Jenna Fischer’s first blog of 2011

UPDATE: more details on the spoiler page from Melora Hardin…

In Jenna Fischer’s latest MySpace blog, she chats about some of her favorite moments of the episode ‘Classy Christmas’ and then reveals this intriguing tidbit:

The episode we are about to shoot (episode 17) is INCREDIBLE. It involves a storyline from the past. Longtime fans of the show will totally geek out. It was one of our best table reads and it’s written by BJ Novak.

Which past storyline do you think it is? Let the speculation begin!

Link: Jenna Fischer’s MySpace blog

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  1. I’d love to see a Karen or Roy cameo. Haha wouldn’t that be
    awkward for just about EVERYONE?

  2. They said before that they were doing another Dundies
    episode. Could totally see it being the Dundies because she said
    long-time fans and that goes back to the start of season

  3. We find out Pam shoplifted during the episode Michael’s
    Birthday and she now has to do time.

  4. I’d LOVE to see the Dundies return! That would be amazing!
    But I’d also like to see more of “Philly Jim”… the sports writer,
    guitar player, etc! I keep hoping to hear more of Jim’s long-term
    goals and dreams for him and now his family!!! :)

  5. the return of The Dundies?? i remember hearing from this
    site that there was going to be another “The Dundies”

  6. oh man. another dundies episode would be fantastic. I don’t want to get my hopes up though in case it’s something else… perhaps a Lackawanna Coal Mine tour? doubt it…

  7. Okay, so the first thing that I thought was the dundies (As I so excitedly wrote above.) But here are other story lines that could possibly repeat:

    booze cruise
    Casino night
    Basketball game
    office Olympics
    Diversity day (BJ wrote that one too)
    Take your daughter to work day
    Beach games?? (They do have to choose another manager?)

    Did i miss anything important from the past? (I only included ideas from season 1-3)

  8. The Dundies would be epic!

    Question is…Will Pam be allowed into Chili’s? :)

  9. It would be awsome to see the Dundies again. I’ve always had a hope Michael takes the gang to Steamtown(the train museum behind the Steamtown Mall) for a murder mystery. Or they go on a tour of the shop and Michael, being a clumsy as he is, knocks down a shelf damaging thousands of dollars worth of train parts. Maybe it is something with Steamtown because pictures, models, whistles, and train watching have all been seen in past episodes. And Dwight is rebuilding an engine in one of his many farm buildings, was it the slaughter house?

  10. My first instinct says Dundies, however with the timing of the episode I would feel like “Take your Daughter to Work Day” is more likely (we to have the PB and J baby to add). The Dundies is an annual event that happened at a certain part of the year, due to its majesty and magnitude (Mr. Scott’s mind not mine).

  11. I’m geeking out just thinking about another Dundies! I want to see that more than anything. But this could also be the first official appearance of Agent Michael Scarn and Dwigt. Which would also be amazing. Perhaps Holly could be his Catherine Zeta?

  12. Well, she said a storyline, not an event…so i’d discard the Dundies Award. A downsizing, maybe? Or a merger?

  13. A couple ideas:

    * What if the Scranton Strangler were Devon? Wouldn’t that be a great ending to the strangler story?

    * Oscar’s favor to Dwight: I think that Oscar will seduce Angela’s boyfriend, leading her back to Dwight.

  14. I would LOVE for it to be the Dundies, but I have to agree, I bet it’s Michael’s movie. Or maybe both?

  15. Office Olympics Part Deux! Michael may burn his foot on the George Foreman again or another part of his body?

  16. It’s probably the return of Carol because Nancy Carell is confirmed to return in season 7

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