John Krasinski engaged!

According to People Magazine, The Office’s John Krasinski and Emily Blunt are now engaged.

Congratulations to both!

Link: Emily Blunt & John Krasinski Are Engaged

Here are my favorite fan reactions.

  • … And at this very moment, millions of girls’ hearts broke. — Callan
  • There goes that dream. — Lauren
  • looks like john and jenna are really taking this marriage storyline seriously — theprogidalson
  • Oh no! My TV husband is off the market :( — CatherinewithaC
  • what. whaaaat. — yokatharine
  • There’s still hope, “engaged ain’t married!” — freshxprincess
  • All the women in our office are officially in mourning … — Molly
  • My heart is broken but I find solace in the fact that I’ll be a great wife #2. — Jessica
  • I’ve stepped back from the ledge. Everything will be ok. — GMMR
  • damn it! — JaneySlayne616
  • I think I just died a little inside. — Becky
  • Well ladies, join the club of us guys who are saddened by dear Jenna being off the market. — ASFan
  • What am I suppose to do wih these Mrs. John Krasinski t shirts now?! — Kelly Jo
  • I knew that this JAM wedding stuff would come to no good! — NotABadDay
  • What is this crap? — Samantha
  • goodbye my lover! goodbye my friend! — kel
  • if she harms one hair on his head, I will burn Utica to the ground — ItsOnlyMeredith
  • How am I gonna break the news to my parents? — StarShine629
  • So, apparently, John and Jenna are method actors. — Sara
  • I think this broke my brain. — Brooke
  • I guess Stanley now has a place for his extra toaster! — Grace
  • “Christmas is cancelled…” — The Ex-Future Mrs. Krasinski
  • Their children will have ridiculously nice teeth. — Elizabeth
  • Well, John, I suppose it is what it is. I’m sorry I misinterpreted our friendship. — nv
  • Great, now I have to find a ‘real’ person to be in love with … — TajM
  • Alas! I am slain. — Julie


  1. Whaaaaat!? Hearts of millions of girls everywhere just broke. Oh well. Congrats John and Emily!

  2. sigh. there goes that dream. hmmmm, i think my number 2 was tim riggins from friday night lights…

  3. All the women in our office are officially in mourning at this news…but, we knew that a great guy like John wouldn’t stay single for long…

  4. Jim and Pam are engaged and now John and Jenna are too… just not to each other I mean.

    Yay for John and Emily! :)

  5. damn. I guess I need to take back my wedding dress then. Congrats to them!!! He’s going to make a great husband! :)

  6. So I guess Ed Helms is now the hottest Office actor since John’s off the market, right?

    Congrats to John and Emily!

  7. I found this out in school, in the library,on twitter while doing an assignment. It was dead silent and I almost screamed in shock and sadness. My heart broke and I then went into denial, then acceptance. I hope everything goes well for them! They seem happy together. :)

  8. I like them separately and together so yay! I hope they have a long and happy life together.

  9. Well ladies, join the club of us guys who are saddened by dear Jenna being off the market.

  10. I desperately want to know how he proposed! I’m soooo nosy, but come on, who doesn’t?

  11. I knew that this JAM wedding stuff would come to no good!

    Just kidding. Congratulations to the happy couple.

  12. Congrat-*sniff*-ulations *sniff* to Emily *sniff* and… *sniff* John!!! (wailing with crumpled tissues in each hand).

  13. 15 remy — Oh yes, Tim Riggins is my reason for living. Words don’t describe how much I love him.

    Re: John — In the immortal words of Michael Gary Scott, never, ever, give up…

  14. Who has two thumbs and thinks John should marry her? This girl!

    I am very happy for him, but I still cry a little because he is now off the market.

  15. :( I’m torn between being happy for him and weeping openly. Maybe I’ll be both. Congrats John!

  16. I was all happy when Jenna became single so she and John could get married haha. but now my hopes are crushed.

  17. Sincere congrats to John and Emily. But if she harms one hair on his head, I will burn Utica to the ground!! ;)

  18. I LOVE John but I like them both, I was ready to dislike any girl he would date but not her, she’s cool! ;)
    Congratulations John and Emily! :)

  19. Crap. How am I gonna break the news to my parents? They were so looking forward to grandkids…

  20. Wonderful, I’m going to go cry now. :( I was having the best day until this news hahaha, I should probably be excited for him…but it’s very difficult for me to do that.

  21. Sweetest news! So glad they’ve found great happiness and love with each other and are taking the next step! What a handsome couple, and both are such talented actors that they must inspire each other in their craft. Seeing them in interviews (separately), it’s clear they both have a great sense of humor and do love to laugh! As a long time married girl, I know it’s often that sense of humor that carries couples through obstacles like crazy schedules and time apart due to the weird transient lifestyle that a lot of jobs require. Big congratulations!

  22. I wonder if he proposed at a gas station? :P
    Anyway, my heart is broken :( </3 Jenna Fischer & John Krasinski getting engaged to other people in such a short amount of time is just…ugh…so sad *cries*. Hopefully, The Office has influenced their lives enough that they realize they’re with the wrong people and eventually end up together! :D

  23. Good for him! After all, if Jenna isn’t available for the guys, John shouldn’t be on the market either. It’s only fair.

  24. Well now that marriage to a celebrity is out of the question, I guess should get a real job…

  25. Congratulations, John and Emily.

    If anyone needs me, I’ll be holed up under the covers with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. Probably watching The Notebook.

  26. it won’t last.
    he hasn’t realized yet that i have exactly every single interest he does and that i play basketball and am an English major and am hilariously funny.

  27. I’m gonna go out on a limb and assume I’m one of the few here more upset Emily Blunt is now taken.

  28. Though us guys are sad about Jenna, can we start an Ellie Kemper relationship watch now? *rawr*

  29. Why am I still rooting for John and Jenna?

    Hmm, seeing them in all that wedding garb a few days ago, and now… this.

    Ah well. Congrats, John! You and Emily are adorable. And Emily… hold on tight, cause John has some really admiring fans who have no limits. Just saying. :)

  30. O gosh darn it. (Somehow I was expecting it though… with the whole JAM -wedding-storyline and Jenna’s engagement…hmmmm…I had a feeling!)

    Despite the fact that a little bit of me just died, I think these two are medals, gold medals. Congrats!

    (Great, now I have to find a ‘real’ person to be in love with…)

  31. I think this broke my brain.

    Okay, okay. They’re cute. Congrats. Emily seems like a catch – I say through clenched teeth.

    I hope she and my husband both realize this doesn’t take him off my TV boyfriend list.

    And to 37 – mmmmm, Tim Riggins.

  32. Exchange I just had with my husband.

    Him: *reading about the engagement* Who is J.K. Ras?

    Me: JKras. John Krasinski.

    Him: Ohhhh. *pats me on the arm* I’m so sorry. I know you were holding out hope.

  33. Whilst breaking my heart, he could have at least picked someone not named Emily… :P

  34. OK…Nick you have to wake up, boy!… this is just a dream… a bad dream…is it? Somebody wakes me up!!!!!!!

  35. Woah! I didn’t even know they were dating. Well, I guess it’s okay. It was really hard for me and John to keep up our long distance relationship anyway … maybe I’ll crash the wedding …

  36. This comment thread is one of the funniest of all time, and just may end up in the Smithsonian…

    JKras, you were the Princess Unicorn of TV boyfriends. *sigh*

    NOTMrs.JKras, the link slayed me. “Halpert, noooo!”

  37. Oh my gosh – I just decided to randomly search John Krasinski on youtube, and a piece about him getting engaged came up, so naturally I came here to confirm it! Wow! They are such a cute couple!

  38. i just died a little inside and I feel like crying, just a little :(
    Well I am still happy for him :)

    But I will still love him, even though he is engaged haha
    and i will still refer to him as my “husband” lol

  39. Ahhh! Well, congratulations to him. People have told me I look like Emily Blunt so… I guess that makes me feel good? Haha.

  40. my officetally username will now have to be changed to “jkraswaslove”. i suddenly feel empty inside.

  41. I’m trying to be brave too – but it’s so hard….. That’s what she said! :) Congrats John & Emily!

  42. Wait, he was supposed to be mine! (Don’t tell my husband!) The dream is dead…no, I can still dream!

    Congrats to them both. I wish them much happiness.

  43. Congratulations to John and Emily! May you have a lifetime of happiness together!

    I couldn’t think of anything witty to say so I’ll leave it at that.

  44. I feel like Michael just hit me with the car. And I can’t believe I actually cursed aloud when I saw the headline.

  45. Soooooo sad yet happy at the same time. I’m a girl by the way. That Emily Blunt is one lucky son of a gun!

  46. Totally agree with #80 – this has got to be the funniest collection of comments I’ve ever read on this site (and I’m pretty sure I’ve read them all – haha). Tallyheads are hilarious!

    Oh, and big congrats to John and Emily, of course!

  47. :::picks jaw up off the floor::: I KNEW I should’ve kicked that black cat that walked in front of me today instead of petting it!!! I….. I…. I just don’t know what to do with this information….

    congrats…. I’ll be happy for you both later. lol

  48. Sigh…I should have know this day would come.

    But seriously, congrats to both of them!

  49. dangit. this has ruined my whole ‘move to new york city and casually meet john krasinski and subtly convince him we are destiny’ plan. i was even going to forgive him for being a red sox/patriots fan…

  50. well, now i’ll just have to convince him to have the wedding at my farm where i can take the emily’s place when we do the rundown of how the wedding will go down, and have my cousin who speaks german recite the “mock” vows…

  51. …I always thought that the day Steve Martin died would be the worst day of my life, and I was wrong. It’s this

  52. I say with a heavy heart, congrats John …and Emily.

    Ignore the wimpering sound. That’s just me trying to rub my sore grief bone.

  53. As much as I am heart-broken, I’m glad he has found his Pam! He sure deserves it, he’s a sweet guy! Congrats :)

  54. I used to have a crush on John…. and now I …… don’t. Riveting.

    Wait!! Lies!! I’m going to pretend you’re still single. It’s the only way for us to be happy.

  55. OH. MY. GOD.

    i totally agree with whoever said that this comment thread was the most interesting they’re ever read and it could very likely end up in the Smithsonian.

    HOWEVER, i am so heartbroken, i totally fantasized John being my real life husband countless times, and doing a great job of it too. i guess i’m just sad for myself – i don’t think i ever would have met him, so congrats you guys.

    (mind you i’ve been depressed and really quiet all day. this is just what has come out of all the stages of grief, as i’ve learned from Michael Scott.)

  56. In my personal opinion, he picked the wrong Emily! i’m incredibly upset. i thought we were soul mates, JKras!

  57. Congratulations to them both! As well as thinking that JK is completely adorable and talented in so many ways, I really like Emily Blunt a lot. She’s very talented and witty – loved her in everything I’ve seen her in (I’m planning to go and see The Young Victoria as soon as I can as it’s getting great reviews). They seem to be a great match for one another.

    Of course, I shall continue to have my completely unrealistic crush on JK. As a married mother of three living on the other side of world (Australia), I didn’t actually think my crush was actually going to go anywhere !

  58. I kinda feel like Dwight just killed my cat in the freezer. If only John had realized just how perfect we would have been together….

    Congrats to them both though! :)

  59. :plugs fingers in ears:
    :repeatedly shakes head back and forth:
    :repeats mantra:

    “no! no! no! no! no! no!”

  60. Well, my odds of marrying Jim Halpert or John Krasinski have just gone down to zero.


    I’m a little embarrassed I care so much about this.

  61. *drops to knees and and asks ”WHY?!” in a way that is inappropriately overdramatic*

  62. Oh the heartbreak, lol. August 28th will now be known as “Krasinskintines day” (it’s the day that millions of girl’s hearts were broken by a one Mr. John Krasinski, but we still love em’:)

    In all honesty, CONGRATS and Best of luck to both of you!

  63. I thought they looked too good together. I’m glad the press has left them alone to date and get to fall in love. Congrats to them, sympathy to all that hoped to be the one.

  64. The tall guy got engaged!

    Dang it! Did anyone cry when they saw this?
    Well congrats to them both! I’m really happy for them!

  65. WHAT?!?! I’m offline for one whole day and now I find out that John Krasinski’s ENGAGED?!?!? I don’t even crush on him and even *I* feel like my heart’s broken.

    But seriously, I really am happy for him and Emily Blunt….but if you need me, I’ll be in the corner drowning my sorrows over a celeb I’m not even in love with. Can’t even explain that one.

  66. I really thought I’d never smile again after hearing the news but I am LOLing at all the comments. Best comment thread ever!

    And Congrats to John and Emily…. I guess…. :-)

  67. #110 – I almost peed when I read your response. And I’ll add…

    I’ll never marry Jkras…. MLIA

  68. [kicks sack lunch in frustration]

    Seriously, though, congratulations John and Emily!

  69. I was playing MASH in my math class and John Krasinski was married to me, we were living in a mansion, we had two kids, and we had a benz. All of this the day before the news broke.

    I don’t know what’s sadder, the fact that Jkras is engaged, or that I’m a freshman in college and I’m still playing MASH.

    *sigh* my heart broke.

  70. To paraphrase the words of Michael Scott:
    One of my life goals was to die married to JKras. Today, that dream was shattered.

    Congrats (I guess)…whatever makes him happy.

  71. Can I just say that not only is the Office the funniest show EVER, but the fans are a hilarious bunch as well. Go us!

    [from tanster: i agree. go fans!]

  72. All I can say is, “Lord, beer me strength.” I’ll need it to get over such news!

  73. i feel the need to go and reevaluate my life. i’m dating someone and he didn’t know that i was planning on marrying jkras until i told him that i died a little inside. he asked why.
    my future just died. THAT’S why. because all of my future plans just fizzled and died.

  74. She doesn’t deserve him. They’ve only been dating less than a year. She’s not a Sox fan nor Polish. *I* am!! John.. over here!!

  75. This marks the worst day of my life. I think I just died a little inside. Why? Why? I thought we were closer, John!

  76. I can’t believe he didn’t consider my feelings before proposing to her. Rude.

    (That being said, I think they’re adorable. Yay!)

  77. Society teaches us that having feelings and crying over the engagement of John is bad and wrong. Well, that’s baloney, because grief isn’t wrong. There’s such a thing as good grief. Just ask Charlie Brown….or Emily Browning :'[

  78. I feel personally attacked by this news, how could he not have thought about me before HE did this?

    John, our hearts are not to be toyed around with.

  79. This seems to have happened around the time they were filming the wedding episode? Must be a helluvan episode!!

  80. I’m a 29-year-old MARRIED woman, but I was still holding out hope somewhere in the back of my mind. I will always be smitten for JKras. There’s no one like him. Emily Blunt is a lucky, lucky lady. Best wishes to them both.

  81. Call me old fashioned but nine months does not seem like a long time to consider an engagement. But like Jim, maybe John really “knows”.

    John is a smart guy with a good head on his shoulders but I wonder if he is being just a little impulsive here. Time will tell.

    Best Wishes for John and Emily.

  82. kel- i just created a john krasinski is engaged/break up songs playlist on my itunes. the first song on it is goodbye my lover :(

  83. My boyfriend and I broke up on Thursday. Then I go and find that my tv boyfriend is engaged the very next day. It was hard for me to decipher which one broke my heart more…

    Needless to say, cookie dough was my friend this past weekend.

  84. To add to KevinMalonesChili’s comment, my concern is that Emily Blunt was engaged to someone else up until about a year ago. Seems a bit quick in general and, in her case, sort of reboundish. A long engagement might be best. Isn’t there a Dundie award for that distinction?

    I wish all the best for both of them…really.

  85. Emily Blunt has never been engaged/married and while her breakup with her ex was announced in July of 08 there was plenty of talk/speculation that they had split long before that, like the beginning of 08.

  86. It’s been over three months but I still wake up thinking it’s only a dream – a really bad dreamy nightmare!
    Jkras, my love we were supposed to grow old together.When you come to your senses I will be here waiting for you.
    Ah crap!… gotta go my fiance just got here………

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