The Office: Branch Closing, 3.07

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the office branch closing michael scott

Writer: Michael Schur, Director: Tucker Gates

Summary (NBC): When Jan tells Michael that the Scranton Branch will be shutting down, Michael strives to keep his staff’s spirits up.

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Jim: I don’t have a ton of contact with the Scranton branch, but, before I left, I took a box of Dwight’s stationery, so, from time to time, I send Dwight faxes. From himself. From the future. (Reading fax) “Dwight, at 8am today, someone poisons the coffee. Do not drink the coffee. More instructions will follow. Cordially, Future Dwight.”

Michael: There she is. Jan Levinson.
Jan: Michael.
Michael: First thing in the morning. Love to start my morning with a hearty bowl of Jan.
Jan: Michael.
Michael (singing): Just call me Levinson in the morning, baby …

Jan: I am here to tell you that we are closing the Scranton branch.
Michael: I don’t understand.
Jan: The boarded voted last night to close your branch.
Michael: On whom’s authority?
Jan: The board’s.
Michael: W-what?
Jan: I’m very sorry. I don’t relish telling you this. You’ve been a big part of this company, and the board asked me to thank you for your years of service.
Michael: You’re welcome.
Jan: A small number of people will be transferred to the Stamford branch, and the rest will be getting severance packages.
Michael: Am I a small number person or a severance package person?
Jan: Well, we haven’t made final decisions about personnel yet. But you’re a severance package person.

Jan: Our CFO believes that Josh is going to play an important role in our company’s future.
Michael: Oh really, what role is that? King of the stupid universe?

Michael: I know you’re mad, but don’t do this to me. I know I hurt you, but please do not do this to me. Don’t hurt me like I hurt you.

Michael: It is an outrage, that’s all. They’re making a huge, huge mistake. Let’s see Josh replace these people. Let’s see Josh find another Stanley. You think Stanleys grow on trees? Well they don’t. There is no Stanley tree. Do you think the world is crawling with Phyllises? Show me that farm. With Phyllises and Kevins sprouting up all over the place. Ripe for the plucking. Show me that farm.

Michael: Just do your work … while you still can.

Dwight: When you become close with someone, you develop a kind of sixth sense. You can read their moods like a book. Right now, the title of Michael’s book is, “Something Weird is Going On.” Colon, “What Did Jan Say?” “The Michael Scott Story.” “By Michael Scott … With Dwight Schrute.”

Andy: Scranton branch is closing? In your face.

Michael: Best physical condition of my life.

Michael: It’s over. We are screwed. Dunder Mifflin Scranton is being shut down.

Michael: Traitor. You are a traitor.

Michael: Omigod. You walk so slowly.

Angela: I don’t want to blame anyone in particular. I think everyone’s to blame.

Kelly: If I get to stay, and Ryan is laid off, I will kill myself. Like “Romeo and Juliet.” The Claire Danes one.

Jim: I worked in Scranton for a really long time. And it’s going to be weird that it’s all disappearing. I mean I always knew that the branch would shut down someday, I just figured it would be because Michael sold the building for some magic beans.

Jim: I think it would be kind of weird if everyone from Scranton came here. It would be like, going to your high school reunion, and you saying, “Hey, I missed you guys,” and then they’re all like, “Oh, don’t worry about it, we’re all going to move in with you! — forever!”

Meredith: I know you’re seeing someone, but I’m still willing if you are.

Michael: Day just gets worse and worse …

Pam: It’s a blessing in disguise. Actually, not even in disguise. In my fantasy, I always thought I would slap someone, make a big speech, and storm out forever. But this is good, too.

Pam: It’s a blessing in disguise. Actually, not even in disguise. Sometimes at home, I answer the phone, “Dunder Mifflin, this is Pam.” So, maybe that’ll stop now.

Angela: Don’t worry, you’re going to be fine, Roy. You’re very … strong. And capable.

Roy: You know that Cinderella song, ‘You Don’t Know What You Got Til It’s Gone’? That pretty much says it better than how I know how to say it in words.

Roy: I don’t want to work here without Pam. It would just be like loading trucks without any meaning. You know?

Stanley: I really couldn’t be happier.

Michael: Don’t worry about me.
Darryl: I wasn’t.

Michael: This is my house. The CFO is taking away my house and giving it to Josh. And Josh is giving the garage to Bob Vance.

Michael: Alright, listen up. Some of you may have heard some rumors about the branch closing.
Stanley: Like when you said the branch was closing?

Pam: Oh good, you’re bringing Dwight.

Dwight: Can I drive?
Michael: No. Way.
Dwight: Shotgun!
Michael: No, there’s no one else.
Dwight: Still …

Ryan: This kind of worked out perfectly for me. I got some good experience, Michael’s going to write me a great recommendation, and as far as me and Kelly goes, I think it’s for the best.

Michael: I can’t say I was a big fan of “Bowling for Columbine.” Because I thought it was going to be a bowling movie. Like “Kingpin.” And it wasn’t. It was something else.

Jim: Say what you will about Michael Scott, but he would never do that.

Michael: Let’s start again. Just be more scared of me, okay? Don’t touch me this time.

Kelly: Pam, would you please sign my company directory?

Dwight: Was he enjoying a delicious hot beverage? Or … disguising the scent of cocaine from drug-sniffing dogs? It’s a nice house.

Angela: No seafood!

Kevin: Hooters.
Angela: No.

Dwight: Here, replenish your fluids.

Random guy: Four hundred for the CPU.
Creed: Done.

Phyllis: We know the branch is closing. Michael told us.

Pam: Is it because of Michael? Did he actually do something?

Andy: Will Big Tuna be transferring to Scranton?

Jim: Where did you go to college?
Andy: Cornell.
Jim: Oh. That’s good.

Kelly: I’m so happy! We don’t have to break up now, Ryan! It is the best day of my whole life.

Ryan: I don’t know. Can’t explain it.

Stanley: Oh well. What can you do. It was nice to have those few hours, when I thought it was over. Now, I have something to look forward to.

Meredith: Hey Creed, congratulations.
Creed: Thank you. Made like twelve hundred bucks.

Meredith: Can you be at my place in twenty minutes?

Pam: There are reasons to stay.

Michael: Favorite moments in Dunder Mifflin history. Go.
Dwight: My first day when you hazed me by spraying me with a fire extinguisher.
Michael: That was hilarious. The foam …
Dwight: My first sale, my promotion to assistant regional manager, our basketball game, when you took me to the hospital, and told me that you cared about me.

Phyllis: Hey, I hear Jim’s coming back.

Karen: Yeah, I’m happy he said that. I mean, I don’t think he’s into me or anything, but, I’m kind of into him. So … there you go.

Michael: I am such a stupid idiot. I let everybody down. Everybody hates me. I lost everybody’s jobs. Nobody likes me anymore!

Michael: How did we do it?
Dwight: I don’t … have no idea.
Michael: I don’t understand.

Toby: Well for a minute there, I saw myself selling my house, moving to Costa Rica, learning how to surf. But … Costa Rica will still be there. When I’m 65.

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  1. It’s episodes like this that make me love The Office so much. This episode was exceptional. Much better than the past few in my opinion. (I loved Michael’s face when he told the branch they were closing.)

    Hooray … season 3 is looking brighter!!

  2. oh my gosh. this was a great episode, but I’ll admit i was kind of sad when Jim told Karen to take the job and she admitted that she was in to him..

  3. WOW. really good episode. i see all sorts of interesting situations arising in the future…..

  4. I agree, top 5. Loved the homage to basketball and the injury. Stnaley’s face when he found out he still had the job was hilarious!

  5. okay… i’ll admit it… i screamed “holy freaking crap” and then cried when karen admitted she was into jim… i can not stand her!!! i don’t care if she could be a cool person… i don’t like her!!! anyway, future dwight was hilarious!!

  6. Scenes for next weeek was the best part. I love love loved Kelly tonight. The mascara running down her face and then slamming Ryan against the fridge? So cute.

  7. aww good episode!! I’m excited that Jim and Pam were so excited to see each other in the scenes from next week’s episode! I thought it might’ve been awkward. I’m kind of disappointed that Karen will be there too and I was upset that she admitted she was into him. But this is why I love this show…it keeps getting interesting! I’m so excited for season 3 to keep unfolding!!

    P.S. Did anyone else notice that Michael’s ringtone was “My Humps” by the Black Eyed Peas?? He’s so bizarre ;)

  8. Karen is the best thing to happen to Jim. She is better looking, and doesn’t take him for granted, like Pam. I might be the minority in saying this and I know this won’t happen, but I do hope they end up together..

  9. I don’t know what to say except that this was my favorite episode of the season so far. I look forward to watching the Director’s Cut to see if/how this could be any better.

  10. there are no words to describe the glory.

    except, poor stanley… at least he will be around for the next pretzel day.

  11. Jim vs. Dwight is gonna get even more hilarious what with Jim being No.2…dun dun dun!!!!!!

  12. Very good episode. Makes it feel like the show is starting Season 3 now. The first 5 episodes of this season felt like the “in limbo” Season 2.5 episodes. I like that Josh is gone. Should be very interesting.

  13. all i know is that if jim and karen end up together, then i will have wasted a HUGE part of my life!!

  14. I literally screamed for 10 minutes. BEST PRANK EVER! And as for Karen, I feel bad for her, cuz yeah, she’s sweet, but she just doesn’t *get* Jim. She’s so not gonna win. And as for the preview for next week, yeah, the screaming started when PAM AND JIM HUGGED *SMILING*!!

  15. oh man that was a great episode. I think its gonna be great once the merger happens and who knows, jim and pam might get back together.

  16. I noticed the My Humps ringtone back during The Convention. It was Mambo #5 last season.
    Best episode yet this season was definitely this evening’s show!!!

  17. Sometimes the minor details crack me up the most. Like Michael’s ringtone being “My Humps.” Or Kevin and Angela hugging. But the thing that made me laugh the hardest was the way that Dwight reacted when Michael told him he needed him to come with him, like he’s been waiting for that his whole life. That was great.

  18. AHHHHH JIM AND PAMMM. its interesting how she REALLY wants him to come back and he isn’t sure about seeing her again. Does he REMEMBER the phone conversation?!

  19. Wait, you think it was a spoiler that Karen came with? Did you for a second believe she WOULDN’T?

    And Josh – what a dick. I knew there was a reason I always disliked him.

  20. Hey so does anyone know where on I can find the Director’s Cut. I found the producer’s blog but I can’t find the cut…HELP!!!

  21. yeah i liked how Jim stood up for Michael when he was like “say whatever you will about Michael Scott, but he would NEVER do that”

    even though michael seems crazy he really does love his job

  22. Christine – yeah, he remembers the phone convo, but the way it ended seemed like she wanted to get rid of him.

    And she rejected him twice. Of course he’d at least have second thoughts.

  23. Oh, but I was disappointed that we never found out Jim’s reaction to Pam’s text message. Seriously, I’m dying to find out.

  24. I had to yell “NO!” at my screen when Karen said she was into Jim. I can’t blame the girl though.

  25. omg, yay!!!! The commercial afterwards with Jim and Pam hugging and Pam’s hair was all curled. Aw =)

  26. What a great episode! I agree the preview for next week’s episode are sooo exciting!! I was happy to see it looked like that big guy who needed Karen’s help with the vending machine would come along to Scranton too haha.

  27. me too Roni!! I want to know what it said and if he ever read it!! Sorry but in real life he would’ve seen it eventually and he would’ve written her back. Oh man I can’t wait for next week’s SUPERSIZED Episode!!!

  28. I loved the “We did it!!!!!” celebration, and then Michael is like, “How did we do it?”

  29. i was reading the live blog at with Greg Daniels and he said that the same actor who plays Mose wrote this episode. I always think it’s really cool when the writers do cameos on the show and when the actors write shows.

  30. OMG my cable went out quite literally 5 minutes before the episode aired. Someone PLEASE tell me what happened? what is this prank? what happened in the scenes for next week’s episode? stop being so f-ing vague people!

  31. what homage? im going to shoot my brains out if one of my friends didn’t tivo this episode or it’s not posted on youtube. seriously. it’s not just an expression

  32. The Cold Open was the BEST! hehehehe – Future Dwight – I am still laughing while writing this. But then the real story started and Jan broke the news….I was flipping out….what!?! How is this going to work???? Thank God for Josh and Staples. I was literally getting upset. There is still a bit of a lump in my throat. I have to hand it to the show (producers, writers, etc)You are good! No GREAT! Same episode laughing hysterically and close to tears. Way to go!

  33. Ok, so all the actor blogs were right. Best Episode of the season. :)

    Favorite Line: How did we do that?

  34. This episode is leading up to so much more!!! I can’t wait. And for those people that loved that chip guy in the episode before, he is at SCRANTON!!!

    I think Karen is totally different in actually saying she is into Jim because Pam has never said that to him so I mean she might end up getting him because pam has never said anything like that to Jim. Jim stands up for Michael so much, I love that.

    Also I can’t wait for next week and the producers cut tonight!!!!!

  35. Loved Kelly’s mascara lined face and her “If Ryan gets laid off and I still have a job here, I will KILL myself!”
    And then her attacking Ryan when she finds out they’re home free. Hilarity!

  36. Great episode. My favorite moments was Stanley’s and Kelly’s talking head, Kelly and Ryan in the kitchen, Jim’s defense of Michael, and of course Pam thinking of Jim. The greatest part though might be the preview for next’s week episode. It looks hilarious. Jim and Pam and the CHIP GUY all together in Scranton.

  37. Def. best episode of the season. I think this season has been below standards because it’s missing the Jim dynamic. But, hopefully with this episode things will start to turn around.

    loved the opening with Jim and future Dwight. Looking forward to more of Jim’s pranks in Scranton.

    Wouldn’t put this episode in my top 5, though, maybe not even in my top 10. It still hasn’t met the standards set so high by last season.

    Can’t wait until next week!

  38. As someone already said…words cannot describe…how much I absolutely loved this episode. It will be getting 10 stars from me. It was laugh out loud hilarious, it was emotional…I can hardly contain my joy. I had such a rotten week and this just improved my mood so much, Thanks Office!

    I am still in stitches over the Phyllis farm and the Stanley tree.

  39. I loved tonights episode! I’m so glad that Jim and Pam are going to be back together next week!! I also loved that the new girl from Stanford admitted she had a crush on Jim. It should be fun to watch this play out.

    Last week’s show improved off of Earl’s rating. I hpe this weeks is even better!

  40. I can’t believe there are some people who were angry that Karen said she was into Jim. I was heartbroken… FOR KAREN. She is such a sweet, funny, nice, open girl and there is no way the show will let her and Jim get/stay together. She is ultimately going to get her heartbroken and that makes me sad. I am rooting hard for the love square (Jim, Roy, Pam, Karen) that is forming. JK PR… Alaphabetical order?

  41. My husband and I both busted out laughing when Dwight knocked down Stanley. He laughed a lot during this episode.

    He puts up with my Office obsession, I think he’s starting to like the show now.

    This felt like The Office we all know and love.

  42. what is the website where i can find the executive cut online?!?! i missed the episode because of work!!!

  43. so was andy throwing napkins cause he isnt gonna go to scranton? that confused me.

  44. GREAT EPISODE! This is more like the show I know and love. While I’ve liked the episodes this season, this one felt more like the Office I fell in love with. Everything just clicked in this episode. It was great to see Ryan and Stanley happy only to have their dreams crushed by the Scranton branch staying hoping (thankfully). But the most heartbreaking moment was Toby at the end talking about Costa Rica still being there… when he’s 65.

    I gave this episode 10 out of 10 stars.

  45. Awesome episode! I loved the talking head where Kelly had mascara streaming down her face. And the Kevin and Angela hug!!

  46. Was it just me or did they turn that episode around REALLY fast, don’t get me wrong I loved the episode. From them closing the branch to them being the one staying open happened in a matter of minutes, without the commercial. The ending with Dwight and Michael was awesome, such a great moment. THen at the end they of course had to put that strange twist on it to make it awkward, “How did we do it?” wow. Great ending to a great episode!

  47. Greg Daniels answered my question. I’m in Office heaven.

    Funny ep tonight, though Karen can RELAX. The preview of Michael saying to her “You’re very exotic looking. Was your father a GI” is priceless. I don’t think Jim is into her otherwise he wouldn’t have initially suggested she go to NYC instead of Scranton. However, I fear given his anxiety about going back there, that he might now get into her. Andy getting into Pam ought to be a riot. Temper, temper that one.

  48. Ok, this episode ROCKED!! Love the letters from Future Dwight…funnier that he fell for it!

    Each week gets better and better. Now I have to go obsess over it and watch it a bunch more times!!

  49. Future Dwight had me laughing right into the beginning of the actual show. i rank it up there with putting his stuff in the vending maching and moving his desk into the bathroom…

    i think i’m going to put in season 2 and watch those openings right now!

  50. That was a good episode. I laughed out loud a ton, and my Office-skeptic mom was laughing a lot, too.

    Reminded me of almost all of the reasons I love this show.

    Great writing, great acting, and great talking heads.

    I’m pumped to get going with the rest of the season.

  51. i cant wait for jim and dwight to be back in the same is going to be amazing. its funny that after the first couple of episodes so many people were worried about the office losing its touch……..after tonight i dont see that happening for awhile…….awhile

  52. This was a fantastic episode. Very subtle and hilarious. The “Future Dwight” thing was one of the most brilliant office moments thus far. Hope they keep up this momentum!

  53. Such a great show! I loved everything about it…Especially Pam talking to Ryan and Phyllis about Jim coming back…..She Loooooves Him!!

  54. This episode was great, but also the promo for next week looks great too! I have to admit I squealed when Pam ran to hug Jim. Oh, and one of the clips looked like it was from an episode from season 2, where Pam was like “Yes!” Maybe Email Surveillance?

  55. How I loved this show!!! Absolutely great from beginning to end. LOVE the way Michael loves everyone in the office, he has such a good heart. Poor Stanley, he was really happy to be leaving. But I am sooo glad that he and everyone is staying and that Jim is finally coming back!!! Great big 10!!!! I am sooooo very happy!

  56. By far the best episode yet this season, they have really outdone themselves on this one!!!

  57. Did anyone notice how much driving Jan did in this episode? If it’s 2.5 hours from NYC to Scranton and approximately 3 hours from Scranton to Stamford, then she drove 11 hours shuttling between the three offices. Whew…makes for a long day.

  58. I loved so much Dwight’s talking head about reading Michael like a book. The title: “Something Weird Is Going On With Michael: The Michael Scott Story. By: Michael Scott, with Dwight Schrute.” something like that at least. it made me laugh =)

  59. Yeah, I too noticed that Cube Farm and wondered how she kept popping up at each branch.

  60. Yeah this episode was really great.
    Andy was throwing napkins because his job is at risk, i think. He doesn’t know for sure that he’ll be going to Scranton.
    And yeah i couldn’t stop thinking about how much driving Jan was doing…that’s really not possible–ALL in one day, but it’s okay cause its tv ;)
    Yay for Jim being back at Scranton soon!!!

  61. i live on the west coast so i still have to wait a bit to see it! ugghh….

    iam soo excited for this season! its going to be classic…. :)

  62. I missed the promo for next week cause I switched to Grey’s Anatomy right away-aahhh!!! I’m sure I’ll see it sometime before next thursday anyway. But like everyone else has said, great episode and looking forward to the Jim and Pam reunion next week!

  63. Can someone post the preview for “The Merger” on YouTube (Is it one word or two?). My pc locked up about 3 minutes before the end.


    P.S. What a great episode, best Jim/Dwight bit ever!

  64. i agree heidi, i wonder if every season Michael will have a new ringtone, because last season it was Mambo #5, and this season it has been ‘My Humps’ (it was also his ringtone in ‘The Convention’) Both irritatingly great ringtones, haha

  65. anyone seen “the merger” promo up at youtube?
    i always battle with watching it and not.
    so i missed the hug. =(

    i cant watch ones for prison break bc they give too much away..
    but the office.. i cant resist.

  66. This was it

    I am so happy with this episode. It had a great start with the faxes from “Future Dwight” and had a great finish.

    I was also impressed with the camera work on this episode. It is some that is not usually creative in a 1/2 hour comedy, but this week’s episode has camera work that fit in so well.

  67. Tonight’s episode was fantastic! Just funny all around. I especially loved the scenes with Ryan and Kelly. Too funny. I also love how Pam’s hair is in the preview for next week’s episode. I guess she’s kicking it up a notch. Go Pam!

  68. I thought michael was complete caught off guard at the beginning, when jan say’s “the board would like to thank you for your years of hard work and dedication” and he just says “your welcome” so sincerely like he passed food at thanksgiving.

  69. This episode was so amazing. It was reminiscent of the Season 2 episodes. This is what we’ve all been waiting for.

  70. Loved tonight’s episode.Again,another one that reminds me of last season.With Jim,Pam,Karen,and Roy,all in the same building next week,it will definitely get complicated,which will be great t.v. viewing.Drama,drama,drama! I totally missed the previews,they sounded awesome,Where can I find them?

  71. This was easily the best episode yet. Wow, Karen means business and didn’t wait an entire season to tell us she liked Jim ;)

    Next week should be good stuff.

  72. Yea the producers cut is no where to be found, I don’t even see anything about it. So confusing!! :(

  73. Quote from NBC boards:
    “You have to open it through the video player. Click on the 2 minute replays, then click on “video” for the Office, then go to “episodes” and it’s there in 4 parts.”

  74. To find the producer’s cut you have to launch the nbc video player by clicking on the video tab on the homepage. Click on the office icon, then go to the episodes and you’ll find it there. I hope it’s good! I really want to watch it but it’s not available to me where I am.

  75. Ok…now it’s been 12 minutes. I want to go to bed.
    I thought that NBC would be more responsible than this.

  76. Thanks WYF! Man why does NBC have people go through so much stuff to view something they promoted a lot?

  77. Why does it say the episode isn’t available where I am? Where do I have to be? I wanna see this episode!

  78. I’m sooo looking forward to the producer’s cut, if for no other reason than to relive all of the excellent facial expressions, especially Michael’s– BRILLIANT acting. And Dwight acting scared of Michael on the do-over? Genius.

  79. Wow that was an amazing episode, so much happened in so little time. That felt like season 2 again and I have a feeling the rest of the season will be just as good.

  80. 115max, I’m having the same problem :(
    I’ve been looking forward to this all night, and now it won’t let me watch!

  81. Is it a really low quality video or is it just my comp? Like on my screen it looks like it was filmed with a cell phone camera.

  82. The extra Pam/Kevin scene in Part One? So cute! I love the little interactions like that.

  83. “It would just be like loading trucks without meaning…”

    Oh, Roy is making me laugh today.

  84. Nevermind…I should have waited for the rest of the episode…

    BTW, Meredith is hilarious in this!

  85. Is it just me, or has the producer’s cut suddenly disappeared? When I go to the NBC Office site now, it’s only giving me Diwali’s deleted scenes…I only watched Part 1, too! :(

  86. Wow. That was amazing. I feel so fufilled. I have so much to say. They never said (other than Jim) who is definitely coming to Scranton. Oh, by the way, Jim will have a higher position that Dwight.
    More tomorow.

  87. I’ve liked the first 6 or so episodes of this year, but getting Jim back in the Scranton office as the foil to Michael and Dwight is critical. That was really the glue of the first 30 episodes and definitely missed this season. Besides, following two offices got old quickly. That said, still my favorite show ever.

  88. Great episode!! The turn of events was a great way to show Michael’s determination and love for the Office!! My favorite episode still remains as “The Coup”, but this came in as a close 2nd place :) Great episode- can’t wait until the next :)

  89. Mine shows up pixilated too. And Im on Cable Broadband. Hmm maybe they lowered it since too many people on it. Why did Creed take a picture of Stanley, and what was on his computer when he went back to his desk?

  90. man I stayed up to watch the producer’s cut and now it’s not showing up. A complete waste of time.

  91. The producers cut is available inside the nbc video player under the “episodes” section — a bit hard to find.

  92. Creed didn’t take a picture of Stanley, he was taking pictures of their computer and office supplies in order to sell them.

  93. For all of the confused people, You have to launch the video player then click the office tab on the scrolling bar on the bottom then there is a tab that is “Video” and they are under there :)

  94. Interesting that they keep playing up this Angela has a crush on Roy thing. Even in subtle moments, like when they’re leaving at the end of the day to go to Poor Richard’s, and Roy comes in. When Angela passes him she waves and says, “Hi!”


  95. wow, i didn’t expect that from josh. maybe roy can have karen, and that will clear the way for jim and pam, without either of them having to feel guilty.

    i can’t wait to see what happens next week! i want to see how the branches interact with each other, especially if jim gets dwight’s rank. i guess i have to content myself with continuously watching the director’s cut online until then.

  96. I LOVE that Ryan finally seems to be into Kelly! And, maybe I’m just seeing things, but it looked like he was about to grab her butt as they were leaving the office! Haha! I LOVE this show..

  97. Of course Angela likes Roy. Haven’t you seen the Webisodes?

    And the feeling is mutual, just watch The Fire episode.

  98. The producer’s cut was very good. I wish they would do this every week. I loved the little bit with Toby and Michael “You walk so slowly” lol

  99. I wish they would do this every week also, Also put the Producers cut on iTunes instead of the regular one. If they did that I would definatly spend some money on that. Even though I will anyway just so I can put them on my iPod :p

    Yea, when Ryan was talking about the relationship in the talkinghead why was he smiling the whole time? Also yea Roni it did look like he was going to grab her butt! One thing I have noticed is that they kind of put the whole Ryan and Michael thing out of the normal episodes. There is a couple of times where they have kept it going but those were in the deleted scenes. Those were always so funny just because of Ryan’s reactions to it.

  100. Great extended episode tonight and I am grateful for the Greg Daniels blog (he answered my question…Woo-Hoo!). I hope they continue to show the longer versions online. That was awesome!

  101. You know, I wonder if it kills the writers and producers NOT to be able to fit all of this into the episodes every week. I felt the 35 minute episode just flowed smoother.

    For instance, one of the deleted scenes for Grief Counseling had them all in the conference room with Toby leading the meeting before Michael just got angry with him and basically set the scene for the “ball scene”

    Anyway, next week should be quality. Finally, anybody else notice that Creed is mentioned as a “guest star” and presumably not a regular cat member? I’d almost think they’d have to cut some characters soon just to make sure everyone gets some screen time every week…or else this show could run for 30 seasons…

  102. Yea!! I love this episode. It was so perfectly crafted. Everything was great and funny. It had a perfect balance of comedy, drama, and all the things that make Office, The Office! Looking forward for next week!!

  103. Loved the ep.

    So do we call it Rangela? Or is Angeloy? How much you wanna bet she somehow lets Dwight in on her feelings, causing a clash between him and Roy, taking Roy compeltely by surprise.

    Having to pick between Pam and Karen is like choosing chocolate or double chocolate chip. I’m not sure which is double chocolate chip, though.

  104. Oh, and then we have Dwight and Andy in the same room. Eeek. How is Jim ever going to get any work done with all the pranks he has to do?

    So, we have Dwight-Angela. Jim-Pam. Jim-Karen. Pam-Roy. Michael-Carol. Michael-Jan. Ryan-Kelly. Roy-Angela. Andy-Pam. Toby-Pam. Merideth-Anyone. Can someone please build a chart or a graph to keep this all straight?

  105. One last tidbit, sorry:

    Jenna was great on Letterman, she’s on the show, thus, Way to go, Cardinals!!!!

    (Cheap shot).

    Sorry, stopping, now.

  106. i thought the best moment of the episode personally was when Josh told Jan that he wasn’t going to take the job. The next cut was of Jim saying..”say what you want about Michael Scott, he would have never done that” It’s little things like that that makes me love the show.

  107. The whole Meredith subplot was fantastic. I wish the show was on Showtime or HBO so we could have lots of time.

  108. WOW! I did not expect the whole thing with Josh. Michael’s diatribe about “This is my house…” and Josh giving the garage to Bob Vance was hilarious. Patience is a virtue….season 3 is going to be great!

  109. Chad- In the Fire Episode, Roy isn’t referring to Angela when he says that tight a** christian chick, he is referring to Jessica Simpson I believe. Just a note. Loved the episode. ranks up there with some of the best yet.

  110. Really good episode. I didn’t see the “Stamford is closing” twist coming. One of the funniest parts (to me) was when Michael said, “We’re screwed.” Just in the context of the moment, it was funny. It didn’t have the same effect on me in the Director’s Cut, although that in itself had some really good moments. Wow, I really wish they would make that version available every week!

  111. I am so relieved, i thought my favorite little office in scranton was done for. Great twist, sorry for doubting great writers.

  112. Karen is absolutely adorable. When she said “I’m kinda into him, so there you go”…… OMG!!!
    she doesn’t even think that Jim is into her, but she’s still going to follow him to Stanford anyway. Karen’s strong, brave, and confident (all the qualities that Pam lacks). Jim deserves a women like her.. GO KAREN!

  113. Not the funniest episode, but certainly one that served to advance the plot quite a bit, which is more than I can say for a lot of shows these days. I give it a 6 out of 10.

  114. Hey, I didn’t get a chance to see the producers cut last night. Is it still available to watch on Please say it is. :P

  115. NBC, in their infinite wisdom, have decided to make the director’s cut unavailable outside the US. If anyone knows of alternative viewing methods for the director’s cut we’d love to hear about it.

  116. Loved last night’s episode. I scored it a 9. Didn’t have a chance yet to catch the director’s cut of it.

    Does anyone else think that with all these deleted scenes being put up on the web that when Season 3 comes out on DVD we will have seen a majority of the special features content already?

  117. I agree littlekidlover – it’s time that Pam actually fights for Jim. She’s the one that has to put in the effort this time and prove she deserves him!

  118. I was even more excited to see Scrubs will be on Thursdays in 3 weeks

    They must have found about that from Future Dwight

  119. Not sure if anyone has mentioned it but I think the way they are gonna handle the Jim/Karen situation will be similar to the Jim/Pam situation except the roles will be reversed with Jim playing the Pam role. Regardless it should be interesting!

  120. Jim!!!! Karen!!! Pam!!! Roy!!! Holy Crap.

    This is getting so good!!! All the role reversals and everything… I love how Jim was encouraging Karen to move to NY- similar to how Pam was encouraging Jim to apply for that job in the Halloween episode last year.
    And Karen- her scene where she admits to liking Jim- even if you hate her you had to be touched by that. Poor Jim needs someone to chase him to get his confidence back- great moment when he said he wasn’t sure if he wanted to go back to Scranton. It caught me off guard- but totally makes sense.

    So excited that the chip guy is going to Scranton- hahahaha.

    Now here we go again- another week to wait!!!

  121. By the way, Art Gould:
    Ryan Howard’s last name comes from Ricky Howard, who was the Temp on the BBC series. His first name could very well be come from Ryan Howard of the Phillies. But I get the feeling its the coolest coincidence ever.

  122. This episode was so great and with numerous possibilities. I can’t wait to see Dwight under Jim’s “authority.” I wonder if Michael will give Jim the conference room as an office/temporary workspace. I really hope that they reference faxes from Future Dwight in future episodes. I can see Dwight bragging about receiving faxes from himself and Jim just smiling. I was wondering how Corporate could justify keeping Stamford with a bigger market and more competent manager, but they pulled it off seemlessly. The writers are brilliant!

  123. I think that when Jim decided to go back to Scranton he decided to “take” Karen so maybe Pam could be a little jealous now. I think he knows she’s into him, right? But I also don’t think it will be long before Pam makes her feelings known and they are back on track. I do like Karen too, but I just don’t see it happening. And Karen knows it too. She’s already said so in this episode.

    Loved the director’s cut scene with Ryan saying he can’t explain it. I think he’s really starting to like her. Wouldn’t that be a twist. I had a feeling in the refridgerator scene because he had his arms wrapped around her, when he didn’t have to necessarily.

  124. the producer’s cut is AWESOME!! the creed and meredith sideplots are fantastic. see how much we’re missing with the 20 minute time limit? do away with the commercials (as greg said in the blog….NBC?) and give us a full 30 minute episode everyweek. in lieu of that how about a producer’s cut every couple of weeks? this was a fantastic episode, best of season 3 thus far.

  125. I think that this show could easily fill an hour every week. Why is it only dramas and reality shows get an hour??? So wrong!

  126. 1,000 times better than last week. And I didn’t think last week was that bad, just not great.

    Wow! All I can say is that was my favorite cold opening in a long time (right there with the Michael choosing a cell phone ring and wanting vibrate but not knowing it was vibrate)

    I thought what they did with Josh as great. Now fans really like Josh a lot less and have that “routing for MIchael” feeling back – at least I do.

    Even though I knew the Scranton branch was not closing, I thought I had a better idea of how they would pull it off. But I truly like their way better.

    Can’t wait til next week.

  127. I’m a little surprised at all the people who are willing to jump ship so quickly on Jim and Pam, after a year and a half of watching the show. I like Karen, too, but come on…she’s clearly not meant to be the girl that people like BETTER than Pam.

    I feel like Pam gets more blame placed on her than is fair. Yes, Jim was the one who finally said what needed to be said, but could he have waited any longer or for a worse moment to do it? Even he said his timing was terrible. Plus, he didn’t give her much of a chance to do anything before he transferred…and come ON, she broke off her nine-year engagement afterwards. She’s going through a bigger life transition than he is, and I think her struggles need to be taken into account as well instead of just always saying “Poor Jim, stupid weak Pam”.

    And just because Karen is more confident than Pam doesn’t mean she’s better for Jim. Pam is not weak, in my opinion…just understated. :)

  128. I really don’t agree with everyone abandoning ship on Jim and Pam. Yes, the Karen character is more likeable than she once was. Yes, the writers have made her more three-dimensional than any other typical “roadblock in the way of true love” character. But no, Jim will not end up with Karen. They may get together for a short period of time, but the writers will never, ever abandon the Jim and Pam storyline. It’s the part of the show that gives it his heart.

    If you need further evidence, did you notice all the scenes where Jim and Pam question their bosses and ask them who is transferring where?

    P.S. Cannot wait to see Dwight vs. Andy and Jim as Dwight’s superior. The prodigal son returns!

  129. Also, I totally agree with E. Pam gets too much blame. Perhaps if Jim made his feelings known before the date was set, things might have been different. She was a month away from her wedding. Think about it from Pam’s perspective… she had been with Roy for 10 years. You don’t just go and abandon all the security you have in the heat of the moment. Think about this awkwardness too– both guys work with her in the same building.

    She’s trying to make up for it now. She’s dumped Roy, she’s been taking art classes, and been trying new things. Overall, Pam’s being more true to herself, which is what Jim’s always wanted. By the way, has anyone else noticed the new variety in Fancy New Beesly’s hair? I think I spotted some pink eyeshadow too.

  130. Thank goodness there are those out there that see the reality of Pam. It wouldn’t have happened any other way in real life. Jim did wait too long, and I think fans would have been mean if Pam had just dumped Roy and jumped into things with Jim. That would not have been real. She would have been called other names.

    Also, I think Andy and Michael together will be a force.

    Love Jim’s loyalty to Michael and how much Michael loves his staff. It was, Yes, touching. I know.

  131. Wow!
    I guess patience is a virtue. This season has been okay so far. But last night was the payoff. SOOOO GOOOD!. The rest of the season is just going to be great!

  132. Callan, exactly! If she’d married Roy anyway, despite her feelings for Jim, THEN she would be weak in my opinion. What she’s done can NOT have been easy, and I think it shows a great strength of character. It’s even harder to break out of habit and stop being complacent the longer you’ve been living that way. And I also don’t think people are remembering that she did get engaged to Roy in the first place, so she must have loved him at some point.

    I just think that if Jim is cold to her, or thinks she should be punished, it would make him a big jerk. I think he’s going back to Scranton because he wants to see if he still has ANY inkling of a shot with Pam (people don’t fall out of love in two months or whatever) but he’s bringing Karen just in case he doesn’t, because he feels he COULD like Karen.

    I think it would cheapen the feelings Jim expressed for Pam in the finale last year if they tried to make us believe that Karen could seriously rival her in his mind after one measly season, you know?

  133. Did anybody notice Angela saying Hello to Roy at the end of the episode while she was walking out. i think they still have an outside chance.

  134. I don’t necessarily think that people are blaming Pam. I know I’m not. I do believe that Jim and Pam will eventually end up together. I just think that the tables are going to get turned for a while, and Jim (at least temporarily) is going to be with Karen. I’m fine with that. I like Karen, I think that she’s another good element of the show. Pam needs some competition. I think that I am just happiest that everyone is going to be in one building again.

  135. There’s not much to say that hasn’t already been said, but I’ll just add that I do like Karen. If you put yourself in her shoes, she knows nothing about Pam. All she knows is that Jim is a cute single guy, who might make a transfer to Scranton worthwhile. I think once she picks up on the tension between Jim and Pam thinks will get interesting.

  136. Sorry to double post, but I agree with Anti-Soccermom. I genuinely like Karen, and if her being with Jim is what it takes to get him and Pam together (that’s so weird) then so be it. Jim and Pam are soul mates. They will be together in the end.

  137. my humps it was… thanks…

    does anybody think there’s a chance Michael won’t be the No. 1 to Jim’s No. 2? Jan never really said who Jim’s boss would be. There’s not a chance it could be Dwight? I doubt it, but never know. Seems strange that, even in light of the circumstances, Michael would be let go one minute, and in charge of a merged branch the next… But . . .

  138. I don’t think Jim will be cold to her, in the scenes for next weeks episode it shows the two of them having a big hug when he shows up on the first day. The thing is he still loves her, we all know that from seeing the two of them talking on the phone a couple of weeks ago. I would be more worried about he and Karen starting a relationship and that pushing her back towards Roy. Even if Jim is mad at her he will hide it and pretend everthing is ok, that is why I love the character of Jim. He is a normal person and that is what a normal person would do if their heart was broken

  139. its obvious how Pam feels about Jim. we know how Karen feels about Jim (thanks to her adorable talking head scene). But we have no idea how Jim feels about either of them. Does Jim still love Pam, or has he moved on? Did he tell Karen that he thinks she should take the job in Scranton because he likes her?? I hope we find out the answers soon…. I’m going crazy!!!

  140. ok, I know the JAM reunion is probably the biggest deal of the episode… well, it obviously is… but for everyone who has watched the producers cut… the fact that Ryan kind of/sort of admitted to actually liking Kelly was awkwardly touching. Maybe one of my favorite moments in “Dunder Mifflin History.” Probably because I always felt so sorry for… both of them.

  141. The problem is, if the writers have Pam and Jim get together too soon, that’s it no more show. The relationship between the two of them is the heart of that show. It is what keeps you watching (it is an amazing show don’t get me wrong) So personally I hope that they don’t get together for a looooongggg time because I don’t want the show to end

  142. Yeahhhhhh! I just saw the show today (had to work). Great episode. Also saw the previews for next week…Chip Guy looks like he is going? I have watched him from Diwali….he is so funny!

  143. Does anyone else think Jim and Dwight will end up co-ARMs? (At least, in name only). That would let the hilarity continue!

    I agree Pam needs some competition to encourage her to show us what she’s got.

  144. Oh, littlekidlover, it’s clear that Jim is still in love with Pam. There’s no way he could get over it in only a few months even if he wanted to (which he did)…that would be totally unrealistic. It’s probably more complex now, but no less powerful, otherwise he wouldn’t have a) contemplated quitting his job just to avoid facing her again and being knocked on his butt, or b) decided to go back to the place he just ran from to test the waters with her one last time, despite his better judgement.

    Ahh…I love all this stuff. :)

  145. Just wanted to comment on Michael running the branch…

    In an Access Hollywood (I think that’s what it was) “behind the scenes”, Michael had a coconut on his desk; I think he had been to Jamaica. Also, they showed Dwight directing the inventory in the warehouse.

    I don’t think Dwight is the #1, at least not for long, as Michael’s desk is still his, and Dwight could have just been given the inventory assignment by Michael, but I do think that we will have at least one episode without Michael.

    Besides, Josh left them in a really tough spot. It’s really easy to let Michael go when you don’t need a Manager, but they need someone now. And I mean, right NOW. They HAVE to close a branch, and in their (upper management’s) mind, Michael could just be a temporary solution to a problem. Maybe he is sent on a sabbatical to give Jim, or even Dwight, a trial run as manager? Of course, knowing Jim, he wouldn’t want to take Michael’s job away from him. And we know how Dwight feels (The Coup)!

    Just some thoughts about how to explain them keeping Michael on as manager. We all know how he can prove himself when backed into a corner. This gives him a chance to do that.

    Would love to know what the rest of you thought…

  146. On the promo for next week at the end of the episode, Pam says something to Jim when she hugs him, but It’s so quick I can’t tell what she says…anybody know?

  147. Pam ditching Roy for a chance at Jim–or just cheating on him–absolutely would have been real. It happens all the time, and men and women both do it. It’s one of the reasons the divorce rate is what it is.

    I argue this constantly, that this show’s depiction of Jim and Pam is not anything close to reality. They’ve even poked fun at it themselves (see the Emmy opening with Conan O’Brien). The constant near-misses, the years of longing without ever once opening your mouth, even by accident. It just wouldn’t happen. And it’s going to get way, way worse with Karen in the picture. Roger Ebert, for whatever it’s worth, constantly denigrates movies that use this as a plot device, where the guy’s getting ready to tell the girl how he feels, but she just left for the airport, or she’s in the window talking to the old boyfriend about something ordinary but the guy thinks they’re back together, or he leaves the message explaining everything on her answering machine, but it gets erased, or whatever (think The Wedding Singer).

    Obviously the general outline of wanting someone who is taken, or who doesn’t want you back, is grounded in reality. I’d imagine everyone here over the age of thirteen has been through it. But the specifics have been distorted this season, and all signs are that it’s getting worse. The text message thing was the tipping point.

    But that’s why the show is fun to watch. If it was an actual depiction of real life, it would be be boring. Nobody would watch it, because they’ve got their own real life to illustrate real life stuff. TV and movies necessarily need to be either slightly absurd or dramatized or heightened versions of reality to be interesting–which is why even “reality” shows are scripted these days.

  148. E – I agree that it makes sense that he would still be in love with Pam, but that’s the reason why he left. He went to Stamford, because it was to painful to be in love with Pam, and not be with her. In last night’s episode he tells Jan that he’s not ready to go back to Scranton. To me this meant that he was still in love with Pam. But then he decides later in the episode that he thinks he’s ready to go back. that made me wonder if he feels like he’s ready to move on.

    although you could be right that maybe he decided to go back to test the waters with her again…

  149. There’s a scene in the extended cut with Angela and Roy, and it is clear that Angela still admires him. So maybe that will be another triangle — Angela/Dwight/Roy.

  150. E – sorry I forgot one more thing…
    I think Jim felt super rejected when Pam turned him down. He was in love with her for all that time, and he finally put himself out there on Casino Night. I think if the Pam/Jim romances happens, Pam needs to step up to inniate the relationship. I can’t see Jim chasing after Pam again after whats happened…

    I think this is why people are jumping on the Karen wagon. Jim deserves to be chased, and Karen’s going after him. He’s worth it….

  151. Hey…it looks like the I-Tunes download this week is the director’s cut. It is over 30 minutes.

  152. Hey, I found the promo for next weeks ep. And for those wondering, I believe Pam says “It’s really you” when she and Jim hug. I know someone asked that question.

  153. Fantastic episode. The whole season had been leading up to this.

    Did you guys notice that when Jim told Karen that she should move down to New York, how similar that was when Pam told Jim he should be taking the job down in Maryland during the “Halloween” episode? The reaction of Jim and Karen were almost identical. It’s little things like this that make the show so great.

  154. In the promo she says, “It’s really you”.

    No, I agree that he’s not going to be making any leaps here, because he’s gotta be gun-shy. I think anti soccermom is right that it will be mixed messages that prompt a Jim/Karen hookup.

    I do think that Jim is going back to test the waters, but I’m not sure he realizes this. I think it’s kind of at the back of his head. That phone call has GOT to be figuring into this…he might be thinking that he can deal with being just friends with Pam again because he misses her so much (in all capacities) IF he has something else to focus his romantic attention on, so he thinks Karen might be a good distraction that could help him get over his love for Pam completely. Not in an insensitive way…I don’t think he’s trying to ‘use’ Karen outright.

    Too bad he’s fighting a losing battle…;)

  155. anti-soccer mom…
    I def agree with you
    Pam prob thinks its going to be like it was, but I think Jim will be more reserved then he use to be…

    ah man… we have to wait a whole week to see the Merger

  156. Yeah, it’s 30:22, making it the longest episode in Office history up until this point. This show just keeps getting better and better doesn’t it!

  157. OMG… I just thought of…. how is Dwight going to feel about Jim being #2 at the Scranton Branch? He’s not going to take that to well =)

  158. I just started watching the download, and I CAN confirm that the episode on iTunes is the Producer’s Cut running 30:22…almost 9 minutes longer than a usual episode! YES!!! iTunes, NBC and Greg Daniels rock!

  159. this is exactly what weve been waiting for….perfect….not gut busting hilarious but funny…what an amzing story episode-especially the producers cut…wow

  160. Can we convince NBC to give The Office an hour-long slot? This show is so good and deserves at least an hour. The 22 minutes that we get each week goes by too fast.
    This was probably the best episode so far this season. The writers are doing a really good job of developing different characters and building layers of story lines. The new blood and new chain-of-command in Scranton will be great.
    Quick question: How many episodes are left in the current season?

  161. I am a Jim and Pam fan, but didn’t anyone else feel bad for Roy in the producer’s cut? When he suggests to Pam that she should pursue her dream of art school, and she informs that she already has…. oh god, I felt awful for him. It’s like Pam has this whole new life, and Roy is just trying to find a spot in there too.

    That’s what I love about this show. I absolutely despised Roy last season when he told Pam not to take the internship… and now all of a sudden, I feel for him too. It’s like he’s realizing that Pam may be too good for him and that hurts.


    Tanster, you are killing me!

    I need me some recap and quotes. Please.

    Sorry about that. I feel much better now.

  163. Eh, i’m so over Roy – i’m extremely glad about Fancy New Beesley, and her giant steps out on her own. I really think she’s moved on from Roy – and i think it’s a great aspect that will keep pushing Pam to become more of a go-getter, thus influencing her to make her move on Jim. Because i’m a JAM fan through and through. I love Karen as a character and i think she brings a great diverse aspect to the show, especially to keep extending it, because hey – i want The Office to go on for years, right!! So go Karen/Jim/Pam/Roy/Angela/Dwight/Andy etc. I just can’t wait to see how it all plays out.

    But i kinda wanna see Angela & Roy hook up! :)

  164. is it a coincidence that “Branch Closing” is the longest Office episode ever and it’s ranked #1…. “Casino Night” is the second longest episode, and its ranked #2

  165. This was bound to happen. I feel like the last 6 episodes have just been downtime, waiting for this to happen.

    but now that it has i sure am excited

  166. Producers Cut on iTunes…Over 30minutes…What a great day. Who here votes for Producers Cut every episode!

  167. michael schur is an awesome writer, some of my favorite episodes have been written by him, this episode, the christmas party, the alliance and the valentines day episode were all amazing episodes, they should have him write more.

  168. I can’t see the Producer’s Cut :(
    I’m from Argentina and the season 3 is not here yet, so they don’t show me the P’s Cut on the NBC web. Can anybody upload this to YouTube or any other web?
    PS: I love the episode! Great Ryan scenes.

  169. does anyone know if i can find a torrent of the extended version? or, better yet, a way to convert itunes videos to avi? thanks!

  170. I loved this episode. I can’t wait till next week’s episode for the JAM reunion!!!!

  171. One of the best cold opens in Office history, and Jim was on fire the whole night. Solid “A” episode.

  172. I wonder if Angela and Dwight are still together. After DIwali I wasn’t sure and this episode really didn’t give us a sign either way. I did love this episode though. I believe this is my favorite so far. Also, I love Jenna, but not so much Pam lately. The character doesn’t seem as exciting to me anymore, I think Karen is more fun and outgoing. However, they probably did this on purpose so there will be mixed feelings about the love triangle. Also, any newbees this season will most likely prefer Karen over Pam as well. I still have got to see the director’s cut…it sounds excellent!

  173. chuck-i’m for a producers cut every episode also! it was great! also, dwight and angela are still together, but i heard somewhere that their relationship gets rocky in january. maybe dwight finds out about angela’s crush on roy

  174. Rachel – its funny that you mentioned that. My friend at work just started watching the office this season, and he doesn’t understand what the fuss is all about with Pam and Jim. I tried to explain it to him, but he’s already a Karen fan. I wonder if his feelings will change after he starts seeing Pam & Jim together in future episodes

  175. Angela confirmed that her and Dwight are together, in her myspace blog, I believe. Here it is:
    Diwali….okay where to start. I got lots of questions about Dwight and Angela in this episode. Well there were some scenes edited out that might answer your questions. First of all Dwight was kinda caught in a catch 22 at the top of the episode. Ms. Martin definitely doesn’t want anyone to know about their relationship but at the same time she didn’t like him saying he was “very single” either. What’s a guy to do? And then in true Dwight fashion he dives into Diwali and Ms. Martin felt a little left out and confused. Did he really want to go as a single guy to the party etc… There was a scene where Dwight sees Angela leaving the party early and he stops her and they reconcile. They make plans to go to her apartment to hang out. Dwight goes back in to get his shoes and Angela Martin waits for him outside. While she’s out there she catches Kelly and Ryan making out. She fusses at them saying, “Hey stop that.” We shot several alts. In one she says, “Kelly your whole family is inside. This is your holy holiday for goodness sakes.” I loved that—it showed how complicated Angela Martin is. Is she suspicious of Hinduism? Yes. But she still thinks Kelly should honor her family on their holy day. I also got some comments about how mean my character seemed in this episode. I think the one thing to remember about AM is that she trusts almost no one. And she is instantly defensive when she feels threatened. I know that makes her prickly and not always a nice lady but I think it also makes her complicated and so interesting to play.

  176. Callan, no, I didn’t fall into the trap of feeling sorry for Roy. I’ve seen it before in real life: the insensitive jerk is finally dumped when the chumpy girl at last wises up. Et voila, insensitive jerk becomes a sorrowful & sensitive soul, going from 3-day drinking binges to lonely afternoons in the park, innocently bird-watching, projecting the “abandoned & sad loner” demeanor to woo the girl back –.
    I’m not buying it! Guys like Roy do it unconsciously — they aren’t smart or in-touch enough to actually plan a strategy, reflect on themselves in a meaningful way, or correct their faults.
    All in all, a pretty good episode – opening & closing scenes were the best!

  177. Right, well, what would happen if Pam went back with Roy? Give him a few months and it would be back to the lunkhead he was before, only now he’d be giving her guff all the time for stupidly having put them on a ‘time-out’ right before the wedding, and losing them all that money.

    No thanks. She needs to stay single until she’s got her groove back.

    Hey, question…isn’t Rashida Jones only signed on as a guest star for this season? So they have to finish up the Karen storyline this year, right?

  178. I agree….excellent episode and we needed it! I liked the other episodes, but I LOVED this one.

    I have to agree with Jamie a few pages back about the writers dragging out the whole JAM issue. Those characters and the actors who play them are a very rare connection and it is totally wasteful to play the “will they/won’t they” thing out much longer.

    I am tortured thinking that JAM will be ruined by Karen. There isn’t that same chemistry there, in my opinion.

    I was puzzled that Jim didn’t at least call Pam or vice versa before the merger…maybe they will, who knows.

  179. I don’t know if anybody noticed/mentioned this yet, but when Michael and Dwight were walking up to the C.F.O.’s door, he went into his speech about being a “Documenteran”, and mentioned Bowling for Columbine was not a bowling movie, like Kingpin. Well, parts of Kingpin took place in good ol’ Scranton, PA!

  180. E – not necessarly Melora was signed on as a guest star at first, but Jan is now a staple character. Rashida could be a short term character, but they could easily keep her if they want to

  181. No youtube link for the Producer’s Cut yet? :( Itunes doesn’t work for out-of-U.S. either, if you don’t have a credit card with an American billing address.

    It’s so frustrating! lets me see all other clips – previous deleted scenes, etc, so why not this?

  182. i agree that John and Jenna have amazing chemistry as Jim and Pam. I don’t hate Karen at all, but i am pulling for Jim and Pam all the way. They belong together. also, i didn’t know that parts of Kingpin were filmed in Scranton! i love that movie, Bill Murray’s combover is reason enough to watch it :)

  183. I’m not sure if this has been mentioned, but the version of this episode now available on iTunes is the 30-minute Producer’s Cut! Check it out!! =]

  184. Okay, those words that come up on the screen at when u try to watch the producers cut, wut does it say, it goes to fast to read. And, am I reading this stuff right, the producers cut can’t be veiwed in Canada. If so, that %@#&*%$ sucks!

  185. i bet karen and jim get together and then the cliffhanger this season is pam confessing her love to jim…

    i love, love, love, love, love this show but can we please just get jim and pam together…you’re killin’ me smalls.

    i loved kelly’s tammy fay baker mascera when she talked about killing herself like juliette if ryan didn’t get to keep his job.

  186. I’m so ticked that I can’t see the producers cut! Arg! I have to wait until the DVDs are out to watch it?!

  187. OMG! I just saw the producer’s cut and it was way better then the aired version. the story line makes more sense with the additional scenes
    ex… why would tight wad Creed spring for shots? after seeing the producers cut you find out that he hawked a bunch of Dunder equipment for cash and made $1200…

  188. There’s a new promo for The Merger on NBC tonight, can someone get a youtube of it up please?

  189. So every week we should have a longer cut or perhaps maybe season 3 dvd will be all directors cuts?? That would be awesome. On the whole it was a great episode although the thought of Jan driving 400 miles in one day kind of spread the story thin. Also Daryl saying that Bob Vance already bought the “garage” didn’t work well since they had just found out this branch MIGHT close. Besides those two plot holes everything else was great.

  190. I was just thrilled with this episode. That is all I can say. And the hug next week? Yay!

  191. does anyone remember a scene when pam says that she sometimes answers her home phone “dunder mifflin, this is pam?” i thought it was funny, but i dont remember seeing it when i rewatched it on itunes, and i just wanna make sure i’m not making up scenes from the office in my dreams.
    great episode, maybe the best. loved the thing with meredith on her last day. and dwight and michael’s book-hilarious! branch closing was amazing, and i definitely think they need longer episodes!

  192. Pam did say that on the tv version but the itunes/producer’s cut version shows her talking head about how she always envisioned her last day as her slapping someone and storming out.The itunes version also replaces Jim talking head about Michael selling the branch for “magic beans” with a talking head about “high school reunion”

  193. I love the fact that Creed no longer has a computer, and yet they still have to work there. And you know he isn’t going to buy a new one with the money that he got.

  194. Fantastic episode. This show gets better with every episode, and I can’t WAIT till The Merger.

  195. It’s true, there are at least two talking heads that have been removed. The first where Pam states that she’s “glad for the change.” Because she has been answering the phone at home by saying “Dunder-Mifflin, this is Pam.” Also, a second featured Jim saying “I always pictured Michael selling the company for some magic beans.” I’m kind of disappointed that I didn’t tape it. I sure hope the original version is included on the DVD as well.

  196. I much preferred the talking head they used of pam in the producer’s cut where she says she’s daydreamed of slapping someone and making a speech and storming out. A lot better IMO than the answering the phone one.

    They didn’t simply cut stuff out, they replaced things with scenes the producer preferred and I liked his choices. But to each his own.

  197. This show gets better by the week! The producer’s cut was so much better. The Creed scenes were great and the added talking heads were also much better. I wish they would do this every week.

  198. I live in Canada.
    The Office is my favourite show.
    I’ve been waiting for this producer’s cut since it was announced.
    I can’t watch the producer’s cut.
    Life is not worth living.

    Not until NEXT WEEK, THAT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  199. add me to that small list… more love for Karen from me. I like how she can be feisty, and yet at the same time be sweet and totally sprung when it comes to liking jim. I mean, you don’t see Karen being mean or getting mad when she’s talking to Jim about transferring to Scranton (even when he told her that she should stay near NY), or during her talking head. Only when he has authority over her (grief counseling) or when Jim offered to do cold calls (GYH) did she REALLY get annoyed (compare that to Pam and Roy, and his “authority” over her, love the differences between the two characters). but she is totally warming up to him. Maybe it’s just me personally, but i like girls who are nice, but not TOO nice (to the point where people walk all over them), and who can stand up for themselves. which is why i LOVED those “suck on that Halpert” scenes with Pam during the fire and the carpet.

    i mean, look at Helga from Hey Arnold! nobody hates her, right? haha

  200. Did anyone notice at the end that when ROY comes in to talk with Pam, he and ANGELA share a little wave and smile. Does this mean that ANGELA and DWIGHT are over? OR that we may see some ROY-ANGELA (Rangela) love coming up?

  201. Here’s a question for someone: I don’t really work in the bueiness world. What exactly did Josh do that was so awful, and does this sort of thing not happen in the business world often?

  202. Chris – The reason they were closing the Scranton branch and giving all the power to the Stamford branch was because of Josh. He was going to be put in charge of Dunder Mifflin Northeast. Right as Jan was telling him this he said he wasn’t going to take the job and he was taking a Job at Staples(Dunder Mifflin’s Rival in the Paper Company) So he pretty much slapped Dunder Mifflin in the face with that one. Usually people don’t do that in the real world where they just not take a huge offer like Josh got with running DM:NE. People would stay with their company and help it grow. Hope that helps!

  203. Hi All. I would really appreciate it if the monitors of this forum would refrain participants from engaging in male bashing [see message #260 from Nov. 10]. I don’t appreciate such ignorant statements and I thought those types of attitudes and comments are supposed to be kept from this forum. I thought we were all above that here. That’s why I usually enjoy coming here.

    I hope Jim ends up with Karen. In fact, if we are going to apply the standards resident in message #260, Pam is a tease and Jim deserves much better. All the while Pam was engaged to Roy, she committed emotional adultery with Jim. How honorable is that? What would we have said had Roy rested his head on some female’s shoulder during an office meeting or kissed a female on the lips other than Pam had he won a Dundee? There would have been outrage.

    I don’t like Roy’s character, but he is no more flawed than the others in the cast, including the very dysfunctional women of Dunder Mifflin. Had Pam been honorable, she would have maintained a clearly defined boundary with Jim out of respect for him, and out of respect for Roy. Oh, she had a boundary, but it went way beyond what I would have maintained with a friend of the opposite sex if I had a steady girlfriend. Her boundary was self serving. All the while she was engaging in the foreplay with Jim, she had Roy as a fall back. That to me is shallow. Shall I say a typcial insensitive jerk female?

  204. Call me crazy, but I think those people that want Jim to end up with Karen are not really fans of the show.

  205. Does anyone else think that Jim’s new position is going to cause problems for Jam yet again? She’ll want to be with him, but he will say it’s inappropriate because he’s now the boss (or 2nd boss)?

  206. Loved this episode! Michael was in top form. And I loved that Jim came to Michael’s defense.

  207. When I try to view the Producer’s Cut of Branch Closing on the official Office site all I get is a message saying that the video clip cannot be played from my location. Does anyone know how to get around this or possibly if it is posted elsewhere?

  208. Zeus, I do not agree at all.

    I feel as though Pam was forced to seek out Jim’s friendship because Roy was not giving her what she needed. In at least two episodes, he named women that he’d rather sleep with in front of Pam (Katy and Angela). He kept stringing their engagement along for two years and made her relationship the joke of the workplace. He even spent their wedding money savings on two Jet Skis. He refused to let her take the internship she wanted.

    I don’t think Pam was emotionally cheating at all, because Roy made himself emotionally unavailable to Pam. And despite all this, she kept declaring her commitment to Roy, even when Jim told him he loved her and even after he kissed her.

    Also, I will admit that although I am a Jim and Pim fan, Karen has grown on me… but doesn’t anyone else think she’s a bit stupid for transferring to Scranton? Yes, she’s making the transfer because she still has a job, but it seemed to me that she would be ambivalent about making the transfer if it weren’t for Jim. To me it seemed like the possibility of snagging the cute guy at work was her deciding factor in accepting the Scranton job. Not necessarily the smartest move. I just hope she doesn’t get burned too badly, because I like her.

    And the for the people that are interested, Ed Helms has a 9 episode contract and I believe Rashida Jones has a similar one… but that doesn’t mean that their contracts won’t get extended.

    P.S. One more thing, I think the writers are purposely confusing us about who we want Jim and Pam to be with. This show isn’t your typical comedy like Friends, where they throw these one-dimensional characters in as obstacles to keep Ross and Rachel apart. Everyone knew Ross and Rachel would get back together, and I think the writers are purposely avoiding the same kind of predictability.

  209. the show gets so much better every episode, i think thats probably just me missing my Office more every second
    i am LOVING karen. go karen, i can’t wait to see Karen vs Pam in an emotional-lust-for-jim battle

    and Dwight and Andy in a battle of ‘wit’
    that’s gonna be hilarious.
    Andy is like Dwight’s doppelganger.

    go KA-JIM
    down with the JAM revolution

  210. If anyone views next week’s promo on YouTube, CHIP GUY COMES TO SCRANTON! Don’t know why I’m so excited about that.

  211. For all of the people who want to see Karen and Jim hook-up, ending the JAM revolution, I encourage you to watch episodes from season two like The Dundies, The Client, The Fire, and Booze Cruise to see why that would be bad.

    The writers are trying to make us forget what Jim and Pam had, which is another reason I love this show-its complicated.

    And don’t act like you weren’t excited when Jim and Pam talked during the Initiation…

  212. I totally agree with you Matt. If you’ve watched the show from day one you would realize that Jim and Pam have a strong bond and this Karen chick is just there to stir things up. That’s it.

  213. Okay…if Jim had transferred out of Scranton two or three years ago, when he was in the beginning stages of his crush on Pam, then I could see him getting over it and really having a chance at falling for another woman within a mere few months.

    BUT since he’d been nursing his feelings, letting them stew and grow more powerful, for three YEARS until finally it had evolved (in spite of him) from crush to infatuation to outright love…no. He’s not getting over it in a span of a few months, I’m sorry…no matter how likable Karen is or how bad Pam burned him.

    How shallow would that make him if he could? You know? :)

  214. I know Jim and Pam will be together at the end, and I like all the JAM story. But I love Karen, and I really want a Jim-Karen romance.
    I can’t see the Producer’s Cut =( I’m not from USA.

  215. quote from sara: “Call me crazy, but I think those people that want Jim to end up with Karen are not really fans of the show.”

    sara, you are crazy. and i’m allowed to say that because she gave me permission :P now call ME crazy, but I believe karen’s character (as well as all the new characters coming into scranton) will make for some pretty interesting episodes and storylines in the future. because I know the show is called The Office, not Jim & Pam. I guess i’m not a fan because i’m focused on the show as a whole, and not on JAM 24/7. :(

    i’m just noticing a trend in people judging the quality of episodes by the amount of JAM content in it. not to say that i don’t like those moments, i love them, but there’s more to the show than that.

  216. I also agree with you Matt and Sara. I also believe that Jim and Pam were meant to be together. However, I am not sure, but I think that Karen and Jim are going to get together first, or maybe not, but Pam is going to have to step it up and put herself out on the line just like Jim did for her

  217. i like karen. but i don’t think the jim and karen thing will work out. 1) because OBVIOUSLY jim hasn’t really moved on, 2) jim isn’t really into karen. he’s just using her as a replacement for pam, and 3) all they do is flirt, they never really have a real conversation.

  218. Jam to me is the heart of the show and when it’s not there the show feels like it’s lacking something big.

  219. Yes I agree Sara. Relationships like those don’t grow on trees. There is no Jam tree.

  220. JAM isn’t the only thing the show is about….but it is a HUGE factor for many fans. The Jim/Dwight interaction is just as huge for me. I think the show will get better with Jim back in Scranton for sure.

    The chemistry between JAM is what is so freaking amazing…it makes you feel like you did when you first met that “special” person….sorry to be so sappy….but those two have the BEST chemistry.

    I am going to be very annoyed if the writers drag it out forever and ever…..let JAM happen!!!

  221. i agree with you, rita! the chemistry between John and Jenna is completely amazing also i can’t wait for Jim and Dwight to get back together! It’s gonna be so funny! Now that Andy’s there, Jim’s gonna have to do double duty with the pranks

  222. I think the producers cut is on ituens.. the total time for “branch closing” is 30 min instead of 22 or something.. altho I do remeber one video I bought from itunes that was longer than the rest of the season (not the office) was, but they had just like 10 scenes again…

  223. Couple of things:

    1.) Didn’t think the post (260) was male-bashing. Just male-bashing a certain kind of male that likely needs to be bashed.

    2.) Many seem to think that Jim still has deep feelings for Pam, and while it’s possible, everyone has to remind themselves that he almost didn’t go back because of Pam. In fact, the only reason he is going back is because of Karen. Yes, he had a phone call with her, but it was really more like two friends catching up. One thing everyone has to remember is that Jim is a guy. We guys don’t *usually* plan out relationships in our lives as thoroughly as either we should or others seem to think we do. We’re usually just in the moment, not planning how we’re going to work one girl against another, or how the relationship is going.

    Um, that’s all, really. Send all hate mail to crss…

  224. Very good episode. Consistently funny and entertaining. This is the type of episode we have not seen enough of this season. It also did a good job of getting me pumped up for the next ep. I give this episode an 8.

    Karen is hot. Jim/Pam/Karen will definitely be interesting.

  225. I disagree with Jim going back because of Karen. I think it is the total opposite. He’s going back because of Pam and because it’s good for his career.

    I think he likes Karen only as a friend at this point.

    He still has not gotten over Pam at all. I really don’t think it has quite hit him that Karen is really into him, he’s too busy thinking about Pam.

  226. Totally agree with Agent Michael Scarn. I think Jim is too preoccupied with his feelings for Pam right now to know Karen is into him. He and Pam won’t go back to normal right away, and in the meantime, he’ll eventually realize Karen likes him.

    Whether or not he reciprocates will be a major plot point in this season.

  227. It’s the little things that keep me happy.
    I just spent 2 minutes clicking the header to watch the quotes change.

    Maybe I’ll get going on my work now.

  228. I don’t think Jim is coming back to Scanton for Karen or Pam. He’s going back because that’s where his job is. I don’t think he is aware of Karen’s feelings, and people who think Jim is coming back to pursue Pam are going to be disappointed.

  229. What?!?!?

    There’s no way this episode is better than Casino Night let alone about 10 others.

    This is crazy talk.

  230. Ever watch the British Office? Tim dates some chippy before Dawn goes to him. So I see this happening in our case. Jim will date… Karen?!? And then Pam somewhere down the line will take it no more and go for Jim. Perhaps whilst dating some chippy, perhaps not. But I’m saying that’s the deal.

  231. What a great episode.

    I loved Pam’s guilty look when Ryan asks if she thinks Jim coming back would be awkward.

    Also, who called Dwight at the end and gave him the good news? Angela maybe?

  232. Does anyone else think that Michael looks a little like Amy Sedaris’ Jerri Blank character when he made the scared face?

  233. Some amount of time always lapses between episodes. I’d estimate that the merger between the Scranton and Stamford branches takes a few weeks to a month. And from what I can tell just by viewing the promo, this Thursday’s episode picks up as the merger finalizes because the Stamford employees arrive. What does all this mean? I think that’s enough time for Jim and Karen to actually be dating by now. Jim’s so reluctant to go back to Scranton that I could just see him being very open to Karen’s advances. He switched branches just to move on, and now that he’s moving back, he might feel he needs to do something to make him feel less pathetic about returning to the site of his last romantic disaster. It wouldn’t be about hurting Pam or showing her up, just about convincing himself that he’s made some progress getting over Pam. But I’m probably wrong about all of this.

  234. I don’t think they would bring Karen into the story if she weren’t a plot device – she’ll complicate things for Jim/Pam. We already know Karen likes Jim – that much was explicit. I do think she’s there to complicate the plot for a while before we’ll see a resolution.
    But Jim, though in pain, has always been pretty genuine about his own feelings. That’s why we can identify with him. He may act defensively out of hurt feelings, true, but in the end I think he will be true to himself. Pam needs only that moment of self-realization to allow the union of soulmates to happen!
    I’ve noticed that while Karen kind of gazes at Jim longingly, Jim does not return the feeling – he gazes out the window wistfully. Is it my imagination, or are his interactions with Karen tinged with an air of loneliness?

  235. I don’t understand why everyone’s all “Pam or Karen? Pam or Karen?”

    Am I the only one rooting for Jan Levinson!?

  236. Angie-

    I thought about the British version as well when considering the whole “Jim dating someone before Pam” idea. But it gets comlicated because the two aren’t identical. Tim dated the girl who trasnfered over from Swindon. He broke up with her and then asked Dawn the question. (which we don’t know what it was be we do know she said “no”) Also keep in mind Dawn was still engaged during all this. Then there is Jim who dated Katy and broke up with her to pursue Pam (which we all know what happened)

    So here are the similarities I see:

    Tim was given a higher position (which made him slightly bossy towards Dawn) Jim now will be Michael’s #2.

    Tim dated someone in the office. Jim will most likely be dating Karen.

    But things are totally different since Pam is not engaged anymore, whereas Dawn still was.

    Should be interesting to see where this goes!

  237. As far as what will happen with Jim/Pam/Karen, I can see Pam making a move for Jim but Jim rejecting her because she broke his heart. Also, I think that Karen will make for some interesting conflicts between Jim and Pam, but ultimately is just a rebound girl for Jim.

    Another great thing about the merger is that Jim will be Michael’s number 2 man, instead of Dwight. I think that will make Dwight hate Jim even more, which can only be a good thing.

    I agree with Joseph about Jim getting bossy. I can see Michael making Jim give Pam some impossible task and Pam becoming resentful.

  238. I hope they delay Jim and Pam ever hooking it up until a few years down the line. The show would just get a lot less interesting once they finally get together. The more tension the better…make Pam sweat it our for a while….hehehe…

  239. “Love to start my morning with a hearty bowl of Jan.”

    “Love to start my day** with a hearty bowl of Jan. ”

    Not to be a snobby perfectionist, but I thought I’d correct you. Haha

  240. This is gonna sound weird, but I always found the part where Roy references the Cinderella song so funny and I watched this episode today like 3 times today waiting for it, and I swear it’s not there haha. Is there some kinda glitch in my dvd or am I remembering it wrong and it’s in deleted scenes or in another episode or something?

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