Happy Birthday, Steve Carell!

steve carell

To celebrate Mr. Carell’s birthday today, check out one of my favorite video clips of Steve from the OfficeTally Video Archive:

Almost exactly one year ago, Steve returned to The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and the visit was hilarious — the awkward long silence at the beginning of the appearance alone was worth the price of admission. Just brilliant.

Watch the video here. And Happy Birthday, Steve!


  1. Awwww… That interview was so hilarious. As was almost everything he did on TDS. Even Steph/ven! Steve rocks.

  2. Man, I am so sad that I didn’t have Comedy Central at the time Steve Carell was on TDS. At least I can see a lot of the old clips on YouTube. Happy b-day to Steve Carell! Hey, it is my sister’s b-day too.

    Thanks for the old clip link!

  3. I loved watching Steve on The Daily Show. He was by far my favorite correspondent. Loved him (and i still do)!

    Happy Birth Moment, Steve! Woot.

  4. His work on The Daily Show is what made me tune in to The Office’s pilot episode! Thank you, Steve! And, a very Happy Birthday to you!

  5. It occurs to me that John Stewart’s genius is in surrounding himself with people who are much funnier than himself. Carell should get his own monument on the mall in D.C.

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