1. I am having the worst day EVER, and reading the posts about John hosting the Office marathon tonight AND being on Conan made it a whole lot better. Thanks!

  2. I know he’s there for Leatherheads, but hopefully he’ll have an Office clip to show us, too!

  3. Ultimate John Night! Woooo! Oh and Jaimie — hope your day got better :-)

  4. A new promo with lots of footage from Dinner Party just aired during My Name Is Earl! I hope someone can get this up online, apparently Michael has had multiple vasectomies and Dwight runs out of his talking head crying! Haha!

    Thanks Phoenix27! I got some work done, so it’s starting to look up. Plus The Office is only half an hour away!

  5. Yes!! John and Conan are so funny together. It’s like watching two best friends interact when he’s on the show. This will be great.

  6. I just came back from the taping, he just talked about Leatherheads (and had a little clip) and a few funny personal stories. He stayed the whole time … he’s got really really nice teeth btw :)

  7. yes! i’m very very excited for a john krasinski night too!

    and in response to Katherine, he DOES have nice teeth =] i had the pleasure of meeting him for a brief moment at the Leatherheads premiere, and he was as sweet and charming as could be!! have a splendid night everyone!

  8. John and Conan definitely need to host something together. And is it just me or is John getting funnier? He had me rolling tonight.

  9. JOHN KRASINSKI! Loved that story of the girl saying his name funny in that bar :-)

    And yes, I agree with post 11 — he absolutely gets funnier every time he comes on Conan — they have a chemistry like no other. I wish they became a writing team for at least one episode of The Office — they would be hilarious!

  10. Andrea… yeah we waited for about an hour outside NBC and he never came out, he must have scooted out a side way! Very disappointing because I didn’t think he was that guy that would duck and avoid a few autographs (there weren’t that many of us). We did see Christopher Walken though but he’s no JK.

  11. Does Conan repeat anywhere (didn’t Comedy Central used to repeat Conan in the evening–are they still doing that?) I missed this :(

  12. I love how John stays for the whole show when he goes on those talk shows. To me, its like he’s really trying to experience everything and just have a good, fun time. Most people leave right away, but John always stays. And…how much more awesome, cute, hot, adorable can he be?

  13. How did I not know he was going to be on Conan until (luckily) an hour before the show aired? I can’t believe I was so lax in my Office due dilligence.

    He was really adorable, too. So nice. I would have gladly given up my seat.

  14. He’s great. I stayed up late just to see it. He really has a way about him….

    Loved his Seattle story about the girl saying his name. And, I don’t doubt for one second that she didn’t sound like. We all know that John is good at impressions….so, she really must have sounded like that. “John Krasinski!!!!!!”

  15. Conan: Someone told me you were in Seattle recently…
    John: Yeah, I just did.

    I about died.

  16. #19 – That was my favorite part! It had me howling inside because both my roomates were asleep so I didn’t want to wake them with me laughing like a maniac. But it was SO hard not to laugh. They do have a great chemistry together.

  17. Awesome interview! Those were all great stories, he was totally spot on tonight. I like the Freshman 45 (“Do you play football?” “Noo.”) and the “Don’t say anything!” Clooney gag.

  18. He is seriously the cutest, funniest, sweetest most charming guy EVER! I love him!! :)

    Can’t wait to see Leatherheads!

  19. To follow in Steve’s awkward Kathie Lee footsteps, can we get John’s “Oh My God, Bodie Miller’s gonna kill me” reaction from the next segment? He looked so scared!

    John’s Conan interviews are the best. I think he tries harder because of his history with the show.

  20. I took the day off because a friend of mine is coming to town and it just so happened that her plane got delayed. Sooo, I went to see Leatherheads. I hate to say it, but if I am being completely honest, it was very disappointing. Of course John looked lovely, as always. However, the movie itself really wasn’t great at all. I am sure it will do well at the box office though. I’ll be interested to see what others think.

  21. This is so funny! I was almost crying. JOHN KRASINSKAY :D haha. He is hilarious.

    I’m so glad that he has some new stories. Thank God.
    And I love it that he says “you know what?” and “too cool for school.”

  23. It always cracks me up when he says “that’s weird.” lol.


  24. I agree with Sticious–the movie looks a little lame, although I was excited at first, and planned on seeing it. I think I’ll wait for video now.

    On the other hand, John is crazy charming and lovable, and this interview was thoroughly entertaining.

    For all the exposure he’s getting lately, he keeps it pretty fresh. I’m thinking he must be amazing in real life, too. Ahhh. If only.

  25. Oh, man. I’m alone in my house, eyes glued to my computer screen, laughing to the point where I’m almost falling over. Ahh so cool.

  26. If anybody’s interested, you can watch the whole thing on nbc.com here. The topic starts at about 33:30, and John is in trouble by 35:00.

    John: I appreciate you saying that. I didn’t want to lose, but I worked just as hard as you. That close.
    Bode: That’s a funny guy over here.
    Conan: He’s going to be punished.

  27. He’s so funny and likable, and I love his chemistry with Conan. That’s the best interview I’ve ever seen him do, and quite a contrast to his sweet-but-sleepy two minutes on The Today Show this morning!

  28. that man can rock the skinny tailored suit like no other. *sigh* loved every minute of this interview. you can always expect something great when he’s being interviewed by conan…they have excellent rapport =D.

  29. THANK YOU to the posters of this video…. I’m so glad someone put it online!

    I loved the group of kids following them and calling John and George telling them to scram… that story cracked me up….

    Possibly my favorite interview ever.

    Yay : )

  30. Ahh, the “Don’t say anything” joke was great! Wonderful interview. When you watch interviews with the people on this show – Steve, John, Rainn, BJ especially – what oozes out is not only how funny they are in real life, but also how they truly are very down-to-earth, classy people. Yay!

  31. i must say the funniest interviews ever with jkras is when interviewed by conan. doesn’t get better than that.

  32. I have to semi-agree with #30. Leatherheads was better than I thought it would be but still not that good. I get what George Clooney was going for, I just don’t think that it appeals to most people. But I do have to say that the scene where John was drunk was hilarious!

  33. JOHN KRASINSKAY was hilarious! My two favorite men and a great interview!

  34. I actually REALLY enjoyed Leatherheads. I thought it was hilarious. I love that John is getting some higher profile roles. He HAS to stay on the Office though.

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