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  1. Haha, I’m looking forward to seeing John Krasinski’s interaction with Rachael Ray… =)

  2. Loved reading behind the scenes on the prank. I can’t believe i believed you. lol I can’t wait for the webisodes!

  3. Yeah, the behind the scenes on the prank confirmed that our Tanster does have a little devil in her! She held back the comments from folks who knew it was a prank, to not give it away so quick! You’re so funny, Tanster! I didn’t see the post until later in the day, when I’d already been pranked a couple of times (once by my dentist, which wasn’t very funny, by the way), so I didn’t fall for it, but I might have had I seen it earlier in the day. And yes, I would have cried!

  4. I’m glad you felt the love with all the passionate comments on the April Fools post, Tanster. All day I kept thinking, ‘wow, people are so mean.’ I was hoping you would realize it’s because we all love you so much! Just the way you are!

    And really, who could survive without spoilers? ;)

  5. HA! I knew you must have been holding back comments from people who knew it was a prank!! I posted a comment saying that it had to be a prank and I kept coming back to see if you had let it through and when you never did, that was my clue that it had to be a prank. And as I said in that original comment, you are evil like a hobbit, Tanster. But I still love you and the site!! Seriously, I come here 10-20 times a day…it’s embarrassing!

  6. If John was my English teacher, I’d be sure to arrive extra early and leave late just to see his pretty face…. uhhh, I mean to catch up on my work.

  7. I hope you’re all watching Free Radio regularly. It’s a terrific show – reminds me of The Office, seasons 1 and 2. In fact, I’d say it’s better than The Office of season 4. Absolutely hilarious.

    [from tanster: love this show!]

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