1. Haha, very cute. I kind of like knowing that he loves the Office, because he is a funny man. Sure, he makes terrible, horrible music, but I’ve discovered from listening to him on Loveline and seeing him on VH1 countdowns that he is quite hilarious and intelligent.

    Also, goddamn do I want a Dundie…

  2. That’s freakin hilarious! =P
    Tallest Music Dude indeed! Hoo-Rah for John Mayer! …you have won a tiny duuundieee

    ..i want one, too. *le sigh*

  3. I love John Mayers’ music!… He’s very talented… maybe not so much as a singer, but definitely as a guitarist…. oh well – sweet that he got a dundie!

  4. That is so cool – I want one too! I’m glad to see that John Mayer has a good sense of humor as a fellow Office fan!

  5. Wow. I officially like John Mayer. I mean, I still hate his music, but I like his taste in television!

  6. So, I guess to get a Dundie, I need to become a singer who writes crappy songs that someone like Michael Scott would sing! ;)

  7. Dun-die, Dun-die, Dun-die …

    This makes me love John Mayer because that is VERY funny. The chili’s backdrop?! Brilliant.

  8. Very funny. I guess the producers gave him one because he was nice enough to let them use his song. Michael Scott is a horrible singer. He loves his karaoke, though!

    *Islands in the Stream, that is what we are…*

  9. amazing.
    favorite singer ever..
    and favorite show.
    what a combination.
    i freaked when i read his blog the other day.
    the kid is hilarious.
    and give his new album “continuum” a chance!
    its amazing.

  10. I love John Mayer.
    Whether he’s singing, dancing, acting, playing the guitar, or recieving his very own Dundie.
    And I love The Office.
    And I think that those of you who disagree on his singing abilities are absolutely out of your minds.

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