1. i’m so excited for this week’s episode! but it’ll be the last one until the strikes over so that’ll make the episode feel kind of like the finale. :(

  2. I thought that they were 3 episodes ahead of schedule so shouldn’t there be one more episode after this one?

    [from tanster: no, this is the last one.]

  3. “Who are the twins”
    “They hang off milady’s chest.”

    Oh Michael! Apparently Jan cites her breasts in the deposition..good stuff.

    And sad this will be the last for awhile.

  4. Soooo not going to be the finale. Stay positive, people. Write those letters.

    Also, Michael totally classed that up by referring to Jan as “m’lady”

  5. Dominic – They had three scripts ready to go but only two were produced before the strike halted production.

  6. The Season Finale, I’ve never been so sad to hear those words. It’s over. : ( The Office has another schism now, not Pam vs. Karen, optimists vs. pessimists. I wish I was wrong.

  7. C’mon guys be positive! The Office is just going through a brief (hopefully) hiatus in production, but this is not the season finale. When the strike’s over, they’ll pick up right back from where they started.

  8. Ha Ha–the Twins hanging off m’lady’s chest; classic and hilarious! Can’t wait for this one!

  9. is anyone with me when i say that it just seems like pam and jim are good friends lately instead of a couple…?

  10. #14-(LIV) I’m not sure what the was reasoning behind your post, but I guess I am in the camp that believes that in reality some of the most romantic “couples” are those who are truly real friends.The writer have created so much potential with these two characters as friends and as a couple.

  11. #14 – I don’t know if you’ve ever worked with your significant other before, but I did for a while. It’s not professional or acceptable to be lovey dovey at work, and your boss and co-workers won’t appreciate it if you are. I think Pam and Jim’s relationship is appropriate for the workplace. There’s a whole life outside the office we rarely see – except for Shrute Farms…

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