Jenna Fischer MySpace blog: Did I mention I work at a paper company?

From Jenna Fischer’s MySpace blog, dated September 13, 2005:

Did I mention I work at a paper company?

I am doing our office supply order today. I always find it funny that I have to order paper. We order paper from ourselves. We send an order to corporate, it gets processed/approved, comes back to us and then they deliver it. From our own warehouse. Downstairs. It takes 2-3 days to get that order approved.

Once, we actually ran out of paper in the office and had to place a rush order. It still took an entire day. We weren’t allowed to just take some paper from downstairs. I think that is messed up. Seriously.

This was Jenna’s second MySpace entry, blogging as her character, Pam Beesly. After three entries blogging as her character, she switched to blogging as herself.

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