Jenna Fischer in Marie Claire

I received this email from Jenna Fischer yesterday:


Attached is a feature I did for the September issue of Marie Claire on newsstands now. The magazine shot a bunch of TV folks and the photos are all amazing!

The photographer is the same guy who shot my nude photo for Jane magazine a couple of years ago. I often get nervous during photo shoots. I just feel out of my element.

After doing a number of these, I have gained a new respect for models. It is not easy to pose for photos! This photographer only uses natural light, which makes the whole thing feel very candid and relaxed. It was a really neat experience.

I shot the same day as Elizabeth Reaser — she’s the coolest. The crew were all talking about how fun Molly Shannon and Selma Blair were to work with. They were first up for the day and already finished by the time I arrived. I was sorry to miss them!

There is a tiny spoiler about the upcoming season in the mini-interview.
I wasn’t allowed to say any more than that. Enjoy!


Thank you, Jenna, for sharing this! Photo after the jump.

Jenna Fischer Marie Claire

You can view a full-sized version of the page here.


  1. ‘This season they will have to deal with a long distance relationship’.. I keep forgetting that :( should be interesting…

  2. That’s great that Jenna can send e-mails from the trunk of Rainn’s car. [from tanster: i know! she’s a trooper!]

    Great photo!

  3. Wow. Just wow. She is amazingly gorgeous, but in a classy kind of way. (Perhaps it’s a certain…Crawford-ness?)

    “…deal with a long distance relationship”? I can’t imagine Pam fooling around (I know Jim wouldn’t), but somehow this wording seems to suggest another love interest. Maybe a design school classmate sweeps her off her feet? Good lord I hope not!

  4. god she has the best hair. I have never seen it look bad. Well Pam’s hair was a little ‘meh’ (though I prefer S2 Pam hair to Fancy New Beesley hair…)

  5. sticious, I was going to comment on that too! I guess Rainn gave her a bit of internet access. ;)

    but Jenna looks gorgeous as usual! very nice shoot.

  6. Jenna looks beautiful! I’m a bit nervous for JAM but they’ll be fine, Jim wouldn’t let her get away(in a total non-controlling way but in romantic way….you know what I mean)

  7. yikes – $3K dress on the grass!!!

    but she does look very good – more than very good!

    do NOT like that “spoiler”… nope. not one bit.

  8. This season? The whole season? The long distance thing is only while she’s gone over the summer and that’s only one episode, since the premiere will span over the whole summer.

  9. Wow she looks beautiful. That dress is muy expensive though. Over 3500 bucks. Wowza! I wonder if she got to keep it? ha!

    The Jim/Pam spoiler has me intrigued. I knew the smooth sailing wouldn’t last long.

  10. there doesn’t have to be a 3rd party involved. long distance is just hard. a little season 2-esque tension i can handle, what doesn’t kill them will make them stronger right?

    p.s. jenna is so beautiful it is incredible. i hope season 5 pam has long hair!

  11. also “this season” doesn’t unnecessarily mean “all season”.
    we tallyheads love to deconstruct sentences!!

  12. She is just plain adorable. Hmm, so I guess maybe there will be some rough water for our Jam. I hope they can endure! Thank you for sharing!

  13. She is so classy and down to earth!

    And not to mention stunning. It is so refreshing to see an actress who doesn’t feel the need to be a size 0.

  14. Stunning photo.

    I don’t think the spoiler is anything to worry about though. We all knew Jim and Pam would be separated for a few months so Pam could go to school. There will be strain on any relationship when there is a distance for a significant period of time. It is one of the defining points in a show that prides itself for its realism.

  15. Jenna is so cool! What an awesome photo. And lucky her, to be in the same place as Esme Cullen herself!

  16. Long distance relationship huh? This will create some great conflict in the storyline. There will probably be some cliff hangers that will have all of us trying to invent a time machine so we could hurry up and find out what’s gonna happen next. Plus if she looks like she does in that photo when she’s off to Art School, Jim has much reason for concern.

  17. Jenna is so gorgeous! That girl is a natural in front of the camera – she has nothing to worry about :) I’m sure photographers love having her in the mix… She doesn’t need any Photoshop editing.

    Awesome spoilery goodness! Thanks for posting Jenna and Tanster!

  18. I think you all are forgetting about what Pam said regarding art school:

    “I *wouldn’t* go if things *weren’t* so solid with Jim.”

    Yes, they will have to deal with a long distance relationship, but it could still be smooth sailing, just not as smooth.

  19. jenna, you’re gorgeous! i’m sure they were talking about how fun she was to work with too. i can’t wait for season 5 to see what happens!

  20. What a beautiful photo of Jenna! Loved the interview–ha ha, 14 hoodies! She is so wonderfully down to earth, it’s awesome.
    Many of the actors, writers, crew etc. probably have some level of personal experience with long distance relationships, so they will be able to glean some great, funny real life situations related to that for this season. I can’t wait to see what they come up with!

  21. you know she doesn’t actually say anything *bad* happens, she just says they have to “deal with it”. so i am not panicking, yet…

  22. Okay, the suspense is not fun!! I can hardly wait until Sept. 25th!!! I REALLY believe the writers know how PERFECT jim/pam are…they won’t ruin it!!! I DO hope we get to see some GOOD JAM interaction!! Not all long-distance?????!! :)

  23. I don’t mind if they get a little conflict in their storyline. That’s normal. But please to god, no breakup. That might be fine for a normal sitcom, but not for The Office.

  24. lovely picture! Jenna is gorgeous. I am just so excited for S5 I don’t care what happens. (okay that is SUCH a lie!) but let’s hope “it’s all goood” as Michael would say.

  25. :-) I have the feeling the writers are fully aware of the disastrous repercussions that would fall upon them if they dared to break up JAM. There would be major fan-archy (hey, I just made up a word!) and I don’t think they’d want that.

    And Jenna looks just breathtaking in that photo. Just goes to show how amazing the makeup people are at TO!

  26. While I agree with you, Dunder Daisey, the writers may break up JAM. I for one will HATE it if that happens, but it seems to happen a lot in T.V. shows. Take Gilmore Girls, and Ugly Betty for example. The writers may break them up, but fans will keep watching to see if they get back together. But writers, if you read this, DON’T BREAK UP JAM!!

  27. Jenna is just beautiful, and she seems like such a down to earth person which just makes you love her all the more. I agree with #39. They have to know they would lose a large portion of their viewing audience if JAM broke up. I don’t mind a little growing pains, but I can’t watch Jim get his heart broken again. I can’t remember ever enjoying watching a happy sitcom couple the way I enjoy Jim and Pam. :)

  28. I believe it has been said the JAM engagement storyline will be resolved early on. Long distance shouldn’t be too hard for future Jim & Pam Halpert. =)

  29. Kitty-
    You know Amy Adams was up for Pam. I’m not sure but I remember reading somewhere she was very high in the running. I guess the producers were looking for a certain type.

  30. Hey, absence makes the heart grow fonder. And we know with Jim & Pam that definitely rings true. So, yea..not worried. (Maybe a little..) =)

  31. the only thing that upsets me about this article is the fact that her dress costs $3700.

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