Happy Birthday, Phyllis!

Phyllis Smith

After seasons of silent suffering, Phyllis now finally has the upper hand when it comes to one Ms. Angela Martin. Not only did Phyllis oust Ms. Martin from her Party Planning Committee management position in the Season 4 finale, she now covets a secret that could completely topple the Dwangela regime.

You go, girl! And Happy Birthday, too!


  1. Happy Birthday, Phyllis! I hope Phyllis lords that secret over Angela’s for a real long time.

  2. oh my god. phyllis. i love you!! you are so funny and so sweet and just amazing!! happy birthday:)

  3. Happy Birthday Phyllis! Have a wonderful, fabulous day, but don’t, I repeat, don’t let Angela arrange your party.

  4. Happy Birthday Phyllis! Can’t wait to see what the other Phyllis will do with her new Dwight/Angela secret!

  5. Happy Birthday, Phyllis! You are such a sweetheart – we love you! Have a fantastic day! :)

  6. Best wishes for your birthday Phyllis – hope you get out your Flonkerton shoes and party!

  7. Happy birthday. Your character, and the way you play her, just keeps getting funnier.

  8. Happy Birthday Phyllis! Your character has become such an essential part of the show. I hope you have an amazing day!

  9. Hope you have a wonderful birthday, Phyllis! I’m hopefully looking forward to lots of catty fights with Angela this year!

  10. Happy Birthday, Phyllis! Keep on keeping on! And hopefully blackmailing Angela to be nicer to you.

  11. WE LOVE PHYLLIS! (My daughter’s BD is Aug. 15 too!!)

  12. PHYLLIS! Have a wonderful birthday! (You can thank me later for sparing you the cheesy “bird day” quotes)


  13. Phyllis, I hope you and Bob Vance of Vance Refrigeration have a great night out. Go get an anti-gravity machine and some perfume from the Orlando airport.

  14. I’m confused…the imdb.com lists Phyllis’s birthday as July 10 (!?!)..Well, Happy Birthday either way!

    [from tanster: IMDB lists the wrong date.]

  15. Happy Birthday!!

    haha, that’s a great summary of her present character, tanster!

    she looks so nice in that picture! :)

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