1. Im sorry to say, I was dissapointed.

    First on how little time they gave Jenna on air, they gave Kiefer Sutherland over twice as much… and this might have led to Jenna not being able to be as funny or to just have a good interview with dave. Except for the barbie massacre, the rest was pretty dull, she seemed really nervous and was it me or was her voice level just to loud?

  2. She seemed a little nervous to me too, but I think she was pretty good overall. It can’t help that David Letterman is the most boring talkshow host there is. He could maybe add something to these interviews once and a while.

  3. wow, i thought she did a great job. and yes while letterman can be boring sometime, at least he let her tell different stories than she normally does.

  4. Keifer is twice as big a star, which Jenna would agree to, thus he gets two segments. When did Letterman get boring? Don’t blame him, I think he’s as good as his guests. At least she didn’t look like frump girl. I think she is at her core a midwestern girl and these kinds of things take her out of her element. I must say I find the Esquire thing she wrote and the Rolling Stone one (downright racy that was) far more entertaining then any of her interviews.

  5. Being from Fort Wayne (and being a student at Dave’s alma mater Ball State) I was pretty thrilled with the first few minutes of the interview. A shout-out to the Summit City (and yes, no one has a clue why we’re called that) is always exciting!!

  6. I thought her spot on Conan was far more entertaining. I love Letterman and I love Jenna, but I guess together they don’t mesh…

    She should have told the story about how she almost accidentally became a call girl…Letterman would have loved that!

  7. i think she did start a bit nervous, but gimme a break her stories were hilarious. imho she’s perfect…and looked really fine.

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