1. It is amazingly hilarious video! :) I’ve been forwarding it (like it’s hot) to everyone and their cousins today!

  2. I was on youtube yesterday and watched all of her videos..She’s really great!!! Hilarious!!!! The Hotties of the office: The men, is roll on the floor hilarious!!

  3. This is one of the few fan vids that actually made me laugh as much as I do when I watch the show. That part where Pam says “WHAT!?” the same time as the song says it had me rolling. Insanely well made video.

  4. That song has not left my head since watching the video yesterday. I am unable to stop singing it to myself.

    Maggie rocks!

  5. Thanks so much for the link tanster! And thanks everyone for the great feedback. It was a lot of fun to do, but very time consuming (that’s what she said), so all the comments are really great. Thanks!

  6. That was AMAZING! I love the clips timed with the beats and the words timed with the shots of Pam saying “What? Oh.” LOL


  7. I love how it’s all in sync with the music. Great job!
    I really like that song. Who else is with me?

  8. You can’t watch this video and not have a smile on your face by the end! She really captured the fun side of each character’s personality… great song choice.

    seat18b = awesome blossom, extra awesome! what a talent!

  9. 18b is awesome. She needs to do a Kelly video. Kelly isn’t getting the love from Office You Tubers!

  10. The attention to detail on this is amazing. Seat 18B, you rock! I just can’t imagine how long that took to put together…but the result is worth it!

  11. To quote Michael Scott quoting a commercial, “I LOVE THIS WOMAN!!!!!” :) This was AWESOME, Maggie!! The sad thing is, I don’t know how you can top it. The good news is, I’m sure you’ll find a way. :)

  12. I know how hard it is to make those videos, and I give you so much credit because they always come out amazing. This one is no exception. I laughed through the whole thing!

  13. There is a “We Didn’t Start the Fire” video. Search for “Ryan Started the Fire”… it’s by Aliaskatie47.

  14. Oh My Gosh!!! That was uh-MAZING! Great work!

    So many great parts, but I thought I was gonna lose it when Nelly sings, “Good gracisous, a** is bodacious” while Dwight climbs on Pam’s desk and his butt is right in her face.

    Wow… I’ll be watching this one a few more times. Seat18b obviouly has a calling in editing…

  15. um… WOW
    18b needs to quit the day job. the timing = impeccible. hilarious! Clever! creative.

    very impressed

  16. That was… INCREDIBLE.

    My roommate is staring at me because I’m sitting here with headphones on, trying not to laugh out loud.

  17. haha, that was pretty amazing. I love the part “I think my butts gettin big” and Dwight has his butt out. lol good stuff.

  18. I love the part where Pam goes “What?” and then “Oh.” Fantastic editing, especially of the casino night kiss. Of course I just happen to like watching that in general.

  19. Pam’s reactions are the best! That was amazing…I never realized people got naked so often! haha

  20. I like that it went from Dwight’s butt (“I think my butt is getting big”) to Karen and Pam’s reaction in Ben Franklin. Also, the montage of kisses was great.

  21. Wow! I’m usually not that impressed with fan vids, but I’ve watched 18b’s about 20 times today. The song has grown on me, and the timing (as well as the context of the subjects) of the clips is superb. Well done!

  22. Seriously, the best fan video ever. The clips were perfectly chosen. The timing was impeccable (sp?). I loved, loved, loved it.

  23. This is off-topic but….
    I’ve been a lurker here for some months. When I went to post here (again, great job seat 18b!) I din’t know if the name I was choosing had been used. Is there a way to be sure I’m not stepping on somebody else’s toes?

  24. Hilarious! And one of the best music videos I’ve seen in a long time. That must have taken forever to edit, with such precise timing. Great job!

  25. That was unbelievably funny and so well done! It almost makes up for having reruns tonight. :) Thanks for the link. I can’t wait to show my co-workers.

  26. Wowwwah
    That is quite impressive
    This person has way too much time on their hands – and I mean that as a good thing.

    And “Cute Duck” you really should’ve picked another name – half of us here go by that, we all get mixed up. I used to be “Cute Duck32” back in the day…

  27. Did anyone else have to get hacked because stupid basketball was still on during the Merger?? I was ticked!

    Needless to say, I watched The Convict but still wasnt happy that I wasnt able to view the Merger again. DARN!

  28. Out-STAND-ing!! The comments have already been made that are what I’m thinking. Dwight’s butt, Pam’s “what” and “oh”. It was al fantastic. Great job 18b!

  29. Wow, that was amazing.
    I’m not really adding anything new from what everyone above has said, but I feel the need to chime in.

    Great job, 18b! Such attention to detail and perfect scenes to go with the lyrics. Man, I’m thoroughly impressed :)

  30. Congratulations 18b that was top notch. Not just your editing prowess, but also your knowledge of the show to choose the clips you did with the lyrics, amazing!

    The first clip of Pam, where is that from?

  31. verrrry good. that definenently covers all of the hottest office moments. props.

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