1. YAY! Granted, there are others on the show who could have easily made this list as well, but who am I to complain when TWO actresses from a show I actually like made it. I’ll have to go get it when it comes out.

  2. Somebody stop Jenna…seriously stop her. I can’t take much more of her adorable-ness.

    …ok I lied, I can take more. Much much more.

  3. Small town paper salesmen get all the pretty women, that’s why this show is so realistic. ;)

    Cute photos.

  4. Okay…seriously! Not to knock Rashida at all, because she is very beautiful, but this girl’s management needs to get serious props, because although I’m sure she’s got a big future, right now, she’s really a second-rate character on a show with low ratings, yet she is EVERYWHERE. Hopefully, that’s a sign that she plans to move on. But she is gorgeous.

  5. Yikes! I’m not a big fan of Rashida (or Karen), but I think that’s the best photo I’ve seen of her.
    Jenna… well, she’s always beautiful.

  6. I adore Jenna! She’s so down to earth and *real*. I’m so glad she made the list! And congrats to Rashida too

  7. Okay,

    Jenna Fischer is so gorgeous. Clearly I’d take her over Rashida any day of the week (as should Halpert).

  8. i can’t argue with Rashida and Jenna being named one of People’s Most Beautiful People.

    as if i needed another reason to be jealous of mr. gunn.

  9. so let me get this straight….
    a show about a paper company in Scanton, has two of the most beautiful women in the world in it

    Jenna and Rashida are absolutely gorgeous

  10. I’m in love with Jenna…but give Rashida some slack. That’s a picture of her with no makeup on. Jenna’s all done up.

  11. Okay, listening to Jenna about sleep as a beauty secret just brought back horrible memories of Pam’s disastrous REM, sleep better than not, flirting attempts in Ben Franklin. Too funny – I wonder if she did that on purpose!

    Seriously – Jenna looks fabulous, Rashida – I’ve seen a lot better pix of this lady.

    But where is John?????? Just because he has been there for two years doesn’t mean he isn’t just as beautiful now! Maybe he is in the issue too?

  12. First of all, for everyone that says it is a bad pic of Rashida, it is because she was in a special section of the magazine that featured stars without makeup. She looks pretty darn good for someone without makeup! But that is the beauty of it! She was only in a side feature of the issue, Jenna was actually one of the most beautiful people. TAKE THAT JIM!!!!

  13. I’m with ya, PrettyBaby27, you would think Rashida’s the star of the show with all the publicity she’s getting.

    But it’s great that both Jenna and Rashida made this year’s list, as they are both very beautiful and down to earth.

  14. As much as I heart Jenna, I think Melora and Angela belong on that list too.

  15. OFCOURSE shed have no makeup! it would be hypocritical to have her all dolled up if she talks about how she feels no makeup is beautiful.

  16. Ok, I’m a huge Jenna fan and she did look smokin’ hot but Rashida, without makeup, was absolutely beautiful. There’s a woman who does not need to wear makeup at all…in fact I like the way she looks without it better than when she’s wearing it.

  17. I think Rashida looks great too – and props to Jenna for saying that beauty is about being a good friend, wife, etc… She rocks.
    Course, she does make the comment that you ‘have to be comfortable in your own skin.’ Which, when you look like her is not the toughest thing in the world.

    Question: Do they ever choose people that aren’t in the public spot light for this thing?

  18. They are both such pretty girls. I love how they are so down to earth. I hope they can stay that way with all this fame!

  19. Well, I have to say, I’m not wearing any makeup right now and I do NOT look like that, so mad props to Rashida.

  20. Jenna looked stunning in the photoshoot! And she was absolutely radiant during the interview segment. Awww….loved her comment that being beautiful is about being a good friend, good sister, good daughter and good wife. She’s just so down-to-earth. Could she be any more adorable and likeable?

  21. I always think Jenna looks amazing, but I honestly am with her in the most beautiful when you are in a hoodie and a baseball cap. I think she just looks even more amazing like that.
    And wow, Rashida looks… wow without makeup… yeah, I wish I had her skin

  22. I loved both pieces on them. Jenna’s vid was adorable and Rashida looked very natural and lovely in her pic. I can’t wait for the photos of Jenna from that photoshoot to come out. Love it :]

  23. Love what Jenna said about beauty. She is such a great role model. Props to Rashida too for having such a belief in something I hold in high regard, sleep. its a beautiful thing.

  24. Both Jenna and Rashida look amazing! It’s cool to see people taking notice of our beloved cast! :-)
    Also, Rashida is totally wearing makeup in that photo and so are the rest of them…they are full of crap saying they aren’t wearing any AT ALL…they might have on less than usual, but they still aren’t completely bare faced. No one looks that good with no makeup on.

  25. I agree with you too Scott (#18)

    Rashida is a natural beauty and that pic shows it

  26. wow, both look hot/gorgeous. I wouldn’t mind seeing them get super dressed up in a future episode, even though its out of character for both of them…

  27. OMG!
    did you see the pics of Katharine McPhee??
    they should add her to the cast of the office.

  28. Jenna looks absolutely sexy in that shoot. I love how she keeps trying to hold in a smile… Even with all the attention and publicity she’s getting, I feel as though she still can’t quite take it seriously, like “what? a photo shoot of me? you’re joking.” Haha, I love it, and yes, you are beautiful, and would def have my vote for the cover.

  29. 39, I saw that video of Katharine McPhee, and she is truly gorgeous. I don’t really like here, but I can’t deny that she’s really pretty!

  30. Even in the McPhee no-makeup video you can see them putting several kinds of makeup on her, even doing her eyebrows. She calls it “moisturizer” but who moisturizes their eyebrows?

    This is on topic because I’m pointing out Rashida has makeup on. :) Not that she isn’t pretty of course.

  31. It is awesome that both Rashida and Jenna made the list!! Jenna looks amazing and Rashida looks really fresh and natural, love her picture. I can see Quincy Jones’ features esp. the eyes and smile.

  32. PrettyBaby27 (comment#7)
    – although I agree with you that Rashida def has a good PR team (she’s all over the place)

    I’m not sure what her management has to do with her making the list of People’s Most Beautiful. I would guess that a group of people over at People magazine come up with this list (not Rashida’s management)

    the end

  33. I love what Jenna said about sleep. Looks like she really DOES believe all that stuff about REM cycles…

  34. Re: 45
    Oh, I disagree. Publicists play a HUGE role in who gets to be in the issue. Surely it’s not a coincidence that the list always includes folks who have a new movie/project coming out VERY close to the issue’s publication.

  35. Many women with a nutritionist, personal trainer, and make-up artist can look Hollywood. Especially living in Southern California, you see beautiful women everywhere.

    What separates both Jenna and Rashida are their intelligence and their down to earth personalities. I seriously think I’d have fun hanging out with both of them, especially Jenna.

    Keep it sexy inside and out ladies…

  36. CH.. you really think that the publicists decide who makes the list?

    if all you’re going off of is that the list is made up of people who are currently in the media then I still would have to disagree

    Obivously they want people on the list who are currently in the spotlight. it would be weird if Audrey Hepburn was picked for the recent issue of People’s Most Beautiful.

  37. for the love of ben franklin! mcphee has makeup for her horse shoot, not the other one and if she does and rashida does, who cares! that being said, lets just be happy that the show gets exposure w/the fact that anyone from the office is anywhere.

  38. When did this fanbase become so nitpicky…? :/

    The gals look gorge! Congrats to them!

  39. jenna and rashida are both really gorgous. i love how they both have natural beauty. they don’t need the make-up at all.

  40. The show Inside Edition had a little segment about Jenna Fischer being on the the most beautiful list.

    It just aired about 20 mins ago.

  41. Wow — posing for those photos looks just miserable. And there’s no real way to sound both humble and intelligent while answering those insipid “what makes you feel beautiful?” questions.

  42. QUOTE-As much as I heart Jenna, I think Melora and Angela belong on that list too.-QUOTE

    Me too. Especially Melora. I think she’s the most beautiful one of them all really. She’s stunningly beautiful.

    Great for Jenna and Rashida though. They looked really great.

  43. jenna’s video is such a pam interview. i love her, but it’s a bit unintentionally hilarious.

  44. Jenna you look absolutely stunning! And don’t we all feel as though this is our best friend finally ‘making it’ in the big world? We’re all so happy for your success, congratulations!

  45. Ironically, I can best describe that video in Pam’s own words…
    “Wow! She really pulled out the big guns. Did not expect that”

    And I did not know she had a body of a goddess. Look out Beyonce & J-Lo because “J-Fish” (i just made that up) is taking that top spot. And does anyone agree with me that she looks a little bit more gorgeous without make-up? I just find her more attractive in an innocent talking head from the show than I did in that video. Anyone agree?

  46. Pat, yeah, I agree about the makeup thing. Love the natural look as well as the occasional makeup. Note though: when women say they don’t have makeup on, what they actually *mean* is that they don’t have *much* makeup on. :-) It’s a very rare adult female that will go completely commando in public.

  47. Rashida Jones was on Martha Stewart this morning and she said herself they covered up her blemishes for the photographs. And they also show Katharine McPhee getting some sort of makeup applied under her eyes…you can see it is tinted to cover any dark circles. The fact that Rashida Jones was honest about it makes her seem even more beatiful.

  48. I want Jenna Fischer’s hair. And her skin. And smile.

    I adore her, what can I say.

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