Steve Carell to stay three more years at ‘The Office’

Steve Carell has signed on to play The Office’s Michael Scott for at least three more seasons.

This was mentioned by the Winnipeg Sun last week:

Steve Carell, who portrays the inept regional manager on NBC’s hugely popular The Office, says he’ll be with the Emmy-winning comedy for at least another three seasons despite his burgeoning big-screen career.

“All of the main cast are signed for three more. Beyond that, I have no idea.”

Ricky Gervais confirmed the news in his ‘This Side of Truth’ blog yesterday:

Had some great news today about the American version of The Office.

Steve Carell (now one of the most bankable film stars in the world) has just signed up for another three years with us.

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  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! (that’s what she said)
    This is the best news I’ve heard all week.

  2. It really speaks well of Steve that he is committed to doing more of “The Office” even though he could probably make more doing films fulltime. But keep in mind that this doesn’t mean the show is definitely on the air for three more seasons! It’s more like *if* the show isn’t ended or cancelled, Steve and anyone else locked in is obligated to stick around, as well. Regardless, though, good on Steve! The show is lucky to have a lead who’s so invested and appreciative.

  3. Yes! This is the greatest news ever! I also thought that this would be the last season….

  4. This really doesn’t mean much. The show can still get axed at anytime and everyone signed for 7 years at the beginning. All it means is that Steve re-negotiated his contract for a ton of money.

  5. Does this upcoming season 5 (Five already? Wow!) count as part of the three more years? Just saw Get Smart… Steve is great, but I’m glad he realizes what a great and rare thing he has with The Office.

  6. Seven seasons at least. Who would have dreamed of that even two years ago? So that’s like 75 more episodes!

  7. yay! this is exciting. i have been mentally preparing myself that next season is the last one just in case but this contract probably guarantees us at least one more.

  8. I’m surprised he wants to put in three years, considering how many more films he could make, but I’m certainly not complaining. Now let’s make sure Creed Bratton is signed up for three more too!

  9. If the show does go three more seasons, I think that it should end there. As much as I love this show, there are only so many plot lines and relationship rifts that can take place in an office before it becomes redundant and loses its freshness. I mean the BBC Office only went two short seasons.

  10. I agree w/ 14 bob_vance. Personally, I think it should have ended w/ Season 3. Not that I didn’t enjoy a lot of Season 4…it just got kind of strange and diluted.

    Another three seasons is really going to stretch the concept of The (U.S.) Office, and they’re certainly lucky that Carell is staying on that long; he just might keep the show alive and well.

  11. I am so happy!! It just shows how committed every one of the actors is to this show. It is so rare. I love them all!!

  12. I was so excited when I heard, but I’m worried at the same time. I think 3 years should DEFINITELY be it.

  13. Steve is the most awesome person in the world! He doesn’t take any of his success for granted one bit.

    The same goes for the rest of the main cast, except maybe Rainn Wilson. How dare he make mockery of Xena, Warrior Princess?!

  14. I agree with NathanTheTemp. I hope they find a funny and creative way in three years to extend the mockumentary genre–take it to another level.

    The camera crew has been in some very suspicious and stitious places these last two years.

    It might be interesting if we saw the camera crew people interact with by the show’s characters. Or maybe some drama plagues the production of the documentary…which makes us laugh.

    I just went to Ricky G.’s website, and he is freaking hilarious, in a thousand different ways. love him.

  15. I’m really psyched that the show will have its main characters for three years… With the brilliance of Greg Daniels, paired with the creative genius of the writing team at The Office, I’m sure the cast and crew will find the best storylines and talent to carry the show well. Thanks for this great news!

  16. 3 more years!!!! That is AWESOME!!

    That is the best news I have heard in an otherwise crappy day!!!

  17. I feel like I need to defend the notion of The Office continuing on for three or more seasons. I feel like Season 4 was plenty fresh, and I think the quiet addition of Amy Ryan gives the show another dynamic. The Simpsons has lasted almost 20 years. Frasier had a great 11-year run. The shelf life of a show has little to do with its setting. It’s about good writing, quality characters, staying fresh and, most importantly, being funny. I trust in the writers and actors to continue doing that for the next three years at least.

  18. Say what you want about the show, but signing on for three more years is a great thing not only for fans but for Steve too. It’s a nice, steady way to bring home a paycheck.

  19. Hopefully 3 years of Steve means 3 more seasons. Although I can’t imagine the show coming to an end, or going on without him.

  20. In other words, there’s 3 more seasons of this wonderful sitcom! Because I can’t imagine The Office without Steve.

  21. I’m going to disagree with those saying that three years will be stretching the show. Friends went 10 seasons with a smaller cast and stayed strong throughout. Sure, they had a few bad episodes and ideas along the way (and Monica got more and more obnoxious over time), but you’ll have that with any show.

    The Office not only has some of the best writers in the business, there are a lot of writers on board to bring in ideas. The cast is also immensely talented, highly involved with the creative process and incomparably dedicated to the show and its fans.

    And speaking of the fans, how many shows can you say the fans are this involved with the cast and crew and can give feedback that we know will be heard?

    I really think The Office had the right mix of people involved that it can easily continue to be the best comedy on T.V. for the next three years and even beyond.

  22. 3 years? WAY too long for this show. Season 4 was a significant drop-off in quality both writing and storyline-wise.

  23. This news angers me… Ricky Gervais has it right. End the series when it’s strong. Such as shows like scrubs, that 70s show, and E.R. They were strong and then just kept going on and on and on…

  24. I love how dedicated Steve is to the show! I’m hopeful- I enjoyed season 4 more than season 3…now if only a season could one-up season 2!

  25. I can’t believe more people aren’t more excited about this!! Here’s to a great season seven! Hahaha.

  26. I think The Office had rushed the plot with a dramatic change occurring with every season. So it seems 3 more years is too much. But I think that’s it is too early for The Office to end anytime soon, and three more seasons is not enough.

  27. Does this include Season 5? or does it begin with Season 6 and go through 8?

  28. Wow this almost brought tears of joy to my eyes.

    Here’s to three more seasons!

  29. All I have to say is that when Steve IS done, the show better end. They can NOT replace him with a different/new boss and still expect it to work.

    And *yay* for three more seasons! :)

  30. YES YES YES!!
    you have no idea how afraid i used to be that NEXT-next season would be the last.
    this is awesome!!

  31. Holy crap! As wonderful as that announcement is…I kind of think S5 should be the last one. Commence garbage throwing. Of course, an AFTRA/SAG strike could screw that one too, so, that would be extra awesome. Ugh.

  32. I trust these brilliant writers, and to be fair it’s more like we have had 3 1/2 seasons, with the shortened 1st and 4th seasons. So bring on more Office I say!

  33. Wow I seriously thought that next season was going to be at least the last. But That’s good news.

  34. The more Office, the better. 5 seasons of this excellent show just isn’t enough.

    Besides, no way is NBC going to stop the show while it’s still raking in so much money for them :/

  35. SWEETLY AWESOME! I thought and was afraid that this coming up season would be the last, and I joined the fandom late, so I’m beyond excited to hear this.

  36. I very much enjoyed season 4 but a lot of people here seemed to think it lacked something the other seasons had. You got to remember there was a writers strike smack dab in the middle of the season. And I’m sure there was a lot of scrambling and last minute decisions on certain episodes after the strike just so they could air those episodes on time. With all the writer’s focus on this great show, I see season 5 being one of the best!

  37. It’s NBC’s highest rated comedy, I don’t think it’s going anywhere for a good while.

  38. Dawesome! But just because they are signed for 3 more seasons, doesn’t necessarily mean there will be 3 more seasons. I so hope there is!!


    I don’t think the Office would be the Office without Michael Scott, aka Steve Carell.

  40. This is terrible news. They should call it a day after next season and quit while they’re ahead. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t turn into The Simpsons!!

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