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When I first heard about The Office Laptop Skins, my initial thought was, these are going to be a pain to put on. My only previous experience with anything similar were those clear screen protectors you put on smart phones, and I always ended up with horrible results — air bubbles, adhesive that was too sticky or not sticky enough, etc.

Turns out I had nothing to fear!

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Notes and photos after the jump.

The basics

  • Width = 11-1/4 inches wide
  • Height = 9 inches tall
  • Color: six different designs


  • First of all, this product is not really a skin; you can’t envelope your laptop in it, and then trim off the edges for a seamless finish. Instead, it’s basically a gigantic, heavy-duty sticker.
  • Given its dimensions, it is made for a laptop that is at least 15″. I put mine on my work laptop, which is a ThinkPad T43. I suppose that if you were good with an X-Acto knife and picked a design that didn’t include a border, you could trim the laptop skin to fit a smaller laptop. (I myself would not be capable of such a task.)
  • I initially placed the skin crooked on my laptop; no worries, the skin is super easy to remove and re-position.
  • Durability: after taking my laptop out of my work bag in and out for many weeks, there are no signs of the skin peeling or coming up at the corners. The skin stays put!
  • Summary: these skins look good and are easy to put on. My only real complaint is that I think they’re a bit pricey, but if you want to show your Office fan devotion on your laptop, these are a cool-looking accessory.

Buy The Office Laptop Skins: NBC Office Store | Gamer Graffix

A big THANK YOU to Gamer Graffix for sending me an assortment of these skins! I’ll be giving these away as prizes in an upcoming contest …


  1. I’ve got the blue Dunder Mifflin one on my Mac for college to make it different from everyone else’s, and it’s awesome!

  2. NBC’s website is showing 4 designs:

    Michael Love Me
    Dwight ID
    Jim “Career”
    Dunder Mifflin (This would be my choice since there isn’t a Pam one available).

  3. Tanster – These skins are also available at some Staples stores (I’ve seen them at some in Maryland anyways) for $14.99 each (but you don’t have to pay shipping…)

  4. FYI – I just ordered the Dwight “Web exclusive” from Gamer Graffix and they have free shipping! Well, that basically makes it the same price as the NBC skins, except they included the shipping with the price.

    They take PayPal, too, which is great — I’m lazy and didn’t want to go get a credit card. :)

    I stopped by my local Staples, but they didn’t have any.

  5. I bought the Michael one for my mac, but it is too tall, it doesn’t fit! Kind of a bummer.

  6. I want one of Jim but a better one… like the scene with the quote, “Hey, Pam? Will you… wait for me while I tie my shoe?”

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