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Tidbits about ‘The Office’ show, cast, and staff for the week ending June 22.


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The Movie Preview Critic reviews ‘Get Smart’


  1. Though I love Mindy’s blog, it hasn’t been updated in over 2 months. Maybe the accolade will serve as an incentive for her to update it.

  2. I was going to totally say what Nan did. I love Mindy’s blog, it’s in my Reader, but it hasn’t been updated in a while so the accolade is nice but kind of…premature? Hopefully she’ll get back to updating it soon.

  3. re: the Scranton newsletter, words cannot express my love for Holly Flax and Meredith getting a staple stuck in her foot!

  4. Haha – Ed’s quote made me laugh SO hard. I have many musical guilty pleasures, and Toto is one of them. In fact, I’m sure that ‘Africa’ isn’t the only song that my iPod would have in common with Andy’s. Yes, I am the world’s biggest dork.

    And I love that Steve helped arrange that charity screening of ‘Get Smart.’ He has got to be the classiest guy in Hollywood. What’s not to love about him?

  5. Also: Get Smart topped the box office this weekend w/ 39.2 million dollars, according to IMDb. Congrats, Steve!

  6. Just wanted to say I missed Rove – but the Big Brother Ads do say he will be on Friday (our big bro contestants have friday night games).

  7. Get Smart was great… but Threat Level: Midnight would have been even better!! lol.

  8. I recorded Steve on Rove last night in Australia, if its still not on the intertubes when I get home from work I’ll youtube it :)

  9. I just got back from Get Smart and it was so good! I laughed at Steve’s joke every time!!

  10. Weekend box office is looking good! Early estimates show Get Smart well ahead of The Love Guru. Go, Steve!

  11. OMG…Anne Hathaway is hilarious! I love that Australian interview. And she has such a looove for the office. Greg Daniels, give this girl a guest spot alreay!

    [from tanster: wasn’t she, though? she dry heaves with the best of them!]

  12. The Rove show was hilarious… I cracked up so much! Anne is such a fan great to see that Pete is also! :)

  13. ah, this was so funny. I was there at the taping and managed to meet Anne and Steve at the premiere! Both so sweet!

    During one of the videos where steve and anne were off camera, and Hamish and andy were on the rollercoaster, Anne leaned over and whispered to Steve, “that’s what she said” – she is now my hero! lol

    that girl you can see behind steve’s head on the left is my friend and I was right next to her.
    I do believe I never thought this day would come!

  14. I just wanted to let you know that the link to Mindy’s page isn’t working. Thanks for everything you do, tanster.

    [from tanster: now fixed. thanks!]

  15. Wow…all the June birthdays. Maybe I will assign myself a role as secret member of the June funny beauties club. It can’t be harder to get into than Finer Things.

  16. I will admit that I am a violator of taking my shoes off while I’m working…. but I do not walk around barefoot around the office. That would be my boss. But I will take heed to Dwight’s warning from now on.

    I was reading the character information from La Ofis and it’s so random that they have their Dwight character wanting to be a firefighter. Everything else is pretty much the same to The Office except that little tidbit. I woule love to watch it though.

  17. I love how much of a fan Anne is of the show! I think someone needs to get her on this site, she’d fit right in! :)

  18. so there have been 2 dm newsletters since the end of the season and both feature “flax seeds” which hints that holly is settling in at dunder mifflin. do you think this is any indication that amy ryan is here to stay??

  19. Loved the Austrialian interview! I adore the fact that Anne Hathaway is such a big fan of the show. It makes the interaction between Steve and her that much better.

    Saw Get Smart… was very good. Great chemistry!

  20. YAY! I got my first tip!

    The ROVE interview was hilarious. I was bummed to learn that it was in Queensland though; I would have been at that Richmond set in a flash!

    Steve Carell is just such a down-to-earth and really friendly guy. What isn’t there to love…!? :)

  21. OK just saw Steve on Aus BB.. It was pretty much a letdown, it was pretty edited and not that long a segment.

    On Aus BB there is this game called ‘Peg Face’ where you put pegs (clothes pins) on your face and the interviewer (Mike) started to put them on his face when asking questions. Then Steve and Anne put a few pegs on their faces as well.

    Yeah, it was pretty lame.

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