1. I don’t understand why he asked her if she ever had sex in a car… Jay is such a creeper

  2. I have such a huge girl crush on her, she’s so cute!

    My cheeks hurt now ’cause I was smiling so hard through her interview.

    At the time Lee probably thought all that ring and Paris stuff was his idea! Way to go Jenna, boys need a gently nudge in the right direction – they have no idea otherwise :)

    Also, Thanks Tanster for letting us know the timing of the clip. I’m trying to enjoy all the wedding publicity at the moment while still remaining unspoiled.

  3. 58.53 + 1 sec for hitting al gore = 59.53. She didn’t beat steve but she did beat bob costas. Incidentally, I do the same type of sports timing they use on the course.

  4. No, she didn’t beat Drew or Steve. I think her final time with penalties was 59 seconds.

    I really love this interview. I can’t stand Leno’s style, but her stories were great and she’s just so sweet and charming!

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