Kate Flannery and Oscar Nuñez at SF Sketchfest

Kate Flannery

On Saturday night, I went to see The Office’s Kate Flannery and Oscar Nuñez perform in SF Sketchfest — a two week festival of sketch, improv, stand-up, television, film, and musical comedy.

The Lampshades: First up was Kate and her comedy act, The Lampshades. The Lampshades is a musical lounge act comprising Kassie Chew (Kate) and her partner Hori Pismo (Scot Robinson).

Cassie sings, dances, and performs provocative deep knee bends. Hori, on the other hand, struggles to just stay awake and not pass out with a drink in his hand. At one point, Kassie sings Donna Summer’s “Last Dance” while Porie reads the latest Hollywood obituaries. They also butcher perform classic tunes “Mandy/Brandy” and “When Doves Cry.” It’s a lively and funny show!

Kate was awesome. With her bouffant wig, red jumpsuit, and retro dance moves, she looks like a tripped-out version of Kate Pierson from the B-52s. And boy, can she belt out a song! The Lampshades is a must-see show if you’re ever in L.A.! (I’ve seen it twice now.)

Totally Looped: in Totally Looped, comedians dub new dialogue to old movie clips, resulting in the “funniest movies never made.” You don’t actually see the performers; you only hear them. The performers sit in the front row with microphones, and live-dub the scene as it is shown on stage.

Ideas are suggested on the spot by the audience, so the dubbing is completely improvised! It is absolutely hilarious. Performers included Oscar Nuñez, Rick Overton, Joe Liss, Richard Kuhlman, Maria Bamford, and SNL veteran, Laraine Newman.

Some of the movie titles suggested by the audience:

  • “Team Awesome” — performed to a scene from some Jimmy Stewart movie (didn’t recognize it)
  • “Stay Home and Drink Champagne Day” — performed to a scene from ‘Gone with the Wind’
  • “Road to Puberty” — performed to a scene from an unknown but intriguing movie starring Sally Field, Jeff Bridges, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. (I later found out it was the 1976 film ‘Stay Hungry.’)

About the photo above: after performing to an enthusiastic full house, what was Kate most excited about? This drawing, given to her by fan Nick Mullis. Oscar got one, too! Which just illustrates, once again, that fans mean the world to ‘The Office’ cast! Nick, if you’re reading this, know that you made Kate’s night. Photo credit: Chris Haston

Thanks to Kate, Chris, Oscar, and Ursula for letting me hang with you! Fun times. :)

Links: SF Sketchfest | The Lampshades | Totally Looped

P.S. One last thing — an Office spoiler got revealed that night! Check it out on the spoiler page.


  1. Yay Jennie! I’m so glad you were able to go. Great picture, by the way. :)

    [from tanster: thanks laura! i’m hoping someday they’ll let meredith sing in an episode. wouldn’t that be awesome? :) ]

  2. Hey Jennie! I gave her the drawing and my name’s actually Nick Mullis, hahahahaha! It’s okay though! I’m so happy she loved it, I’m definitely saving this page to show people.

    [from tanster: yay, you came! i’ll make the correction in the post. and i’m being serious, kate actually ran out of the theatre and looked for me so she could show me your drawing! she was very excited. :) ]

  3. I’m soooo jealous! I was totally going to go until I had to work :*( I’m glad to hear it was fun! I’ll have to catch The Lampshades sometime when I’m down in LA!

    Nice drawing Nick!

  4. FYI.. speaking of Lampshades, they’ll be performing at Upright Citizens Brigade on February 13th at 9pm. only $8!


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