Jenna Fischer rocks the OTCR

JennaFischer: I go through a script and I underline all of the things the script says about me, like in the line notes, I underline everything other characters say about me and I note whether or not my character heard them say those things or not. I try to find out as much about the character as I can. And then, I fill in the blanks with my own imagination.

Joy Isobel: It has been revealed that there are going to more webisodes this summer! Do you know if you are going to take part in them? Thanks :)
JennaFischer: I didn’t know about the webisodes … they seriously don’t tell us anything.

JulesA: Hi Jenna. Thanks for taking time out to chat with us tonight. Were you one of the cast/staff fooled in tanster’s April Fools joke? It was a good one. ;)
JennaFischer: Yes, I was fooled by her April Fools joke. We were all talking about it on set!
JulesA: Aww, I’m glad tanster was able to fool you guys!

apollo: What other tv shows do you watch?
JennaFischer: Right now I’m watching Big Brother, Survivor, Law and Order SVU, Law and Order, Friday Night Lights. I gave up on Lost this season. My TiVo messed up so I’ll have to just watch it on DVD. I watch American Idol but only sometimes.
tanster: You gave up on Lost?! Oh no, this has been the BEST season!
Joy Isobel: SVU is awesome :)
JennaFischer: I have a bunch of Law and Orders on my Tivo. That is what I plan on doing tonight actually.
upsidedown: Lost is so good this season!
JennaFischer: I’ve heard that Lost is good. I can’t wait to see the DVD.
iheartjimhalpert: I love Law and Order!
GMMR (kath): Friday Night Lights. Riggins!!
JennaFischer: Riggins is SO HOT!
lemonade: Friday Night Lights is great! So glad to hear Angela got you into it.
mg714: Yes – return to Lost! I’m so happy that you and Angela love FNL as much as I do, too.
JennaFischer: I met Riggins at the movies!
JulesA: I agree with tanster, Lost has been amazing. It’ll be hard not to be spoiled until the DVDs
JennaFischer: I was there with David Denman … who plays Roy … and I guess Riggins knows David’s wife. So, David goes up to him and they start talking.

JennaFischer: I didn’t know who he was! He is SO DIFFERENT in real life! He was smiley and sweet and not all broody and dark like on the show.
mg714: Yet another reason to be jealous of Jenna – she met Riggins! :)
JennaFischer: It wasn’t until we walked away that I was like, “Riggins! Dear God! I just met Riggins and didn’t know!” That is probably a good thing. Because I might have seriously embarrassed myself.

CubeFarm: Are there plans to have David Denman come back…or at least let the fans know what his character (Roy) is currently doing?
JennaFischer: I don’t think David is coming back. At least not this year.
Joy Isobel: :(
CubeFarm: Thank you for answering my question, Jenna.

Tori_Weber: What do you think the chances are that there will be a SAG strike?
JennaFischer: I have no idea if there will be a SAG strike. I hope not. I don’t think anyone wants another strike.
JennaFischer: I just hope that the studios are reasonable and give us a portion of the internet residuals. I’m hoping the WGA deal can serve as a template.
lemonade: No one wants another strike.
Tori_Weber: thank you :)
apollo: boo to the strike

BigTuna: Do you want to see Dwight and Angela together again or do you want to see what happens with her and Andy?
Grassroots: good question big tuna!
carl: Dwangela is the new JAM
upsidedown: Heartbroken Dwight is so depressing :(
JennaFischer: Hello, Big Tuna … I like seeing Angela with Andy because we get to see her during the courtship phase of a relationship … which is hilarious. I also like seeing the ways Dwight competes for her affection. But ultimately, I think Dwight and Angela belong together.
Doug: yes, hearing dwight moan is almost unbearable
bluehval: poor dwight :(
mg714: Andy is a great character but it’s Dwangela forever!
JennaFischer: Dwight gets one up on Andy soon.
yarnseller: I loved Dwight’s depressed facial hair, though!
tanster: *nice*
Mexicanity: I can’t wait to see that!
apollo: oh my god yay!
jen: I love that Pam and Jim are sort of taking care of Dwight now.

sarah r: how many more episodes do you have to film?
JennaFischer: Just two more episodes to film. We film this week and then we film a one hour finale.
Phoenix27: one hour finale! best news since….well it’s the best news I’ve heard in a looong time!
sarah r: thank you.

GMMR (kath): can we expect a cliffhanger for the finale?
JennaFischer: Yes … I believe there is a nice cliffhanger. But, who knows. Seriously, things change daily.
JennaFischer: In one of the episodes you learn something about Pam that no one knew before.
JennaFischer: It’s a cool little fun fact about her. Makes for a fun episode.
yarnseller: the cliffhangers are gut wrenching–I want one, but then it hurts

Phoenix27: do you know who will write the season finale?
JennaFischer: Hmmm…I feel like I know who is writing the finale but I can’t remember. Paul Feig is directing it.

Matt Collins: Can you reveal if we get a relationshippy cliffhanger, character cliffhanger (like someone leaving) or neither?
JennaFischer: Someone leaves Dunder Mifflin at the end of the season. A series regular.
JennaFischer: I think that is still the plan.
tanster: WOW
Danny: whoa!
yarnseller: OMG!
StephanieC: oh my!


  1. Augh, I missed it! Ah well, what can you do, right? Jenna is awesome to do this, and I can’t wait for the transcript. I envy all you Tallyheads who were there for it!

  2. Aw, Jenna was so sweet for coming in and answering our questions. Thanks for moderating, Tanster!

  3. Jenna is so sweet for being loyal to her fans :) She is so awesome and down-to-earth!

  4. Sad that I got distracted and missed the chat, but I can’t wait to see what Jenna said! She’s such an awesome lady.

  5. I can’t wait to read this. She is so sweet and gracious and generous to her fans! It’s unheard of–She’s just wonderful!

  6. NO. NO. NO. NO!!!
    I can’t believe I missed Jenna!
    Awww. Well hopefully she’ll drop by again soon.
    She’s so sweet, can’t wait to read the transcript!

  7. Jenna was so sweet tonight and spending an hour answering our questions. Thanks again for your great moderating Tanster! You rock and Office nerds unite! :)

  8. This was surreal! We waited all afternoon and she came! This site is amazing :-)

  9. I will cherish my ticket stub forever.

    Thanks Tanster for yet another amazing experience at the OT! :)

  10. ahh i missed it :(
    at least i’ll be able to read the transcript.

    that was awesome of her to come and chat.

  11. Oh, blurg. Of course I missed it. ;_; But that’s so exciting–congrats to all who were here!

  12. I was so waiting for that! I tried to get in earlier, but had computer issues. Such a bummer. Anyway, I can’t wait to read the transcript. I love Jenna.

  13. Darnit! I missed the chat!

    Bless Jenna’s heart! Everyone from The Office treats fans so well!

    I can’t wait to read the transcript – thanks for everything you do, Tanster!

  14. Jenna was so kind and so down-to-earth. And funny. It was totally worth waiting all those hours. Like Phoenix27 said, we waited all afternoon, and had a lot of fun even while we were waiting, but then she came and stayed for so long, answering our questions!

    And tanster, thank you so much for this. You are amazing and you should keep up your good work!

  15. Jenna is coolest person in the world! Woo! Nerd power!
    Thank you for posting the transcript Tanster makes me feel like i was there lol

  16. It’s probably good I missed it. I would’ve just embarrassed myself by professing my undying love. lol I kid I kid.

  17. No way! I always miss these! I thought about going into the OTCR last night, too… awww. Great transcript, though.

  18. Aw I missed it :-( I Love Jenna.

    Who’s leaving Dunder Mifflin though? My bet is Jim or Pam to pursue different careers.

  19. She is the absolute cutest celebrity…I love Jenna. Thank you SO much, Tanster for the transcript!

  20. Does anybody else think Jim might be leaving again? There’s apparently a curveball being thrown at Jim and Pam….. and also, the story lines have hinted that although Jim is happy he has Pam, he is still very unsatisfied with his job.

  21. A cast regular leaves the show? Do you think by “leaving” they mean, like what Jim did at the end of season two? We will still see this person in another location and he/she will still be part of the show…and hopefully come back later on in the season? Or do you think it means this person is leaving for good? I really can’t think of the person who’s leaving because they all play such an important part in the show. I can’t wait til Thursday!!!!

  22. Man I missed it! %@#*!! Oh well, it was still awesome reading the transcript! Thanks for posting it! :-)

  23. Jan, Ryan or both leaving would make a lot of sense, so I’m not concerned that Jim or Pam might leave.

    Jenna was cute and charming but I disagree with her defense of Pam’s changes. The show has turned Pam from an intelligent, unflashy subtly attractive woman of the early seasons into another “sitcom babe” this season.

  24. Would it be possible for Dwight to pull a Jim-move and leave b/c of Angela?

  25. they’re (NBC) probably trying to set up the spin-off show with the character who leaves.

    Does anyone else ever feel a little surreality with how the actors of the Office are so connected with their fans? I’ve been a super fan of other shows, but there was never this kind of connection.

  26. WOO! Lucky Charms! haha

    Thanks for asking my question tanster! It was a fun night! Jenna is awesome!

  27. I don’t know why, but part of me thinks Ed Helms might be leaving. Call it a gut instinct, I suppose. I’d hate to lose him though.

  28. Great prediction about the spin off #38’s absolutely I do. I’m super bummed with the departure of a regular cast member. However, I know that the writers are very aware of the fans and how important our reaction is.

    The show has been in good hands thus far and I refuse to expect anything but the best from Greg.

    Thanks for the transcript, Tanster. You do an incredible job moderating the comments!

  29. There is no better way to spend a Sunday evening than with Jenna, tanster, and fellow Tallyheads! Thank you to Jenna and tanster for a fun and informative chat!

    And I agree that there is no other show with a cast and crew like The Office – for them to take time to spend with fans and be as appreciative of us as we are of all of them is amazing.

  30. Jenna is lovely. She is like one of those famous people who seems like she could be your dental hygienist, but for some weird reason she’s in Hollywood…I’m glad she is!

  31. #35, DrunkBiking-I agree with you about Jenna’s character. I feel that her progression has been a little too quick. After all, it was the subtly attractive and smart Pam that we all fell in love with. I can understand character development; it’s only natural. But I think it’s been a little to quick for my taste.

  32. Can’t believe I missed this. Jenna is awesome. Thanks tanster for posting the transcript.

    What episode were they talking about when Andy sang to Pam? I can not remember for the life of me.

  33. Do you have to be in the credits to actually be a “regular?” I’m just wondering how wide the pool of possible people leaving actually is.

  34. Jenna is so sweet!
    I am praying that the series regular leaving has no correlation with the spin-off. I’m actually really surprised she was allowed to reveal that…maybe this means it’s actually a trivial event that sounds big.

  35. I think it’s either Ryan or Jan leaving. Since it seems somewhat obvious that the Michael/Jan storyline has hit a rough patch… if they break up, why would we need Jan?

  36. Chuck: It’s the very end of “The Convict”…Andy plays his banjo and sings Rainbow Connection in a sexy high falsetto voice.

  37. Anyone think it’s at all possible it’s Angela leaving? I mean, she is pregnant. Maybe it’s more of an actress/actor leaving than a character?

  38. i think that ryan is leaving. i think that his arc rose last season and is falling this season and then what? they are not going to get rid of andy or angela or jim or pam or dwight – all those characters have places to go and the writers can get a lot more mileage from them. my guess that b.j. is going to focus on writing and producing.

  39. I think it might be Oscar who leaves. Doesn’t he (or didn’t he) have a television show that he left The Office for during season 3? Maybe that show has been picked up.

  40. What a cool person she is. I so want to be a cast member on The Office. What a dream come true that would be.

  41. I’m so bummed I missed this! “Big Brother” was on in my time zone when Jenna was in the chat…grrr. I learned my lesson: Jenna > Big Brother

    Thanks for posting the transcript and allowing me to live vicariously through it, Tanster!

  42. I love Jenna and it’s great that she took some time to chat. She’s so down to earth.

    I think it would make sense that Ryan leaves. Notice Jenna says the person leaves Dunder Mifflin, she makes no mention of Scranton. After all DMI is going under and maybe BJ no longer wants to be on the show as much and focus on writing?

  43. oscar’s other show was halfway home on comedy central and it was canceled after the first season.

  44. please tell me it’s not jim that leaves!! anyone but him and pam.!!! someone reassure me..please.

  45. So nice of Jenna to take the time and chat with fans!! (I only wish I had’ve known about it, though. :( Hopefully there will be a “next time.”)

  46. Thanks for your great admin skills, Tanster. It was a fun chat! Thanks also for letting some yarnseller comments through!

  47. I would think it’s Angela that briefly leaves. The *real* Angela will be awfully busy this fall with a little one.

  48. Last night was all kinds of awesome! Thanks to Tanster for putting the chat together and for Jenna taking time to talk with us. The show and everyone involved are truly one in a million and that’s why they are the best in/on tv!!!

  49. Awww, I wish I could’ve been there, but seeing as the chat took place at 3am my time and I had school today, it unfortunately wasn’t possible.

    Jenna seemed really sweet though, I really enjoyed reading the transcript, thank you so much for posting it.

  50. I hope Jim doesn’t leave Dunder Mifflin! It will be weird not having him there. I already dealt with that once before I don’t want him to leave again…okay maybe im being a little selfish. I don’t want him leave….just yet…it makes me sad to say that!

  51. This was so nice of Jenna to do! All this new Office info is great.

    But I hope to God it’s not Ryan leaving. Please, please, anyone but Ryan. I don’t know if I’ll be able to watch anymore if he goes.

  52. I think Andy will leave after Angela breaks up with him and returns to her beloved Dwight!!!

  53. What a great interview! Unfortunately, I missed it. I would’ve hoped for someone to ask what her thoughts were on the new Office spin-off and perhaps if this is related to an Office character leaving Scranton.

    Thanks Jenna and Tanster! :)

  54. i think pam’s cool little fact we find out is that she has a tattoo no one knows about. and the office finds out and through the whole episode people are trying to figure out what it is. that would make for a fun time. :]

  55. I think it’s absolutely awesome the way the cast members of this show continue reaching out to the fans in such down-to-earth REAL ways. What a great chat! Thank you very much for making the transcript available!

  56. After reading the TV Guide article and John’s thoughts about how Pam has to work some things out, and Jenna’s thoughts about how she has to deal with “being 30 and still answering phones” I would say Pam’s the one leaving. Which, hmm. I’m not sure how I feel about it, but I definitely think for her fictional character’s self’s sake it needs to happen eventually.

  57. ok well i know that neither pam or michael are leaving. i will DIE if jim leaves!!!!!!!!! omg maybe it will be andy or angela. it couldn’t be dwight, right….hmmm….maybe it could ;)

  58. Is it true that whoever is leaving, that is what the spinoff show will revolve around? I want to say that I think it’s Andy … but I also read that “it’s kind of a shocker”. It gets me thinking =)

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