Kate and Melora in TV Guide

Kate Flannery (“Meredith”) has posted a new TV Guide blog about tonight’s episode:

The new episode is “Grief Counseling,” where Michael’s former boss suddenly dies in an accident … Michael’s old boss was Ed Truck, played by Ken Howard. Do you remember the Season 2 episode, “The Carpet,” when Ken Howard was a guest on the show? (I remember him from The White Shadow.) Well, that episode showed an “old” picture of Ed Truck and Michael Scott from the ’80s, where they each sported a mullet. You know what they say about a mullet, right? Business in the front and a PARTY IN THE BACK!!!!

TV Guide also features an interview with Melora Hardin (“Jan”):

Kate Flannery, who plays Meredith, is really funny. I love how she plays Meredith as so disgusted all the time with herself and with life … It’s hilarious, the faces she makes bowl me over. But I would have to say that the person who makes me laugh the most is Steve [Carell]. I’m a pretty intense straight man and sometimes I just can’t hold it together. There are some good bloopers on the Season 2 DVD.

Chili’s … baby back ribs … Chili’s baby back ribs … classic blooper!


  1. Those Chili’s bloopers had me on the floor 99% of the time they were playing. I loved Michael’s little dance when he sang “Chili’s baby back ribs…”


  2. My favorite part of that blooper is when he’s giving instructions to Tim Meadows. “No, wait out the second one.”

  3. I don’t understand this sentence of Melora’s answer:

    I’m a pretty intense straight man and sometimes I just can’t hold it together.


  4. Stephanie, it means she can usually get through a scene without laughing, but when acting with Steve, it’s sometimes not possible. :)

    “Straight man” as in the half of a comedy team that doesn’t do the jokes.

  5. Stephanie, I too read that as Melora saying, “I’m a pretty intense straight man.” As in, she’s a man. I think she meant to say that she can usually keep it together during a take, but still, there’s gotta be a better way to say that.

  6. Am I the only person out there who feels like Melora Hardin thinks a little too highly of herself?

  7. LOVE the Steve and Melora bloopers! There are some good ones with those two. The whole Chili’s one where Steve is singing, Melora can’t keep a straight face and then Steve starts laughing. Then, when they’re in Michael’s car and he is driving and makes this feminine motion with his hand and Melora loses it and so does Steve and they make fun of him saying he was doing a whole different character with that move. Too funny. And then, this one is great, Michael goes to give Jan a hug and she puts her hand out so he’ll just shake it and Melora tries to hide her face because she’s losing it and then Steve goes to pat the side of her arm and instead he pats her boob! Melora grabs his hand ever so quickly and begins cracking up while Steve goes, “Oh!” Hilarious! These were so great. I wish there were more of them with those two.

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