Jenna in Women’s Health Magazine

Women’s Health Magazine spoke to Jenna Fischer “about her new best friend, her ultimate turn-on, and the epiphany she had in the bathtub.”

An excerpt:

You’re on the set 12 hours a day. Who are you closest to in the cast?

Angela Kinsey, who plays Angela. We’ve become best friends. I would have never thought that at 30 years old I would find this kind of friendship. We’ll work all day together, and I’ll walk in the door talking to her on my cell phone, and my husband is like, “Are you serious? You just saw her!”

This article will appear in the May issue, on newsstands April 24th.

Link: A Conversation with Jenna Fischer

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  1. awww Jenna is so adorable! James is so lucky to have her! I love when she describes their relationship, he really is her “real-life Jim”

    and…I cannot believe they asked who her first “lover” (cringe, I hate that word) was. Inappropriate, much?

  2. Well, so much for her ever leaving James Gunn for me. Good interview though. I’m always amazed by how down to earth she seems, every time.

  3. She is so for real. I really love her interviews in articles. She shares such creative stories about her past and present.

    She and Angela are such a match as well. They would be a blast to hang out with.

  4. MAB-
    My thoughts exactly…. I guess Jenna’s autographed photo is as close as I’m going to get to winning her heart!
    Greta interview, thanks for posting this, Tanster.

  5. Wow, this woman is just amazing. I really can’t think of another person in Hollywood as genuine as she seems to be. I hope she doesn’t lose that part of herself as she becomes more and more succesful. I doubt she will. I just love her :)

  6. WOW! – “I’m not leaving you so its kind of in your hands”

    I got a little teary eyed when I read that. hands down one of the most remarkable women on the planet. We’re all very lucky to be graced with her presence

  7. Yeah, that last part about her and her hubby was really sweet. She’s so great!

  8. jenna is so amazing! she and angela would be so much fun to hang out with! i love that she’s so real and that she’s stayed so down to earth even when she is becoming more and more famous. i hope that no one on the office loses their down-to-earth personas when they all get more famous.

  9. her, james, and angela just seem like people you want to go out & grab drinks with on a friday night. totally cool

  10. My parents didn’t let me go to the mall either when I was in high school! Back then I thought I was the only one.

    And yeah, asking the first lover bit was a little inappropriate.

  11. She is so sweet. What a sweet story about her husband not letting her “be sad.” She seems like a really grounded person with a few little adorable quirks. Someone you’d like know, right? I always love reading her interviews.

  12. “I’m not leaving you so its kind of in your hands”

    Wow, there’s a woman who says that and actually ends up meaning it?

  13. The most common headline on OfficeTally: Jenna Fischer in [insert a women’s magazine].

    Boy, she sure knows how manipulate these puff-pieces for cheesy (yet subtle) self-promotion.

  14. That interviewer was VERY interested about what goes on in Jenna’s bedroom…

  15. Awww…what a sweet article! Thank you so much for posting this tanster! Jenna is so adorable and down-to-earth; it’s always a treat to read her interviews.

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