The Office renewed for Season 4

From the NBC press release:

NBC has ordered early full-season pickups for the 2007-08 season for four hit series — the comedies “The Office” and “My Name Is Earl,” and dramas “Heroes” and “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, ” it was announced today by Kevin Reilly, President, NBC Entertainment.

Did we have any doubts?


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  1. Yeah, but that just means ANOTHER season of delaying Jim and Pam…

    I’m SO conflicted…

  2. Cool! Now if they could just keep Ed Helms and Rashida Jones for another season, that would be sweet.

  3. I can only hope for some unexplained reason Ugly Betty will be canceled. Sadly, there’s no way. CURSE YOU UGLY BETTY!!! CURSE YOU!!!

  4. For some reason I was worried. The ratings overall are mediocre but excel among the key demographic and im assuming the show is cheap to produce

  5. im always worried because american dreams- one of my favorite shows- was prematurally cancelled and it tore me apart.. ive never been the same since ;)

    but if the office -my number one favorite show- got cancelled or i even knew that there was an ending date.. i would like.. die.

  6. I feel re-assured now :D I will still have something to watch on Thursday nights at 8:30 next September :D

  7. During Casino Night, she rejected him in the parking lot then after they made out

  8. During “Casino Night” Jim first told Pam that he was in love with her and she said “I can’t,” (strike one) and then they kissed at the end of the episode leading into the third season premiere where she turned down his second attempt at a kiss and said she was marrying Roy (strike two). So from Jim’s POV he laid it on the line twice and was rejected twice.

  9. AWESOME. I wasn’t sure, because if Jim and Pam end up together this year, and Michael and Jan, and Dwight and Angela, where else can the story lines go, becuase especially with Jim and Pam…or maybe some won’t end up this year.

    but, it does mean, that if there is a cliffhanger, dare I say, we are put in agony for another 3+ months! goshh!

  10. Umm, duh!
    If it hadn’t been renewed, I think NBC would have had a mass suicide on their hands. Well, at least a hunger strike. Us fans would have risen and demanded a 4th season!
    Luckily they avoided that whole situation and gave us another year.

  11. yay, good to know. glad nbc is continuing to support the best show on tv! networks don’t always necessarily know how to do this *cough* futurama *cough*

  12. *cough*arrested development*cough*

    *cough*freaks and geeks*cough*

    *cough* undeclared*cough

  13. I’ve been really ill lately but this great news totally makes me feel better. Thank you, NBC! :)

  14. WOOHOO! future dwigt (#17) said it best. Ugly Betty is engaging and cute, but not a must-see for me. The Office, meanwhile, is a show that merits the obsession of thousands of flans.

  15. Its about time… I was a little worried because everyone was all negative about the show on IMDB… and then the Golden Globes… I am happy now… hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. sobersoul- i know, i was actually getting kind of worried too…

    And what is the deal with Ugly Betty? That has to be the WORST comedy i have ever seen. I watched two episodes on and both times i laughed probably three times. I don’t understand how they beat us!!!

  17. This makes me sigh with relief! I’ve loved shows before, but for some reason this one surpasses any obsession I’ve had with any other.

  18. Yayyyy! Now I know that not everyone in Hollywood is clueless when it comes to a good thing.

  19. I knew that the office wasnt going anywhere because they put most of there money behind the office and heroes on the promotional part. And also, NBC is making a killing off of the Office on ITunes. Lets just say that if one million people bought each episode of the office this season at $2.00 a piece, that is 2 million an episode, that is 50 million for just this season alone, and who knows what kinda percentage NBC sees out of each purchase…..but a million purchases an episode is just a guess….who knows how many people actually buy the show on ITunes…it could e way more than that. So the way I see it, as long as the Office keeps making NBC easy money and winning/slash getting nominated for Emmys (because we all know that the Emmys mean more to TV shows than retarded Golden Globes) then the show shouldnt be getting canned anytime soon

  20. I think 5 seasons is the magic number to get a series into reruns. Can anyone confirm that? That’s when everyone makes a lot of money, well after the show goes off the air.

  21. Ping, to answer your question, there is no “exact” magic number, but yes 5 seasons seems about right for when shows typically do well in syndication.

    Usually however, the people who were actually a part of the show (cast, crew, writers, etc) don’t see any of the syndication money. Jerry Seinfeld is famous for making almost $0 with his show’s success in syndication, all the money went to the networks. (Not that he didn’t make a load while the show was running.)

    I wonder what Steve, Jenna, and John are making for each episode now?

  22. Acutally, the “magic” number is 100 episodes to get into syndication. That works out to be four or five seasons, depending on how many episodes per season.

    At least, that’s what I read somewhere on the internet, so you know it’s true.

  23. I’ve always thought it was 5 seasons as well…

    But then I’ve started seeing series like “Grey’s Anatomy” being re-run already on the Lifetime network, and it’s only in its 3rd season.

    Maybe that’s because that’s not technically syndication, whereas “Friends” and “Seinfeld” can be found on a bunch of different network affiliates around the country.

    I think I just answered my question. :-P

  24. Jerry Seinfeld does make money off of his show being in syndication….he was the highest paid entertainer last year or the year before because of his royalties from reruns

  25. now i’m scared… what does this mean for scrubs if that hasn’t been renewed yet?

    that’s my 2nd-favorite comedy of all time! I guess w/ SIX seasons though, it’s had a good run. and i’d rather it go now than continue and become worse, until eventually i’m left with no choice but to stop watching. if i had to abandon scrubs, it would break my heart.

  26. “what does this mean for scrubs if that hasn’t been renewed yet?”

    I thought there was a lot of talk this last year about how this was Scrubs last season?

  27. Yeahhh.
    Not that this is a surprise or anything, but it’s great news anyways!

    I don’t think Scrubs is definitely out of the picture. I heard somewhere Zach Braff was denying that it was the last season & just cause it wasn’t picked up at this point doesn’t mean it’s done. Well, i hope it’s not over.

    But, yayyy Office. I can’t wait for tomorrow’s show!!

  28. That’s fantastic…but at the same time…
    that’s another year(?) until Jim and Pam are gonna get together.

    It’s strange…I should be really happy, right?

  29. The “magic number” for syndication used to be 100 episodes. Now (for whatever reason), it has been reduced to 88 – or four full seasons. But at this point, I don’t think we need to fear about The Office not making it. I imagine they will, and even if they don’t, lettuce not forget that the TV gods put Arrested Development in syndication with only 53 episodes.

  30. *Breathes sarcastic sigh of relief*

    I was getting worried for a little while…

    Woohoo! More Office!

  31. Damian in 40…Wasn’t Seinfeld also a producer of his show, thus he may be seeing better perks than the average actor?

    Also, aren’t actors supposed to be compensated everytime their “visage and voice” are used; regardless if it’s first run or reruns? I thought SAG requires that in any acting contract, but I’m a bit foggy on the particulars. Someone else probably knows more.

  32. I am very happy about The Office and Earl!!

    I’m really happy about SVU! I was worried about it.

  33. yay, i’m so happy that the office and heroes got picked up for another season!

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