OfficeTally Survivor Poll: Season 5

OfficeTally Survivor Poll Season 5OfficeTally Survivor Poll is a series of fan polls posted in the summer following a full season of episodes.

Similar to the ‘Survivor’ reality show, you’ll “vote off” your least favorite Season 5 Office episode in each poll, until the lone survivor and most popular episode remains.


After 3 months, more than 700 comments, and over 23,000 votes, Broke is now crowned the winner of Survivor Season 5! Thanks to everyone for voting and championing your favorite episodes so passionately!

Before we move on with eager anticipation to Season 6, I thought we should start a new annual summer tradition: the All-Time Fan Favorite Poll. We’ll do this every summer after completing Survivor.

The task of the All-Time Fan Favorite Poll is singular: vote for your one favorite episode of The Office since the show started. Watch for the Fan Favorite poll next week, and who knows, maybe you’ll get a chance to win a prize!

Here are the final Survivor Season 5 rankings.

The Office Season 5 Survivor Rankings, Final

  1. Broke
  2. Weight Loss
  3. Stress Relief
  4. Michael Scott Paper Company
  5. Heavy Competition
  6. Customer Survey
  7. Company Picnic
  8. Cafe Disco
  9. Dream Team
  10. Lecture Circuit, Pt. 1
  11. Two Weeks
  12. New Boss
  13. Casual Friday
  14. Golden Ticket
  15. Crime Aid
  16. Business Trip
  17. Blood Drive
  18. The Surplus
  19. The Duel
  20. Business Ethics
  21. Lecture Circuit, Pt. 2
  22. Frame Toby
  23. Employee Transfer
  24. Prince Family Paper
  25. Moroccan Christmas
  26. Baby Shower

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  1. I voted for Baby Shower – like all Office episodes, it was great, just not one of my favourites.

  2. It’s hard to pick a least favorite. It’s like picking your least favorite child.

  3. I voted for Moroccan Christmas even though I enjoyed it. After looking back at all the episodes, there doesn’t seem to really be any bad ones!

  4. I voted for Moroccan Christmas, simply because I didn’t think there would be one I hated more than Baby Shower. I don’t care which goes first, as long as they’re the bottom two.

    Customer Survey all the way!

  5. Agreed! Baby shower needs to GO! I think it was definitely the worst episode of the season, and can’t think of any one I disliked as much as that one in all 100 episodes.
    Agreed that it was all too werid. Didn’t seem real at all. They can do that kind of thing on 2 1/2 men, it was too easy for The Office.

  6. I voted for Two Weeks. Pam leaving reception made sense. Pam running out after Michael without even glancing over at Jim or giving him any voice or consideration was completely ridiculous.

  7. There were three episodes this season that made me very sad. I voted for the one that made me the saddest — Moroccan Christmas.

    Of course, like all Office episodes, there were brilliant, hilarious moments in it. I always order orange vod-juice-kas when I go out, and the Phyllis-Angela exchange about shoving a member of the nativity in a drawer cracks me up every time. Oh, and Jim wrapping Dwight’s desk! Wait a minute, maybe MC wasn’t so sad after all…


  8. I went with Prince Family Paper… wasn’t very funny… was more cruel than anything. The office debate on Hilary Swank had promise but never amounted to anything.

  9. I also voted for Baby Shower. I thought it was one of the worst episodes of the season. Michael getting the baby’s name wrong (Asturd), Jan singing, Angela posing the baby in vegetables was just too weird for me. Customer Survey for the win!

  10. i voted for Baby Shower… the whole “birth scene” was ridiculous and just difficult to watch. but in the next round, if Prince Family Paper is an option, i’m voting for that. And then Moroccan Christmas.

  11. I never did care for Prince Family Paper. It just wasn’t the Office to me. It made me question Michael which I didn’t like.

    The Hilary Swank bit just went on for too long.

  12. I had to vote for ‘The Duel’. I liked the idea: Andy pinning Dwight to the hedge with his Prius – but the episode wasn’t funny at all. No laughs – and that’s just not right…

  13. I went with The Surplus. Wasn’t very funny aside from Andy stepping in manure and Michael slowly descending in Pam’s chair. Dwight tricking Angela into marrying him was over the top and it was the start of Pam talking weird and she was completely out of character with Michael.

  14. Moroccan Christmas got my vote, probably aided by me holding Christmas episodes to a higher standard.

    As far as mix’d barees’s comment about Pam not consulting Jim when leaving DM, I feel like it’s not out of place for their relationship – he did buy a house without telling her. They seem to have a level of trust deeper than most people would be comfortable with, but if it works for them, it works for them.

  15. Prince Family paper. NOT FUNNY. It tried and just wasn’t, and nothing in the script was original in any way.

  16. I voted for Baby Shower. I didn’t laugh once at that episode, and it was just incredibly weak and boring.

  17. There was something about The Surplus that really irked me. I’m all for Fancy New Beasly but this just wasn’t Pam (to me).

  18. I picked Business Ethics. I liked the cold open and the Jim/Dwight prank, but otherwise it was just kind of boring, and I didn’t really like the Michael/Holly stuff.

  19. I voted for Blood Drive…I laughed one time during the Jim/Pam and Phyllis/Bob Vance dinner…just not my favorite at all!

  20. I’m with Caitlin. Employee Transfer is the only episode that I haven’t had the desire to watch again.

  21. I voted for “Moroccan Christmas”. It was disappointing, except for Andy playing the sitar.

  22. I voted for BABY SHOWER. I laughed alot this season but this just didn’t make me laugh as much.

  23. But Moroccan Christmas was such a good ‘Dwight’ episode!!! (even though it fully blew in the JAM department.)

    PEACE OUT Prince Family Paper!!

  24. It’s pretty obvious that Prince Family Paper, Moroccan Christmas, and Baby Shower will be out first. After that is where it gets hard. Weight Loss or Stress Relief FOR THE WIN!! :-)

  25. bye bye golden ticket!!! it wasn’t funny.

    even though i do like the idea of golden tickets in the dvds. :-)

  26. buh-bye Moroccan Christmas. Even though ‘my horn can pierce the sky!’ was fabulous.

  27. Like many of you guys, I picked Moroccan Christmas for this week. It was just too depressing and the Meredith is a drunk plotline has been played out. Find something new for the talented Kate Flannery to do besides drink and flash people!

    After that, it would be Baby Shower, Employee Transfer and Prince Family Paper.

    I thought this season had stronger individual episodes than any in Season 4, but over the course of the season it was like a roller coaster. I felt that every other episode was really fantastic and the ones in between were just ok.

  28. Prince Family Paper, Moroccan Christmas, Employee Transfer, Baby Shower, New Boss, and Golden Ticket just fell flat for me. I know that seems like a lot but out of 26 it means I loved 20.

    I went with Prince Family Paper.

  29. I can’t believe I haven’t seen more people voting off Frame Toby. I don’t know…just didn’t do it for me.
    anyways it looks like most tallyheads are on the same page otherwise!

  30. Company Picnic has to go, the Michael/Holly skit was too excruciating to watch.

  31. I voted for Prince Family Paper. I actually liked the Moroccan Christmas episode (and any episode with Andy singing), I hope it doesn’t go out first! I am surprised more people haven’t said Lecture Circuit Part 2, I mean come on Angela was licking her cats!?

  32. lecture circuit part 2…
    the cat licking? just awful. the only time i’ve been disappointed in the office writers. bad, bad, bad.

  33. I completely agree with you Skylar. I loved Moroccan(hope I spelled that right) Christmas. Angela had me laughing the whole time. ” . . . . there is someone who will though, and Phyllis just stuffed him into a drawer.” Not to mention, “My horn can pierce the sky!”

  34. I didn’t really like Blood Drive. Anyone else? I mean I really liked all of the episodes but that one was my least favorite, and after this it will be hard to choose another one.

  35. I chose The Surplus. I didn’t like Pam’s attitude in it at all; being assertive and having confidence in yourself is one thing, but being arrogant and using that to coerce people into agreeing with you is out of line.

  36. I must admit that I completely agree with #39, kikibeesly. I voted for ‘Lecture Circuit Part 2.’ I’m surprised to see the lack of love for ‘Golden Ticket’ in the comments, though! That was one of my favorites. It was a great season overall, and I’m excited to begin the countdown – and discussion! :)

  37. It was a toss-up between either of the Lecture Circuits (both fell flat, in my opinion) and Prince Family Paper. But ultimately I remember being most disappointed in Prince Family Paper. But those 3 episodes were the worst of the season, I don’t remember even laughing at them or re watching them(and I usually re-watch episode 4 or 5 times). This is fun though, great idea.

  38. I went with business ethics… I just find it a little awkward… the only part I liked there when jim was timing dwight :)

  39. I am disappointed with the popularity of Moroccan Christmas on here. Besides the Meredith stuff, which I agree is old, boring, and makes her shockingly one dimensional, I loved it. My horn can pierce the sky, Dwight rocking the Barbie market, and Andy’s sitar were all priceless!

  40. Employee transfer was so bad! I voted that. LCP2 was awful too, that needs to go next. I personally loved Prince Family Paper, I don’t understand why so many people disliked it. It’s easily in my top 5 episodes of the season.

  41. Oh, I forgot to say which one I want to win: Broke. Definitely. I remember glancing up at the clock at the 25 minute mark and going “no way! It can’t almost be over!”

    P.S. I won’t vote off Blood Drive simply for the Creed moment – it was classic.

    Top Three: Broke, Lecture Circuit Pt. 1 and Business Trip (sorry, I’m Canadian, plus Andy and Oscar rocked)

  42. I voted for Baby Shower… I really just dislike Jan with a passion, ever since season 3 or so, and I don’t get why she’s such a fan favorite. I really think Customer Survey deserves to win the season (one of the best office episodes ever), though it’ll probably end up being Weight Loss, Company Picnic, or Stress Relief because of the JAM strides and how much people tend to go for those.

  43. I think that Baby Shower should go after Blood Drive. They weren’t really good episodes. I hate to say it but it’s true. But I still think the office is the best show.

  44. Poor Moroccan Christmas. Not even Princess Unicorn can save this episode from piercing the sky, er, biting the dust.

  45. I really liked Moroccan Christmas and Prince Family Paper! I voted off Employee Transfer. Apart from the Halloween cold open nothing in that episode was funny and everything seemed disjointed and forced.

  46. I had to vote for Moroccan Christmas. It just didn’t live up to previous Christmas episodes. I was disappointed.

  47. I’m just so happy we are doing the office survivor again, it’s such a fun idea.

  48. Not going to lie… I cannot for the life of me choose an episode as my least favorite. I must have on a wicked pair of rose-colored glasses or something because this season was nearly flawless IMO. Not quite as awesome as season 2 but almost as amazing!

    No votes from me! :)

  49. Okay, I may be betraying office fans everywhere when I say this, but:

    I *hated* the Michael Scott Paper Company storyline.

    I guess in the end, it had some benefits. ‘Broke’ really was a good episode. But I was just so bored with it so quickly, and frustrated with all of the characters.

    Does anyone agree?

  50. tobyfan, those are my top three favorites too! except i would give business trip the win. :) just such an excellent episode from start to finish…and what a finish, with michael’s earnest tell-off of david wallace. and yes, i see the irony in lecture circuit part 1 being in my top three when i consider part 2 the worst episode of the entire series. both written by mindy…i just don’t get it. oh well…and broke, like you said, flew by in a flash of awesomeness. this season was strange…definitely some of the best in the series as well as some of the worst.

  51. “Business Trip” may have been my least favorite Office episode of all time. Hope that drops off early. Can’t believe “Baby Shower” was the first to go. I know that everyone dislikes Jan but that opening was HILARIOUS!

  52. Employee Transfer was one of my least favorite Office episodes ever. Voted for it.

    Blood Drive and Prince Family Paper were really good, IMO, though.

    Stress Relief for the win! :)

  53. Prince Family Paper has got to go.
    Weight Loss, Stress Relief, Customer Survey, or Company Picnic FTW!!

  54. Employee Transfer, Business Trip, Moroccan Christmas, The Duel, Prince Family Paper, Blood Drive, and Casual Friday should be the next to go.

  55. While Baby Shower wasn’t as good as many of the episodes, it definitely wasn’t the worst. I mean, come on, Jan was in it! Haha. I voted Moroccan Christmas off next – I remember thinking that The Office was going downhill after watching that episode.

  56. Oh man! Not Baby Shower!!!!!!

    The Jim/Pam voicemail scene at the end was one of my favorites ever. EVER.


    Prince Family Paper really really has to go.

  57. Man, I loved Baby Shower. I really think Moroccan Christmas is one of the worst episodes of the Office EVER. I will continue to vote for it until it’s off. Employee Transfer was also particularly un-memorable.

    For me, Weight Loss was good, but not great. My favorite episodes this season were the underappreciated Customer Survey (the Jim-Dwight phone call, the amazing scene with the Pam-Jim on the bluetooths…LOVE), Stress Relief, Broke, and Cafe Disco. I honestly think Cafe Disco did not have a single wrong note. It included everyone and was fun, funny, and sweet. That’s my vote for the winner!

  58. @57: I agree. The episodes themselves had some standalone funny moments (i.e. the cheesy puff throwing scenes), which is why they aren’t at the very bottom of my list, but I really disliked the plot overall.

  59. I don’t understand all the hate for Prince Family Paper… is it because it was such a downer? I think it showed perfectly the underlying issue of people vs. profit that is central to the Office.

  60. I agree with all who said that it is really hard to pick a least favorite episode. There were definitely some that I liked less than others, but overall it was such a good season that it’s hard to choose. Also, I wish that NBC had all of the episodes available to watch right now. It’s hard to vote without having the first ones fresh in your memory. As far as favorites go: Broke, Customer Survey, and Company Picnic in no particular order.

  61. So glad Moroccan Christmas is gone! I’m thinking Lecture Circuit Pt. 2 might be my next choice. But gosh, I did so love Jim and Dwight as the PPC!

  62. why the hatin’ on business trip?? that is definitely in my top 10 for this season. drunk andy and oscar? no greater amount of brilliance.

    i’m glad moroccan christmas went–that one was kind of dry, but baby shower was funny. that’s kind of a bummer.

    anyway, i say cafe disco or stress relief for the win.

  63. Glad to be rid of Moroccan Christmas. My only other “must go” is Business Ethics.

  64. Frame Toby needs to go – Jim’s a loser that he can’t get a picture frame out of a wall!

  65. I just want Prince Family Paper GONE GONE GONE! It and Golden Ticket.

    Weight Loss, Lecture Circuit pt 1, or Cafe Disco FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. Crime Aid and Golden Ticket were pretty popular. I doubt those go anywhere for a while.

  67. I can’t believe that Moroccan Christmas was voted off! I think I’m the only one who likes that episode. D: But, yeah, Prince Family Paper needs to say goodbye.

  68. I really don’t get why everybody hates Prince Family Paper… that had some of the most subtle, amusing comments of the whole season I thought. But I’m very glad about Baby Shower going, and it’s alright Moroccan Christmas is gone… but now The Duel and Employee Transfer should go.

  69. I’m voting off Employee Transfer this round because it was just depressing and felt a little light on the humor.

  70. I will do whatever it takes to bring down The Duel, even if it means slowly running it down in my Prius. Although I think that’s kind of a stupid idea…

  71. I voted off Employee Transfer too. But I feel bad about it because Darryl (Craig Robinson) was amazing in that episode.

  72. I’m voting off Lecture Circuit Pt 2. The first part was one of my favorite episodes but the same can’t be said about the second part. The Angela/cat storyline was one of my least favorite moments in The Office’s history.

  73. I think Blood Drive needs to go and then Two Weeks. I also think that Cafe Disco, Stress Relief, Weight Loss, Company Picnic and Business Trip should be the top 5. In any order they were all really good episodes and it’s really hard to pick a favorite out of those. Anyone else think that?

  74. I’ll vote Lecture Circuit II until it goes. The Angela/cat storyline was horrible.

  75. Any episode of The Office is light years better than other episode of any other show in the history of all that is television. There. It makes me feel better when I say:

    Lecture Circuit, pt. 2. Please make it gone. Please.

  76. Employee Transfer, Employee Transfer, Employee Transfer…

    I agree with the others that said it’s hard to pick a least favorite though. Loved this season. :)

  77. I went with Business Ethics for the next one off, but it’s hard to choose because there’s so many episodes!

  78. Voting Business Ethics, because Pam isn’t in it. Next on my hit list would be Employee Transfer with the douchebag Halpert bros. I would be okay if either one were to go, though.

    Long live any episode featuring the MSPC. That arc was so great, and really saved the season.

  79. I can’t believe that people want Lecture Circuit II gone!? Have you all forgotten Dwight and Jim – party planning!!!

  80. And, for the third time, I voted employee transfer.

    I’m still a little hurt that Baby Shower went out so early–I’m not a Jan fan, but I thought that the episode was solid (especially Dwight–the stroller and the fake birth). Moreover, we had Michael and Holly hugging and deciding to go on a first date, and a great, though sad, story with Pam and Jim that any long distance couple could understand [my fiancee and I were in different countries at the time when I saw this (we were apart for like 7 months)–definitely pulled the ol’ heart strings].

    Here’s a question for all you Tallyheads: if you had to pick an episode from season 5 for someone who had never seen The Office to watch, which episode would it be?

  81. to #101…Cafe Disco…it was just too fun not to show anyone! So far I’m 2 for 2…So long Prince Family Paper!!

  82. Employee transfer!!!!!!! I didn’t like the Halpert brothers much and it seemed like such a waste of a Jim and Pam moment

  83. @99 the best jim and dwight party planning stuff (the brown and gray balloon scene!) is in lecture circuit part ONE, a much superior episode. part two is the pits. the worst. bad. bad. bad.

  84. I can’t believe I’m voting for a B.J. Novak episode, but Prince Family Paper has got to go. It was painfully boring.

  85. #101- probably Lecture Circuit 1
    would say one of the MSPC episodes but could get confusing for new viewers. besides, lecture circuit part 1 was funny and gave almost all of the characters a spotlight moment. One of my top 5 episodes of the season, along with Dream Team, The Michael Scott Paper Company, Broke, and Company Picnic.

  86. This has got to be the hardest Survivor ever! THe only one I hated was Baby Shower and luckily it went first. I guess I wasn’t alone there.

  87. Prince Family Paper was so good! What a shame. Well I still need to see Employee Transfer go.

  88. This is much harder than it could be (TWSS) due to not having seen some of the early episodes for so long.

  89. Company Picnic needs to go. Least funny episode of the show ever and BY FAR the worst season finale, which are usually so stellar.

  90. 101 – I agree with RIP Sprinkles that the MSPC episodes are fantastic might be a big leap for the uninitiated. But I kind of feel the same way about Lecture Circuit Part I (which I also love). The Karen stuff might not mean as much if you haven’t lived through Season 3. Maybe a more “middle of the line” episode like Cafe Disco or The Surplus is a better starting point.

    P.S. I loved Company Picnic – and I’m usually the one on here saying “don’t pick the season finale just because it’s the season finale.”

  91. Too bad, I enjoyed PFP. Not top 5 (or even 10) by any means, but not bottom 3 either.

    Employee Transfer MUST be next. The whole Halpert bros thing was pointless, and while there some cute moments, it’s definitely next on the chopping block. Please make it so!

  92. sadness! i really liked prince family paper. i thought the hilary swank hot or not office debate was hilarious! recount!

  93. Now that Prince Family Paper is out, this has turned very tough. I loved the whole season…each episode was a different type of brilliant. So, honestly, I’m not sure what to vote off. But I do know this:
    Weight Loss, Customer Survey, Stress Relief, or Company Picnic FTW!

  94. Those voting for Employee Transfer: don’t forget the Halloween scene was part of that episode. That alone is keeping me from voting it off at this point.

  95. @101 – I would have them watch “Stress Relief”. That episode was created to introduce The Office to new post-Super Bowl viewers.

    RIP Prince Family Paper – I thought the Hillary Swank debate was unfunny and cruel.

  96. I think Blood Drive should go next, and after that I agree with the people who think Employee Transfer should go. I also think the Lecture Circuit pt 2 should go soon. Pt 1 was really good……but then there was pt 2 which wasn’t. Stress Relief, Cafe Disco, Weight Loss, Company Picnic, and Lecture Circuit pt 1 for the top 5! btw I loved the season as a whole it was GREAT!:)

  97. Usually the top episodes are the season opening and finale… but this time I think it should definitely be stress relief. I can definitely watch that one over and over again, especially the entire roasting scene and Pam saying “If it were an iPod it’d be a shuffle!”

  98. the three that have been voted off were some of the poorer episodes of the season, but i have voted and will continue to vote lecture circuit pt 2 until it’s gone. the cat licking was just offensively stupid (and made me feel so bad for poor angela kinsey–i could sense how aware she was of the lameness of the plotline)

  99. Wow am I only the only one who hated Crime Aid?

    Also, I agree with #113….Company Picnic was an ok episode, but AWFUL finale imo.

  100. “and made me feel so bad for poor angela kinsey–i could sense how aware she was of the lameness of the plotline”

    Based on?????

  101. I agree with kikibeesly(#126) that the cat-licking took a funny quirk and pushed it way too far so that it was unrealistic and weird

  102. Prince Family Paper’s off before The Duel? C’mon, people… do the right thing. Vote off the Duel. You know you want to. ;)

  103. I actually kinda liked The Duel. I really thought it was at least better than Two Weeks. Thoughts?

  104. I thought The Duel was hilarious. The next three that must go are Employee Transfer, Business Trip, and Lecture Circuit Part 2 (Angela’s cat licking is tied with the kidnapped pizza kid as the dumbest thing the writers have ever done.)

  105. Watched ‘Employee Transfer’ last night. Great Darryl episode – especially singing the blues at the end. No way I could vote it off this early.

    However I am ready to see ‘Business Trip’ (aka – the ‘Try To Get Everybody On The Show Laid’ episode) get the boot.

  106. Goodbye Employee Transfer. Last night’s viewing just reinforced my initial impression of this episode. Brilliant cold open (Halloween) that just went straight downhill. The Halpert brothers? Ick.

  107. The Surplus NEEDS to be next. My least favorite Office ep of all time. Then I would say Lecture Pt. 2 next then Two Weeks, The Duel, and Business Ethics in some order.

  108. So far I’m 2 for 4 in this poll. So for the third time in a row I’ll vote for Lecture Circuit part 2. Just so you know, I have Lecture Circuit part 1 in my top 5.

    That was one of my favorites…:/…oh well. And why do people wanna vote of The Duel?? I love that episode! “Dear Dwight. I assume you found my letter.” Hahaha!

    Stress Relief, FTW!

  110. Ok, I’m just going to keep voting off Frame Toby until it’s gone. That episode was awful. I did have a really hard time deciding on the top episodes, though…I’m now convinced that it will come down to Broke, Café Disco, Customer Survey, and Stress Relief. Weight Loss was not that interesting or funny compared to these brilliant episodes.

  111. Customer Survey, Broke, Heavy Competition, Casual Friday, and Stress Relief FTW!!

    I also love Weight Loss, Frame Toby, TMSPC, The Surplus, Cafe Disco, Blood Drive, Company Picnic, and Duel (:

  112. WHAT??! People need to go watch Employee Transfer again if they voted for it. It’s AMAZING! Everyone’s halloween costumes at the beginning, the Cornell bit, JAM + Brothers?!!? Daryl and Michael!? AHHH!!

    I’m outraged. I thought it would at least make top 10.


  113. I have a new theory. This whole season was pretty awesome, especially coming off feeling cheated out of season 4, that people are having a hard time deciding what the worst episodes were. Every time I think an episode wasn’t that great, I’ll re-watch it, and realize that I laughed tons. There were some pretty low moments though, cat licking comes to mind.

  114. The Duel next, then Lecture Circuit Pt. 2, after that Casual Friday and Blood Drive.

  115. If you vote off Business Trip, I can only say “We will attack you from the North.” (I’m Canadian, I mean it.)

    Seriously, Andy and Oscar’s phone call with Angela is worth at least top 10 in my book.

    I’ll probably vote off Lecture Circuit Pt II and then Weight Loss. But I agree with those who say this was a very good season on The Office and there are any number of episodes that could win this thing!

  116. Disappointed in all the Frame Toby hate. That ep was hysterical, but I do find the Michael/Toby interaction some of the funniest bits on the show. I doubt it will make it, but I thought New Boss was the best episode of the season, closely followed by Broke. The Surplus needs to go.

  117. vote off frame toby! it doesn’t have much to recommend it. the clown picture and the gene and lee appearance were good. but c’mon, who mistakes salad for weed? how did michael not know that toby worked there for a week? pam gets uptight about the dirty microwave? just not a wonderful episode, imo.

  118. How is Angela licking a cat disgusting? You know what is disgusting – Jim living in a house with a picture of a clown you’d find on a diaper! Frame Toby OUT NOW!

  119. I’m glad to see so many people wanting Frame Toby gone. Let’s do this thing and vote it off.

  120. I’m going to have to say Frame Toby. Sorry, but it sucked. Just didn’t buy it and wasn’t funny. A friend of mine came up with a hilarious episode called time management, much like this video

    Basically how your bosses always want you to manage your time wisely, but still find ways to waste it on a daily basis.

  121. I’m not a fan of Frame Toby, either, but right now I’m voting to get The Duel outta here! It was beyond ridiculous. And I can’t blieve Prince Family Paper is out! It was such a nice, sweet, small episode.

  122. I voted Frame Toby before I read all of the comments saying they voted for it too. Good to know I am not alone.

    If Frame Toby doesn’t go, I hope Business Trip does.

  123. No way! It’s not Frame Toby’s time yet! I voted Customer Survey out, because I didn’t like the Evil Kelly storyline. Hmm, but I guess it will be sticking around for a while… it was one of those forgettable episodes, whether it’s forgetting how much you loved it or hated it.

  124. This whole Survivor competition is funny to me: it brings out hatred of episodes of our favorite show. Can’t we all just get along?

  125. I will vote New Boss until it goes. Yeah, Jim was in a tux but that was just about all I liked about it.

  126. Lecture Part 2 was not that good. All of them were good this season but a few were ok!!

    Top 3 of this season – Two Weeks, The Michael Scott Paper Company, and Broke.

  127. i really didn’t like lecture circuit part two. i didn’t like part one either but part two let me down even more. I really like all of the Michael Scott Paper Company ones though, they need to stay!

  128. ugh…continuing to vote lecture circuit pt 2 until it’s gone.

    only when it’s out will i be able to think about the quality/rating of the other episodes.

  129. I voted for Business Ethics. It didn’t have that normal office flow. It seemed a little forced.

  130. Voting Business Ethics off again. In 100 episodes it’s the only one where we don’t see Pam. That just doesn’t feel right.

  131. First time commenting. Yay! I’d just like to say that while Frame Toby wasn’t the best episode, it doesn’t deserve to go just yet. I liked the idea of Jim buying the house for Pam, it was sweet, but not necessarily the clown picture.

    I voted for New Boss. It really wasn’t that great. I also think Business Ethics needs to go. Top episode: Weight Loss

  132. Heavy Competition needs to go!!! Everybody was out of character in that episode, Dwight sabatoging Michael, Jim’s prank on an idiotic Andy. It was horrible.

  133. I was surprised to see “Frame Toby” voted off so early. So once again, I voted for “Lecture Circuit, Part 2”.

  134. I can’t believe Frame Toby was voted off!! The cold open just makes that episode priceless, with Michael seeing Toby and yelling NO!!! over and over. Although, I have a hard time voting each week because I thought this season was extremely good- only season 2 has been better so far.

  135. Lecture Circuit, part 2 cannot possibly survive this round. Please.

    I mean, come on. Michael crawls out of a sales meeting on his hands and knees? Pam stumbles through his presentation? Angela licks a cat???

    This ep left me feeling so bad.

    Do the right thing. Vote for LC, part 2!


  136. I’ve been voting for Lecture Circuit Part 2 since this has started. It is by far the worst of the season!

  137. Ok, if Lecture Circuit Pt. 2 doesn’t go this round, I have officially lost my faith in the Officetally Survivor Poll. CAT LICKING, PEOPLE!!! CAT LICKING!! I rest my case.

  138. I voted for “Blood Drive” – again. I did not care for that episode at all.

  139. Tanster,

    Do you vote in these polls?

    [from tanster: excellent question! no, i don’t. but i’ll tell you my favorite episodes once Survivor is done for the season. :) ]

  140. Check The Duel for grav boots cos thus far I have been unable to throw, nay, HEAVE it off this island.

  141. THANK you 170, 171, and 172! that’s what i’ve been saying all along! LCpt2 needs to go NOW folks, let’s do this before my poor head explodes.

    and to 177, i didn’t like the surplus either, but go find another computer and vote LCpt2 for us…and then we can all vote surplus next time, deal? :)

  142. I would have to say goodbye to golden ticket already. I think i laughed once in that episode.

  143. How is Cafe Disco still on this list? I thought it was the second worst episode of the season!

  144. I agree the cat licking just took it tooooooo far!!

    But honestly, why am I the only one who hated Crime Aid lol. It was not at all funny!!

  145. 181:

    Believe it or not, everyone has different opinions on what is or isn’t funny.

  146. Although it pains me to do so, I voted off Lecture Circuit part 2. It was a little off the wall and I didn’t laugh once (a first for me). Does anyone know which episode had the “Is Hillary Swank hot?” storyline? That would probably be the next episode I vote off.

  147. phyllis*farm, I’m with you, sir. I’ve been voting for the duel since the day OT survivor graced my homepage. How it has the strength to hold its own in this competition, I do not know. I think we should test it for illegal substances. the use of steroids is the only explanation I can offer as to how it still stands.

  148. I love voting for these polls, but I really dislike how every time some people get so belligerent about the one they think should be voted off. Express your opinion, fine, but don’t get mad if people don’t agree with you and vote differently. It’s opinions about a tv show, please get over it!

  149. I think Lecture Circuit II is holding on cos, other than the dreaded cat-licking, it’s not a bad episode. It’s not as good as Part I but it has some great moments and works well as the second part of an hour-long episode. One excruciatingly bad story does not a bad episode make.

    I mean, it’s clearly no Duel.

  150. Yeah, I’m voting off Golden Ticket, and when that’s gone, Blood Drive. It’s weird; I don’t feel that strongly about a lot of this season… but I still think the series is getting better and better.

  151. I personally think business trip should have been the first one voted off…I just didn’t think it was very funny.

  152. I am probably the only one, but I voted off “Company Picnic.”

    It kinda sucked. No offense.

  153. Cafe Disco by far…it was total filler and tease with the fake JAM marriage bit.

  154. Yes! Thank you to everyone who voted off LCp2. I can relax. I think the worst of the episodes are gone now. :-)

    (And even though I call them the “worst,” that only means that I think they’re slightly less brilliant than all the other brilliant episodes. Because The Office is just that: brilliant.)


  155. Lecture Circuit Part II – I thought Jim and Dwight’s party planning would save you…I’m sad to see you go…*tear*

  156. hallelujah, it finally happened. i’m with ya, notabadday…i don’t know what to vote for now :) but i know i don’t agree with vance; business trip was one of my faves. true, it’s not hilarious, but it’s excellent. i think i’ll side with jim’stravelingpants and vote off business ethics. it was both unfunny and poor…and the beginning of a series of sloppy continuity errors by the writers–meredith with the hammermill rep? come on, how could they forget the convention??

  157. I’m glad Lecture Circuit Part 2 is gone…that was just awkward and sad. But why is The Surplus still there? Of all the Office episodes ever which I do not like, that is most definitely in my top 5.

  158. Well, at least Frame Toby is gone now. Still need to get rid of The Duel! People trying to run over people with cars? Oh! And I TOTALLY forgot about Stress Relief! Did everyone else? I haven’t seen one negative comment about it. Wow. That one was bad. Dwight would have and should have been fired, and… that movie? It just wasn’t funny. A little too over-the-top for The Office. I hope one of those goes next.

  159. The only not-super episodes of the season in my opinion have been Casual Friday and Prince Family Paper. Everything else is amazing beyond words.

    Cafe Disco, Weight Loss, Stress Relief for the WIN <3

  160. Blood Drive needs to go next. Cafe Disco,Stress Relief, Company Picnic,Weight Loss and Buisness Trip or Lecture Circuit pt 1 for the top 5. anyone agree?

  161. People, come on, ‘The Duel’ was easiest one of the most pointless Office episodes ever, vote it off.

  162. LC Pt.2 being voted off is a fair result, but i’m still surprised that Business Ethics has held out for this long. Stress Relief for the win!!!

    @ Luke, I think you’re probably right about Cafe Disco, but can you honestly tell me that the episode didn’t leave you with a big silly grin on your face?

  163. Can’t stand Stress Relief, the only thing I liked was Angela – both saving her cat and her Jeff Foxworthy bit. Dwight mean-muggin’ NOT cool!

  164. I voted Business Trip last time. I’m glad it didn’t work. After seeing it again last week I was reminded how good it was.

  165. @203 – I agree. HATED Cafe Disco. The whole episode was pointless and did absolutely nothing to advance the story. Did we really think there would be a Pam/Jim eloping?

  166. Why has The Duel not been voted out yet? One of the worst of any season.

  167. Company picnic was not great. Wish they’d do an episode about the awkwardness of work bathrooms — like when someone tries to talk to you randomly. It’s just like this I can’t stand it!

  168. Once again, I’m voting off Business Ethics. I’ll probably do so until it is gone.

  169. This one is between Crime Aid and The Surplus- both I found lacking in the funny. Went with The Surplus, because at least Crime Aid had the sorta sweet Dwight/Phyllis interaction.

  170. I’m voting off Business Ethics next. It was a decent episode but I just didn’t get too many laughs watching it.

  171. After Business Ethics, Golden Ticket, and Casual Friday are gone, so will all of my bottom five. Top five would be Weight Loss, Cafe Disco, Lecture Circuit part one, Company Picnic and Heavy Competition.


    TWO Weeks was just a complete episode, humor, drama, emotion, progression of story, great writing, great acting. With CAFE DISCO, there has never been a television episode of any show ever where I have smiled the entire time. I could watch each episode over and over.

  173. Still surprised there’s not much action against “Casual Friday.” It was way too over the top and incredibly disappointing since the six episodes that preceded it were the best streak of episodes the show has seen since season 2.

  174. I don’t understand people hatin’ on ‘Cafe Disco’ because it didn’t advance any plot. ‘The Injury’ in Season 2 didn’t advance any plot but I doubt anyone would suggest it was a bad episode (in fact you guys made it #3 in Season 2 Survivor). Since when did an Office HAVE to contribute to some huge season-long story arc to be good. This isn’t the show LOST we are talking about. I thought ‘Cafe Disco’ was just a fun episode and definitely in my Top 10 for this season.

  175. 225- I totally agree. I think the reason is that Casual Friday was such a forgettable episode as a whole. There was no moment a la Angela’s cat licking, Michael chasing Meredith at the rehab center, or Pam failing art class that stuck out that made us go, “this episode needs to be voted off.” I think it was the classic definition of a filler episode.

  176. I can’t stand The Surplus! Pam was so annoying! I’ve been voting that one from the start!

  177. how is Blood Drive still on?! MY LEAST FAVORITE EPISODE OF “THE OFFICE” EVER!

  178. “The Duel” should go next. I disliked the Dwight-Angela-Andy storyline. I’m glad the writers shifted away from them after that episode. (Then I would boot “Business Trip” and “Golden Ticket”). After that, eliminating episodes will be much more difficult for me. I honestly believe this has been one of the strongest years for the show. Every episode between “Two Weeks” and “Company Picnic” was gold; some of the strongest episodes of the series. “Weight Loss,” “Crime Aid,” “Customer Survey,” “The Surplus” and “Lecture Circuit Part One” are also some of my favorite episodes of the series as well.

  179. I’ve been voting for Two Weeks since the first vote and I won’t stop until it’s gone. Pam walking out with Michael was just too dumb.

  180. 227 — I wholeheartedly agree. After watching Cafe Disco, my face hurt from smiling so much.

    As for Casual Friday, while it had some memorable moments (Dwight’s new company: The Schrute Bernard Lapin Vance…Stanley Paper Company) Hahaha!

    But I’m makin’ it gone.

  181. the only thing i liked from “business trip” was pam coming back.

  182. @227 – Part of the reason I love this show is that even in the most minimal circumstances, you’ll see something in an episode that could def be relatable to the average workplace (in addition to lack of plot adv). Cafe Disco had none of that. That’s why I’m not a fan.

  183. Here is my order:

    26. Prince Family Paper
    25. The Surplus
    24. Frame Toby
    23. Business Trip
    22. Baby Shower
    21. Employee Transfer
    20. Blood Drive
    19. Golden Ticket
    18. Casual Friday
    17. Two Weeks
    16. Dream Team
    15. Lecture Circuit, Part 1
    14. The Duel
    13. Crime Aid
    12. Lecture Circuit, Part 2
    11. Heavy Competition
    10. Moroccan Christmas (I especially liked Dwight)
    9. Business Ethics (Holly was really good in it)
    8. Cafe Disco (Calm Episode, Dwight and Phyllis)
    7. Customer Survey (Kelly, Dwight, Jim, Michael)
    6. New Boss (The start of a legendary story arc)
    5. The Michael Scott Paper Company (Ryan, Pam, and Michael were great)
    4. Stress Relief (Dwight calling to Clarice, enough said)
    3. Company Picnic (The best part was the volleyball game and Rolf)
    2. Weight Loss (Holly, Michael, Dwight, Jim, Pam, and Ryan were very funny)
    1. Broke (Probably my second favorite of the series (behind The Injury because it was the end to the arc, and had a long and hilarious cold open)

    So, Broke, Weight Loss, Company Picnic, Stress Relief, or The Michael Scott Paper Company FTW)

  184. It seems like everyone has a different opinion on which episode is their least favorite. It seems to me that if everyone had different favorites and least favorites, it was a pretty solid season, even though some weren’t impressed.
    As for me, I’m surprised at the Casual Friday, Cafe Disco, and The Surplus hate…three of my favorite episodes of the series.

  185. I will keep voting for The Surplus until that episode is dead and gone. Hated that one.

    But Business Ethics was pretty bad, so I won’t protest to its being voted off.

  186. Now it starts to get tough. I mean, I like ALL the episodes this season. Some were just better than others. And the others are all gone now. It was tough, but I voted off The Duel. A good episode, but the others were much better.

  187. Alright, now this is so tough. I seriously do like all these episodes now.
    I’m gonna have to go with buisness trip (to be voted off, I mean.) Michael and the concierge thing was kind of wierd.

    Stress Relief, FTW!

  188. Come on, people. Customer Survey is still in? Really? I’ve been voting this one out for 5 rounds.

  189. I just keep voting off New Boss because I didn’t find it very funny. I find the awkward funny on the office has to be done just right in order to make the episode any good, that’s why I think Employee Transfer didn’t do so well, and why I didn’t especially enjoy New Boss.

  190. well, here’s what i think. the duel should go next. it was over the top with the dueling and sad too. but i really liked cafe disco, maybe because i love dance parties – they show another side of people and that’s what this one did. it was fun. i also really liked customer survey. i liked jim and pam on the phone all day and the buttlicker phone call.

  191. Yes! Now that Business Ethics is gone, I don’t know what to vote off.

  192. I agree with 245! Customer Survey was golden. I mean that was some beautiful work. Buttlicker, “Get a friend, loser!”, and csprinkle of cinnamon. I really hated Miner, being a solid Jim fan and all, and the way he undermined Michael and made a fool of Jim (who, okay, deserved it sometimes, but seriously.) New Boss and Two Weeks definitely weren’t my favorite. Cafe Disco was cute but I think I’m still warming up to Erin. Employee Transfer got pretty pathetic at times for me, one of those “Oh, Michael, really?” episodes. The Duel, too. Made me want to hit Angela. I loved Company Picnic, Customer Survey, Blood Drive, Broke, Stress Relief, and of course: Weight Loss. After all this thought I’ve come to one conclusion, though:

    I need to open up iTunes and watch every season 5 episode again. :)

  193. @ 228 and 225.

    Exactly! Even though all of the episodes that have been voted off have had ‘bad’ moments (need we mention the cat-licking again?), CASUAL FRIDAY was terrible in that there were no memorable funny moments and no real necessary plotline or additions to the arc of the story. It was just 30 minutes of ‘ugh’.

  194. @248- I couldn’t agree with you more!!!

    @237-Broke is also probably my second favorite of the series but behind The Dundies/Beach Games (it’s a first place tie)…and I also agree with your prediction for the top 3 for this season!

    I agree with those who say it’s tough to decide what to vote off next….they’re all great in some way!

  195. I didn’t really like New Boss or Two Weeks, but they set up the next few episodes, which were golden. So I’m confused about how to vote on them.

    In the meantime I’m voting for Crime Aid and Blood Drive.

    The phone call to Angela during Business Trip saves that one for me. Andy silently driving into Dwight during The Duel was hysterical, and I thought the whole office dynamic was great during The Surplus.

  196. The Surplus, Business Trip, or Blood Drive need to now.
    The Surplus was an incredibly horrible episode because of the subplot, and Pam.
    I hated Business Trip because Michael was just weird, and even though I already hated the “Pam in Art School Plot”, this just made it even worse, what point was it??
    Blood Drive was very sappy. The Office isn’t a drama, it’s a comedy, and at that time, I was kind of starting to question the show.
    This was actually a really good season. Holly, The Michael Scott Paper Company, Charles Miner, and Angela vs. Phyllis was incredible. I just did not like some of the episodes!

  197. Oh happy day!

    Now I have to put some thought into this for the first time since it started.

  198. That bums me out, I find the scene of Andy sneaking up on Dwight in the Prius hilarious enough alone to carry it over a few of the other episodes.

  199. After seeing “The Surplus” last night, I feel that that one should be the next to go. I barely laughed and Pam was just too evil for me.

  200. This has been a no-brainer for me every poll. Been voting ‘Business Trip’ since day one.

  201. How can The Duel be voted off?!? It was an incredible episode. How can you forget,

    Learn your rules, you better learn your rules.
    Andy and Dwight and the Prius.
    The surprise ending! Dwight throwing his bobblehead in the garbage.
    The incredible 31mph cold open.
    Really, Really?
    Granted, it was not one of the best episodes of the season and it barely makes my top 15 episodes, but it was much more funny than some episodes.

    The Surplus needs. To. Go. Now. Or Else ;)
    Broke FTW!

  202. @256 I agree with you. The Duel was awesome!!! And Broke FTW!…But I want New Boss to go.

  203. I’m glad “The Duel” was finally voted off. It was not a bad episode, but it highlighted my problems with the direction of Dwight, Angela and Andy.

    My next target will be either “Business Trip” or “Golden Ticket.” I’m still deciding.

    Love “The Surplus,” so I’m hoping that sticks around a little longer.

  204. I don’t understand how “Golden Ticket” lasted this long. Michael was evil in that one, and it wasn’t too funny, either.

  205. I’m really surprised that The Duel has been voted off :( The Dwight and Andy interaction was soooo good! I say either Golden Ticket or New Boss should go next.

  206. I’m sad to see The Duel voted off, and I’m sad about all the Golden Ticket hate too. I LOVED that ep! Shoe-la-la. Horseboat. Toilet Buddy! It’s one of my top 5 for sure!

    As much as I love the Holly-Michael relationship, I just find the episodes with her amongst the most boring. I’m voting Crime Aid next. (Probably.)

  207. Vote off ‘The Surplus’ or I’ll attack you with the north. :)

    But really, vote off ‘The Surplus’!

  208. I will never understand the Casual Friday hate. It felt like a S2 ep to me. I loved it. If I were to decide on ranking everything left, it would go..

    18. Golden Ticket (Storyline felt lame, didn’t laugh much)
    17. Blood Drive (forgettable)
    16. LCP1 (Not very funny imo)
    15. The Surplus (Pam was out of character)
    14. New Boss (Not great, but it had its moments)
    13. Crime Aid (Holly and Michael were cute)
    12. Cafe Disco (Dancing dragged a bit, but fun ep nonetheless. I loved Jam in it.
    11. Dream Team (The start of the MSPC)
    10. Business Trip (Andy and Oscar together = Gold)
    9. Company Picnic (Not a great finale, but still funny)
    8. MSPC (Loved Ryan Pam and Michael)
    7. Two Weeks (Michael on the floor had me rolling)
    6. Heavy Competition (Clever and hilarious episode)
    5. Weight Loss (Best premiere since The Dundies)
    4. Broke (Surprisingly I didn’t laugh much, but I was smiling the whole time. Clever writing in this.)
    3. Casual Friday (So underrated. One of my favorites in the series.)
    2. Customer Survey (Bill Buttlicker. Nuff said)
    1. Stress Relief (A breath of fresh air considering there were several mediocre epsiodes before it.)

  209. Casual Friday needs to go.
    Casual Friday needs to go.

    Cafe Disco, Weight Loss, Broke or Stres Relief for the win!!

  210. I love Golden Ticket!! Please don’t vote it off! I’m voting off Blood Drive.


    Unfunny, boring, and just not good enough to be in the competition at this point.

  212. Do not vote off Casual Friday, at least not yet!
    It is my job to convince you to vote off ‘The Surplus’

    -Pam was way out of character
    -Looking back, the Angela, Andy, Dwight plot was pointless
    -Michael Scott was very over-the-top.
    -When has the whole office, including Oscar and Stanley cared about debates?
    -Michael and Pam were way too forced.
    -It felt like a sitcom, not a mockumentary!
    -It was way too slapstick. Andy stepping in poop, twice?!?
    Do the right thing, vote off ‘The Surplus’, and as always ‘Broke’ FTW!

  213. I agree with Carlos! “The Surplus” oughta be next! Come on, people!! Pam was not Pam!

  214. I still can’t believe The Duel was voted off.
    That was easily one of my favorites.
    Ya’all are crazy!

    Stress Relief, FTW!

  215. Carlos, right on. Although Andy stepping in pooh and Pam’s chair slowly lowering when Michael sat in it were the only parts I found funny. I’ve been voting The Surplus off since day one.

    New Boss or Broke FTW!

  216. Why is “Blood Drive” still on the list? I felt like I needed a transfusion after watching that episode.

  217. i am so pissed the duel got voted off!!

    that was my 4th favorite episode of the season.

    what the heck.

    casual friday NEEDS to go.

    also, i rewatched the surplus two days ago and confirmed that it was indeed a good episode deserving of staying a bit longer.

  218. i voted for “crime aid”… the only thing i liked about it was jim telling roy that he and pam were engaged.

  219. I don’t understand why everyone wants Broke to win. I didn’t think it was that good. Blood Drive and Two Weeks should go next. Cafe Disco, Stress Relief, Company Picnic, Lecture Circuit pt.1 and Weight Loss FTW. (p.s. the office in general is just a great show and season 5 was one of the best seasons:] )

  220. Golden Ticket is still there? Oh well, it needs to go ASAP. Michael dancing around the warehouse while wearing that costume was a definite low point this season.

  221. I voted for Cafe Disco. It’s such an odd filler episode and just didn’t work in the grand scheme of story lines.

  222. #266 – “Casual Friday” is like a S2 episode? I don’t see it. Season 2 aimed for more realistic humor, not cheap gags like Meredith not wearing pants–that doesn’t happen at an office, or not without a sexual harassment suit at least.

    I do think all the Charles episodes (besides the finale maybe) fit the S2 style more or less. That was definitely the best streak of episodes since S2.

  223. I find this game much more difficult now. I voted off “Golden Ticket.” I’m a HUGE supporter of “Customer Survey,” “The Surplus” and “Casual Friday,” so I’d like to see those three last longer.

  224. 283: In season 2, Michael burned his foot on a Foreman grill, Meredith went topless on the booze cruise and the Christmas party, etc etc. There has always been a mix of real office stuff and goofiness.

  225. Tit for Tit:

    – The Jim, Dwight, Michael KGB joke.
    – Buddha this bread for me.
    – Darryl!
    – Shoe-La-La, a shoestore for all the important events in life.
    – Dwight keeping secrets from his computer.
    – Lynn, Kevin, and Boobs.
    – Andy’s ridiculous advice to Kevin.
    – An Obama Fashion Show
    – Horse Boat.
    – David Wallace and That’s What She Said.

    10 great moments in 20 minutes. The Surplus has nine slapstick sitcomy moments. Ehh. My rampage will never end for ‘The Surplus’. At least not until it is voted off.

  226. Golden Ticket & The Surplus both need to go. Other than that, I don’t really mind which ones win.

  227. 287. Carlos:

    A fine list, but you missed a few:

    -Michael rolling on the floor making ridiculous noises

    -“Trapped in an oil painting”

    -Michael interrupting everyone’s phone calls: “That really makes us look unprofessional/They’d never know it was me.”

    -Dwight falling on his sword

    -toilet buddy

    That’s 15 in 20 min now.

  228. Oh! And I nearly forgot ‘barbecue sauce of shame’!

    Golden Ticket is up there with The Injury for me. Instant classic.

  229. I agree that ‘Golden Ticket’ is a decent episode. ‘The Surplus’ was not. Pam was some other person. Come on people, do the right thing, vote off ‘The Surplus’, a pointless, sitcomy, unrealistic, and unfunny episode!

    Broke FTW!

  230. Reading the comments, I was surprised to see so many votes against one episode or another that I really liked. And then I realized it was often the same person coming back again and again with their hate on for a particular episode. Because of that, and also because I just liked the episode, I refuse to vote off The Surplus. “I’m gonna need four.”

    There were things that I liked about all the episodes left, but the one with the least amount of good for me is probably Casual Friday. It just seemed like a bit of a letdown coming off the terrific MSPC arc.

  231. I voted off the surplus, not because i thought it was a bad episode mind you. All the episodes i thought were bad have already been voted off. but because i think out of all the episodes on that list i think that that was the weakest.

  232. I choose “Golden Ticket”… It was a rare episode… I don’t know…

  233. not the duel! any andy/dwight centric episode is amazing. i have no words.

  234. I don’t think it’s fair to vote off Company Picnic simply because it was a weak finale and didn’t pull out all the stops. That’s comparing it against other season finales as opposed to the season it is a part of.

  235. How in the world has Blood Drive made it this far? I laughed like one time and rewatched the episode to see if I just wasn’t paying enough attention and still didn’t laugh. Creed with the bloodbag at the end was the only funny part of that episode. It needs to go now!

  236. 285: That’s a fair point but season 2 still felt like “This stuff could actually happen”–someone has too much to drink at the Christmas party, and we fortunately didn’t see Michael burn his foot (which you know that the post-S3 version of the show would do, turning it into four minutes of Michael hopping around and screaming). But Meredith showing up on Casual Friday without pants? That’s not goofy; it’s embarrassing.

    To be fair, “Stress Relief” is completely unrealistic in every way as well, but it was funny at least (besides the movie within the show). A little too over-the-top for my tastes but I could appreciate it. “Casual Friday” was more of a “Sigh…we get it, Meredith’s a one-note character who always acts inappropriately” sort of thing. Plus it was a disappointment following the best streak of episodes the show has had in years.

  237. i’m glad the surplus is gone…it was the last of the “bad” ones, in my opinion.

    that said, i voted off casual friday this round. it was pretty lame/unfunny, and like many have mentioned here, the meredith thing was too one-note and unbelievable.

    we’re really getting down to the hard decisions. i think the next two i’ll vote for are new boss and blood drive…but not because they’re bad, but because the others are all so good.

  238. i’m with carlos, broke for the win. it was the one episode this season where i turned off the tv after the show and just grinned ear to ear. that’s what it was like after jim busted in on pam’s talking head and asked her to dinner…or after the casino night kiss. broke was as good as a finale – and it should win. :)

  239. Yes, finally, ‘The Surplus’ has been voted off! I did not think it would go this quick. I want Business Trip to go next, but ‘Blood Drive’ can also go next as well.

    Broke For The Win!

  240. Blood Drive needs to go next. I like that this is actually getting tough now to vote one off. I liked The Surplus, but I realized it was the weakest episode left and now it’s gone. I’ve got Broke for the win.

  241. Here is my new, changed order:

    17. Business Trip (I did not laugh once in this episode)
    16. Blood Drive (Really sappy)
    15. Casual Friday (Meredith was over the top, but still decent)
    14. Two Weeks (Pretty good, just not better than some)
    13. Golden Ticket
    12. Lecture Circuit, Part 1
    11. Crime Aid
    10. Dream Team (Vikram and Ryan)
    9. Cafe Disco (A filler, but the show earned it after the best streak of episodes since S2)
    8. Customer Survey (Kelly, Dwight, and Jim made this a great episode)
    7. Heavy Competition (Dwight was great)
    6. New Boss (Dark, funny, and a cliffhanger ending)
    5. Stress Relief (Very funny, Clarice)
    4. The Michael Scott Paper Company (Pam, Ryan, and Michael were great)
    3. Company Picnic (Holly and Michael were awesome)
    2. Weight Loss (Great that all the cast was in it)
    1. Broke (Absolutely Incredible episode. This actually may be tied for my favorite episode ever now. (Which is ‘The Injury’)

    It’s Business Trip and Blood Drive’s turn to get voted off!

  242. This will be the 6th straight round I’m voting off Business Trip although I wouldn’t be at all sad to see Casual Friday go. My rankings of the remaining episodes:

    17. Business Trip
    16. Casual Friday
    15. Lecture Circuit, Part 1
    14. Dream Team
    13. Weight Loss
    12. New Boss
    11. Two Weeks
    10. Cafe Disco
    9. The Michael Scott Paper Company
    8. Blood Drive
    7. Crime Aid
    6. Company Picnic
    5. Broke
    4. Customer Survey
    3. Golden Ticket (I really don’t understand the hate for this one at all)
    2. Stress Relief (Jack Black movie prevents it from being number one)
    1. Heavy Competition (Funniest episode since Women’s Appreciation)

  243. I don’t understand the hate towards Golden Ticket, I thought it was a genuinely funny episode. I like all the episodes that are left, so I can understand it being a least favorite of the remaining, but I don’t get the comments about it having to go and it being around too long.

  244. I hope other people will vote off Blood Drive with me. It just didn’t cut it compared to some of the others.

  245. I’ve been voting off Business Trip since day one. In a season that was insanely funny, if not as cohesive storyline-wise as seasons 2 and 3, this one was a bit of a downer. It was probably the only episode of the show that’s left me depressed at the end, not just because of the content, but also because of the feeling that the concept was a missed opportunity.

  246. 310: I felt the same way about The Surplus as far as blown opportunities go.

  247. well, i love all the eps left, so…
    i guess all i can say now is stress relief, ftw!!

  248. I’m pretty sure Blood Drive, Golden Ticket, and Business Trip are the next ones to go.

  249. “Blood Drive” was not horrible, just sappy, and I really think that ‘Business Trip’ needs to go next. However, I would not be very sad if ‘Casual Friday’ or ‘Two Weeks’ go soon.
    Otherwise, after those episodes are gone it will get much harder than it already is. ‘Broke’ for the win!

  250. Still voting “Business Trip”. Been doing it since day one. Least favorite episode of The Office ever.

  251. I’ve been voting off New Boss since day one, I honestly couldn’t stand watching Charles be so critical and mean to Jim it just drove me crazy. All in all, though, I just didn’t think it was that funny . . . . except for the C shaped bagels.

  252. Finally! Now that “Blood Drive” has been canned, I will be casting my vote for “Business Trip.” I didn’t care for Concierge Marie, sorry…

  253. Yay! I’ve been voting off Blood Drive for a while now. I can’t decide what to choose now…

  254. Vote off Business Trip people, it was a blip on an otherwise pretty strong season.

    Top 3 eps this season were
    1. Customer Survey (Bill Buttlicker, nuff said)
    2. Stress Relief (Fire drills anyone?)
    3. Broke (crunch the numbers again!)

  255. i agree. business trip needs to go. however, i think stress relief is the funniest by far.

  256. what?! people need to watch ‘the surplus’ again. one of the best jim/pam episodes of the season, plus hank the security guard and burlington coat factory! ahh!

    best episodes are weight loss, broke or stress relief.

  257. FINALLY!!!!!! Blood Drive has been the one I’ve voted for since the beginning!!! I couldn’t stand that episode!

  258. I’ve been consistently voting off Company Picnic as well. It was no where near the brilliance of the other season finales. Yeah the Jam pregnancy was a great moment, but the entire episode doesn’t measure up to the other finales, or the other episodes in the season really!

  259. casual friday’s still alive?! i thought it had been voted off long ago. let’s get rid of that bomb.

  260. I have been consistently voting for Company Picnic. No one ever votes off the premieres or finales, but if you compile every premiere and every finale, Company Picnic is by far the worst and there have been MUCH stronger episodes this season. Yes, I love the pregnancy plot point that will begin, but the only decent part of the episode was Dwight’s behavior. The rest was meh.

  261. How is Cafe Disco still in? It seems a lot of people really liked it, but I just found it a little to far fetched (without being too far fetched it was funny), and a JAM story line which felt jolted and like it was crammed in at the last minute. Broke gets my vote for number one. Steve is brilliant in it.

  262. How in the world is Cafe Disco still here? That one episode made no sense and has to go, it wasn’t funny and did not have that Office charm. It was just plain awkward to watch.

  263. The past three season finales are some of the best eps of the series, so don’t vote off Company Picnic just because it doesn’t hold up to that standard. Still a couple here that it’s better than.

  264. This time around, I voted for “Business Trip”. It just wasn’t really funny for me, though the thing with Oscar and Andy was slightly, should I say, delightful!

  265. 316-

    Yes! It looks like you’re the only person who agrees with me. Stress Releif was just so over-the-top. It’s everything that The Office isn’t. Some of the roasting is funny, and the Jim/Pam stuff was okay, but Stanley having a heart attack? Dwight speaking to Wallace that way? He would have been fired ten times over! And… that ridiculous movie. LOL, I don’t think Jim and Pam would’ve actually sat through the whole thing.

    Oh! AND THE DUEL IS GONE! I’m happy. Another over-the-top episode.

  266. casual friday needs to die already.

    that episode was just dull…and the dialogue wasn’t funny.

  267. Oh man, this keeps getting harder and harder. (Insert TWSS joke here).

    I’ve long said that there’s no such thing as a bad episode of the Office. So with a heavy heart, I voted off Crime Aid.

  268. Am I missing something with Cafe Disco? How is it still here?

  269. For the third week in a row I’m voting off Casual Friday. I still want Customer Survey to win with Company Picnic and Broke coming in second and third.Heavy Competition in my 4th place finisher and Lecture Circuit Part 1 in fifth.

  270. There aren’t really any bad eps left, but I think Cafe Disco and Two Weeks should be the next to go. Then it’ll get really tough.

  271. Cafe Disco has got to go. It was just plain boring, and all the humor seemed forced.

  272. 336–I’m with you too, although “Casual Friday” is still at the top of my hit list. I enjoyed “Stress Relief” for what it was…but that was NOT The Office; that was one of the broadest, most over-the-top goofy episodes of any sitcom ever. Make it a 30 Rock episode? It’d be brilliant. For The Office, it just doesn’t work, as funny as (part of) it was. And not only was the movie stuff pretty lame, but it was depressing to see this show that I love (to hate to love, at times) resort to stunt casting like that.

  273. Before you vote Stress Relief off, please watch it again. Though it is a bit over the top in places, it’s a lot like The Injury. Somehow they manage to make it believable and relatable (UNLIKE Baby Shower- believe me, the relatableness of Office Episodes is VERY important to me. I DO think they got it here). And Steve’s performance as Michael taking the insults is absolutely amazing. Really, a great episode.

    Also I like that it’s almost fully self-contained. There’s no ongoing plot tied to other episodes.

    …”The fire is shooting at us!” Hilarious.

  274. I keep changing my mind on which episode to vote off now, because they were all really good. I decided to vote off ‘Golden Ticket.’ I just watched it last night, and it was hilarious, but I think all the other episodes up there are better. Next I want ‘Crime Aid’ to go, and then probably ‘Casual Friday’. Here is my top five (which has changed):
    5) Stress Relief
    4) The Michael Scott Paper Company
    3) Company Picnic
    2) Weight Loss
    1) Broke
    This is when it gets really hard, because these episodes are incredibly funny. However, ‘Broke’ was the best of these, and ‘Golden Ticket’ or ‘Crime Aid’ were the worst of the best.

  275. aw, i’m sorry to see business trip go. i thought it was a really well done episode (and michael’s telling off of wallace was spot-on), if not particularly hilarious.

    for now, i will vote casual friday until it’s gone.

  276. Been voting ‘Business Trip’ since day one. Now that it is gone, I don’t know what to do…

    My top 5 left:
    1) Stress Relief
    2) Weight Loss
    3) Crime Aid
    4) Customer Survey
    5) Broke

  277. All right, now that Business Trip is gone, this decision just got a lot tougher. I guess Casual Friday’s next, although Two Weeks wasn’t too memorable outside of the ending.

  278. This time, I voted for “Casual Friday”. It was upsetting because almost the whole sales team turned on Michael and were very mean to him! I know it sounds childish, but it’s the only way I can describe it!

  279. “Company Picnic” & “Stress Relief” need to GO!!

  280. I cannot understand how people actually want ‘Company Picnic’ and ‘Stress Relief’ voted off?!? ‘Company Picnic’ had a cliffhanger ending, funny moments, Holly and Michael, and the incredible SlumDunder Mifflinaire. ‘Stress Relief’, which was designed to bring in new viewers, was plain hilarious. Dwight calling to Clarice, the roast, and I even thought the movie was decent. There are worse episodes than these. ‘Golden Ticket’ or ‘Crime Aid’ needs to be voted off!

  281. Wow! Business Trip went before Casual Friday?! Are you kidding me!?!?

    Business Trip was hilarious…when Oscar and Andy got drunk together and Andy drunk dialed Angela…that was comedy gold right there!

    Casual Friday was lame and unfunny. I’m still voting for that one.

  282. How on earth did Buisness Trip go before Casual Friday?! Buisness Trip was so funny! Oscar/Andy and Kelly/Ryan!

    “I’m coming back the wrong way” !!!!!!

    GET RID of casual friday NOW! Weight Loss for the win <3

  283. aww, you people who voted off buisiness trip need to rewatch it. that episode is amazing. anyway casual friday or crime aid should go next, after those two i have no idea what to vote for

  284. I’m voting for Cafe Disco for this round, even though I know there’s no chance it’ll be the next to go. The writers had the chance to make this part one of a two-part season finale, but they blew it by writing a filler episode, and thus the finale seemed rushed.

    Michael Scott Paper Company FTW.

  285. Rethink voting off ‘Casual Friday’, at least, for now.
    It had:
    – Creed and Jim playing chess
    – The callbacks from the ‘Pilot’ (fake firing)
    – All the ensemble was in it
    – Toby was a main part of the story
    – “Honey, take out the garbage.”
    – Ryan, Pam, and Michael were really funny.
    – Kelly and Erin were great.
    – Normal, Strict Angela was back.
    ‘Casual Friday’ was really funny, as were all the episodes up there. ‘Golden Ticket’ was funny, but not the best, so that’s what I voted off. ‘BROKE’ FTW!

  286. Business Trip?! Oh come on, that ep was hilarious! There was no need for it to go so soon.

    Anyway, I voted for Crime Aid. Again. Even though it had one of my favorite “TWSS” jokes in it. (“It squeaks when I bang it”)

  287. Look guys I like Company Picnic but it still needs to go….by far the weakest Office finale yet.

  288. Interesting that all 6 Idris Elba episodes are still alive (7 if you count Company Picnic).

    Stress Relief and Company Picnic are both “event” episodes, so they’re getting bonus points for that, I think. Personally I thought the whole Jack Black bit was so ridiculous it has to drag down Stress Relief, and Company Picnic was easily the least compelling season finale we’ve had on The Office. The Slumdog Millionaire riff fell flat to me.

  289. Why is Golden Ticket still here? It was so over the top! Business Trip and some of the others voted off were so much better! I’ve been voting for this episode since day one and will continue doing so! I thought Michael was just plain mean and out of character in that episode!

  290. Can’t believe Customer Survey is still here! Most annoying ep ever…

  291. # 361 – Carlos

    I totally agree with you… you actually reminded me of heaps of the events that made me love that episode!!

    Please vote off Lecture Circuit Pt 1 guys… it’s not a very strong episode albeit the cold opening! It’s truly unconvincing and possibly my least favourite episode all season, even worse than part 2!

  292. Now’s the time where things get hard and the eps gets better and better. For me Golden Ticket has to go next, not that it is bad but that it is now the weakest link. I’m surprised that Business Trip lasted as long as it did.

  293. I too keep voting for Customer Survey….come on, Kelly is super annoying in that one. I want Broke to win, the cheese puff scenes are sooooooo hilarious!

  294. Time for Golden Ticket to go. I agree, Broke FTW! I was grinning through the whole episode!

  295. Weight loss is NOT that funny. Not NEARLY as funny as Business trip. IT NEEDS TO GO! yeah yeah cute proposal. Not that funny.

  296. @ Kaye, #373

    The cheesepuff scenes were in ‘Heavy Competition’.
    Here are the next three that I’m voting off:
    3. Golden Ticket
    2. Crime Aid
    1. Casual Friday

  297. I thought Weight Loss was miles funnier than Business Trip, and it definitely had more going for it than the proposal. It shouldn’t win, but it’s probably in my top 5 or 6. I’m rooting for Broke and The Michael Scott Paper Company to win.

  298. Oh. My. God. Business Trip was great, with the epic interaction of Oscar and Andy (which had me convinced Andy was going to think he was gay) plus the always-awesome-because-it’s-heartbreaking down-in-the-dumps Michael. Loved it.

    Now, come on, Heavy Competition needs to go. Far too hokey and the fast edits between Dwight and Michael felt much too sitcomy. Sitcomie? Maybe sitcomey. Whatever…its time has come.

  299. This is becoming harder for me (TWSS)! I struggled, but decided to go with Casual Friday this time. I hated “Mean Phyllis.”

  300. Poor Business Trip. If you ignore the concierge, it has everything going for it.

    I don’t care if I’m wasting my votes…I’m just gonna keep angling for New Boss through Heavy Competition until the awful MSPC arc goes away. It reduced this show from “my #1 obsession” to “something I like enough to maybe catch up on in summer.”

  301. How many people here can even remember much about Weight Loss? haha, I think I might have just saw it when it aired, maybe just one rewatch, but it was so long ago. And please don’t vote off Company Picnic because it didn’t measure up to the last 3 finales. It was a part of season 5, not 4, 3, or 2. Measure it against episodes in season 5.

    New Boss, Broke, Heavy Competition FTW!

  302. The Michael Scott Paper Company arc was horrible? No, it was the best thing that happened to this show since probably season two. New Boss, Dream Team, Heavy Competition, and Broke were absolutely incredible. BROKE FTW! Oh, and ‘Golden Ticket’ should be voted off next.

  303. #380

    If you know you’re wasting your votes, then why do it? You’re pretty obviously in the minority regarding the MSPC.

  304. @ 383

    No such thing as a wasted vote. I’ve been voting for Cafe Disco this whole time, and apparently very few people agree with me. Not everybody has to vote for the winner.

  305. Crime Aid is already gone? What?! That’s surprising w/ more prominent “hate” for other episodes being mentioned. I’m always a fan of the eps that has the office staff participating in something all together, i.e. The Dundies, Beach Games, Christmas episodes, etc.

  306. alright i think all the weak episodes have been ousted at this point. i just re-watched “weight loss” and think it probably deserves to win, and not because of the proposal. although cafe disco was pretty awesome too.

  307. Again, ‘Crime Aid’ was a great, great episode. It was really funny and Michael and Holly were great in it. I wish that ‘Golden Ticket’ goes sometime soon because I thought that ‘Crime Aid’ was stronger than ‘Golden Ticket’. ‘Crime Aid’ had Holly and Michael, the robbery, and also was a very original episode. But, some episodes up there were a little bit better. This season, overall, has been a great one, with a few bad episodes like ‘Prince Family Paper’ and ‘The Surplus’, but it was still very funny. Now, I am going to first vote off ‘Golden Ticket’, than ‘Casual Friday’ and then probably ‘Two Weeks’. I’d like to see ‘Broke’, ‘Weight Loss’, and ‘Company Picnic’ to last a while. I really didn’t think that ‘Crime Aid’ would be voted off so soon, but what can you do? Anyway, ‘Golden Ticket’ off, and ‘Broke’ FTW!

  308. All together now:


    Crime Aid was one of my favorites of the season, for sure. It didn’t deserve to go this early.

  309. Crime Aid is gone? What on earth? That was one of the top five episodes of the season!

  310. Crime Aid was so much better than so many of the episodes left on the list!

    I’d like to see Customer Survey stick around. Stephen Merchant FTW! Come on, Bill Buttlicker? Right Dwight? The world’s smallest Bluetooth? Andy’s mug… on a mug. It was the only one of the Pam-in-New-York episodes that I actually liked.

    Filler episodes like Golden Ticket and Casual Friday should really be the next targets.

  311. HOW WAS CRIME AID DELETED?! Not only is it ALWAYS in my top five, but I saw no complaints about it when the last poll was open!

    Can we please, please, please FINALLY delete Golden Ticket? I don’t even remember how long I’ve been pushing this…

  312. Whoever is keeping Company Picnic or Stress Relief around is high on Caprese salad!

    Broke/Cafe Disco FTW!

  313. FINALLY! I’ve been trying to get rid of Crime Aid since day 1! It just didn’t seem that funny to me, and it was Michael and Holly’s last episode in the office. :(

  314. Finally! I have been voting for Crime Aid since day one! I have never been this far off from the mood of OfficeTally voters before…

  315. @receptionitis15 Heck Yes! Customer Survey and Steve Merchant FTW!!!

  316. Are you kidding me? Crime Aid was a great ep and there are still eps up there that don’t deserve a higher place like Golden Ticket or New Boss.

  317. I’m voting for Golden Ticket next. I still can’t believe Baby shower is the first to go, I thought M. Christmas was a lot worse than Baby Shower.
    Cafe Disco FTW!!!

  318. crime aid is out? really? i thought that’d make top four…

    anywho, do the right thing— STRESS RELIEF, FTW!

  319. I’m going to vote off Casual Friday again. Really liked it but just not as much as others. It’s difficult to vote off any episodes in the MSPC arc because one doesn’t happen without the others. THey were almost like one six-part episode rather than six separate episodes.

  320. WHAT?! Guys, guys, guys. How are ‘Crime Aid’ and ‘Buisness Trip’ gone, while ‘Casual Friday’ and ‘Golden Ticket’ are still up there?! Agh!

  321. ‘Golden Ticket’ is gone this round. Here is what I am voting off (probably):

    1st: Golden Ticket
    2nd: Casual Friday
    3rd: Two Weeks
    4th: Lecture Circuit, Part 1
    5th: Dream Team
    This is getting way too hard. ‘Broke’ For The Win!

  322. Really, really?? Crime Aid over Cafe Disco? How has Cafe Disco stayed on for so long?

  323. @ 402, i couldn’t agree with you more, sky! i’m votin’ casual friday again. junk episode.

  324. Golden Ticket made it past Business Trip? I’m sorry, I think I’m too competitive when it comes to this poll.

  325. Please vote off Casual Friday so I can finally vote for a different episode. Gee, I’ve been voting for this one five straight times. Actually, only three of my votes have been picked so far. Crime Aid and Business Trip were in my top ten.

  326. Jim & Pam are so sweet that ants should be attacking them – vote off Company Picnic NOW!!

  327. Come on guys, all the rest are awesome except Company Picnic. I think that was the worst season finale so far in the show – the best part was the slumdunder mifflinaire sketch. The volleyball was pretty good, but god that pregnancy at the end was just tacky…lol jk…i dunno they were all good by the end…

  328. OK, can somebody please let me know what I’m apparently missing about Cafe Disco. I thought that episode was just plain terrible. I’m seriously asking this too, I want to know what people liked about it!

  329. I will never understand hate for ‘Company Picnic’. It was a bit underwhelming, but it was funny, and The Office is not a drama, it’s a comedy. I think that people liked Cafe Disco because it was a calm episode with everyone together happy for the first time since before The New Boss/Michael Scott Paper Company arc. I thought it was really funny as with all the episodes up here. I guess some people want it to win, and others wanted it to go first. For better or worst, I think it will go far in this poll because of the people who love it. All the episodes up here are great, but ‘Golden Ticket’ was the worst of these. It was hilarious but not better than some. I’d be shocked if it doesn’t go next. Also, it’s pretty telling that all the episodes at the end of the season (‘Golden Ticket-‘Company Picnic’) are still there. It shows that the end of the season was better than the beginning with some exceptions.

  330. ‘Company Picnic’ was a great episode; I’ll never understand the hate for it. Also, I think that people liked Cafe Disco because it was light, and all of the office mended together and had fun for the first time in a very long time. It was calm and I actually thought that it was a really funny episode. Anyway, it is telling that the episodes at the end of the season (‘Golden Ticket-‘Company Picnic’) are still up there. They were overall much more funny and interesting than some of the episodes in the beginning of season. There were a few exceptions (‘Weight Loss’, ‘Customer Survey’, ‘Stress Relief’, ‘Lecture Circuit’, Part 1), but for the most part, episodes such as ‘The Michael Scott Paper Company’, ‘Dream Team’, ‘Broke’, and ‘New Boss’ were better than the episodes in the beginning of the season. ‘Golden Ticket’ was funny, but the episodes up here were better, and I’m voting it off. I predict that ‘Casual Friday’ and ‘Two Weeks’ will go soon, as well. ‘Broke’ FTW!

  331. @414 I thought that Company Picnic was underwhelming from a comedic standpoint and a dramatic standpoint, compared to both other episodes this season and other season finales. But the comedic aspect is always more important to me. Even without Jim and Pam developments, Casino Night and The Job would’ve been great episodes because they were two of the funniest. Company Picnic was a solid, if not stellar episode, though, and at the very least should outlast Two Weeks, Casual Friday, and New Boss.

  332. Company Picnic was definitely the worst season finale (not counting Hot Girl.) That said, we are grading these episodes against the rest of the season 5 episodes, not against previous season finales. Do the right thing and vote off Casual Friday, one of the most forced episodes of the office ever. Company Picnic, while not number 1 by a long shot (all other season finales have finished first,) definitely should be in the top 10.

  333. @414 – That’s the only answer I seem to get from people about Cafe Disco *grins* ‘It was nice to see everyone happy!’. However, let’s face it, that’s not very realistic. That would never ever happen in everyday work life, nor would a ‘dance off’. I will vote tooth and nail to make sure Cafe Disco doesn’t win – it was just plain terrible.

  334. Re: #413

    Andy, I am totally with you on Cafe Disco. I’d love to know what everyone saw there that I didn’t.

  335. I don’t know where you guys work, but we have dance parties at my work all the time. Cafe Disco was a fun, feel-good ep that showed off the ensemble cast for the first time in a long time. Maybe not top-3 material, but certainly top 10.

    I’m on the Casual Friday ‘hate’ train this round…

  336. I’d rather watch a dance party with songs I like to groove to than some big-forehead, wannabe leader plotting the next “The Towering Inferno”

  337. After ‘Golden Ticket’ is voted off, wow, this will be one hard decision. ‘Casual Friday’ was an interesting episode, and it was not a filler, I mean it followed up on the merging of The Michael Scott Paper Company and Dunder-Mifflin. It had a lot of funny quotes, but it was forgettable. On the other hand, ‘Two Weeks’ was a bit forgettable too, with the exception of the final scenes. And I do not know how I can vote off episodes in The Michael Scott Paper Company/New Boss arc, because I agree, it was like a six-part episode, and that was what was so good about the end of the season; it was one story, (which the middle of the season mostly lacked) I will not vote off Weight Loss, Customer Survey, or Stress Relief because those episodes are hilarious. After re-watching, I am going to vote off ‘Casual Friday’ next. A great episode, but others were better. Anyway, I have never been obsessed about a show so much and The Office, 30 Rock, and Parks and Recreation are the only shows I watch.

  338. I’m clearly starting to sound like a broken record but…
    What is up with Lecture Circuit Pt1 still being here?

    I understand why heaps of people may be voting off Casual Friday, it wasn’t a particularly strong episode, however there was nothing special about either Lecture Circuit episode.

    Looking at the list of evictees, I’d rather watch most of those episodes instead of Lecture Circuit!

  339. New Boss had to go. Other then that, I agree with all of the ones that have been voted off.

  340. Why don’t people vote off Company Picnic, it’s the weakest Finale since Hot Girl…

  341. Nooooooo! Golden Ticket was my fave this season!

    Customer Survey, I’m gunning for you now…

  342. Arghh! I’ve been voting New Boss off since day one and it’s still there. (Brittany punches a hole in the wall).

  343. Stress Relief needs to go. Yeah, it was funny but the movie tag was just awful, and the Jim/Pam storyline just seemed too forced. It wasn’t even cute.

  344. This thing just keeps getting harder and harder. (TWSS) I like all these episodes, really. But I chose Casual Friday this time. Even though the “Meredith Sans-Panties” thing was hilarious. C’est la vie.

  345. *sighs* Once again, “Casual Friday” slips through the cracks. I’ll keep voting for it until it is out of there!

  346. Casual Friday and Cafe Disco seem to be the most mentioned on here to get voted off, yet they somehow stay on. Will never know how Crime Aid got voted off this early.

  347. I voted Casual Friday again, even though I liked it. Just not as much as others still up there. As for Cafe Disco, I liked that it gave everyone in the cast a moment to make us laugh and I think the dance-off between Andy and Kelly was a classic. I don’t see how a work dance party is any more off-the-wall than holding an Olympics in the middle of the office. What was realistic was Jim and Pam thinking eloping was a great idea and then realizing they would be missing out – I’ve seen that happen to lots of friends (and myself too!).

  348. Oh..MY..GOD. Cafe Disco must die. haha. But seriously, i’ve been voting for this one since day one, but yet it still manages to survive. Good grief.

  349. I think Heavy Competition needs to go. It’s not memorable at all, IMO. After that, I can’t decide!

  350. I agree w/ Sophie (423). After watching Lecture Circuit Part 1 for the second time, last week, it affirmed my opinion that it was one of the weaker episodes. I don’t understand all the OT hate on Cafe Disco. Story filler or not, it was just plain hilarious! I’m voting for LCp1…I hope you do too.

  351. Ugh, it somehow managed to make its way into the top half, can we get rid of “Casual Friday” already? Please?

  352. spencer_0123 is right, Heavy Competition needs to be eliminated, or at least have a fish put in its air ducts. The episode was one of the weakest of the series.

    Go Cafe Disco and Two Weeks for the win.

  353. I voted off ‘Casual Friday’. It was a hilarious episode, but it wasn’t better than the ones up there. I have no idea what I am going to vote off next, maybe ‘Lecture Circuit’, Part 1 or ‘Two Weeks’. But that was a hilariously incredible episode. Here are my predictions based on the comments (not my opinion) on what will be the next five to go.
    1st to go) ‘Casual Friday’
    2nd)’New Boss’
    3rd)’Cafe Disco’
    4th)’Two Weeks’
    5th)’Company Picnic’
    I thought that ‘Company Picnic’, ‘New Boss’, and ‘Cafe Disco’ were all worthy of being in the top eight, at least, but I guess others do not think so. I’ll probably be wrong. I hope ‘Weight Loss’, ‘Broke’, ‘Heavy Competition’, ‘Company Picnic’, and ‘Stress Relief’ stay awhile. But, one can win, and that one will definitely be ‘Broke’

  354. Sky-

    Business trip was far too dramatic for the show to be considered comedy and the acting was very forced, especially by Oscar.

    Golden Ticket was over the top, but outright hilarious.

    What’s the confusion?

  355. Here is my new (and once again changed, list)

    13) ‘Casual Friday’
    12) ‘Two Weeks’
    11) ‘Lecture Circuit’, Part 1
    10) ‘Cafe Disco’
    9) ‘New Boss’
    8) ‘Customer Survey’
    7) ‘Dream Team’
    6) ‘Heavy Competition’
    5) ‘Stress Relief’
    4) ‘The Michael Scott Paper Company’
    3) ‘Company Picnic’
    2) ‘Weight Loss’
    1) ‘Broke’
    And, also, all these episodes were incredible.

  356. I would love to open a can of bees at Company Picnic – vote that out now!

  357. I think what makes this season unique is that there were so many different styles of episodes that it appealed to different tastes and thus everyone has vastly different rankings. Personally, I only have half of my top 10 remaining. That said, looking at the remaining episodes, there are only two first-half episodes left. That distinctly shows that The Office got much better when the writers ended the Michael-Holly and Angela-Andy relationship storylines. Season 4 and the first half of season 5 were way too relationshippy in my opinion and this proves it. Let Jim and Pam be the main relationship and if you want to add others, let them be comparative blips in the seasons like Dwight-Angela and Kelly-Ryan were in seasons 2 and 3. Heavy Competition FTW!

  358. Aww man I loved Golden Ticket… ah well, I’ll continue to vote off New Boss

  359. Hopefully New Boss and Two Weeks are the next to go. I’m pretty shocked people found them to be better than Cafe Disco, Lecture Circuit Part 1, and Stress Relief. Broke or MSPC FTW!

  360. ‘New Boss’ was such a great episode.
    – Two way petting zoo?
    – The surprise ending, you have no idea, how high I can fly
    – Classy Ideas
    – Dumpster Diving for relationships.
    – C shaped bagels
    – Dwight telling Charles about the history of Scranton
    – Jim saying bye, multiple times.
    – Michael giving Charles the accountants sexual history.
    – “Strippers and cupcakes all the way down.”
    – Michael hitting his hand on the door.
    ‘New Boss’ was an awkwardly, dark, hilarious episode. It felt like one from season one. Don’t go vote off ‘New Boss!’

  361. sorry carlos…while you’re right about
    you’re wrong about new boss; it’s outta here!

  362. thank goodness! we all finally came to our senses and got rid of Golden Ticket and Casual Friday. I don’t understand the ‘Cafe Disco’ hate! It was a fun episode with great cast interaction and a wonderful JAM rollercoaster! Meanwhile, although Broke was really a great episode, I didn’t like the whole MSPC storyline, therefore must root for Weight Loss or Stress Relief!

  363. I guess ‘New Boss’ is going, and it made it very far. Anyway, I voted off ‘Lecture Circuit’, Part 1. Not that it was a bad episode, it just, in my opinion was not as good as the other episodes. “Broke’ FTW!

  364. I like all the episodes on the list. They each had their good qualities. But I voted for New Boss this time.

  365. Vote off Dream Team! (clap clap clapclapclap) Vote off Dream Team! (clap clap clapclapclap)

  366. Vote off Lecture Circuit. Now. Do it. Now. 1, 2, 3, Now. 2, 3, Now. Do it. Give me control of this office… I mean, vote off Lecture Circuit.

  367. I liked Cafe Disco for the entertaining quality, but it wasn’t all that funny. It almost would have better served as a webisode or some sort of short. I’ll keep saying New Boss FTW till it’s off. Doubt it will, but I’d like to see it make the top 10. It featured the biggest jaw drop moment of the season!

  368. I’m pretty sure Broke will win the whole thing. I hope.
    New Boss has gotta go.

  369. I voted Cafe Disco off, it was such a filler episode. No real additions to the overall plot.

    Stress Relief FTW.

  370. I completely understand why people want Cafe Disco gone, but for me, it was such a whip cream treat of an episode, I can’t let it go yet. Top four in no particular order: Weight Loss, Customer Survey, Stress Relief, Broke.

  371. You are a thief of joy if you didn’t like the songs in Cafe Disco – especially from C+C Music Factory!

  372. I will not be voting off ‘Cafe Disco’ any time soon. It was better than any of the MSPC episodes (except for Broke). Who cares if it advances the plot as long as it’s fun and that was a fun episode.

  373. Wow, this is getting hard (TWSS).

    I can understand why a lot of people want “Cafe Disco” to go next, but I like to think about it as a fun, light-hearted episode, and I respect the lei!

    With that, I’m placing my vote on “Two Weeks”.

  374. I kinda bucked the trend and voted off Heavy Competition. I liked the episode plenty, but compared to the others, well…

    Also, Cafe Disco was one of the most fun Office episodes in a while. It kinda reminded me of Christmas Party, with everyone just having fun. I’m not saying I’m voting for it to win, I’m just sayin’.

  375. I didn’t really mind the lack of long-term plot development in Cafe Disco. Not much you can do in three eps when a major story arc just ended, and this was the most fun of the three. I’m voting off Two Weeks this round and then Company Picnic.

  376. Cafe Disco is one of my favorites!!! When you look back at the best eps from the past, they didn’t always advance some big plot arc: The Injury (my all-time fav), Email Surveillance, The Dundies, The Fire… you may note my abiding affection for season 2…

    The point is, Cafe Disco was a great throwback to one of the best things about this show: you don’t have to have some contrived plotline to bring out the amazing characters and relationships, and have a lot of fun in the process.

  377. I just re-watched Customer Survey on Hulu and it’s seriously one of the funniest episodes of Season 5. The whole Bill Butlicker scene…and Jim and Dwight’s antics together should put this episode at least in the top 3. :)

  378. I will keep voting for Company Picnic until the day I die. :)

    I loved Cafe Disco as well! Cafe Disco, Stress Relief and The Surplus were really the only 3 episodes I found funny all season.

    It’s so funny how people’s opinions vary so much episode to episode! I see a lot of people didn’t like The Surplus and I actually bought that one for my iPod, which I never do (along with Stress Relief). And for me, Stress Relief was like Season 2 quality.

  379. They’re all so good!! :) I’m going with Two Weeks, although I love the scene with Michael on the floor trying to to get everybody to look up and not at him.

  380. At this point, I’m done voting off.
    I’m just a casual observer.

    All I can say is
    STRESS RELIEF FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  381. I voted off ‘Lecture Circuit,’ Part 1. I really liked it; Michael, Pam, and Karen were great, and who can forget Mexico, Baldy, Sugar Boobs, and Black Woman? Jim, Dwight, and Kelly were great too (as they were in ‘Customer Survey’), but the one thing that made it a little worse than the other episodes is the Andy plot line, some of the jokes just fell flat to me. Anyway, I know this episode won’t go for a while, but after this I’m voting off ‘Two Weeks’ and ‘Cafe Disco.’ Here are my top five episodes:
    5. The Michael Scott Paper Company
    4. Stress Relief
    3. Company Picnic
    2. Weight Loss
    1. Broke
    ‘Broke’ for the win!

  382. I have consistently and will continue to vote off Cafe Disco. I can’t get past how bad it was and how it was a pure filler episode. I’m actually hoping Customer Survey wins because to me it was honestly one of the best.

  383. Which one is going off next, ‘Two Weeks,’ ‘Cafe Disco,’ or ‘Company Picnic.’ My prediction: say good bye to ‘Cafe Disco.’ It was funny, light, and it was original, and I would like ‘Lecture Circuit,’ Part 1 to go, but what can you do. Broke should take it all. – How the turntables. Brilliant. ‘Broke’ FTW!

  384. I can’t believe people would vote “Two Weeks” over Lecture Circuit, Company Picnic, or Customer Survey…this episode really kicks off easily the best arc of the season, and is a real showcase for Steve. Easily one of the best scenes of the year was Michael sneaking back into the Office. That scene alone should get Steve an Emmy…then all the employees reactions to him trying to recruit them for MSPC. Just great.

  385. People REALLY think The Surplus was a good episode?!

    Customer Survey WAS one of the best of the season.
    But I think Broke should win. Epic.

  386. Dream Team must go! It was on last night, and was blah.

    Customer Survey for the win. Great episode from start to finish.

  387. Wow, this is like, the third time in a row that I voted for the right episode! Now, what’s the next one I should vote off? (thank God for the weekend)

  388. Two Weeks gone, eh? Oh well.

    From here on out, we’re in Top Ten territory. It’s gonna be extra hard. (TW…eh, you know where I’m going with this.)

  389. I know Broke was the “feel good” episode of the season, but Stress Relief was the BEST/FUNNIEST episode minus the Jack Black stuff (which was only there to help bring in viewers with big stars).

  390. Wow, I’m shocked. Just when I was about to give upon The Office, Two Weeks aired and my faith in this show was restored. I had this placed at 2 on my personal list. Just shocking, I thought it was great.

  391. Like I said before, now I’m just observing this as it happens. I like all of the episodes now.


  392. Stress Relief was funny, but Broke had so many moments that just epitomize the show. For example:

    “When a child get’s behind the wheel of a car and crashes into a tree, you don’t blame the child. He didn’t know any better. You blame the 30 year old woman who got in the passenger seat and said ‘Drive Kid. I trust you.'”

    Broke ftw

  393. Wow, we’re down to the top 10… Next I’ll vote off some of the MSPC episodes, but then it will be so hard to decide… Cafe Disco or Broke FTW!

  394. I am voting off ‘Lecture Circuit,’ Part 1 or ‘Cafe Disco.’ I re-watched both, and they were hilarious but I am beginning to question if Cafe Disco or Lecture Circuit should be voted off. Lecture Circuit had less originality than Cafe Disco, but Lecture Circuit was more realistic than Cafe Disco. On the other hand, Lecture Circuit had more laughs, but Cafe Disco was funny too, and just a light episode, no drama, which Lecture Circuit had a bit of. After questioning in the past minute of writing this, I decided that ‘Cafe Disco’ should go next. I think that episodes like ‘Heavy Competition,’ ‘Dream Team,’ and ‘Customer Survey’ were more worthy of being higher because they had plot lines, and very well written dialogue. Otherwise, ‘Cafe Disco’ off, and ‘Broke’ FTW!

  395. Does anyone else feel Company Picnic may only be here still because of the JAM pregnancy and the return of Holly? Because I thought it was the weakest finale of them all and one of the weakest episodes.

    Heavy Competition for the win!! :-)

  396. O.k., that’s it, I give up. Cafe Disco has made it to the top 10 and now I feel a part of me has died inside. I have lost my faith in the voters. I will vote for Cafe Disco to the bitter end. It must be gone!! Why don’t you leave?!?! Ha-ha

    Broke for the win!

  397. Whoa, whoa, whoa #492 BigTuna

    Cafe Disco for the win?? Really? I have to ask, but why in the world should that still be here, let alone for the win.

  398. I’ve been voting off Stress Relief for the past month now! C’mon people! :)

    Broke FTW!

  399. Really solid top 10 right here. I’m gonna vote off Company Picnic. I think the MSPC arc could’ve been stretched into three more episodes with Broke as the finale, but even ignoring that personal bias, they could’ve done more with the whole picnic concept.

  400. Oh, how I love all of these episodes, but I’m going to say Dream Team, just because it was my least favorite. The soccer storyline was just dumb.

    In total contradiction to what someone else said, Lecture Circuit or Cafe Disco for the win!

    But I HAVE been seeing an awful lot of CD hate…please no!

  401. I’m w/ Carlos again. I’m voting off Lecture Circuit Pt. 1. It really is the only weak episode left, in my opinion. After that, I really don’t know what to vote off next. LCP1!!!!

  402. Really hoping LCP1 gets it. My absolute favorite.

    I assume i am relatively alone in hoping stress relief gets the boot this week.

  403. I did an about-face from last week, and voted for Lecture Circuit Part 1 instead of Heavy Competition. I gave it some serious thought after I casted my vote last time, and realized HC was better than I was thinking.

  404. Julie-

    Me, too. I’ve been trying to vote off Stress Relief for awhile now. I don’t understand how people can find this episode so funny, but whatever… I like the whole MSPC episodes. Any of those were great.

  405. I voted for company picnic. I am so disappointed that Pam is pregnant! I hate her and Jim being together. The show has lost so much of it’s fun since they got together. They don’t joke around together and pull pranks. They just act like they are better than everyone else. It’s stupid. Every week I keep hoping they will break up, but this now looks like they will be together.

  406. “There are, no words”

    Except for these: “Why won’t you leave Cafe Disco?”
    Here’s another vote for Disco.

  407. I really do hate Cafe Disco… I can’t believe it hasn’t gone yet. I’m voting it down until it does!

    Stress Relief FTW!

  408. I don’t remember all the episodes by name, but I don’t remember even cracking a smile during Cafe Disco.

  409. What is up with all the “Cafe Disco” hatred???

    I voted for “Dream Team”!!!

  410. I’m with you, 517 Laura. “Cafe Disco” is deserving of a top 5. (Dare I say, top 2?)

    “Broke” FTW!

  411. I voted for Dream Team, although now that we’re in the top ten, I really had trouble deciding what to vote for. They’re all decent episodes.
    Weight Loss or Broke for the win!

  412. 512. JAM hater: JAM’s lack of humor has nothing to do with them being a couple. Jim & Pam were almost always funny as a mutually supportive team. In the first 3 seasons, most of their chemistry didn’t have to do with them not being a couple, it had to do with them being together. I would have loved to see them as an office team more than once this season. Even season three had them more united inside the office. Just a single JAM prank this season! I hope the writers will return JAM to the show.

  413. I am going to be really disappointed if ‘Company Picnic’ survives until the Top 5. If you take out the tanster cameo and the final scene (maybe 60 seconds total) ‘Picnic’ doesn’t even make the Top 20.

    [from tanster: lol!]

  414. It’s easy.
    Vote Dream Team.
    Then vote Company Picnic.
    Then vote Cafe Disco.
    Then… well then it’s not so easy.

  415. It’s time to go, Dream Team, so I’m going to keep voting for it until it’s gone. Cafe Disco, on the other hand, deserves a place among the top five episodes of the season.

  416. To paraphrase Forrest Gump, “I’m voting for Cafe Disco… AGAIN.”

  417. After voting for weeks for Cafe Disco I decided to go in a different direction. I rewatched some the episodes and I actually liked Cafe Disco better than some of remaining episodes. So this week in decided to vote for Dream Team.

  418. Dream Team must go…I’ve been voting for it for the last several rounds. Help me here, people!

    Customer Survey for the win!

  419. Well, I wanted ‘Cafe Disco’ to go, but it’s okay, ‘Lecture Circuit’ wasn’t my favorite.
    First, I’ll vote off ‘Cafe Disco’
    Then, I’ll vote off ‘Dream Team’
    Then, I’ll vote off ‘Customer Survey’
    And then, I’ll vote off ‘Heavy Competition’
    But, really ‘Cafe Disco should go next. It was a great episode, but ‘Dream Team,’ ‘Weight Loss,’ and ‘Broke’ were better. Other than that, ‘Broke’ FTW, ‘Weight Loss’ for second, and ‘Stress Relief’ for the bronze.

  420. I agree with 521…Company Picnic was simply not that funny, and seems to be hanging on because it was a season finale and/or the “we’re having a baby” revelation. Seriously, the rest of the episodes left are significantly better.

  421. Heavy Competition, Company Picnic and Stress Relief are the next three off for me.

  422. Now that Lecture Circuit Part 1 is finally gone, I really like the remaining episodes. I’m voting off Dream Team because it was the most boring of the remaining episodes. Heavy Competition FTW!

  423. Mitchell,

    Stress Relief is still there because it was easily the funniest episode of the season. Re-watch it. The CPR training scene automatically makes it a top 3 episode.

  424. I’m w/ Samuel! “Heavy Competition” FTW! But admittedly, I’m biased.

    Sure is getting tough now – guess I’m voting for Cafe Disco next.

  425. Well we’ve now passed the point where eps are falling off because they are no good. All that remains are quality eps that will be hard to see fall off the perch. I’m voting Cafe Disco next, it was good but what is left are better!

  426. I’m debating on whether I should vote for “Company Picnic” or “Cafe Disco” for the next poll.

  427. It sounds like Cafe Disco is next to go…aarrrggh. I really love Cafe Disco. I’m going to vote off Company Picnic next. It’s all about the funny for me and C.P., albeit insightful, was the least funny of the bunch. Please don’t vote off Cafe Disco :)

  428. What?! I can’t believe Dream Team would get voted off before Stress Relief. Dream Team was awesome, while Stress Relief had that totally useless pirated movie sub-plot. C’mon, Cloris Leachman and Jack Black making out? Automatic elimination.

  429. In all honesty, can someone explain to me why they liked Cafe Disco? I couldn’t stand that episode, yet most of the folks here seem to enjoy it.

    I’m honestly curious!

  430. Company Picnic is definitely the next to go. I liked all of the volleyball scenes and Michael’s unexpected bad news to another branch, but it was a weak episode compared to the other remaining ones. I’m thinking of voting for Weight Loss next.

  431. Cafe Disco is great because it’s the kind of episode that reminds you why you like the show. It could be the last episode of the series and that would be ok! It’s just a lot of fun.

  432. So I rewatched Cafe Disco and it is much better than I remembered. Probably shouldn’t have been voting it off for as long as I have, but it is now legitimately my least favorite of the remaining. Broke FTW (followed by Heavy Competition at a close second).

  433. I don’t really care what get’s voted off, now. These are all golden episodes.


    STRESS RELIEF, FTW!!!!!!!!!

  434. O.k., I give up. Apparently Cafe Disco will never leave. How it made it this far, i’ll never know. Ahh, well. Broke FTW!!

  435. I guess all of you have influenced me so much with your
    “Cafe Disco” hatred, I voted for it. Happy now?

  436. Vote off Stress Relief! Was the opening sequence amazing? Yes. Was the rest of the episode amazing? Nope!

  437. Noooo, not Cafe Disco! It deserves a top 5 spot. Such great Phyllis moments — dancing with Michael (snort!), getting some carrots from Dwight (whoa, girl!) — and everyone dancing! Jim picking wildflowers for Pam! Michael asking Angela to dance!

    Company Picnic gets my vote off.

    Broke FTW!

  438. Get rid of Customer Survey already! The ending was dumb and completely unsatisfying!

    8. Customer Survey
    7. Company Picnic
    6. Stress Relief
    5. The Michael Scott Paper Company
    4. Cafe Disco
    3. Heavy Competition
    2. Weight Loss
    1. Broke


  439. Company Picnic’s worn out its welcome already. While it definitely shouldn’t win, Cafe Disco is a much funnier and more entertaining episode. When the excitement over the pregnancy subsides, I think that’ll be more apparent.

  440. – laura

    Yes, I am very happy. Thank you for your vote. :)

    Cafe Disco needs to get the boot, so keep those votes coming people.

  441. Here’s my picks

    8. Weight Loss
    7. Company Picnic
    6. Customer Survey
    5. MSPC
    4. Heavy Competition
    3. Cafe Disco
    2. Stress Relief
    1. Broke

  442. I LURVED Stress Relief! How did anyone not like it? It was in the office (a rarity in season 5), Dwight was brilliantly insane, Michael harassed people incessantly while decrying their undue stress, Jim & Pam were actually together (another rarity in season 5) and involved in something funny (almost nonexistent in season 5).

    I like Stress Relief for the top spot!

  443. is streaming “Weight Loss” these days and since I hadn’t seen it since the rerun in December I watched it again. This is still at the top of my list. There were a few less popular episodes right after, but there is some good stuff in there.

  444. Heavy Competition was the best episode of the season…hands down. End of story…could not stop laughing during the entire episode. Ryan Koh should write a lot more episodes than he has! Way to be Ryan!

  445. Still not digging the “Disco” vibe (I hated it!), but to each their own.

    Customer Survey I felt had a fine ending. All that buildup and then Michael terribly mismanages what SHOULD normally be a serious situation. And Dwight and Jim just shake their head and think…”of course.”

    As FTW….honestly, I’m going with Customer Survey, but knowing how it WILL get voted off here, I’d next pull for Stress Relief.

  446. This time, I voted off The MSPC. Can’t really say anything bad about the episode. I just felt the others were better. Stress Relief FTW!

  447. I’m sad to see it go, but I hope all you “Disco”-haters out there are satisfied. Now can u please turn your attention to “Company Picnic”? This episode has no business even being in the Top 15.

  448. My heart grieves for wonderful Cafe Disco, but at least it’s a top 10 episode.

    Company Picnic had some good moments, but it needs to say goodbye.

    Broke FTW!

  449. I agree with 567. I just voted for “Cafe Disco” because I know all the haters are and I just wanted it to stop.

    With that being said, goodbye, “Company Picnic”!

  450. Oh well…Cafe Disco is still one of my favorites. Phyllis throwing her back out and Dwight feeding her carrots like a horse was the best part of the episode for me. And also when Michael holds the speaker up and mouths “everybody dance now”…how did some of you not find this funny? :P

  451. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO….not Cafe Disco!!!!!! oh well it’s still in the top 10

  452. Seriously, Company Picnic needs to go. Admit it, if it weren’t for the awesome JAM moment at the end, it would have been one of the first out.

  453. Woot Woot! No more 23-minute filler that is Cafe Disco! Not sure who to vote for now. I’m at a loss! lol

  454. Company Picnic or Stress Relief: each had one good scene. I still can’t believe they are hanging around with the remaining episodes…actually I can believe it, but I don’t agree with it.

  455. I love all the episodes left but I’m voting off Weight Loss due to some glaring and pretty bad editing and continuity errors (Michael’s goatee, Meridith’s rash)

  456. I can’t believe you guys voted off cafe disco. That was such a great episode.


  457. I’ve lost all faith in OT now that Cafe Disco is gone, when somehow “Buttlicker” or a contrived pregnancy wins over pure dancing fun.

    Broke FTW – every other episode can burn to the ground!

  458. Nooo! Cafe Disco was so great.

    Waaaay better than MSPC or Company Picnic. Urg…

    Cafe Disco is still FTW in my book, but on here I guess I’ll have to say Broke.

  459. @ 584 keds: I felt their relationship in Season 5 has been cheesy, and to add on a pregnancy now just feels extra cliche. It took them 8 years as a struggle for these two to get together, and to see it just stop once he proposed? I kind of wished their relationship as an engaged couple had taken some more paces before bringing on a pregnancy.

  460. 587, I have to disagree with you. I think Jim and Pam’s relationship has continued to grow since their engagement and the pregnancy doesn’t feel gimmicky at all. Briefly, since the engagement:

    Jim dealt with self doubt over Pam’s loyalty while she was in NYC
    They managed a long distance relationship
    Pam had to decide whether to continue to pursue her education, or return to Jim
    Jim bought a house
    Pam reconciled with Karen
    Pam changed jobs while working for MSPC
    Jim struggled with a threat to his career in the person of Charles Miner
    Jim and Pam debated whether to elope or to go through with a more elborate wedding.

    I think these are all reasonable relationship progressions. I’ve dealt with at least 3 or 4 of them with my wife. A pregnancy seems a reasonable next step.

  461. What?! Cafe Disco voted off? I loved that episode! Top 3 for sure. How Company Picnic is not at the very bottom blows my mind. I never laughed once in that entire episode. Funny how different people can have such different viewpoints on certain episodes!
    Stress Relief for #1!

  462. i know i am a vote behind but, noooo! not dream team! okay, i am over it – goodbye company picnic.

  463. Yes! Yes! Yes! Finally, Cafe Disco is gone and now I am going to have a great day today. lol. Uummm, but now I don’t know who to vote off next. I’ve been so obsessed with voting Disco off, I haven’t even thought about the other ones. Aaahhh great!!! Here we go again.


    I loved Cafe Disco!!! It reminded me of The Injury!!!

  465. i’ve voted company picnic the past two rounds and will do so again. definitely the weakest episode left…even though the last 5 minutes were great, the rest of it was sub par.

    like many of you, i am sad to see cafe disco go. i thought it was one of the most enjoyable episodes of the season.

    and broke is like bacon…it is delicious, it’s good for me, it’s the perfect way to start the day. broke ftw!

  466. Mixed Berries – You’re kidding right? Cafe Disco like The Injury? The two aren’t even in the same league.

    Anyway, I can’t decide what to vote next. My TiVo with all of the episodes saved on it broke last week, so I can’t remember specifics about any of them.

    Customer Survey FTW!

  467. Okay, I loved Cafe Disco, but I understand that what we have now are pretty much the tippity-top episodes. After MSPC is gone, I don’t know WHAT I’ll have to vote off. I know Weight Loss should win, but I love them all so much!!

  468. Wow. Now that ‘Company Picnic’ is gone, this is going to be tough. Gotta figure out which episode DOESN’T belong in the Top 5.

  469. Well, you’ve finally voted off Company Picnic. I hope you’re pleased.

    LOL, j/k.

    Again, I’ll vote for The MSPC

  470. 6. Weight Loss, 5. Heavy Competition, 4. Stress Relief, 3. Customer Survey, 2. Michael Scott Paper Company, BROKE FTW

  471. NO!!
    I thought Company Picnic would at least make the top 5! Jeezum.

    Well, anyways,
    STRESS RELIEF, FTW!!!!!!!!!

  472. Julie – rewatch them. They are both madcap series of events that would never REALLY happen in an office, but what keeps them within the realm of believable (and delightful to watch) is the interaction of all the characters.

    Besides that, think about Dwight in the two episodes – uncharacteristically friendly and helpful.

    The one failing of Cafe Disco was the two previously-unseen dock workers finding Kelly and Erin (contrived). Other than that, though, it’s GOLD!

  473. 607 – The two workers are Gene and Lee (writers) who have been in a few episodes, unless I misunderstood what you meant.

    Tough to choose now, but gotta go with Customer Survey.

  474. Mixed Berries, those two dock workers were Leo and Gino, played by Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky, and were seen previously as the guys who sold Michael the pot in Frame Toby, as well as having been in some season 2 outtakes that are pretty hilarious.

    I liked Cafe Disco too, partly because it was a stand alone episode and Dwight was less irritating than usual, both pluses to me.

  475. My bad — knew they were writers, but I did not recall them from Frame Toby (definitely not in my top 20 for this season). Thanks for the tip!

  476. Weight loss has got to go. I can’t believe that is still up here! That was a horrible episode!

  477. I seriously don’t understand what’s so good about Customer Survey, it should have been voted off a long time ago! :<

  478. I agree!!! Vote off “Customer Survey”!!! It’s not on par with episodes like “Broke” and “MSPC”

  479. I voted for Heavy Competition. I’ve also voted for Weight Loss in the past – heck, all of the top 10 are great episodes. As long as Broke wins, I’m happy.

  480. So thrilled Cafe Disco is gone, one of the worst episodes. Now, I’m going to go with any of the Michael Scott Paper episodes. I’ve got to say stress relief or weight loss are my top choices for the win.

  481. These are all great episodes, but I’m voting for Weight Loss.

    Customer Survey for the win!

  482. Sure, Stress Relief was the biggest episode in Office history. Too bad it wasn’t the funniest.

    MSPC ftw.

  483. Heavy Competition was too Dwight heavy for me. That said, all the episodes in this top six are brilliant, I’d just prefer Heavy to not be a top fiver.

  484. Cafe Disco was fodder to fill a 28 episode season request. Unfortunately, the finale was paltry as well!

    The episodes left are now all good. Well-executed, well-written, FUNNY. And, to some degree, with purpose.

    Which IS important.

    I know it won’t get voted off based on premise. However, just because others argue for or against something, I do have the OPTION to read comments, so I won’t let it persuade my vote as others have indicated. Heavy Competition gets my nod to go bye.

  485. Here is my prediction:

    6th: ‘Heavy Competition’
    5th: ‘Customer Survey’
    4th: ‘The Michael Scott Paper Company’
    3rd: ‘Stress Relief’
    2nd: ‘Weight Loss’
    1st: ‘Broke’

  486. I actually watched all these episodes again just to make up my mind lol, and i found that Customer Survey wasn’t so bad at all. I’ve changed my mind, I think Weight Loss should go now.

  487. Sad to say, but looks like I have to cut Customer Survey from the list..

    I want you listen to me, friend, and I want you to listen to me good. I am going to come at you. And I am going to come at you hard. I am going to steal all of your clients. And then I am going to kill them in front of you.

    Rooting for Heavy Competition!

  488. I’m sorry I just really DO NOT like Weight Loss. I mean, the proposal kills me every time. Because it is ADORABLE! But as a funny show, I don’t really think it was and it just felt awkward. The later episodes in the season are so much better

  489. Customer Survey was one of my favorites! :( Come on…the Bill Buttlicker scene alone should’ve made this episode in the top 5. And just the fact of Dwight and Jim teaming up together made it great too.

    “Get out of my nook”
    “That’s what she said! That’s what she said!!!”

    Come on, people!

  490. NO!! Customer Survey was supposed to win, not go out in 6th… :(. I don’t get why a lot of people like Broke so much (other than the cold open, which is not reason enough for Top 5), although different things for different people I guess. Heavy Competition FTW!

  491. @632: I love Broke because:

    Pam’s talking head: You blame the 30-year-old woman who got in the passenger seat and said, “Drive, kid. I trust you.”

    Kelly’s report on what’s being said in the conference room

    Jim making kissy noises

    and Michael’s brilliance rises to the surface — “So I don’t think I need to wait out Dunder Mifflin. I think I just have to wait out you.”

    This is a near-perfect episode in my book.

    Broke FTW!

  492. Customer Survey was my #1, but I’m torn between Stress Relief and Broke for my favorite remaining episode. I am voting off Weight Loss.

  493. Nooooooo! Not Customer Survey, have we all forgotten Bill Buttlicker Already?
    Heavy Competition is going now, back me up people!

  494. Customer Survey was my favorite of the year…now I don’t know what to do. Heavy Competition out next, I guess. I have to do some serious thinking about which of the remaining episodes deserves the #1 spot. Three of the episodes still here are from the MSPC arc, which I was not crazy about; apparently I am in the minority on that!

  495. What possessed all these people to vote off “Customer Survey”?

    Down you go, “Heavy Competition”!

  496. I can’t believe Stress Relief is still on…I mean, the open was funny, but the bootleg movie subplot killed it for me.

  497. Now that my favorite (Customer Survey) is out of the running.BROKE for the win!


    Finally, Customer Survey was voted off! One of my least favorites of the season. I’ve been voting it off every week since Prince Family Paper left us.

    Now, I say, Stress Relief has got to go. It just wasn’t that funny, and I felt like it was too gimmicky.

  499. Wasn’t the subplot involving the movie actually Andy’s, and not the movie itself? I’m pretty sure the movie wasn’t supposed to be anything spectacular. Andy’s reactions, however, were pretty great. And the roast was hilarious.

  500. What the WHAT?! WHYYYYYYYY?!?! Customer Survey was supposed to be number one!!! FAIL.

  501. I will never be able to figure out why ‘Broke’ is so popular. It was good, but it wasn’t nearly as funny as most of the remaining episodes and it had an unrealistic plot line.

    imho… Heavy Competition or Weight Loss FTW

  502. Again, I say to thee…

    Sure, Stress Relief was the biggest episode in Office history. Too bad it wasn’t the funniest.

    MSPC for the win.

  503. Nooo! I looooooved Customer Survey!! I guess I don’t remember MSPC and Heavy Competition that well, but I guess they were really good if they beat Customer Survey. Maybe I should take a look at those again…

  504. See ya MSPC! Good Episode. Not better than Heavy Competition or Weight Loss.

  505. Voting out Heavy Competition in retaliation of those who voted out Customer Survey >:-)

    Oh who am I kidding? ALL these episodes are good! Personally, I’m pulling for Stress Relief, but they’re all good.

  506. I agree with Kool-Aid Man (647). Stress Relief wasn’t that great of an episode. The B-plot just didn’t seem right to me.

  507. So glad all these episodes made it to the top five (though I seriously wish that The Duel was still on here :/)


  508. The Jack Black pirated movie scenes were really out of place in Stress Relief. I think it should be the next to go.

  509. Once Again, I voted off, ‘Heavy Competition.’ Next, I’ll vote off ‘The Michael Scott Paper Company’ which was my fifth favorite episode of the season. Broke for the win, and Weight Loss for the silver.

  510. Seriously, why is Stress Relief still there? I don’t even know anyone in real life that even LIKED the episode let alone think it was in the top 5 this season.

  511. i’ll be happy to see “Stress Relief” or “The Michael Scott Paper Company” go, other than the whole MSPC storyline, it was kinda lame. Jim with the run-down thing and Andy & Dwight was just ‘okay’

  512. Numbers 5,4,3, and 2 are interchangeable for me. But Broke is my choice for the top episode of the season. Broke has it all: comedy, drama, pathos, hilarity. As I’ve said, a near-perfect episode.

    Broke FTW!

  513. Watched Broke again tonight and it totally confirmed for me – best episode of the season and one of my favourites ever. I could watch Michael Scott and David Wallace negotiate forever!

  514. 652, The Duel is one of my favorites for the season too. I was really surprised that it was voted off so early.

  515. #656,

    I am totally with you, and I don’t know anyone who likes Stress Relief either! After Lecture Circuit Pt. 2, it was the second worst for me. It was just blatant pandering, although Lieberstein is a great writer and I don’t blame him for how terribly that episode turned out. It just seems like horrible judgment on NBC’s part.

    Also, I can’t believe Customer Survey was voted off! Stephen Merchant’s direction couldn’t have been better.

  516. I absolutely loved Stress Relief! Dwight and the cpr dummy was one of the funniest scenes ever! I know that the cold open was a little different and hokey but i didn’t stop laughing for even a second during this episode!

  517. MSPC is next to go for me. Not because I didn’t like it, but because I see it as a number 3.

    And, as always, STRESS RELIEF, FTW!!!!!!!!!!!

  518. MSPC will probably go next, although it should win.

    Really, people, it’s okay not to like Stress Relief even though it was the Super Bowl episode. The Grateful Dead didn’t put on a great performance at Woodstock, either.

  519. My final four.

    1. Stress Relief (rewatch sealed the deal)
    2. Michael Scott Paper Company
    3. Broke
    4. Weight Loss

  520. Why on earth is Weight Loss still remaining? Someone please remind me what was so good about that episode?

  521. Nooo!! How has TMSPC beaten Heavy Competition??

    I admit, the first half of the episode was painful, in the way that season 1 was painful, but THEN, oh but then…

    We saw Michael call up Dwight in the midst of their miniwar and say (something like) “Now you can just stay on the line while I steal your biggest client.” and he DID! It was such a go-Michael episode by the end, and a forerunner to the skills he would show in “Broke.” WHY was it not rewarded with a higher rank?

  522. I’ll reiterate what everyone’s said about Stress Relief (the bad stuff). The Jack Black bit was one of the silliest and contrived things The Office has ever done…I don’t see how such a flawed episode can go any further, despite having a few very funny scenes.

    The other three are about equal in my opinion, although I’ll go for MSPC for the win.

  523. 1. Weight Loss – Michael falling down stairs, Creed and his incorrect worms. Dwight in a bin bag. Proposal. WINNER.

    2. Stress Releif – Creeds face when Oscar comes through the ceiling is enough for this to still be here.

    3. Broke. David Wallace. :) and sexy Jim hair. :D

  524. Hate to break to most of ya, but Stress Relief was by far the funniest episode pretty much in The Office history. It’s the episode that got all of my friends hooked on it, so now they’re all going to the store to buy seasons 1-4 to catch up! Honestly, it was just funny and random with a little bit of sweetness, and exactly what I love about the show.

    So I’m gonna go ahead and vote off The Michael Scott Paper Company, even though I love that episode, too. And then I’ll vote Broke off next, and then Weight Loss (SUCH A GREAT EPISODE!!!) and then hope that it’s Stress Relief for the win!

    I mean, let’s not forget:
    “Racism is dead, Stanley.”

    “Hello, Clarisse.”

    “We will not always be there when your heart dissapears to be working.”

    And finally, my favorite:


    C’mon guys, do the right thing…STRESS RELIEF for numbah one!!

  525. I voted off MSPC. It just didn’t stand out as a great episode to me. I think that Stress Relief should win, Weight Loss in second, then Broke in 3rd.

  526. Broke has to win it for me. It actually hurt voting one of these off. For me though it is Weight Loss that has to settle for 4th. By the by what’s with all the stress relief bashing, barring the pirated movie this ep was really top notch!

  527. Stress Relief needs to go, it was just a little over-done for my taste.

    Broke for the win, 100 %.

  528. This is probably the best top four since season 2, so it doesn’t hurt too much to vote off the best season premiere since The Dundies. It’s been real, Weight Loss.

  529. At this point it has to be “Stress Relief.” The others were great; SR is funny (minus the Jack Black movie) but it’s so random and over the top, even more so than usual for the post-S3 era. Plus, I don’t think any of its events were referenced later on (you’d think someone would make a comment about Dwight nearly killing the office and Stanley having a heart attack–although I may have just forgotten), which only reinforces the idea that it’s not even a canon episode of the show. It feels more like it’s a dream Dwight has or something.

  530. I voted off Broke because I’m pushing for Stress Relief to win. >:-)


    What? Did you say sandwich?

  531. i voted weight loss. yeah, the jack black stuff in stress relief was totally lame…but i don’t know, i feel like weight loss is the weakest of these 4.

  532. Stress Relief — OFF!

    Broke FTW!!!!

    Broke was such a classic episode. Michael — the backbone of DunderMifflin Scranton — once again shows us why he has never been fired. He’s truly a brilliant man, bathed in immaturity.

    And Steve Carrell directed! Broke needs to win! :-)

  533. O.k., now it’s much easier. Next to go, “Weight Loss”, it really didn’t have anything going for it besides the proposal, just like “Company Picnic”, it can’t survive based on 1 great moment. Then it will be “Stress Relief” and of course…..

    Broke for the WIN!!

  534. Bye Broke.
    Stress Relief, for da win!!(:

  535. I might not have agreed with where all these episodes ended up, but the last 3 are definitely my top 3 for the season. Now the choice is really difficult so I think I’m going to have to go back and watch them again before I make my vote. And for people who think Weight Loss was only good because of the proposal, I have to disagree, I thought it would have been a great episode with or without the proposal, but of course with the proposal just makes it an outstanding episode. :)

  536. At this point you have to vote for Weight Loss and here’s why.

    If you want Broke or Stress Relief to win then these must face off in a head to head. If you vote for them now, then they will split the vote and one of them will be voted off rather than Weight Loss.

  537. Broke is my favorite episode of the season. I really didn’t love Weight Loss–it was funny, but it wasn’t laugh-out-loud comedy like Broke or Stress Relief. It hurts to see Customer Survey so low.

    These last few are pretty darn painful, but…Broke FTW!!!!!

  538. ‘Stress Relief’ has my favorite scenes of the season – but it has the pirated movie which was horrible. ‘Weight Loss’ and ‘Broke’ were both strong throughout but didn’t reach the high moments of ‘Stress Relief’. This is tough…

  539. Can this get any harder? Yeah, I know… My vote went to “Stress Relief.” I laughed hard when Jim and Andy started slamming the copier up against the door and Michael threw the overhead out of the window, but of the remaining three episodes, this one is my least favorite. I’m pulling for “Broke” to win.

  540. You’ve gotten into true Survivor spirit, 697! I took your advice and voted Weight Loss (I probably would have anyway, but you gave me another good reason). Any of the last three are great, but I’m definitely a Broke fan. Watched it again last week and remembered all the reasons why – it should definitely win Steve C. the Emmy.

  541. I don’t understand how Weight Loss is even still in the running! I’m really hoping it gets voted off this round. Stress Relief and Broke are my two favorite episodes of the season. I’d be happy with either of them winning, but Weight Loss must go now!

  542. Look. I wanted to like Stress Relief just as much as the next guy. And I did, for a time. But then I realized, it was an absolute “stunt” show, with no real storyline implications for the weeks to come. Had this been a regular episode, and not the Super Bowl episode, I’d have thought of it as a pretty good episode. But since it was the Super Bowl episode, I felt the writers tried too hard, if that makes any sense, and it came off as being forced.

    Since MSPC is gone, Broke FTW.

  543. Wow, I can’t believe so many are calling for Weight Loss to go next. What was not to like about that episode? Michael and Holly were adorable, Angela was whorish (before the love triangle got annoying), and Jim and Pam got engaged!! This episode is number one all the way for me. Don’t at all understand the love for Stress Relief or how it could possibly rank higher than WL. Sure sounds like WL will be the next to go, though. :-(

  544. I’m voting off Weight Loss. It is a great episode but I can’t stop laughing every time I think of Kevin raiding the vending machine and Andy shouting, “the fire is shooting at us!,” during the fire. I’m not sure which one I’ll vote for the winner though.

  545. Weight Loss is next to go… it was a great episode, but I liked Stress Relief and Broke better. I’m very happy of the outcome of the top 3, they’re all very deserving.

    However, Broke FTW!

  546. if i can’t have mspc in the final 2 then i will do everything i can to help broke win. namely tell everyone: broke FTW!

  547. I’m slightly torn. But I think Broke should win! I watched it again last week and remembered how awesome it was.

  548. I would have liked to see “Customer Survey” make it this far, but these two are good as well. Now, how do I choose a winner?

  549. I seriously can’t believe Stress Relief got voted off. That was the best episode in Office history…so many hilarious moments! I was aiming for it to be number one.

    I don’t understand the obsession with ‘Broke.’ I mean, it was a pretty funny episode, but not number one material. I’m voting for weight loss.


  550. Stress Relief didn’t deserve to be 3rd. It was hands down the FUNNIEST episode of the season, but I guess some people don’t vote based on that.

    Broke was a very good episode. It really didn’t have laugh out loud moments which is the reason why I love the show. That’s why I don’t think it was the best episode.

    I thought Weight Loss was funnier than Broke also.

    Weight Loss FTW.

  551. Wow, Weight Loss seriously isn’t this good. I actually think it’s one of the weaker episodes of the season, that hour lacked some pace. Though, Broke is by far the best episode of the season; Broke ftw!

  552. I agree with you 100%, #716. Broke is overrated, and Stress Relief should’ve won (considering that Customer Survey and Heavy Competition were both eliminated). Guess there’s nothing left to do now except vote for Broke and hope that Weight Loss pulls it off.

    Weight Loss FTW!!!

  553. Company Picnic got #7??? are you kidding me? that episode sucked! especially for a season finale!!

  554. 716, Broke isn’t the best episode of the season because it’s the funniest. It’s the best of the season because it’s the most satisfying narratively speaking. Michael triumphing over David Wallace after the various indignities visited on him over the course of the season is a great thing to watch.

  555. re-watched Broke to see if I missed something that everyone else seemed to be watching.

    I didn’t.

    Stress Relief should’ve won hands down. Now I’m rooting for Weight Loss. (:

  556. Broke! Broke! Broke! (I actually wanted to vote Weight Loss off a while ago – it was okay, but not even in my top five this season.) Broke was about the quickest 30 minutes of television I watched all year – and I mean that in a good way. At 9:25 I looked at the clock and thought: “No, it can’t be ending so soon!”

  557. AHH! The best two episodes of the season. But as a huge JAM fan, my heart belongs to Weight Loss. I’ll be okay if it loses to Broke, though. Perfect top 8-3 in my opinion.

  558. I feel like a cheater for only participating in the final two- but BROKE HAS TO WIN! It’s a way more impressive feat for a mid-season episode to stand out than a premiere. I think Broke was a funnier, more suspenseful, better crafted episode. Although Weight Loss was great, I don’t think it would have gotten this far if it wasn’t the one where Jim and Pam got engaged.

  559. WHAT!?!?!?
    Stress Relief was the frakkin BOMB!
    oh, the injustice!
    I’ll just have to vote for weight loss now…

  560. Weight Loss should never have gotten this far. Especially not with gems like Customer Survey around…sigh.

    Broke is hilarious AND narratively satisfying. Really, it is. I could not stop laughing during the episode. The only other contender for best episode should have been Stress Relief. Weight Loss? Not that funny, only narratively satisfying for JAM lovers (which I am, but come on? It’s just not that good an episode!).

    Broke FTW!!!! Please!!!!

  561. Weight Loss, even though it wasn’t even close to my favorite episode. I mean, Company Picnic, dude! did you SEE the tears in Jim’s eyes??? *heart breaks*

  562. Customer Survey for the win!!! Oh,that’s right it was already voted off. In that case,Broke FTW.

  563. For your consideration: Broke

    Yes, Weight Loss was a good episode — but if it hadn’t had the proposal, would it really be a better episode than Broke?

    Broke — the quintessential Office episode. Humor, pathos, brilliance. And directed by the man, Steve Carell.

    Broke FTW!!!!!

  564. Easiest decision that I have made in this voting series. Broke was the best ep that remains on the list (I enjoyed customer survey) with some solid laughs and brilliance from Steve Carell. In front and behind the camera.

  565. I kept not voting for Weight Loss only because Stress Relief, which was a middle of the road pick for me, wouldn’t go away. Broke is not my favorite episode of the season, but I like it much, much better than Weight Loss.

  566. Ok really?!!?? Baby Shower is waaaaay better than Moroccan Christmas and Prince Family Paper.

  567. like most others: broke for the win! “we are not only tight-ends we are also quarterbacks” haha

  568. Wow, Alot has happen in such a short time. We’re already down to the final two in the poll and the season premiere is just under a month away, nnniice.

    Come on “Broke”!!

    “Broke” FTW

  569. GO BROKE!!!!!!!!!!

    “how the turntables…..”

    “our balls are in your court.”

    “we are not only tight ends, we are also quarterbacks.”

    seriously one of the best episodes of the season. :)

  570. Broke FTW! :D

    You have to love the scene with Michael in the lift, fearing he might say they’re broke. Epic Office moment!

  571. Yay for Broke! I love Michael Scott in that one. I hope it bodes well for Steve Carell at the Emmy’s!

  572. And for the record, since I didn’t vote in any of the polls, my favorite episodes of the season were Broke, Cafe Disco, Stress Relief, and Customer Survey. Not in any particular order. :)

  573. I voted for Weight Loss b/c I just remember it being so great (plus it had the engagement); however, I rewatched Broke again this morning and it really was outstanding. Glad those were the top two.

  574. Finally, after five seasons, my favourite episode actually won this thing! Yay!

    Totally excited about the “best episode ever” contest – I may have to take a day off work and watch all five seasons so I can decide. I wonder if my boss would consider that a legitimate absence?

  575. I am SO happy that Broke won this! It’s a pretty amazing feat when it wasn’t a premiere or finale, nor did it have any breakthrough Jim/Pam moments. I think for the first time in these Survivor polls, an episode won purely for being really good comedy.

  576. YAY! Broke is probably one of my all-time favorites! I love how they were able to get such a great episode out of such a risky story-line.

  577. YES!!! Broke won! Finally, my favorite hits the top spot!

    @760/tanster: Those were my favorite episodes, too! I was shocked that Cafe Disco did not fare better in this poll. Oh well…

    Fan favorite? Still Casino Night. The build-up to this episode was so perfect, it was hilarious, and the surprises (for me, at least!) just kept coming.

  578. To Tanster and Tiff: Those were my top four, too! Great Office minds think alike :) Thanks for a great website!

  579. TOP TEN

    1. Broke
    2. Weight Loss
    3. The Michael Scott Paper Company
    4. Company Picnic
    5. Stress Relief
    6. Dream Team
    7. Business Ethics
    8. Customer Survey
    9. Moroccan Christmas
    10. Cafe Disco


    5. Baby Shower
    4. Frame Toby
    3. Business Trip
    2. Prince Family Paper
    1. The Surplus

  580. yay for broke! an awesome episode. i hope steve carell sees that we voted his episode number one! :)

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