John Krasinski as Captain America?

John Krasinski Captain AmericaFrom The Hollywood Reporter:

John Krasinski as Captain America? It could happen as Marvel conducts screen tests this week in its search for the actor to play Steve Rogers, the alter ego of the title character in its “Captain America” movie.

Other names reportedly in the mix: Michael Cassidy, Patrick Flueger, Scott Porter, Wilson Bethel, and Mike Vogel.

Link: The Hollywood Reporter


  1. Honestly, this is about the only thing that would make me want to go see Captain America.

  2. Well…this would certainly be a change of pace from Jim Halpert.

    To be honest, I had to look all of the other actors up…and, unless they’re looking to do a movie about Capt. America as a teenager, John’s the only one who looks like a grown-up. Not old…just grown-up.

    Of course, I’d go see John in a Muppet’s production of West Side Story…so, I might be a little biased.

  3. Right now, this is just a job. If I prevent any more crime this would become my career…

  4. Oh my god…. my comic book geek side and my office geek side just swooned at the exact same time…..

  5. I’ve also heard rumblings of Ryan McPartlin (Devon or “Captain Awesome” of Chuck)… and as much as I love John Krasinski – I think I can see Ryan better in that role. I mean, come on, he’s Captain Awesome!

  6. John can do it all. So why not Captain America. I think he would bring some fun to the character. John could pull off the World War II look easy. The guy is just hot.

  7. Question: Does this mean there is a possibility we’ll see Jkras without his shirt on? I mean… ALL superheroes do!

  8. Woah, how do you go back to your day job after playing a SUPERHERO? John must be so bored with Jim Halpert.

  9. As much as I love John Krasinski, there’s only one logical choice for Captain America:

    John Barrowman.

    And you know it.

  10. don’t get me wrong: i am unhealthily obsessed with john krasinski. but i feel like the only good thing to come out of this would be shirtless john. i don’t know, i can’t see him whipping off glasses and ripping off his oxford shirt in a surge of manly adrenaline, can you? not that our john can’t pull it off, i just…jim halpert in a superhero outfit makes me a little uneasy. then again, he’d probably have to bulk up a lot for the role…;)

  11. I do not see it. John can do better… but you have more fun as Jim, but make more money as a Captain. Another option would be CA with a face of John and a body of … Steve.
    Anyways, something to think about.

  12. @Stile4aly: Barrowman? Love Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness on Doctor Who, and I hope he appears during the upcoming Matt Smith era, but Captain America? Er…having a bit of trouble seeing that. Superman? Yes, I could see him playing the Man of Steel. Now, John K.? That could be interesting. A lot of people weren’t too sure about Tobey Maguire playing Spiderman, but the first two films in that franchise are two of the best superhero movies ever. Johnny K. could do a great job.

  13. Oh please, let it be him! I’m a total geek of all superheroes movies, but this would be the icing on the cake!

  14. Try as I might, I can’t picture him in this role- which may be a good thing because I’d hate to see him typecast!

  15. As a JK fan I think he is a decent enough actor who has generally improved the shows he has been on. Liked him in Leatherheads which was not a “Jim” type role. I don’t know anything about the comic but JK seems like he is physically like the Capt America alter ego character so it could work.

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