Jenna and John’s Wednesday TV interviews

Jenna Fischer (“Pam”) just posted in her MySpace blog that she and John Krasinski (“Jim”) will be doing a slew of TV interviews tomorrow morning, May 10th.

Check her post for the complete schedule.

Update: Here’s a link to one of Jenna’s appearances, Jacksonville, FL, NBC12. Can’t believe the reporter didn’t know Steve Carell’s name. Sheesh!


  1. That was definitely worth waking up a little early for. I watched the live broadcast from CN8, and the guy interviewing sounded like he didn’t really know anything about the show, but John Kransinksi completely took control of the interview. He did reuse the same “Pam bursts into flames” bit, but I think we can forgive him and wait until tomorrow night.

    Well actually, I can’t wait at all and will be suffering from some severe withdrawl by, oh I don’t know, Saturday.

  2. Barry, I know exactly how you feel. I am sooo excited to watch the finale, but on the other hand, that signals the end of the season and the start of a long, deprived summer.

    Oh sure, we get webisodes, but that’s only 10 2-minute videos. That’s a total of 20 minutes, less than a single real episode!


  3. Thanks for that interview link! I bet John & Jenna answered the Pam/Jim question in every single one of their interviews this morning :) And with each vague answer, I get more and more excited for the episode!

  4. rspad, I KNOW! We poor Office fanatics are being whipped into a veritable FRENZY!

  5. Grrr…. vagueness from Jenna. What more could we expect, though. I did notice one thing that got me excited: Bob Vance, Vance Refridgeration is going to make an appearence! I’d really like to see him have more lines than he did in “Christmas Party”.

  6. Thanks for finding that link for us. It has me so excited for the finale, especially when she says that no one has gotten it right yet cause I’ve seen so many different ideas!

  7. i’m SO excited!! the interviews have been great, they’re not giving too much away, but still giving me enough to put me in a frenzy. can’t wait!!!!

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