B.J. in The Improper Bostonian

The Office B.J. Novak Improper Bostonianstepliana over at the LiveJournal Office community has transcribed The Improper Bostonian’s interview with B.J. Novak.

An excerpt:

IB: Most excruciating moment on the show that you had to act?
BJN: One time I had to look mildly surprised when I was actually moderately surprised. That was a pretty big stretch.

IB: Well, we all know how expressive you are with your eyes from that appearance on Leno. You had Helen Mirren wetting herself.
BJN: Yes, I think it’s clear who the better actor is. She gets all the roles that I turn down.

IB: So you were asked to play the queen?
BJN: Yeah, I turned it down, and now that she has all those nominations I’m kicking myself.

Read the full article here.


  1. Someone on the Livejournal post said it, but…

    Massachusetts, FTW. I grew up in Newton!


    Wow, he looks VERY nice, lol. Can’t wait to read the interview. :)

  3. Does anyone know where we can see the video of him and Helen Mirren on Leno?

  4. Ok, have never been attracted to Ryan before, but DANG he is looking HOT on that cover!

  5. Oh my god. I giggled the whole way through. I think he has the sharpest, quickest wit of anyone in the cast. He always gives the best interviews.

  6. How crazy is it that JK and BJ went to High School together? I’d love to see THAT yearbook! haha

  7. I saw a man reading this on the T today and got really excited. I whipped out my cell phone to take a picture of it before I realized how weird that was and decided against it. Oh, BJ. :)

  8. That cover is niiiiiiiice. Lookin’ sharp there, BJ ;)

    And the interview: made of awesome.

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