Independence Day Tally

A few items:

  • New fan video: Pass That Dutch — a tribute to the Dunder Mifflin Dancers. I’ve also added this to our playlist.
  • I caught Angela and Brian (Kevin) goofing off!
  • Not exactly Office-related, but if you’re a Melora Hardin (“Jan”) fan, check out Did you know she’s a singer? If you love this genre of music (which I definitely do), check out the audio clip Heaven and Earth, as well as a video montage of her songs. New episode idea: Jan serenades Michael while out on a date! Hmmm …

Happy 4th, everybody!


  1. I also noticed that interaction between Kevin and Angela, but I thought there had to be a good reason Angela was laughing… But I couldn’t come up with one.

  2. I found out Melora was a singer about a month ago. I downloaded the samples on her site and fell in love with her voice immedietely! So smooth and sexy! I definitely recommend checking her out.

  3. Wow! I just checked out, and I’m so surprised (and impressed!). I would love to see the writers find some way to incorporate her singing into an episode next season.

  4. Also, in the ‘Health Care’ episode, you can see the same interaction between Angela and Kevin. The part when Dwight starts listing the names of false diseases, you can see Angela cracking up and Kevin pointing and laughing at her.

  5. Ha, yeah CountryCrock, I noticed that. Too funny. In fact, it was either Jenna or Angela who mentioned that Rainn was cracking them up filming that scene so what we see is the actors losing it a bit because of him. I especially love Stanley’s/Leslie’s swipe at the tears in his eyes…lol!

  6. I justed wacthed the injury again to see Kevin and Angela goofing off. I also noticed another goof. As we hear Oscar talking about Lord of the Rings, the telephone rings and we see Angela and Kevin in the background goofing off. Then Pam answers the phone and the camera pans to the right and we see Angela’s head. Angela has telekinetic powers?!?

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