1. Ahhh he did the marionette again! I could watch him do that all day. What a great interview!

  2. I always laugh so much when he and Conan get together. It’s like they fuel each others’ charisma. They mesh well. So much fun! I love the yoga marionette and, “He’s got a gun!”

  3. His marionette is HILARIOUS!!! I don’t know how anyone could keep a straight face for that! Can’t wait to see It’s Complicated.

  4. Great interview with John, as always!
    The best part was the marionette yoga teacher and when Conan did the drinks and passed them to him and Andy. That part was hilarious.

  5. Tanster, you should have posted the next guest’s segment too! Conan and John drink from the same glass. :)

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