Jenna blogs about ‘The Dundies’

Once again, Jenna Fischer (“Pam”) goes above and beyond the call of duty with a new blog entry during a rerun week! (Thanks, Jenna!)

This time, it’s a fresh behind-the-scenes look at one of my personal favorites, The Dundies.

Jenna writes mainly about the interesting “research” she did in order to play a drunk Pam, and how Chili’s protest to a particular scene resulted in Pam falling off her bar stool instead! (The alternative would have been a little more, shall we say…sticky.)

Go to Jenna’s blog here, and be sure to read B.J. Novak’s (“Ryan”) perspective on the episode here.

For those of you who haven’t seen this episode yet, you are in for a real treat. Especially if you’re a JAM fan. :)

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  1. Jenna is so amazing! The Dundies is one of my favorite episodes because I laugh every time I see it and somehow appreciate the writing more with each viewing.

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