy.”

  489. And since the casting side mentioned a guy, not a video, I think it’s not true.

  490. there is a GREAT video in the watch with kristian section of E! with spoilers on romantic couples. looks like there will be jam in the season finale!!!

    and from now on, Kryan (pronounced Cryin’) will be what i call the kelly and ryan relationship becuase it fits the whole thing so well.

  491. JimHalpertIsLife, so right… that was a great video by E’s Kristen at Paley Fest. They all seem like such cool people. But, when jenna said they just told her about the season finale with JAM, I definitely got the feeling it was exciting (duh! It would have to be to be season finale worthy). Let me rephrase that… I got the feeling it will bring JAM closer together than farther apart.

  492. also from watch with kristen:

    Penny in Pittsburgh: Can you tell us anything about the episode of The Office that was previewed at Paley?
    In “Labor Negotiation,” Michael Scott discovers Wikipedia, Darryl puts his cell-phone camera to hilarious use and Toby finds himself “preparing for the deposition.” Also, road trip!

  493. So when does the next new episode actually air?? We have to go all the way through March with NO OFFICE?

  494. While in LA for Paley Fest, we found out where The Office was filming on location so we went. We were able to go and watch them film for FOUR hours which was really cool. They were filming at the Victoria’s Secret inside the mall. Our myspace blog has tons of pics in case you all want to check it out.

  495. here’s the video

    on the right there is the video thingy. it should start with with rainn’s head on it or you should see something office related. if not, click next on the top right of the box until you do.

  496. Still can’t find the Kristin video (I’ve been at the hospital all day so am a bit fried); Tanster, can you provide a direct link??

  497. Has anybody seen the homepage to
    It has the office as one of the rotating pictures that showcase the main stories. It has a picture of jim and pam (adorable, of course) and says that “Office Antics – kristen’s spilling scranton secrets to sex in the workplace” only when you click on it, it justs brings you to kristen’s main page which is showcasing Dexter at paleyfest. I guess they mean that “awesome” spoiler(from yesterday) where she said she was wrong about rashida jones leaving…about a week after everyone on this site knew about it. Anyway, it just annoyed me because it is for yesterday’s story and the “spoiler” was so old news.

  498. I usually hate checking the spoilers section, but the lack of new Office eps has got me checking this section a whole lot more.

  499. big big things happening. sounds good to me.

    last year big big things happened in the last two episodes too. Jim filed for transfer, jim kissed pam.

    I think it’s time to let pam do the work.

  500. “big big happenings in the last two episodes” good enough for me. :)

    besides the whole no new developments for three months after those two episodes….grrr. hatred for summer hiatus.

  501. Once again, another non-spoiler from Kristin. Big happenings in the last two episodes? Wow. I never would have guessed that one. Geesh.

  502. Spoiler Alert:

    Jim will play a prank on someone.
    I will care less about JAM.
    Karen will try to do something cute, I will die a little inside.
    The sun will rise in the east.

  503. Elisabeth, I think I love you.
    You said it all.

    I think this Karen role does nothing for Rashida. She’s an amazing actress and Karen is… I don’t know. She has no purpose other than being the other woman. Rashida deserves a better role.

  504. Gushing over Jim! I am totally defending him, if there is a real fight. haha.

    I really can not wait to see how the writers have handled this, OMG OMG OMG!

    “Meanwhile, Jim (John Krasinski) deals with the consequences of Pam’s (Jenna Fischer) confession to Roy (David Denman).”
    = Happiest moment of my week–nay, nay, the last TWO weeks!

    April 5th can NOT come fast enough!

  505. I heard that Melora did a radio interview today on WKRZ Rocky & Sue show (which I guess is in Pennsylvania/Scranton area?). I don’t know if it contained spoilers but did anyone hear this?

  506. Let Jim get together with Pam- but most importantly I want the writers to plan an awesome exit for Karen because i love her character and if she is leaving the show sooner or later then why not start letting her do more funny talking heads. I loved her Jim face and COD talking heads.
    I would love if she stayed on the show (without intruding in the Jim and Pam story) and became competitive along with Andy and Dwight in the office- there could be tonnes of potential funny moments with that.

  507. Maybe I’m missing something, but I was surprised to not see Ed Helms in the credits for ‘The Negotiation’. Shouldn’t he be out of anger management by now?…I guess unless they’re keeping his name out of the press releases to ‘surprise’ us.

  508. Also, it lists Rashida Jones with the series regulars and not as a guest star. What’s up with that?

  509. Well I guess either the cutbacks at NBC-Universal are worse than I thought, or “The Negotiation” must take place pretty much immediately after “Cocktails”. Which makes sense considering that Jim has to deal with the fallout of Pam’s confession to Roy. Though I wonder if they’re going to warp ahead afterwards 1 and a half months to keep up with the world outside Dunder-Mifflin.

  510. Speculation from Kristin.

    Priscilla in Providence, Rhode Island: Jam! Dwangela! Kryan! Phyllis and Bob Vance! I need Office romance scoop!
    I bring thee…Kryan! B.J. Novak (Ryan) tells me Kelly and Ryan are going strong, despite their hilariously dysfunctional relationship. “I think Kelly has a pure heart even if she is crazy, [and] I think Ryan loves being loved even though he won’t admit it. He realized that when he lost Michael’s love. I think Ryan would never ever show what he is feeling or what he likes, but I think it’s there.” Awww…Kryan 4-evah.

    Misao7: On The Office, is Jan pregnant? She mentions being sick quite often and also has mood swings and mentions starting a family…
    Just for you, my delicious little Misao soup, I took this question straight to Melora Hardin (Jan), who tells me: “I don’t think Jan is pregnant right now. But I think Jan could be pregnant in the future. It would be pretty awesome if Michael got Jan pregnant and they had to deal with that! I don’t that is very far-fetched.” And we all know Mikey wanted to adopt after watching Oprah!

  511. Another non spoiler from Kristin.

    Creed is really weird and he’ll….get this…keep being weird! AhHH!

  512. Well the only reason I look forward to Kristin’s “spoilers” is so I can laugh at them. I think we could all do a better job than that. “Ryan may or may not be happy with Kelly! And Kelly may or may not be crazy! Jan may or may not currently be pregnant, and she could possibly become pregnant in the future!!! (or maybe not!!)”

    It’s a fake spoiler, dummy!! (the dummy was directed at Kristin, not y’all =)

  513. TV Guide description for The Negotiation.

    Episode Detail: The Negotiation – The Office 4/5/2007 When Darryl (Craig Robinson) corners Michael about a pay increase, the meeting compels Michael to scrutinize his own salary. Meanwhile, Pam’s confession to Roy (David Denman) impacts Jim.

    **how does it impact Jim!!! Is Kristin writing all these ep descriptions?**

  514. I don’t think this counts as a spoiler, but Dave Koechner mentions in this interview that he almost shot a new episode, but was written out at the last minute. However, the article does mention that he will be back in the future.

  515. Some of those pics look like candids…*sigh* maybe it’s a goodbye meeting…looks like Roy isn’t in his work clothes, so maybe he’s already been fired/quit a this point…and how would Jim “be affected”? Maybe Pam is telling Roy to stay away from Jim, but Roy thinks Jim & Pam were having an affair when Roy/Pam were dating, & roy says “if I see you two together I’ll kill him/kick some a$$”?? Just a crazy spec.

  516. Okay after seeing the pics of Pam and Roy, I think that maybe its called the negotiation for more than one reason. Maybe Pam negotiates with Roy to get him not to kill Jim…….. I wonder.

  517. this is bad news.
    hopefully.. it’s a meeting of pam reasoning with roy about the way he acted.

    because if pam gets back with roy i wont have respect for her.
    and i cant nothave respect for pam.

  518. With Pam and Roy seemingly talking civily in the pic (not the candids), I’m feelin they’re not totally over and maybe Pam talks him down from pummelling poor Jim…

    A lot of story has passed, and this is post-kiss/post-almost wedding, but remember in The Hot Girl – season 1, when Pam still seemed immersed in Roy after Roy shoved Jim thinking Jim was trying to cop a feel…

  519. Well if it wasn’t over at Jim’s ‘yes’ to Karen about having feelings for Pam, how sure can we be sure that Pam’s “it’s over” to Roy has any real finality. I’m just sayin’.

  520. For people freaking out about RAM, I think I have a cure. Watch this video, its Jenna talking about Blades of Glory but at the end she talks about The Office. She seems pretty happy about what’s going to happen with her character for the rest of the season, especially in the finale and Season 4.

  521. Notice…DD is not mentioned on there. Seems like he really is going. It’s kinda sad, I wish Rashida was leaving instead!!

  522. OMG

    “WOMEN’S APPRECIATION” (3.21) Airs: April 26 (source)
    Written by Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky (Source:

    PAM: You don’t have to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.
    MICHAEL: Jan says that if it doesn’t scare us, it’s not worth doing.
    The women look at one another.
    MICHAEL (CONT’D): Maybe we’re just different people. I like cuddling and spooning and she likes videotaping us during sex.
    PAM: Oh my God.
    MICHAEL: And then plays it back right after to improve my form.
    KAREN: That is not healthy behavior.

    and later

    KAREN: Well, mature relationships do have their ups and downs and you don’t just bail out at the first sign of trouble.
    MICHAEL: That sounds smart.
    PAM: Could be. Or it could be that you’re just wrong for each other.

  523. Lizard do you have that link?

    I can’t click on the live journal, can anyone else?

  524. I don’t trust some of the lines they have suggested are Pam’s in “Women’s Appreciation.” They just don’t seem like her at all.
    A six-month anniversary? Karen looking at underwear? I just ate lunch, and now I’m wishing I’d waited a bit longer before I pulled up that spoiler page.

  525. WTF? Know I’m going to drive myself crazy figuring out what significance the word “big” has. Why is Melora so open with spoilers, I wonder.

  526. I have a bad feeling it might be Jim and Karen getting engaged in the season finale. Then all next season will be Pam slowly winning Jim back before his wedding and same thing happens as season 2 but flip flop

  527. That would be lame dash o.

    DEATH TO JAREN already. If they’re together still at the end of Season 3, I am not watching the show anymore. You hear me GD?

  528. RicoSlim – I hope not. As a compromise–so I don’t rip my hair out–I could accept if Karen pushes Jim toward an engagement and he has to decide whether to advance his relationship with Karen or pursue Pam (at least one more time before he commits to Karen fully). The season finale could be Jim letting Pam know that he’s going to propose to Karen, if only to gauge Pam’s reaction. Pam will be forced to speak up or lose Jim. If all goes according to plan, she’ll tell him how she feels.

    I don’t know how likely this scenario is, but I don’t think I could take it if Jim just announces that he’s engaged to Karen.

  529. They are not going to have Karen end up pregnant right as Pam is admitting her feelings to Jim as a season cliffhanger, are they?

  530. If Jaren gets preggo/engaged…well let me just stop and say, Oh HELL no. If the show goes this way, then I will go the other way, and never the twain shall meet. In other words, me no watchy anymore.

  531. 6 eps left, including one supersized (40 minutes) and the 1-hour season finale. Supposedly Jaren is going strong a shocking 4 eps from now, leaving just the final 2 to get their act together(are you listening, GD & crew?)

  532. bladhy blah.. more vague spoilers from WWK

    Emma in Dublin, Ireland: Forget Jam (Pam & Jim), I want Man (Michael & Jan)!
    And Man you shall have. I spoke to The Office’s own Melora Hardin recently, and she said there’s lots more coming up for Michael and Jan. “Michael comes barreling through all of Jan’s defense mechanisms and crashes in and finds that gooey center and appeals to it,” Melora tells me. “I think he really makes her feel like a woman in a way that not many men can do because she’s got her guard up.” I also hear that Jan has some “news” coming up, so stand by!

  533. Ohh for the love of…You know, I really liked Jim and Pam, but I really hope Jim and Karen keeps going…I hope he proposes or she gets knocked up. I HOPE they keep Jim and Pam apart until the cast reunion episode in 10 years! Just so all these fake fans of the show will hold good on their promises and stop watching. I can’t take these “OMG JAM!” fangirls ruining the fandom.

    Way to trust the writers, people. Wow, I miss how fun the fandom used to be before all the negativity.

  534. Season 2 of the Office…Brilliant.
    Season 3 of the Office…meh.
    It’s turned into a sitcom.
    Call me a fake fan all you want. How about this…No one deserves to date anyone, are you happy?

  535. hey, tanster. heads up. the date next the spoilers still reads 3/25 instead of 3/26


  536. I’ve liked episodes of season three. I don’t think it’s all been amazing though. All I’m going to say is that, I think it’s ok not to be 100 % in love with every moment of the Office.

  537. Yeah, but it’s also not good to focus on one aspect of the show so much that everything else doesn’t matter and you’d drop it all just because you didn’t get your way.

  538. Everyone loves Jim/Pam and wants them to be together but hardcore JAMmers do suck and I wish they could make good on their threats to stop watching the show so they could stop annoying everyone

  539. If this “beach episode” gives me a shirtless John Krasinski, the writers can be considered forgiven for all the JAM-runaround this season.

  540. Re Beach Day: Where’s the nearest beach to Scranton? And how close is it? Just wondering.

  541. Any thoughts on why they’d go to the beach? couldn’t they do Survivor type things in the parking lot/warehouse?? Will Jim be in a Speedo?

  542. Jenna Fisher interview said:

    This Season’s Finale: At the time of the Blades of Glory press junket Fischer was getting ready to film the season’s finale. Fischer says fans won’t be disappointed. “You know, we just filmed our 50th episode directed by Harold Ramis and that’s the episode before the finale. There’s a lot that happens in that episode that leads into a big finale. There’s a huge Michael/Jan storyline that is just really awesome in the finale, but there’s a lot of Jim/Pam stuff as well. But I can say that one thing is that their arc for Pam this season is that she’s trying to find her own voice and trying to get what she wants, and that is going to continue. Pam really is going to come out of her shell in the last few remaining episodes of the season and that was really exciting.”

    (also it has some interesting takes on her opinion of Jam)

  543. Hey, remember this line?

    Dec. 14: Boston Herald
    Not really a spoiler, but just a little quote from David Denman:

    “I think Roy is going to give Jim a run for his money,” he said. “I think when all is said and done, Pam is going to end up with Roy, as far as I’m concerned. I think it’s like life. There’s the guy that you flirt with that’s a lot of fun. Then there’s sort of the rock-solid man that you end up marrying.”

  544. elisabeth, I was just thinking about that. How DD always said Roy was the better choice, in his opinion. I guess because Roy/Pam have so much history.cough*crap*cough. Life-changing news for MIchael & Jan…first thoughts…pregnancy, engagement/marriage, death, moving away, serious illness.

  545. Pregnancy. Wow. That might be the ending they don’t show. Marriage or engagement is more likely.

    Or Michael’s job is in danger, but that seems big for Michael, not MAN.

  546. I have a feeling Michael and Jan will break up before the season finale, and then something will lead to his getting fired in the season ender. Then we will have to sit ALL summer to find out what will happen at DM Scranton without our beloved MS…but he will be back eventually. This is what I think the big cliffhanger will be. Any JAM action will prob take place in the episode before the finale.

  547. i was spoiled* by last seasons finale.

    (*spoiled as in treated with an excess of indulgement.. not given answers or upcoming plots before the episodes air.)

    i really really really want this to be a JAM based finale. I care more about them than MAN. I cant believe what im saying.
    Please.. i want something lifechanging for JAM! At LEAST a breakup!

  548. David Denman wrote a new blog a few days ago where he made some jokes about the next ep (“I DO kill Jim. Just wanted to make that clear) and he made this joke too:

    “Also, in addition to shooting scenes from our remote undisclosed island for future episodes of “The Office”, i have been shooting a horror film in Japan called “Shutter”. I’m having a great time out East in Tokyo and I hope to have many more stories to tell when I return.”

    Not to speculate about something we’re not even sure happens to begin with, but do you think this means Roy comes back after he gets fired? I’d be surprised if April 5th is the last time that we see Roy.

  549. in the pictures for safety training, jim is next to pam instead of karen who is all the way by phyllis. interesting.

  550. CorNOT, that’s exactly what I was thinking. He talks of an “island” so maybe he’s in the survivor episode. Maybe he just got suspended for trying to hurt Jim.

  551. Word on the TWoP boards is that the unnamed episode is called Product Recall.

  552. Sorry if this is off topic, why was there such a long break between episode 18 and 19?

  553. A reliable poster at Twop says there is an additional super-sized episode other than The Negotiation and The Job (season finale)

  554. I am all about the potential shirtlessness of this Beach Day episode. John Krasinski, David Denman maybe, Creed. Good times.

  555. I’m wondering why the title of “Product Recall” hasn’t been officially added to the spoilers page here. Is it not confirmed by a reliable source?

  556. If you’re referring to the “Upcoming” list at the top of the right column, I don’t add eps there until I see an NBC press release. Thanks!

  557. good news and ok news.
    because i love love love that karen *might* be leaving, but i wish that jim and karen broke up because of pam.

    oh well.. you can’t get everything you want

  558. Maybe Kristin gave us another one of her patented non spoilers.

    (Ok. I feel like I should add a disclaimer, that the following is a JOKE and not the angry rant of the sad little part of me that is a JAMmer.)

    Based on the theory that there’ll be some sort of reverse Casino Night, where Pam is Jim and Jim is Pam and Karen is Roy. This I think would be a little cheap and unoriginal, but IF it happens.

    If Jim chooses Karen, then the terrorists win.

  559. Speculation: What if Karen gets offered a big job in corporate but asks Jim if she should take it or stay in Scranton (a no-brainer, but that’s beside the point). Jim thinks about this just as Pam gives him the first obvious signal ever that she’s interested in him; Jim is torn between the two women (again, a no-brainer decision) as s3 closes the curtain for the season.

  560. Based on Jenna’s last blog i’m speculating that the season finale may have Pam leaving DM scranton. I also desperately want Pam to release her inner artist and paint the Kiss from Casino night.

  561. What part of her last blog made you speculate that?

    I’m just curious, I’ve read it twice. I’m not getting that vibe. It seems a little too much like a reverse Casino Night.

    She does say that “The Negotiation” is going to be “one of our best of the Season.”

  562. The new promos for Thursday both say that we shouldn’t miss the first two minutes of the new episode. So those of us who managed to see the Yahoo clips can conclude that the clip they took away from the site is the first few minutes. So there should be a lot more JAM wise happening… Wishful thinking?

    Anyways, I’m so excited for Thursday :)

    And Jenna has herself mentioned how she always says that the next episode is the best in her opinion :)

  563. I don’t trust anything Kristin says, I wouldn’t be surprised if she said to watch out for the big Staren hookup between Stanley and karen

  564. Thursday, April 26 2007
    THE OFFICE –(8:30PM-9:00PM) –(TV-14 L)
    “Product Recall”
    AN OFFICE IN CRISIS–The office is in crisis mode after a large shipment of Dunder-Mifflin paper is accidentally sent out with an obscene watermark. Michael (Golden Globe winner Steve Carell) tries to manage the media with an impromptu press conference. Jim (John Krasinski) and Andy (Ed Helms) try to calm the high school principal who has sent out prom invites on the affected stationary. Rainn Wilson, Jenna Fischer, B.J Novak, Phyllis Smith, Leslie David Baker, Mindy Kaling, Rashida Jones, Creed Bratton, Oscar Nunez, Angela Kinsey, Brian Baumgartner and Kate Flannery also star.

    [I got this from twop]

  565. i can honestly say i hope this show doesnt go on for seven seasons. it will be dead by then.

    hopefully the contract is just five years.. thats what i expect for a regular cast member.

  566. The seven seasons contract is a tactic to stop the actors to leave the show early. It doesn’t mean they’re planing to make 7 seasons.

  567. Whoa. Those superspoiler pages are a little *too* detailed…I had to look away. Kudos to those who have access to that and make it available for the fans, but…damn!

  568. Tanster, you may want to update the linkage to the super spoiler page as there’s a new revised page now. Just a tip!

  569. Something interesting I saw which may or may not be a hint as to whether Karen is around for season 4…on the NBC office website, there are bios for all the actors. Ed Helms has been added (since he has a contract now) but Rashida Jones is not listed. Could it be because she won’t be around for long? Sorry if someone already noticed.

  570. My thinking is that Rashida will be on the show next year, but maybe in a way smaller role bc of her having that show on FOX or whatever.

  571. We don’t know if RJ’s pilot will be picked up, but Season 3 has already wrapped. Whatever horrible conclusion they have for Jim and Pam is SET IN STONE.

    I am not optimistic.

  572. I never looked at that spoiler page before. Even reading the scripts they put up made me laugh and I can not wait to see all the ladies at the mall and Andy and Dwight becoming friends…..kind of

  573. Elisabeth, who says anything is going to be “SET IN STONE” for JAM at the end of this season? It wasn’t last season — we were left with a cliffhanger. Methinks there will be another equivalent cliffhanger in May to keep us speculating all summer again, and the writers will have plenty of time to decide how to resolve it. They could even wait to see what RJ’s future holds for her pilot.

  574. Has anyone heard if there will be webisodes like they had last summer? I would think that if they were going to do them, they would probably be taping them right about now.

  575. I’m surprised the WA is supersized, I had heard that Beach Day was the one that was going to be.

  576. NBC, Thank you for the supersized episodes. This helps make for the 5 week break, which was a grueling torture chamber with no zoppity.

  577. Oh jeez! I just realized, the last episode of the season is titled “The Job”. Somebody’s getting a new job! Who??

  578. A reliable poster at the TWOP boards says Woman’s Appreciation, Beach Day, and The Job are all super-sized. The Job went from 1 hour to 40 minutes

  579. Elizabeth—Not set in stone. Jenna Fischer said in an interview that they actually filmed two endings to the s3 finale, so technically any Jam (or Man, Kryan, etc) action is still up for grabs.

  580. woah baby… these new episodes are going to take up loads of ipod space!

  581. sorry tanster.. my emails down or else i’d email you that kristin has a brand new spoiler chat with news of karen moving to corporate.

    hopefully jim doesnt go with her **shudder**

  582. I seriously need to get a life and stop worrying whether or not Pam and Jim will ever get together. First I’ll stop reading spoilers.

    Before I go find myself a life I have to say this one thing: They have gone through a lot of trouble to make Karen a complitely pointless and useless character, so I doubt she will suddenly be the one Jim chooses if and when Pam steps forward. But, yeah. My head hurts.

  583. It occurs to me that Jenna Fischer said in that one article that everyone had long-term contracts, no one was leaving the show, and yet, David Denman appears to be gone. So, what gives? And who might be next?

  584. Hmmm…Pam plays an “interesting role” in the finale? Will Go-For-It Pammy do something to keep Jim in Scranton?

  585. Does anyone else think that the season finale, The Job, will be about Karen getting a job offer from corporate, and then hopefully taking said offer at the start of season four? Hopefully..!

  586. Oh man! I’m so conflicted! I want to see these final four episodes, especially the last two, so bad, but in seeing them that means the season is over and I must wait months for new Officey goodness. But it also means that soon the Season 3 DVD will be released and I can relive it all whenever I choose without commercial interruption. So conflicted! Also, what will Jan’s news be???

  587. Wow.

    I never can avoid spoilers, but I’m not sure I even wanted to know this much.

    Sounds like Michael chooses Dwight as a replacement, but Jim and Karen vie for the same position at Corporate. I think we all have our own idea of how THAT ends.

    And “exciting news” from Jan? will she be pregnant? And did Michael break up with her before that?

    Say, you don’t suppose it’s her job that’s up for grabs?

    And will Pam gather the strength to ask Jim not to go?

    And most importantly, will it be funny? Of course it will!


  588. Sounds like the show is gonna close strong like last year. I can’t wait. Neither can my ipod.

  589. Ugh…I just have this terrible feeling there isn’t going to be any Jam in the season finale. I’ve officially lost hope that the show will try to resolve anything.

  590. Hmmm…

    Assuming that this thread is for conjecture as well as spoilers:

    Is it a given that Michael doesn’t get the NY job and stays at the Scranton branch? And, assuming that both Michael and Jim have seniority, do they both stay by choice? If Karen gets the job, is the story that they plan to continue a long-distance relationship? If so, why does Jim stay in Scranton?

    The mind reels….

  591. But wait, does the finale mean that there will be no Jim and Pam ending, seeing that he’ll be in New York????

    Or is that early in the episode, cause I have heard from so many sources that the end of this season looks good for Jim and Pam.

    Oh I can’t wait 28 or something days!

  592. What do y’all think they mean by

    “the office is still buzzing from the events of their day at the beach.”

    do you think theyre just recalling it.. or something happened?

    and poor pam. how much longer must i watch her suffer?

  593. Once again, I shouldn’t have read any of it (including peeking at Scrubs spoilers.) I guess this is Karen’s way out of the show? Maybe she gets promoted, and Jim comes back in the arms of Pam. Or Jim will get it and Pam will be left without him again. Or would they let Michael get the promotion? Hmm, so many possibilities. I suppose that no matter the outcome, we’ll have some sort of a cliffhanger.

  594. I hope Beach Games is Pam’s Casino Night. It HAS to be. I think we all deserve it. Pam deserves it. Only it should end with more kissing.

  595. Sounds like a good conclusion to Season 3. Can’t wait.

    Any word when the DVD will come out. Or better yet, an HD DVD?

  596. Remember, Jenna keeps on saying that Pam is going to continue to speak her mind. So I’m thinking that the buzz that is going around the office in the season finale could have something to do with Jim, Pam, and Karen. Maybe after watching Jim and Karen have fun on the beach, the Beach Games episode ends with Pam saying something to Jim.

  597. Just speculating, but I feel (and hope) that Pam has to take some sort of action regarding her feelings for Jim in Beach Games, b/c half of the synopsis states that she has to watch Jim and Karen have fun together- I don’t think they would put that unless it results in something.
    Or maybe it’s just wishful thinking..

  598. I wonder what “interesting role” they are talking about. Could it be an aggressive woman who won’t let Jim say no??? And there is no doubt it is Karen who is leaving because the show is absolutely nothing without Steve Carrel and John Krasinski.

  599. Casino Night: Jim watched Pam flirting with Roy.

    Beach Games: Pam has to watch Jim and Karen “have fun.” GROSS.

    Casino Night: Pam is all hottie on the town with her dress.

    Beach Games: Jim (we can only hope) is sans t-shirt.

    Casino Night: I’m in love with you. I can’t. Kiss. Kiss.

    Beach Games: Pam-I love you Jim. Jim-I can’t. The world implodes.

  600. These last two episodes sound so good! Gosh, very good ideas. Thumps up to the creators!

  601. Wow, just those description for the last two episodes have be so riled up for the end of the season. Dwight running the office sounds like fun, and Pam I hope gets a promotion, too! And exciting news from Jan? I wonder what that is…

  602. I knew it! I was willing to bet my house for it. I was sure that it is at least Jim and Karen thinking about the job in corporate (Michael came as a total surprise). But as I was supposed to stop reading spoilers a couple of days ago I can’t say anything else… ;)

    I’m so excited and poor Pam :(

  603. Oh my gosh. I’m so excited!

    I am soooo curious about what Jan’s exciting news is…

  604. I seem to recall an article on stating that Friday Night Lights, 30 Rock and the Office were both headed for HD-DVD releases at some point.

    Aren’t these plots for Season 3’s finale kind of dissapointing? I mean, it sounds more like a soap opera. Jan gets some news? Michael might get a new job, if Jim or Karen doesn’t! I think it’s kind of obvious that Karen is leaving the show, and therefore getting the corporate job. I think Jan’s news is that she wants to come work at the Office with Michael and the others…(and maybe that she thinks she should move to Scranton and marry Michael.) I think we’ll also see a break up of Karen and Jim, Pam will reveal her feelings for Jim, and then they will start to talk about there relationship and end on another cliff hanger. I think the cliffhanger will have more to do with Michael or Jan though. I’m also wondering if Dwight and Angela’s romance won’t become public news…since it seems that Dwight is in charge of the Office for some reason during this episode. Just my thoughts…

  605. I’m just so over it. I honestly can’t say this is my favorite show anymore. I’ve lost interest. Kind of sad, but what can you do? The writing went down hill, way too many reruns, and not much was accomplished this year. Jim’s back and Michael is dating Jan woop dee doo. Overall a very unimpressive and disappointing season. I’m also so SICK of the love triangle. It’s like season 2 all over again but not as funny or entertaining. Will Jim and Pam get together? Then they tease us with some interaction and then nope they don’t get together. I guarantee you the cliff hanger for this season will have a large part to do again with JAM. So you wait all summer just to go through the same crap all over again in season 4. All though in season 4 Jim gets a sex change haha. Just kidding that would be blasphemy!

  606. Okay I’ve got an idea.

    Beach Games: Pam is hit with reality when she realizes that Jim is not going to make a move, and maybe this is just her wake up call. She thinks “If I don’t say something, nothing is going to happen.”

    The Job: In the last 5-10 minutes of the episode (just like in Casino Night) Pam tells Jim she made a mistake and that she loves him. Not sure what Jim’s reaction will be, but he might just be a stubborn ass…

  607. I am going to cry when the final episode of the season ends :(
    an BTW when Dwight is going to be in charge it is going to be so much fun fun to watch him taking charge of guys and Angela taking charge of the girls lol
    but still im going to cry

  608. With Jim going to NY in the finale it doesnt look good for you JAM fans, why would Pam go with them to NY? She wouldnt and she isnt going to have a reason to tag along. Seems to me that there isnt going to be any interaction at all between them bc they will be in different cities

  609. I have a feeling they won’t do another jim/pam banging season finale. I bet the ending will have something to do with Michael and Jan… just a thought. I think they know that if they end on JAM, there will be a lot of raging fans out there.

    Also, my spec on the season finale title; The Job, is that The Job couls mean two things. One, that there’s obviously a job opening in Corporate, but also that Pam has a job to do – tell Jim. Tell Jim the truth. Will she do it, folks? Or will we have to wait another long summer to find out?

  610. How much do you want to bet that Jan’s exciting news is that she’s pregnant?

    What a way to end the season.

    “Michael- I’m pregnant.”

    *Shot of Michael’s stunned face*

    *Cut to black*

    End of season. ha.

  611. Maybe Pam will get the job with corporate…Yeah, probably not, but I just wanted to throw out a ridiculous hypothesis…

  612. Now that I’m thinking about it, didn’t Jan suggest some kind of program with corporate for Pam with her artistic interests?

  613. I think it’s a safe bet to assume that neither Jim nor Michael will be getting that job at corporate. They’re needed in the Scranton branch to entertain you and me.

    Seems a little weird that Jim and Karen would compete for the same job if they’re still dating.

    As for Jan being pregnant, that seems very plausible. I suppose that would bring her and Michael back together after their breakup in “Women’s Appreciation”.

    Isn’t it nice that their child will have video of itself being conceived! (per script of “Women’s Appreciation”)

  614. i hope jan’s pregnant. How amazing would it be to see michael date a pregnant woman.. and then raise a child?

    oh boy!

  615. I think Jan’s def. pregnant. there are so many allusions to michael (and Jan) wanting babies over this season & last. plus can you imagine all the fun for next season over this?

    No idea how the JAM, Karen thing is to be resolved. I think even tho the NBC press release on Beach Day would lead us to believe that Pam gets left out, I think she’s actually going to step up to the plate. get fired up. do something funny/clever. somehow. (least i hope so. i have been so sad for pam this season.)

    maybe jan will choose to promote karen. she was looking for women w/management potential in season 2 boys & girls.

  616. Prediction: Jim either gets offered the job in NYC or it looks like he’s going to get it. Faced with the agony of watching Jim walk out of her life once again, Pam finally gets up the nerve to confess her feelings to him. Then we have to wait till next season to see how Jim responds…

    I really hope Jan doesn’t get pregnant. Michael being a father could potentially spawn a lot of funny/ridiculous storylines, but the whole pregnancy as a turning point thing is such a CLICHE! Argh. I hope they get creative with this “exciting news”.

  617. Melora (Jan) said the exciting news is BIG and than she said the key word is BIG…so I am positive its her being pregnent. Something has to happen, I mean they cant break up MAN. I love those two together, and watching Mike w/ Jan while shes preg. will be funny and Mike trying to raise kids…haha!!!!

    Love this show!!!

  618. Jenna wrote a new blog and said her favorite of the last couple of episodes was Women’s Appreciation. But she also said you CAN NOT miss Beach Day. So I think I might be right in regards to my previous post. I think that Pam is going to end up saying something to Jim at the end of Beach Day, and then that is what the office is going to be buzzing about at the begining of the season finale.

  619. i think that the season finale will look like jim is getting offered the job and pam tells him about how she feels thus giving him a reason to stay, and then next season we learn karen got the job, not jim. and i bet they’ll still be together.

  620. Good point, 908/Meredith. The titles often have dual meanings for both plots (“The secret”: Michael knows Jim’s, Dwight knows Oscar’s, etc). I’m agreeing that the finale will be Man-focused. Jenna wrote in her blog that one should NOT miss “Beach Day,” and I think speculation could be right that Karen’s competitive nature, coupled with her growing disdain for Scranton, will mean that “fun on the beach together” won’t last long.
    So excited…

  621. I think that Jan’s big surprise is going to be that she moves down to Michael’s office to be with Michael b/c she is tired of the stress that comes with her job.Also, her position is the one that Michael, Jim, and Karen are applying for. But when Michael gets up there Jan tells him what she is planning to do and that Jim will get the job. But I think Pam is going reveal her feelings to Jim before he goes up there and then I guess next season we will discover that Jim secretely let Karen have the job so he could stay with Pam.

  622. I bet there’s gonna be some big JAM action going on in Beach Games.
    I think Karen wouldn’t consider leaving Scranton unless there was something big pushing her towards corporate, such as Jim breaking up with her.

    But than again, why would Jim want to leave if he has Pam. Wait maybe Jim is pushing Karen to take it so that he could get rid of her. NBC, you’re confusing me!!

  623. I’m holding out hope that their not filming The Office because A) You can’t mess with Jim hair and B) Who wears that to an interview?

    Please let John and Rashida be dating, not their characters. That’s all I ask.

  624. AHHH sooo confusing! I thoughtthey were absolutely done with season 3 shooting! I thought Karen was dead in Jim’s eyes by Beach Games! I thought they went with Michael! Why isn’t Steve there?! Stop tormenting me!

  625. I think this is for Brief Interviews with Hideous Men. Reason? Toby does not wear hats. As Dwight would say, “The end.”

  626. I REALLY hope this is just them hanging out, because much as seeing pics of John and Rashida make my heart hurt (I’m not jealous, I’m not jealous…), if this is Jim and Karen, I’ll have to a) throw a temper tantrum, b)break down in tears, or c) both.

  627. It’s quite telling that Rashida is caring Karen’s purse…hmm…

    Plus, I don’t think Paul is Toby here. In whatever scene they’re shooting, he looks like he’s there as part of the crew. Remember, he’s a producer too and doesn’t have to wear anything special (trust me, my wardrobe for work is similar…We’re not the ones on camera, we can wear what we want).

    As for the hair cut, I can see it being Jim. That wig he’s been rocking is god awful and they need a reason to write John’s actual short hair back into the story so that they could get rid of tht wig. Why wouldn’t he go get a hair cut for a corporate interview?

    I’m one of those people who hopes Jim and Pam aren’t together in the finale (because it doesn’t make sense right now. They’re barely even friends right now…) so I think these pics are great! I really do hope they’re office related.

  628. The person who posted this on the Office mb’s has stated that a production assistant told him they were shooting footage for the Office. He posted this after he posted additional pictures. These could be shots for the first part of the finale – they have a whole hour to fill. I am desperately clinging to the thread of hope for JAM closure by the end of the Job. That festering wound they opened on Casino Night and keep dumping salt on needs to be stitched up NOW!

  629. If at the end of the job, jim and pam wont be back together (and we all waited for it soooooooo long) I will hunt the writers of the show. I mean COME ON! lol

  630. the whole show has obviously come to the point to torture anyone who wants Pam and Jim together, that storyline gives them the most viewers, so I would imagine whenever the last episode ever is they will be together, this is Ross and Rachel all over again unfortunately.

  631. Melora interviw about the season finale:

    Luckily for me, we have writers who have taken her on many different paths and more to come next season.

    Can you divulge?
    In the season finale, something really big happens to Jan.

    Big as in an elephant?
    Yeah. I’m talking about a pink elephant. (via TWOP)

  632. I can’t believe there’s only three episodes left, this season has gone by so fast. I don’t kno what I’m going to do the entire summer.

  633. I know I’m late on posting my thought on those NYC pics of John and Rashida. But I’ve been thinking…since it has been announced that it was for filming The Office, could it possibly be a webisode? Just a guess. I’m just hoping that they go one way or the other with JAM. I don’t want a cliffhanger about them again.

  634. well, most of us don’t have the will power to wait till the episodes air. Like me.

  635. sigh. can we believe this woman? WWK:

    Paul in San Francisco: Any news on the Office finale?
    I’m hearing you Jam fans will be pleased! Yayaaay! (Pam’s gotta keep him away from that Renée Zellweger, who our man’s been seen with, right? Tee-hee. Just kidding, R.Z. But seriously, hands of MFH.)