Vote for ‘The Office’ Webby Awards

Note: A reminder that voting closes this Friday! Please vote.

The Office has been nominated for two 2007 Webby Awards:

  • NBC’s official Office website has been nominated in the Television category
  • The webisodes have been nominated in the Comedy:Short category

Voting ends April 27th; winners will be announced May 1st. Go vote for The Office!

Links: Vote for the website | Vote for the webisodes

Tipster: Claudia


  1. I didn’t know there was a “the office” website. Do they mean just the part of that deals with the office?

  2. Man, Officetally is about 100 times better than the NBC Office website! I find the NBC website so hard to navigate and not logically laid out. I feel like it contains a lot of content but it’s not easy to find it. I got so frustrated trying to watch the deleted scenes on NBC’s website that I’ve given up on it entirely. Now I come to Officetally to link to the deleted scenes because I know it will be organized and easy to find. This site rocks!

  3. Personally, I would have rather another site be nominated. It’s so chock-full of Office stuff that I visit it way more than necessary. And leave too many comments. And yet I cannot give it up… !

  4. i agree…i like officetally a whole lot better…but i voted and were in the lead for both the site and the webisode…WOOT!

  5. Ditto to what Kelly below said. The content there is great but a terrible site as far as ease of use.

  6. I tried to go vote but a message came up that said “something went wrong”

    But I am sure that Officetally will round up enough fans to ensure Office victory! What other show has a website this awesome?

  7. Just voted…The Office is still in the lead!

    A Webby Award? That’s the next best thing to a Dundie!

  8. I totally agree with everyone else that OfficeTally is the greatest television website out there. Much love and props to Tanster! =)

  9. I understand the nod to the Webisodes, but NBC’s Official The Office website was nominated? Not only is it not aesthetically pleasing, but it is rarely updated, offering fans little to satisfy the nearly insatiable desire for all things The Office.

    This is like Weekend at Bernies 2 being nominated for an Oscar.

    Hey Webby Awards: How ’bout we break out of conformist mode and nominate an independent player for once?!?!

  10. This is like Weekend at Bernies 2 being nominated for an Oscar.

    That’s got to be the funniest thing I’ve read all day.

  11. The Office’s lead has dwindled a lot over the past week guys…everyone else is catching up :-( Voting ends April 27th, let’s show some more support!

  12. Whats with the negativity?

    Ok it’s not the greatest website but in terms of official television show websites – It’s definitely one of the best! How many other shows give you deleted scenes every week, webisodes, etc?

    You can’t expect them to be office tally.

  13. 19- You can only vote once.

    As for the choices, they is what they is. If The Office can get some props from something as obscure as the Webbys, I’m all for it.

    And, as much as we love (and prefer)OT, let’s give thanks to NBC for all the Director’s cuts, deleted scenes, merchandising, etc.

  14. Clarification: you can vote once per email address. So if you use a few different email addresses, you can vote multiple times. Just need to re-register with each.

  15. Good point, Joya!
    I’ll go vote again, just like in the real elections, early and often!

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