Hey There Pam

Happy Friday, y’all! I thought this was the cutest thing ever.

William says: “It’s a parody song video I made to “Hey There Delilah”, it’s called “Hey There Pam.” I confess my love to her in this song haha. This song is very tongue in cheek and has a lot of references to The Office that I think fans could relate to. I even act at the end spoofing the talking head. :)”

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Complete lyrics here.

Hey There Pam

Words by: William King
To the tune of “Hey There Delilah” by the Plain White Ts

Hey there Pam, what’s it like at Dunder Mifflin?
I’m a thousand miles away, but tonight from where I’m sittin’
You have it all
Look at you, just answering calls
That’s why I fall

Hey there Pam, don’t you worry about your love life
Roy and Jim are finally history, I’m gonna make you my wife
Yes I am
It’s time to plan your wedding again
Let’s hire Kevin’s band … please?

Oh, you’re just so shy and sweet
Oh, you’re just so shy and sweet
Oh, you’re just so shy and sweet
Oh, you’re just so shy and sweet

Hey there Pam, I know times are getting hard
I can hear Michael shouting “that’s what she said” from afar
He’s laughing hard, but at least he came and saw your art
I guess he really is smart

Hey there Pam, I’ve got so much left to say
But unlike Jim, I wouldn’t hold it in, confess my love today
You know I’d do, anything to be with you, and you know it’s true

Oh, you’re just so shy and sweet
Oh, you’re just so shy and sweet
Oh, you’re just so shy and sweet
Oh, you’re just so shy and sweet

A thousand miles seems pretty far
but I talked to Andy Bernard
And he just went on and on about Cornell
Dwight would just make fun of us
But we’d just laugh along because
His witty remarks are nothing short of lame
and who’s to blame
Battlestar Galactica

Hey there Pam, I guess it’s time to say goodbye
But before I go, I want you to know, you’re always in my mind
Let’s do this right, let’s have our own Casino Night

But I guess I’ll have to transfer to Stamford
‘Cause I just told you how I feel

Oh, you’re just so shy and sweet
Oh, you’re just so shy and sweet
Oh, you’re just so shy and sweet
Oh, you’re just so shy and sweet

I love you, Pam Beesly


  1. Wow, Jenna’s gonna love this when she sees it. This kid better get a signed 8×10 or something…great job!

  2. Ummm kinda cute….
    but borderline creepy.
    I wonder if he knows that Pam’s actually not real. lol

    [from tanster: it’s a parody. :) ]

  3. Way to raise the bar on Office fandom, dude! Really though, what else can a crazed fan do with all their Office knowledge but put it into song?

  4. The talking head at the end was priceless–awesome job on the whole thing, William!

    Thanks for sharing, tanster.

  5. I’m waiting for this to show up on Jenna’s myspace, haha.

    It’s so sad that I immediately thought ‘TWSS!’ at: “Hey there Pam, I know times are getting hard” before I heard the next line. ;)

  6. That was adorable! Jenna would freak. Somebody call her! Tanster, you’ve got connections… ;)

  7. that is the most adorable thing i’ve seen since i’ve logged onto cuteoverload.com! the accent makes it, really.

  8. oh, that was awesome!! I especially liked the line about Cornell :)

  9. It’s official… this song is gonna be stuck in my head for a week. It took me forever to get the real version out of my head and then the “That One Night” song, than “Pam Pong”… I think I need to start watching another show. LOL.

    Thanks for the link. Cutest thing I’ve seen all week!

  10. “Battlestar Galactica” haha

    That was super duper cute. Very clever too! Good job William!

  11. To William – great job! I love “Hey There Delilah” so I thought this was so cute – and yes, Jenna must see this!

  12. Great stuff William. This is a great homage to Pam and the Office! Thanks for sharing this.

  13. This is brilliant. Best thing I’ve seen all week!

    I agree with all those people who said Jenna should watch it. I think she’d find it pretty awesome, hehe.

  14. I’m giving it up for William and his awesome talent and humor! I never even liked this song until now, and now I love only this particular version! The random “Who’s to blame/Battlestar Galactica” had me rolling! Loved the talking head, it was priceless! Great work–thanks for the big happy laugh you gave me today!

  15. This was so cute! It makes me really miss new office episodes. That kid was pretty dang cool.

  16. I love, love, LOVE this! too adorable! He’s not a bad singer. I may have to check out his other stuff. I can’t wait until the fall. Ugh, I need my office fix!

  17. Holy song parody, Batman! That was amazing. I wouldn’t be suprised if NBC catches wind of this and uses it in marketing for next season.

  18. Does anyone else think that he sounds just like Ryan in his little talking head bit at the end?

  19. william king is amazing, not only with writing parody songs, but also in every other musical aspect.
    check out his stuff, he’s got a new cd coming out too!…

  20. Awwwww. How sweet was that?! I really was prepared to totally hate it, but I completely loved it. Good show, William.

  21. William made my day bright. It is cold and rainy here but his song brought the sun out for me.

  22. that was really cute! i sure hope jenna sees it and comments on his myspace- that would make his day, i’m sure.

  23. You know what’s funny? Next season Pam will be in New York City and Jim will be loving her from afar. awww.

    By the way – I adore this song. I smiled throughout the whole thing :)

  24. Wow! Why do I feel uncomfortable watching this video? It’s borderline creepy, though I’m sure he didn’t intend it that way.

  25. That made my night. Fantastic job, William. I was singing and smiling along the whole time. And the talking head at the end was just priceless.

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