1. I will try to get this recorded and up on YouTube for everyone! My videos from John on Conan and Steve on Leno have been taken off already by NBC so hopefully this one can stay up for a while. It’s interesting though, because they didn’t pull off my video from John and Jenna on the Today Show. At least not yet…..

  2. jenna SHOULD be on before kutcher. although, the guardian actually does look pretty good. except for costner, who’s one of the most overrated actors ever. thanks denise for putting those up on youtube!

  3. Ashton is just her warm-up act. Jenna was on an episode of That 70s Show, right? I wonder if he will remember that.

  4. Yikes, lots of Bri’s on here. Gotta get a screen name I guess.
    (I don’t advocate assaults on fellow talk show guests.)

  5. Hit submit before I was done…

    I loved her story about the beginning of her relationship with her husband and her dad’s request for a boat was hilarious.

  6. Jenna is just about the perfect talk show guest, IMO. She’s bubbly, talkative but not overbearing, interesting, real and relatable. And she seems perfectly at ease in the hot seat. It’s painful to watch a bad talk show appearance but Jenna really shines in that format. Missed her walking in so I didn’t get a view of the dress; gotta go check it out on YouTube (thanks, ddker.)

  7. yea jenna was great last night. excellent talk show guest. and finally they don’t ask her questions about her past receptionists jobs and how she can type 85 words a minute with 90 percent accuracy. very good guest.

  8. btw: if you haven’t seen Jenna’s new blog, she thanks Denise for the YouTube upload of the show. Bet Denise is thrilled with the mention, as any fan would be.

  9. I’ve always wondered if James and Sean were brothers, so now I know! Great stories (especially the one about getting her finger cut off) and she really pulled off that great dress.

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