1. Yay first to comment on one of the cutest interviews! I felt jipped by the lack of john/jenna interviews but I guess I was just watching the wrong channel (stupid E!) Ellen always does really good interviews with the cast :D

  2. i know how shallow it must be to get so excited about these celebrities, but i absolutely love everyone on the office and wish them nothing but the best. thanks for this website & keep up the great work!!!

  3. I saw this last night. It’s really cute! I love their faces when Ellen tells them they have to pay :)

  4. John was hilarious. Perfect comedic timing – twice. First with the comment about the actual girlscout and then when he ran away. That’s where the improv prowess shows.

  5. Another interview. This one is from the TV Guide Channel- Rainn, Steve and his wife and Jenna and John. (I’ll try to actually post the link right this time lol)

  6. I guess this is the place to post this, but the Kristen Veitch (sorry if I spelled it wrong) interveiws with Rainn, Jenna, and John are on her site.

    When the video player loads on the right, click play then next to get to the Office part. How much do I love John and Jenna? A lot.

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