TV Guide videos just recently posted these videos, even though I think they were filmed months ago in New York during the upfronts (I recognize the blouse that Angela is wearing).

It’s a bit annoying that you can’t always hear the interviewer’s questions.

Jenna and Angela are fun and bubbly as usual. And it’s lovely to see B.J. and Mindy make an appearance together!

P.S. The videos may not play right away; give them time to stream.


  1. I really loved that BJ and Mindy video. They are adorable together. And I really liked what BJ had to say about Ryan being whipped. I think that gives us a little insight into their relationship.

  2. That was a good interview. We rarely get BJ or Mindy interviews ever and them together, even better!

    I also love that Angela and Jenna are like bff’s. It’s so cute :P.

  3. I think that it’s sooo cute that BJ and Mindy are a real life couple! It only makes the Ryan-Kelly thing even more hilarious!

  4. According to Pam’s newest myspace blog (posted today):

    “We are shooting on location for the rest of the week.”

    On location as in Scranton?

  5. I don’t know if it means Scranton, necessarily, J. They’ll even refer to it as “on location” just because they’re leaving the set, like when they went “on location” for the Booze Cruise or Jim’s BBQ. Either way, I’m excited for casual clothes Pam and whatever leads them out of the office!

  6. The interviewer doesn’t seem interested in Mindy at all! I like that they did interview them though, most videos just show the main four and I like to see more from the supporting cast!

  7. Don’t try to watch streaming videos with a wireless broadband card. It doesn’t work :|

    Mindy and BJ are intriguing to me, because they’re on both sides of the writer-actor divide. Toby too, for that matter, I guess. I wonder if that’s every actor and every writer’s dream to have a hand in each creative aspect of a show.

  8. Ok…the first one I tried worked, but no more (even if I wait…) What is with my computer and videos???

    Jen: at the panel discussion at USC, BJ implied (not inferred) that he had something going on with Mindy back when the hookup was written, anyway. That’s all the gossip I’ve got.

  9. I agree, Jen, that they kind of ignored Mindy. The interviewer asked BJ a question about writing and he said, “Well we’re both writers,” a.k.a. get up with who you’re interviewing, TV Guide.

  10. hey! this is a random question but its annoying the heck out of me! does anyone know the name of that song thats in the Jim and Pam NBC season 3 promo? the one with the band singing? Please if you know please do tell!

  11. CardinalFan06 at the OfficeLJ said it’s called “Stars” from Lamar. I couldn’t find it in iTunes however.

  12. bj and mindy are adorable!!!
    i didn’t like how the interviewer ignored her…
    she looked so pretty too (same with angela and jenna)

  13. The person doing the interviews is an idiot! He’s holding the microphone toward the person he’s interviewing so you can’t hear what he’s asking them. You’d think a reporter for TV Guide would know how to conduct an interview that’s being videotaped!

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