The Weekend Tally

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  1. I’ve got my vote in for The Office, who I had beating out my boyfriend Shia LeBeouf in the end.

    Just a tip for everyone, don’t forget to click the “Submit Picks” button at the end, otherwise your vote won’t count!

  2. Rainn Wilson talks so fast! I don’t watch Days of Our Lives so I had absolutely no idea what he was saying, but I still laughed, so….

    I don’t mean to squee, but John Krasinski is looking quite muscley on that spread. I’ve never thought of him as an especially large-muscled person, but I guess he is.

    Also, Jenna is absolutely hilarious in that “Walk Hard” clip. I can’t wait until it comes out. Can’t. Wait.

  3. Fun, I’m downloading the trial of the game right now.

    Is it bad that I giggled when I read all the comments on that NBC Direct article?

    LOL the Days Of Our Lives recap. Rainn’s too cool.

  4. The pick your entertainer of the year is MEAN. First of all, The Office is up against 30 Rock and then if you vote Stephen Colbert all the way through one on side and The Office on the other, you have to pick between them. Sophie’s Choice!

  5. does anyone know if the office game will be made for macs. Considering most viewers originally started watching it on itunes, it would be fair to say there is a strong interest in this game being offered on the mac platform.

  6. I loved Jason Reitman’s blog! It’s so nice to hear again that the cast is full of friendly, down-to-earth people who enjoy spending time with each other.

    That article on John Krasinski was great, and the pictures were… amazing. Love the video of tutoring at 826 LA, because not only is Craig in it, but Michael Cera (of Arrested Development) as well! And some SNL people. That was hilarious.

    And Walk Hard looks so good! Who else laughed when she kissed John C. Reilly and then said, “I can’t!”

    I’m really curious to see what BJ will say when he’s on the Today Show. Was he scheduled to appear before the strike, or is this something where he was called in specifically to comment on the strike?

  7. One of the best weekend tallies ever. The preview for Jenna’s movie was hilarious. I can’t wait to see it.

  8. I agree with angie. I thought it would be easy picking the office over everything- but common. It was pitted against 30 rock.. and then JK Rowling.

    I still picked the office in the end. Of course.

  9. Argh! That voting was so hard! I ended up pitting four of my favorite things of all time against each other: The Office, Lost, Stephen Colbert, and Radiohead! There were other things that I was sad I couldn’t vote for, too: 30 Rock, Hugh Laurie, Kristen Bell, Arcade Fire, Once… so hard.

    But, I had to give it to The Office in the end!

  10. So okay, I thought I would totally hate the Office video game…but I was SO PISSED when the trial was up! I love those kinds of games, and I love the fact that they use sound clips from the show (every time you pass a level, it uses Jim’s “Not a bad day…”) and the bobblehead versions of the cast are somewhat hilarious. And the pranks! It’s all stuff from the show, but it’s GREAT. I want the whole game now…too bad I’m broke. Damn it.

  11. It sounds like NBC Direct is really lame. Since I have a Mac, they’ve alienated me anyway. I also don’t support the service, because the writers don’t get any of the revenue from ads users are forced to watch as a part of those downloads.

  12. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I like Andy.

    Angela-Cindi recaps soap operas, which generally have so many different plotlines that if you miss one episode you would be confused by the next one. It’s like Lost but without the drama.

    Whereas you could miss an episode of The Office–but why would you–and pick up the storyline in the next one.

  13. Wow, I thought I was going to hate the game, but I loved that trial. Went and purchased it after the hour ran out.

  14. I am excited for “Walk Hard” but I’m so bummed Jenna’s not doing her own singing. That’s a let-down.

  15. That game is really addicting! It’s a lot like Diner Dash, but even better. I love how it described Kevin as a “overweight, dim-witted, slow-talking accountant” or something like that. :)

  16. I loved the Craig vid. Sam Rockwell “tuting” and Journey coming in the end, you now you got yourself something special. Thanks Tanster!

  17. I found myself wishing I was less familiar with the names Rainn was mentioning when he recapped the show.

  18. @ #15. Seriously, some of those choices were sooo tough. I feel a little guilty saying I picked Hugh over The Office cast for the win, but I had to, he IS that show and he’s amazing.

  19. That EW pool is cruel. Putting 30 Rock against the Office in the first round. Both of those shows would have made it to my final four. But now I’m at an impasse. Judd Apatow or Nathan Fillion? Whichever goes on will beat The Office, but which goes on? Judd Apatow had of my favorite comedies ever open this summer, while Nathan Fillion is what made me go see The Waitress (also Firefly/Serenity and Slither were amazing but not this year)

  20. I agree about the pool, having to compare The Office to Thom Yorke, Arcade Fire, Colbert and Kathy Griffin, impossible. And Pearl! Ugh, I’m going to cry, with their stony cold eyes staring at me…how can anyone make a decision? In the end I chose Radiohead over The Office, c’mon, In Rainbows…heaven!

  21. The video game was way better than I thought it would be. But $20.00 is a little steep in my opinion.

  22. That tutoring clip with Craig was hilarious! All those guys were funny. Thanks for giving me a chuckle on a crappy day. :)

  23. Eventually, House/Hugh will be voted for one of the best tv shows of 07 in the issue by the critics. And I bet Radiohead will have best album of 07. Entertainer of the year is a big honor and the office deserves it.

  24. Agreed, ES. Radiohead vs. The Office was the hardest choice for me.

    Also, that “tuting” video was the highlight of my day!

  25. Anybody know what B.J.’s appearance on “The Today Show” is in regards to? Will he be talking about the strike or something else?

  26. I ended up voting against Arcade Fire and The Office, my two favorite things in the entire world. I couldn’t decide so I flipped a coin. The Office won. I’m so sorry Win!

  27. I am a HUGE Days of our Lives fan. Thanks so much for linking the clip of Rainn Wilson giving the re-cap!

  28. I downloaded and installed The Office Game, and every time I try to run it, my computer freezes up. Anyone else having the same problem? Any suggestions?!

  29. Soooo… was BJ actually on the Today Show? I was really hoping to hear what he had to say about the strike but I didn’t see him at all this morning.

    [from tanster: yeah, i’m thinking his appearance was canceled or rescheduled. i haven’t heard anything about it.]

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