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  1. Haha, I’m looking forward to seeing John Krasinski’s interaction with Rachael Ray… =)

  2. Loved reading behind the scenes on the prank. I can’t believe i believed you. lol I can’t wait for the webisodes!

  3. Yeah, the behind the scenes on the prank confirmed that our Tanster does have a little devil in her! She held back the comments from folks who knew it was a prank, to not give it away so quick! You’re so funny, Tanster! I didn’t see the post until later in the day, when I’d already been pranked a couple of times (once by my dentist, which wasn’t very funny, by the way), so I didn’t fall for it, but I might have had I seen it earlier in the day. And yes, I would have cried!

  4. I’m glad you felt the love with all the passionate comments on the April Fools post, Tanster. All day I kept thinking, ‘wow, people are so mean.’ I was hoping you would realize it’s because we all love you so much! Just the way you are!

    And really, who could survive without spoilers? ;)

  5. HA! I knew you must have been holding back comments from people who knew it was a prank!! I posted a comment saying that it had to be a prank and I kept coming back to see if you had let it through and when you never did, that was my clue that it had to be a prank. And as I said in that original comment, you are evil like a hobbit, Tanster. But I still love you and the site!! Seriously, I come here 10-20 times a day…it’s embarrassing!

  6. Jenna should really give a warning before SPOILERS appear in her blog!!!

  7. If John was my English teacher, I’d be sure to arrive extra early and leave late just to see his pretty face…. uhhh, I mean to catch up on my work.

  8. I hope you’re all watching Free Radio regularly. It’s a terrific show – reminds me of The Office, seasons 1 and 2. In fact, I’d say it’s better than The Office of season 4. Absolutely hilarious.

    [from tanster: love this show!]

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