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From Jenna Fischer’s MySpace blog, dated January 2, 2006:

We move to Thursday!

This is a very exciting week in Officeland. We move to NBC’s Thursday night line-up starting this Thursday January 5th. (Same time – 9:30pm/8:30pm Central) As far as the history of television goes, this is a HUGE accomplishment. Some of the greatest TV shows of all time have been a part of NBC’s “Must See TV” Thursday nights. We are giddy with excitement over here.

To kick it off we offer: Booze Cruise. Michael takes us all on a motivational harbor cruise. In January. In Pennsylvania. He pretends it is a leadership seminar but it is really a Booze Cruise. Amy Adams is back as Katy the Purse Girl. Jim, Pam, Roy and Katy share a booth on the ship. Jim has some realizations. But that’s all I’ll say. I haven’t seen this whole episode but I’ve seen some clips. I laughed hard. And, I also cried. I think this is going to be a classic episode. And again…partial nudity.

We shot this episode on a real boat in the Long Beach harbor. We had grand ideas of slumber parties and poker games at the hotel but our shooting schedule was so intense we crashed each night. Rainn Wilson got really sick the 2nd night. He was throwing up a lot off the side of the boat. We think he just had a cold but coupled with the rocky boat it made him sicker. We had a lot of people get sick on this trip actually. David Denman (Roy) and I didn’t feel so great the last night. We took seasickness pills and wore wrist bands to cut down on nausea but nothing was worked. The real captain of the boat rubbed some magic oil behind our ears and we were fine about 10 minutes later. It was cool.

This episode is directed by Ken Kwapis. He was our very first director on the show and we love him. He also directed Diversity Day, Sexual Harassment and The Fire.

I understand there are a lot of new Office Myspace pages popping up. If you want to know which ones are operated by real cast members…I have them in my Top 8. They are: B.J., Angela, Toby (Paul), Meredith and Kevin. I think Oscar is going to start one after the break. John, Rainn and Steve do not have pages of their own. But fans have started some as Jim, Dwight and Michael Scott and they are pretty cool. Also in my Top 8 are two people who work on our show: Bealsebub (Dan) is one of our P.A.s and Jason is our writers’ assistant. Dolly is our biggest fan.

Here is a list of upcoming appearances by Officefolk:

Wednesday January 4th – Rerun of John Krasinski on Carson Daly. For anyone who doubted that I do this page myself, John says it on Carson. And, he’s really adorable.

Thursday January 5th – Steve Carell on Ellen

Friday January 6th – Me on Tony Danza. I’m SO nervous! I’m going to shop for something to wear.

That’s all for now. Hope you like Booze Cruise. Happy New Year!

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