Can Roy win back Pam?

TV Guide talks to David Denman (“Roy”) about how his character has developed this season, and what’s in store for the Roy-Pam-Jim love triangle.

An excerpt: Is it just my perception, or did you go through a big physical change to become the new Roy?

Denman: I definitely did! I lost something like 30 or 40 pounds. I started training for triathlons. Which came first, that you were supposed to lose weight for the character, or that you were training?

Denman: It was never said, “You should lose some weight.” But Greg said, “I want to make you more of a viable option.” I said, “That’s great, because I was actually planning to get back in [shape] and start working out.” I’d kinda turned into a little bit of a couch potato. And then one of the camera operators on the show, Matt Sohn, who has done a bunch of triathlons, was trying to get us to go do this Malibu triathlon, and I said, “Yeah, I’ll do it.” I started on this training schedule for about eight weeks. I had so much fun, I did another one, like, a month later.

There is no denying that Roy is looking fine this season …

SPOILER WARNING! The article contains spoilers about tonight’s episode, ‘A Benihana Christmas.’

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  1. Roy Schmoy. As with Karen, it’s all smoke and mirrors; annyoing distractions designed to divert attention from Jim and Pam.

  2. David Denman seems like such a sweet guy. I really like him – and Roy’s new look ain’t that bad either!

    I just *really* hope he’s wrong about how the “triangle” is going to end up. Though it seems more like a quad right now lol

  3. Even though I know, I KNOW, it’s all red herrings, this makes me a little sad.

    The worst way to end the show…Pam and Roy married, Jim and Karen seriously dating.

    I might strangle Greg Daniels.

  4. “The worst way to end the show…Pam and Roy married, Jim and Karen seriously dating.”

    And then pullout to reveal it was all an action figure saga created by an eight-year old Dwight…then all the inhabitants of the Officeverse are destroyed by the Death Star. Fade to starfield and we’re out.

  5. TEAM JAM.
    Boo, Team RAM.
    JAM is sweet and yummy.
    RAM sounds mean, and violent.
    What about…KAM? Or.. RANGELA?

    Hmm? Maybe?

    I’m kinda feeling bad for Roy after reading that, but I’m still too much of a JAMmer to feel *that* bad.

    Like, I really empathize with Karen, for example. I feel bad that everyone hates her. Think of it this way- SHE doesn’t know that she’s stealing Jim away from Pam. She just knows he’s ADORABLE, which is something we all recognize. I actually, really identify with Karen, moreso than Pam. So I feel bad that I want her relationship with Jim to flounder. And by “flounder”, I mean “crash and burn like the Hidenberg.” I’m pretty glad she’s making friends with Pam.

    So, anyway. I’m RIDICULOUSLY excited for tonight. I work as a receptionist, and I’m wearing my red turtleneck sweater in honor of the occasion. (I feel so Pam! :-P)

  6. When I read David’s theory I was very surprised. I can’t even imagine the show ending that way, that would be such a major disappointment. I don’t agree that Roy is Pam’s rock because he certainly hasn’t treated her the way that she deserves to be treated. People can change but I just don’t think that they are compatible anymore. Maybe they were several years ago but they have grown apart.

    Could he possibly want it to end that way because he’s not sure what direction that his character will go otherwise? If Pam and Jim end up together David is probably worried that his character won’t be as prominent.

  7. David Denman is a charming guy & a wonderful actor…but ROY & PAM??? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Who needs reality? We have that in real life. This is a MOCKumentary already.

  8. YES!!!! score another point for TEAM KAREN.
    Roy can have Pam, cause Jim’s already taken care of =)

  9. seriously.. if roy and pam end up together… that sucks.
    that really sucks.

    and also- i dont think that anyone would go back to her ex-fiance… especially if there was someone else she loved (another option)

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