1. Haha-those were hilarious. I loved how Pam has Michael get her coffee from the ‘warehouse’ in the first one.

  2. Has Angela *ever* been up talking to Pam at reception before (first clip)? The only time I remember seeing Angela near there was in The Fight when she was forging Michael’s signature.

    I loved that first clip! $20 says it’s the cold open.

    This was the Creed we need to see. You can have your stare-at-Pam Creed, I’ll have my confuse-“chicken”-with-“human” Creed.

  3. According to Creed, Ed truck crashed his car on Route 6, which is also known as the Scranton-Carbondale Highway. In an earlier episode, Ryan bought lunch for Michael Scott in Carbondale. Route 6 also passes through Dickson City, where Michael’s mother lives. This is another reason why I enjoy this show so much!

  4. Thur is going to be great. I hope that they stay in the office the whole time. I also looked at the 30 rock show clips. That is a smart funny show as well.

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