1. Happy Birthday Mindy!! The episodes written by you are among my favorites of the whole series.

  2. Happy birthday, Mindy! You are so funny that I hope there’ll be a Season 5 episode simply titled “Kelly.”

  3. Happy Birthday, Mindy! You are one of the most awesome women in Hollywood!

  4. Happy birthday to the writer of my favorite Office episode ever! (The Injury)

  5. Happy Birthday to one of the coolest chicks around! :) Hope you have a great birthday, Mindy!

  6. happy birthday Mindy!!! You wrote my all-time favorite episode (The Dundies, of course); here’s hoping to many more!

  7. happy birthday mindy, i love you, your blog, your writing and everything that kelly says and does.

  8. Happy birthday, Min! You’re fabulous! Would it be weird for me to admit I have a total girl crush on you? I just needed you to know…once.

  9. i have a total girl crush too! mindy is in my fantasy group of celebrity best friends! that sounds super lame. oh well.

  10. Happy Birthday Mindy! Buy something for yourself and blog about it!
    My daughter (who is 6) loves Kelly. When we’re watching the DVD’s, she says “Where’s Kelly? I want to see Kelly!”

  11. Happy Birthday to Mindy! woohoo!
    keep being gorgeous and a comedic genius! (wow, you’re so lucky that you get to be both of those things)

  12. A very happy birthday to you, Mindy! May London Flats and Vuru vitamin packs rain from the sky this joyous day!

  13. Happy birthday Mindy!
    Thanks to you, I am currently saving up to buy myself these gorgeous london sole flats! :)
    Have a great day!

  14. as a fellow Indian, I am happy that the writers decided not to sterotype Kelly. Though Kelly used to annoy me a litttttle bit, she is now one of my favorite characters. “Yeah, I have a question. How dare you?”

  15. and I would also like to add, Happy Birthday. Mindy is my favorite writer, she has written almost all of my favorite episodes.

  16. Happy Birthday, Mindy! I always enjoy your episodes, and at the writer’s block and actor Q and A at the Scranton convention, I enjoyed your great personality.

  17. Mindy is my best friend and she doesn’t even know it.

    Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!

    I absolutely *ADORE* you and you’re one of my personal role models. “The Injury” will forever be the most hilarious episode, and I cracked up whenever you spoke during Cast Q&A @ the Convention. Have a great Bird-day!

  19. Happy birthday, Mindy! I hope your day is awesome and you get to have lots of cake (cause that’s what a birthday is all about :D ) .

  20. Happy Birthday Mindy!! Thank you for all of your wonderful contributions to “The Office” We love you!!!

  21. Happy Bird-day, Mindy! You completely made of awesomeness and hope you have even more cinematic gold moments in Season 5.

    Skip around the room, Skip around the room!

  22. Happy Birthday, Mindy!! Thanks for all the work you do for our show, and just for being an all-around cool chick! Have a fantastic day!

  23. I hope your day is bananas, Mindy! You are probably one of the most hilarious people ever. Your writing is awesome! The Office wouldn’t be the same without you :) Also – love the blog!

  24. Happy Birthday, Mindy! In watching the video montage, I just realized that I have the turquoise version of the pink wrap dress that you’re wearing in the ping-pong episode. And yes, it is something that I bought that I love. Enjoy your day!

  25. Happy Birthday Mindy! Yes indeed, you are awesome as this video shows and truly just thinking about that Q&A makes me laugh. Go girl!

  26. Happy Birthday Mindy! Your blog is awesome, your eps are awesome, your hair extensions were awesome.

    Branch Wars was my favorite of season 4!

  27. Happy Birthday! Hope it’s an amazing one! The baby-naming scene (Usher Jennifer Hudson Kapoor…) kills me everytime

  28. Happy birthday to Mindy, who made me a huge Office fan way, way back with her Hot Girl script. She writes such great relevant comedy and portrays Kelly Kapoor to perfection!

  29. Happy Birthday Mindy!!! Kelly is one of my favorite characters and The Dundies is my fav. episode.
    Diwali episode makes it possible that I don’t have to explain to people anymore what it means.

    -fellow Indian American

  30. Happy Birthday, Mindy! You wrote the two best episodes ever, The Dundies and The Injury!

    P.S. How about as a birthday present to yourself (and us) you update your blog ;)

  31. Happy Birthday Mindy! Today on the radio they asked who Mindy played on the office and you could win something but they didn’t say the number:( I love you Mindy!

  32. Happy Birthday Mindy!!! We love you and all that you bring to The Office!!!!

  33. That made me laugh out loud multiple times. I love the line about Darryl and saying what he feels and “what kind of game is that?” That gets me every time. Happy Birthday!!

  34. I think the best tribute to Kelly Kapoor is the song “I Wanna Have Your Babies” by Natasha Beddingfield.

  35. That was so funny! One of my favorite parts is when she runs into Victoria’s Secret ahaha!

  36. Yay Mindy!! Happy Birthday! Can we have more Kapoor next season, puhleease?!

  37. Happy Birthday Mindy!

    One of my fave Kelly moments: Fashion show, fashion show, fashion show at lunch!

  38. miranda – Pretty big day for birthdays then: you, Mindy, and, of course, my dad, 82 November 1st Sr. A very happy one to all.

  39. YAY! I made this video! It’s so exciting that it’s up on office tally! Thanks guys! :)

    Happy Birthday Mindy!! :D

  40. She wanted to name the baby Usher Jennifer Hudson ??

    ^^i couldn’t hear the last part.

    great video and happy birthday mindy!

  41. Seng eel choo ka heh. You are so inspirational! Even though I’m about as funny as cheetos, your writing and performance on the show makes me want to do the same. Especially as a fellow woman of color, you make me feel like I could do anything.

  42. Happy birthday Mindy!
    You’ve written some awesome episodes!
    Best wishes!

  43. Kelly is BY FAR my favorite character on the show. Mindy, you’re SUCH a scene stealer it’s awesome! Happy Birthday(if you read these), now go update your blog! lol :)

  44. Oh man, they missed the best one! When she fakes the pregnancy to get a date with Ryan, then the CLASSIC talking head shot, cuts to her just shaking her head. That’s by far my favorite Kelly moment.

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