Eatin’ with Ed

The May issue of Every Day with Rachael Ray has a funny story about Ed Helms’ eating habits on The Office set:

Ah, lunch. How I love lunch. It’s a very social time at The Office. The whole cast and crew eat together cafeteria-style. And oh, man, catering pulls out the big guns for lunch. It’s not uncommon to find king crab legs, a pasta station, some barbecue ribs and then some fancy entrée I’ve never even heard of. The salad bar is like the produce section of a supermarket. I don’t bother choosing. I just eat all of it.

I concur — the food is really good on set! And there’s a lot of it. Like, everywhere.

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  1. Ha! Wouldn’t you know he’s a Cap’n Crunch guy!?
    Man, just reading that made me really hungry…
    Off to the vending machine!

  2. Wow great lunch. I wonder if they all sit like in little cliques during lunch. You know the warehouse guys in one table. The Accountants in another table. It is funny picturing it.

  3. Yummmm! Arnie Palmers are my favorite!

    Or Arnold Palmers. I’ve always called them Arnie Palmers. It’s because.. “Oh my gosh! I’m so adorable!”

    hah. but seriously.. im glad i dont wrok there.. i’d eat so much that i would weigh over 1000 pounds. And i mean 1000.

  4. I didn’t want to click the link initially, because I have an aversion to all things Rachael Ray. However, this article contained zero of her, and all Ed. He sounds so adorable and fun. I think he would be an awesome person to hang out with in real life.

  5. Fun article. He’s great, he’s one of the main reasons I’m looking forward to the rest of this season.

  6. What? That thing has a magazine now, too? She’s maybe the most annoying woman on the planet, and yet she’s everywhere! I don’t understand it.

    Also, this makes me want pasta. Mmm.

  7. He is so hilarious! “If I’m feeling decadent, which is always…” LOL! He is a man after my own heart — I too am always feeling decadent. I would be a whale if I worked there.

  8. eew… all that food sounded gross to me… haha. i would starve to death on that set.

  9. I agree the food on the set of The Office is awesome we had a great time at lunch. The cast and crew are very laid back lovely people! :)

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