Jen Celotta Schrute

My favorite cameo from The Office finale episode, hands down, was Jennifer Celotta.

Jennifer is a long-time OfficeTally favorite, having been a producer and writer during the earlier seasons of the show.

She has kidded with us over the years that her dream was to appear as a member of the Schrute family.

She finally got her wish last night! :)

For the full listing of my 2013 set visit content, go here.

Jen Celotta Schrute
Jen with the rest of the Schrute clan at Kevin’s bar, waiting for Dwight.

Jennifer Celotta Schrute

I had no idea Jen would be there during my visit, so when I first saw her, already in her full outfit, I literally screamed.

I mean, doesn’t she look PERFECT?

The call sheet listed her character name as “Jen Celotta Schrute,” which I thought was awesome.


  1. I took my family (randomly) to visit the Office set a few years back. We met Jen, she was driving out of the studio, and she stopped to say hi..So Cool & down to earth ! anyways, awesome to see both Jen & You Tanster, we live vicariously through you LOL!

  2. I thought that was her! I’m so happy she finally got to be a part of the Schrute family! :)

  3. Now when I hear Angela say “Jen!” in the bloopers, I know who she is looking at! Sweet!

  4. I absolutely loved seeing her get her wish! She was the writer of one of my all-time favorite episodes. I met her at the Convention and remember talking to her about her family member who also lived in MN, Ed Helms’ addition to the cast, and the teapot note. She was so incredibly kind!

  5. She was always holding out to be a Schrute (never wanted to appear on screen unless she could be one) and she FINALLY got her wish in the big series finale. Truly awesome!

  6. Eeee, yes! I’ve always thought of her as “Schrutelotta” (cheesy, I know), since she mentioned her desire to be a Schrute so much over the years, so when it finally came true last night, I was so excited for her. She actually managed to distract me from the glory of Mose during that scene!

    I was actually watching the “Company Picnic” DVD commentary for the first time earlier, and Jen mentioned that David Rogers gave up on being a Schrute and took the role of Angry Ray-Ban Guy because he thought it would never happen. So I am extra proud of Jen for waiting it out! Beet-related dreams do come true. :)

  7. Definitely one of the high points for me. I couldn’t be happier that she finally got to be a Schrute.

  8. Congratulations to Jen on her finally getting to be a member of the Schrutes!

  9. So happy to see Jen in the Finale.
    I enjoyed her commentary on the DVDs.

  10. Jen is the best! She was so nice when I met her :-) How awesome is it that they allowed her dream to come true?!

  11. I was so excited when I found out that was her. Any time they introduce more members of the Schrute clan I always hope one of them is Jen. It’s so great that she finally got to do this.

  12. I remember her saying that if she ever played anyone she wanted to play a Schrute. Was Greg’s wife also in Michael’s improv group? Her voice was so familiar when she did the Q&A.

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