Happy Birthday, Jen and Mike!

The Office

No, they don’t have the same birthday.

Jennifer Celotta’s birthday is today; Mike’s birthday is actually October 29, but given the craziness of The Office Convention followed by the WGA strike, it completely slipped my mind. Mike, please publicly berate me at your earliest convenience.

Anyway, Happy Birthday to Jen and Happy Belated Birthday to Mike!

Thanks for staying in touch with the fans during this difficult time. You guys rock!

P.S. Wow. I didn’t even give you guys your own separate birthday posts. I’ve turned into Jim.


  1. I love you Jen and Mike! Honestly, you are my favorite writers and even though the strike is bumming me out I support all of you immensely! Believe me, if it were up to us the strike would have been over before it even started, because you are the reason our favorite show is as brilliant as it is. I can’t wait until everything gets resolved and you all get the compensation you deserve, and we in return get to see the words you write come into action.

    Happy birthday!

  2. Happy birthday Jen and Mike! It was so awesome seeing you in the OT chat room (even though I only came in for the last 60 seconds…) Please come back soon. We fans love to hear from you.

    Also, know that I’m sending out four letters supporting the WGA tomorrow to various stupidheads. I support you all 100% and hope the strike is resolved soon!

  3. Happy birthday, Jen and Mike. Both of you are brilliant! Thank you for breathing life into my favorite show on TV. Best of luck to you both in this struggle against injustice.

  4. Your guys are awesome! Happy belated birthday Mose! and Happy birthday Jen!
    Without you guys the show wouldn’t as amazing as it is!! :)

  5. Happy Birthday guys! Today is my 20th Birthday, so I share the love with u guys! I am in love with the office, and hope this strike gets resolved soon! and the writers get what they rightfully deserve!

  6. Jen and Mike deserve the best birthdays ever, and a thousand birthday posts (separately, shesh Jim… I mean Tanster).
    I love both of you, and you both are amazing writers for the most amazing show. And even visiting the OTCR, and just being so open to fans, its amazing.
    Very Happy Birthday Jen and super happy Belated birthday Mike!

  7. Hey tanster! conference room? five minutes? ;)

    Happy birthday Jen & Mike! We love you guys!

  8. Two of my favorite TV writers are also Scorpios. I love it. Not only are “Email Surveillance” and “Traveling Salesmen” two of my favorite episodes ever, but your outreach to the fans has been tremendously appreciated. That, and I hope to work for one of you some day. Or both. Tag-teaming it. Happy Birthday, you ragamuffins!

  9. Happy birthday to you both! My bday is tomorrow and I’m thrilled to share the Scorpio love with you! Have a great one!

  10. Happy Birthday and Happy belated Birthday!!! You two are such fantastic writers, and we’re all supporting you through the strike! I hope it ends soon, I am dying to see that episode that was supposed to be filmed last week. Thanks for all you do, and I hope to see more of your fantastic work very soon!!!!!

  11. Happy Birthday!!!!! Hope this strike gets resolved soon bc we can’t go long without our favorite show!!!!!

  12. Does that make Mike Schur Toby? Because that is… well, kind of harsh.

    Happy birthday Jen! Drug Testing was the episode that brought me to this state of feverish Office addiction. I still remember having a friend tell me that she had taped, but not yet watched that week’s episode, and how hearing that felt like one of the world’s greatest victories, because then maybe I could make her go get the tape, and maybe we could watch it RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT. MAYBE EVEN REPEATEDLY.

    And happy birthday Mike! The end of Office Olympics is maybe my favorite moment on The Office of all time.

  13. Happy Birthday Jen!

    Happy Birthday Cousin Mose… I mean Mike.

    *sings the high part to Happy Birthday*

  14. Jen and Mike: You two are such wonderfully talented writers. Thanks for working on my favorite show! I hope you have (had) happy birthdays!

  15. Happy Birthday Jen!

    Happy Belated Birthday Mike!

    Maybe in ten years, tanster will have it figured out and to give you each your own birthday post. ;)

  16. Happy birthday Jen and happy belated birthday Mike! You two are awesome and I hope I can write half as well as you do one day!

  17. Trying again. :)

    Mike, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to someone who’s given us absolutely memorable and hilarious moments – on paper and on screen. I hope your near “rock star” status at the Convention was a fun pre-birthday experience!

    Jen, have a FABULOUS day today! Meeting you at the cocktail parties was one of the highlights of my time in Scranton. We Minnesotans are known for our “Minnesota Nice” and your brother has obviously shared his with you. :) Thank you for being so approachable & gracious and for discussing a question I had about a certain S2 moment. ;) If you’re ever in the Twin Cities visiting, I’d be happy to buy you a post-birthday cocktail.

    For everyone’s sake, I sincerely hope your brilliant minds are back to work soon!

  18. Happy Birthday, Jen! Happy Belated Birthday, Mike! You guys are amazing, and I hope you get a fair deal from the studios very soon!

  19. Happy birthday, Jen and Mike!

    I wish you both birthdays filled with cake, streamers, presents, and residuals!

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