The Office Season 5 spoilers and news

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Last updated: May 20, 2009

This post contains spoilers and news about The Office Season 5.

May 20: Inside Sources

I’ve confirmed that there will be DVD commentary for ‘Company Picnic’! You’ll find out some interesting (and touching) things about the final hospital scene.

May 15: tanster’s spoilers from the set of the finale

Here’s my final list of spoilers re: ‘Company Picnic’ (now annotated):

  • One relationship does NOT progress during the picnic.
    I was referring to Kevin and Lynn, since Lynn didn’t attend the picnic.
  • Erin will be at the picnic!
  • Breasts may be mentioned.
    I believe that Jim did utter the word ‘breasts’ in one of his ‘grab these for balance’ TH takes. It must have been cut for time.
  • CGI (computer generated imagery) will be present during the episode.
    Pam’s volleyball was all CGI.
  • A Conan staffer makes an appearance.
    That would be Brian Stack, or as I like to call him, ‘Angry Buffalo Guy.’ He’s a writer for Conan O’Brien’s show.
  • You may hear a bleeped-out obscenity.
    In one take, Angry Buffalo Guy yells something like, “What the f***?!” when David Wallace announces that Buffalo is closing. Looks like that version wasn’t used.
  • A group of people gets an unexpected surprise.
    Um, that would be Buffalo. *sniff*
  • Dwight gets some bro support.
    I’m referring to his friend, Rolph, played by James Urbaniak.
  • You might hear the exclamation “Booyah!”
    That would be the adorable Erin, played by Ellie Kemper.
  • An Office staffer makes their Office acting debut.
    The Office editor, Dave Rogers, played angry Ray-Ban guy.
  • Someone may be inappropriately dressed.
    Of course I’m talking about Meredith!
  • The picnic entertainment leads to some awkwardness.
    Wasn’t Slum Dunder Mifflinaire the worst skit you’ve ever seen?
  • You will see someone you haven’t seen since Season 2.
    Watch the first deleted scene to see Meredith’s son, Jake, played by Spencer Daniels. We haven’t seen him since Season 2’s episode ‘Take Your Daughter To Work Day.’ He’s all grown up!
  • A character demonstrates hidden athletic skill.
    That would be Pam and her wicked volleyball serve.

May 13: Ask Ausiello

Question: Anything new about The Office finale? –Cindy

Ausiello: The twist ending I’ve been telling you about? Not a single one of you has come close to guessing what it is.

May 13: Watch With Kristin

According to [Amy Ryan], “Right now Holly has a hot boyfriend. [The finale] is a company picnic, and he works at the Nashua branch, so yeah, he is there. Michael responds to this in his usual, as-you-would-expect way.” By which she means he responds with his usual hilarious and wacko inappropriateness.

After the “Company Picnic” encounter, however, it’s all over, as much as Amy would love the prospect of another return visit with her friends at The Office.

May 8: TV Guide May 11-18 issue

The 100th episode takes place at an office picnic where Dunderites from as far as Utica, New York, and Nashua, New Hampshire, have gathered for hot dogs, volleyball and some Michael magic. Holly (Amy Ryan), Michael’s ex, arrives her new BF from the Nashua branch. “Michael’s looking for the right moment to kiss her,” says writer Paul Lieberstein, who also plays HR rep Toby. Pam, meanwhile, hurts her ankle after some fierce v-ball action and gets rushed to the ER, while Dwight finds himself in a budding romance.

Tipster: jkfan9989

May 8: Message from Brian Baumgartner

On my way to do DVD commentary for THe OFFICe Season 5 DVD.

May 7: Watch With Kristin

Interview with Ed Helms:

Café Disco: So what exactly does Café Disco mean? We’ll let Ed explain: “Essentially Michael has another terrible idea on how to let off some steam in the office and the concept of a café disco emerges, which is a dancing situation that involves coffee. I’m not a good dancer, but I try really, really hard, and I’m not talking about Andy Bernard, I’m talking about Ed Helms.”

Company Picnic: Think season three’s “Beach Games,” but with the whole company, not just the Scranton Branch. “It’s the Dunder Mifflin picnic, so you have a lot of disparate elements converging. What the writers did is really fun and creative. It doesn’t boil down to passive aggressive little picnic games with a vengeance. There’s a lot more going on than that.” Hmmm, like maybe the return of Holly Flax (Amy Ryan) and a Charles-Michael battle royale? We’ll have to wait and see, but Idris Elba did tell us to expect a cliffhanger finale.

May 7: Lester Lewis (writer for The Office)

A song I wrote is going to be featured on The Office tonight. It’s a dance tune, girl singer, called Boy Hangover. Look for the scene where Kelly and the new receptionist start dancing with each other.

May 6: TV GUIDE May 4-10 issue

Michael Scott and Holly Flax are getting back together for the finale, though that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll get together together (we hear there’s a kiss involved). “It’s an opportunity for them to bring a little closure to their situation,” Steve Carell says, Dr. Phil-like. Michael and Holly haven’t seen each other since she was transferred to Nashua earlier this season. The finale centers on an Office picnic, and as usual, Carell says, “Michael tries to say the right thing but ends up saying more than he should.” Meanwhile, Michael sees an opening back at Dunder Mifflin after tough-talking regional veep Charles Miner returns to New York. Will Michael get back his old office next season, alongside Dwight, Jim, Ryan, and the gang? “It’s possible,” Carell says. “But you never know who is going to be assigned where by corporate.”

May 3: James Urbaniak’s LiveJournal

This week I shot a part on the season finale (and hundredth episode) of “The Office.”

Tipster: Dwigt

Apr. 29: Ask Ausiello

Question: Please, please, please have some good scoop for The Office. I feel like it has been forever since we have learned something new. — Matt

Ausiello: Here’s what you already know: Everyone (including Amy Ryan’s Holly) gathers together for Dunder Mifflin’s annual company picnic. Here’s what you don’t know: The episode ends with a doozy of a twist, the repercussions of which will be felt well into next season.

Tipster: Mary

Apr. 27: OfficeTally

The Office Company PicnicA photo I took when I visited the set of ‘Company Picnic.’ This is an actual scene!

Apr. 27: TV Guide

On the show’s 100th episode, Dunder Mifflin sponsors an “eventful” company picnic, at which guest stars (and Wire vets) Amy Ryan and Idris Elba will no doubt charm and torture Michael Scott, respectively. What’s that? You were hoping to see Jim and Pam’s nuptials by the end of the season? Well, pick up the shattered pieces of your life and move on, because it ain’t going to happen. We’re hearing that the honour of our presence will instead be requested for a fall wedding

Tipster: Lindsay

Apr. 16: Watch With Kristin

With Idris [Elba] sticking around through the season finale, is there a chance the two will ever see eye to eye? “Charles is not movable. He doesn’t soften up, so I think that Charles-Jim dynamic gets stronger. Jim is eventually going to get so pissed off he might come out of his socks a little bit.”

… is there really a Scott-Miner face-off before the season’s end? “There are a couple of moments where it gets a little like, uh-oh! It’s really funny, and the fans of Michael Scott are going to be fully redeemed. It’s a great arc in the storyline and leaves the season finale with a nice cliffhanger.” Cliffhanger? No! We just hope that Michael reclaims the throne.

“I’m not sure they’re going to use [the scene], but Charles Miner breaks down who he is, and it was revealing, like, ‘Hey this is who I am.’ I enjoyed that because I played him completely different. It is a clue that this guy has a couple of sides to him.”

“Mr. Charles doesn’t leave the picture. He has the position that Jan had, and she came back quite frequently, so there’s the possibility that Charles can. My storyline has come to an end, but there is a good indication that the writers see my character coming back.”


Synopsis for ‘Company Picnic’ (May 14):

SEASON FINALE — THE SCRANTON OFFICE REPRESENTS AT THE COMPANY PICNIC—OSCAR NOMINEE AMY RYAN (“Gone Baby Gone”) AND IDRIS ELBA (“The Wire”) GUEST STAR— It’s the annual Dunder Mifflin company picnic and Michael (Golden Globe winner Steve Carell) and Holly (guest star Amy Ryan) are reunited, and Michael has some big plans for her. Meanwhile, the office competes in the picnic’s volleyball tournament. Rainn Wilson, John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, Ed Helms, Leslie David Baker, Brian Baumgartner, Kate Flannery, Mindy Kaling, Angela Kinsey, Phyllis Smith, Oscar Nunez, Creed Bratton, Paul Lieberstein and B.J. Novak also star.



“The Office” will celebrate its 100th installment on Thursday, May 14 (9-9:30 p.m. ET) in its season finale involving an eventful company picnic guest starring Amy Ryan and Idris Elba.

Apr. 20: Watch With Kristin

Ashley in Thousand Oaks, Calif.: Is Michael ever going back to Dunder Mifflin on The Office?

Even if Michael (Steve Carell) does come back to Dunder Mifflin on The Office, his relationship with Dwight continues to be strained. After all those years of Michael putting him down, Dwight’s going to be in attack mode. Says Rainn Wilson, “If you poke a cobra in the neck, he will strike at your arm with his teeth. You can quote me on that.” In happier relationship news, “There’s love and politics in the air at Dunder Mifflin,” adds Rainn. And while Dwight and Angela are not currently getting it on, Rainn says, “Maybe in the near future.”

Apr. 16: KorbiTV

… it looks like both Ryan and Pam will be back at Dunder-Mifflin Scranton by this year’s season finale. I don’t want to say too much, but the 100th ep/season ender is all about a company-wide D-M picnic and I spotted both Beasley and blondie (yep, he’s still doing the blonde thing… Mindy Kaling’s brilliant idea, btw) in Scranton-colored t-shirts (each branch was sporting a different hue). FYI, there was no sign of Michael in the scene that I saw filmed.

We haven’t seen the last of Kevin’s girlfriend this year. Brian Baumgartner told me so. He also said the finale facilitates the return of several familiar faces … some we know well, some we may have spotted in background scenes here or there over the seasons.

[Idris Elba] was in the picnic scene I saw filmed. But he was sporting a black New York branch tee, so I guess Charles Miner’s days in Scranton are numbered.

… though it looks as though Pam will be back at Dunder-Mifflin next month, the new receptionist/apple of Andy & Dwight’s eye seems to be sticking around as well.

B.J. Novak told me Ryan will definitely be puttin it down for Kelly, we just don’t know if she’ll be pickin’ it up …

Angela Kinsey told me Dwight is totally Angela’s true love and the two of them will be talking again by season’s end.

Apr. 16: NBC Universal Media Village

Synopsis for ‘Cafe Disco’ (May 7):

MICHAEL BRINGS COFFEE AND DANCING TO THE OFFICE—Michael (Golden Globe winner Steve Carell) enters the cafe-disco business. Meanwhile, Pam (Jenna Fischer) and Jim (John Krasinski) decide to take a secret trip. Rainn Wilson, Ed Helms, Leslie David Baker, Brian Baumgartner, Kate Flannery, Mindy Kaling, Angela Kinsey, Phyllis Smith, Oscar Nunez, Creed Bratton, Paul Lieberstein and B.J. Novak also star.

Tipster: Jimmy

Apr. 15: NBC Universal Media Village

The May 7th episode is entitled ‘Cafe Disco.’ No synopsis yet.

Tipster: snarkerella

(While I was in the studio on Monday, I saw a rough cut of one scene from this episode. The scene features Andy and Kelly, and it is GOLDEN.)

Apr. 13: Watch With Kristin

Steven in Houston: The Office is so great right now! What’s coming up?
“Take me home, country road….” (“In German!”) So great. Believe it or not, The Office is already filming its 100th episode (due to air May 14), and E! News will be on the set tomorrow to get to goods on both Dunder Mifflin and the Michael Scott Paper Company Inc. Check out the official MSPC website right now, and then check back soon for more scoop!

Brendan in Portland, Ore.: Is it true that Melora Hardin got a pilot? What does this mean for her being on The Office?
Yes, Melora was cast in the new FX pilot called Lights Out, which begins filming this week. Melora says of the pilot, “It’s a real gritty, sexy drama about an ex-prize fighter who’s married to a pediatric osteopath, that’s me. We have children together, and it’s a very gritty, sexy relationship that’s broken, yet working.” As far as this getting in the way of The Office, “Hopefully this pilot will go to series, and I’ll be really busy with that,” adds Melora.

Juliet in Arkansas City, Kan.: Please, can you give us some Office scoop?
It’s been pretty tense at Dunder Mifflin lately, what with Idris Elba driving people to quit, but luckily the gang will get to relax a little soon. Creed Bratton teased to us that there’s a casual Friday coming up where Jim (John Krasinski) and Creed play chess. BTW, is that Pam sitting at a sales desk in that pic on the right? Whee!

Apr. 10: The Hollywood Reporter

Melora Hardin of “The Office” is moving to cable, landing the female lead opposite Holt McCallany on FX’s drama pilot “Lights Out.”

Hardin won’t appear on [The Office]’s remaining episodes this season, on which she is still formally a regular. She is expected to guest star in one or more episodes next season.

Tipster: Erin


Synopsis for ‘Casual Friday’ (April 30):

MICHAEL IS TORN BETWEEN HIS TWO SALES GROUPS — Michael (Golden Globe winner Steve Carell) has to mediate a dispute within his new sales team. Meanwhile, trouble brews in the office when several employees take the term “casual” Fridays too loosely. Rainn Wilson, John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, Ed Helms, Leslie David Baker, Brian Baumgartner, Kate Flannery, Mindy Kaling, Angela Kinsey, Phyllis Smith, Oscar Nunez, Creed Bratton, B.J. Novak and Paul Lieberstein also star.

Tipster: sorano916

Apr. 9: tanster’s sources

The OfficeA few little tidbits about tonight’s double-header.

First, behold the picture to the left. Cute, no?

Second, I’ve been told to watch ‘The Michael Scott Paper Company’ from the very first moment — “it’s brilliant,” my source says. Can’t wait!

Apr. 7: Mindy Kaling’s Twitter Feed

ahhh!! next week, Beadie Russell and Stringer Bell in one place!! and rob huebel!!

Apr. 6: NBC Universal Media Village

Synopsis for ‘Heavy Competition’ (April 16):

MICHAEL AND DWIGHT IN A HIGH-STAKES BATTLE—IDRIS ELBA (“The Wire”) GUEST STARS—Dwight’s (Rainn Wilson) loyalty to Michael (Golden Globe winner Steve Carrell) is tested when he finds a new hero in Charles (guest star Idris Elba). Meanwhile, Andy (Ed Helms) tries to provide for all of Jim’s (John Krasinski) emotional needs. Jenna Fischer, B.J. Novak, Leslie David Baker, Brian Baumgartner, Kate Flannery, Mindy Kaling, Angela Kinsey, Phyllis Smith, Oscar Nunez, Creed Bratton, Paul Lieberstein also star.

Synopsis for ‘Broke’ (April 23):

MICHAEL DEALS WITH EARLY MORNING DELIVERIES AND FINANCIAL STRAINS— IDRIS ELBA (“The Wire”) GUEST STARS— Michael’s (Golden Globe winner Steve Carrell) new company struggles to make early morning deliveries while the office tries to get their expense reports in on time after Angela (Angela Kinsey) enforces Dunder Mifflin’s policy. Rainn Wilson, John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, B.J. Novak, Ed Helms, Leslie David Baker, Brian Baumgartner, Kate Flannery, Mindy Kaling, Phyllis Smith, Oscar Nunez, Creed Bratton, Paul Lieberstein also star.

Title for April 30 episode: Casual Friday (no synopsis yet)

Apr. 3, 2009: New York Magazine

[Michael] Schur, who is directing the season finale of [Parks and Recreation] — its initial run is six episodes — told us he’s not going to have time for Mose to make a triumphant return to Schrute Farms.

“They called me the other day, asking if I could come back and play Mose for one of the last episodes this year,” said Schur from his office on the P&R set. “It would have been right when I was [directing] that last episode, so there was no way it could work.

Tipster: TobyFan

Apr. 1, 2009: E! Online

Holly may want to watch her back at The Office—Jan is just around the corner.

The last we saw of former company vice president of regional sales Jan Levinson, she had moved away after giving birth to baby daughter Astrid. But her former love interest Michael (Steve Carell) is now hung up on HR rep Holly (Amy Ryan).

Melora Hardin, who plays Jan, tells me she doesn’t think she’ll pop up again this season, but she’ll definitely return for the next…


  1. I can hardly contain my excitement over the 30 episode order! What a testament to the success of our beloved show! Congratulations to the cast and crew of The Office! May there be many more awesome milestones ahead for you!

  2. YES! 30 Episodes!! Of course they ordered 30 for this season as well… Glad it’s actually going to happen!

    I wonder if they’ll experiment with hour episodes again.

  3. Christ, 30 episodes! That must be to make up for the massive amount of episodes lost due to the strike.

  4. YES!!!! 30 EPISODES!!!!!!! Hopefully some will be hourlongs, and maybe a Michael/Jan baby?

  5. If they do hourlong episodes, I will KILL myself. Like “Romeo and Juliet.” …The Claire Danes one.

    Seriously, a few (i.e. Christmas, the finale, and so forth) is fine, but cramming them all in together this season was just not pleasant.

  6. Whoo hoo – 30 episodes! I was so excited about the idea of a 30-ep Season 4, and so disappointed when it didn’t happen. I’m especially stoked for the one Steve is going to write. Just thinking about that concept makes me laugh!

  7. Please, no more hour-long episodes.

    Or if they are hour-long episodes, make sure they’re actually funny. An hour long season 2 episode would have been paradise, but now… eh…

  8. Please please please do not let there be an actors’ strike! Didn’t we suffer enough during the writers’ strike?

  9. -When I heard he was on jury duty I was certain it would be in the show somehow.
    -I really hope that there isn’t an actors strike, but it’s nice to know that 30 episodes have been ordered.

  10. You’ve got to be kidding me. What do the ACTORS have to complain about? I think we have suffered enough through those four long months of Office-less-ness, and we don’t need our 30 episodes shot down again.

  11. Ah – I take it back! Our season 5 could get split in half! I swear if there’s another strike I’m going to get so mad. The actors really need no more money. I can’t say I’ll support them in this.

  12. Oh man I can’t wait for that Jury Duty episode. I hope Steve goes through with writing that and it gets filmed. Imagine Michael on a jury, lol x 100.

  13. How could they do Jury Duty? Cameras aren’t allowed in courtrooms…Arrested Development was shot in a similar way, and the cameras always had to leave the courtroom when they had episodes in which they went there. Maybe an episode where Michael is inspired by Jury Duty, and tries to have an “Office Courtroom”?

  14. It seems like if a strike were to happen with actors, God help us, it’d probably end much sooner than this one did. Hollywood had some scripts backed up for the strike, but how can they make anything if they have no actors. They’d definitely want a quick end to things.

  15. I’ve been lacking in the participation on Officetally for a few months, since there was nothing really new to talk about. But! I found this page, and I can’t believe it! First, that they’re talking about next season already, and second, that it IS season FIVE!!?!?!?!?

    Totally hard to believe–and just another congrats to you Tanster, especially since people will continue flocking back to the site seeing that we’re ONE MONTH away from the “Dinner Party!!” YAY! No strike, everyone is back to work, and it’s almost Spring! I think I’ll be prepared for the summer break, seeing that I actually survived the strike without my Dunder Mifflin pals!

  16. Regarding Christine #14 – Cameras are only barred from federal courts. As to individual states, it would depend on the state and the judge as to whether they allow cameras or not. So it’s not out of the realm of possibility.

  17. 30 episodes, nice. I can’t believe that there’s talk of a SAG strike. We’ve already suffered enough.

  18. SAG strike? This is the first I’ve heard. Please God of TV…please no. *head keyboard* sdfl;avj xckzlvmc

  19. I just looked over the upfronts for NBC, and on the serious, all the shows I watch are on NBC… cosmic.

  20. Shooting seems like it’s actually starting later than usual… last year it was earlier, right?

  21. Hey Tanster,
    My wife is started serving on Jury Duty today. And I have an idea for Steve (not that he needs any) for this Jury Duty episode. This is like her 5th. time.. and she was sayin’ how do I get out of this? I said to her..”This is how you can get out of Jury Duty everytime. Just tell them (pointing at them with your hand shaped like a pistol) “I know how to pick out the guilty ones every single time.”…I don’t think she used it though…
    But it could be a great line for Dwight or even Creed to say in that episode…Don’t worry not a WGA member so that one’s on the house.

  22. Does anyone else hope that Jim and Pam
    will be married by the 5th season? i sure do.
    aren’t they the best couple ever. Dwight is
    so lonely without Angela.

  23. #32: I, for one, do not hope they are married when we get back. That would be highly disappointing. I am with you on the whole cliche JAM wedding episode, I’d be fine without it, but I kind of feel like we already got cheated out of watching a good relationship unfold because of the writer’s strike. I’m not ready to watch them be a married couple quite yet. I hope they don’t start Season 5 like that.

    30 episodes though! I already can’t wait for that DVD. Amazing.

  24. Just for all the people that think Jim and Pam will be the spin-off: NOT going to happen. They will not take any of the main characters off the show, and that includes Michael and Dwight too. Mark my words, these characters are crucial components of The Office, and it would be a shadow of what it has been if any one of these people left.

    I trust my writers/producers: they are smarter than that.

  25. It would be awesome if the ‘documentary’ started airing sometime this season.

    I was hoping that Jan’s lawsuit would play out in The Deposition but after the episode it was clear that the case was dropped. But this season we will have an even better Ryan scandal. This is going to be a good story-arc and I’m excited to see it play out.

    I think Jim and Pam will be engaged in the premiere, not already married. I would actually prefer not to see their wedding though.

  26. I’m scared Pam is gonna find someone new being away from Jim for 3 months. Why oh why did Andy have to ruin it?!

  27. I am so sad the proposal didn’t happen-they better make up for it by having it in the season opener!!

  28. i really hope that jim and pam are not married to start off season 5. that would not be good, i think that they should be engaged within the first 5 episodes of season 5, and i don’t think they should get married until the finale of season 5, or early in to season 6. i think it would be stupid for the writers to make them married from the beginning of season 5 because that would take away all the suspense, and make the show less interesting to watch. and i really really really hope andy and angela do NOT get married, and there can be a dwangela renunion lol

  29. The proposal has to be in a regular episode for it not to be predictable, IMO.

  30. The Pratt Institute has a campus in Utica. What if Pam ends up their by Karen?!

  31. If Pam and Jim do not tie the knot, I will stop watching the show. I started watching this show about 2 weeks ago and I just finished watching every episode. I am rooting for Pam and Jim to work out in the long run. This has got to be one of the best shows I have ever seen.

  32. I absolutely love this show. It’s the best thing to ever hit television and i just started watching it last month. Any hints about season 5?

  33. I would LOVE it if Rashida Jones came back as Karen and took over Ryan’s corporate position. I’m not sure if her show “Unhitched” was renewed.

    Anyone with me?

  34. i don’t think that unhitched did get renewed (it wasn’t very good) and my FIRST thought for ryan’s corporate job was karen. all jam drama aside, i think that her character would play well off of michael’s character. ultimately that is the most important aspect of the jan or ryan character – how do they interact with michael.
    i do not think that pam will “find someone else” i think that doesn’t make sense. it is total sitcom drama but doesn’t fit AT ALL with their characters or their story. i think people are just fearing the worst but i doubt those fears will come true.

  35. I would be cool if we didn’t see the the JAM proposal…but I really want to see the wedding. Perhaps the spin-off will be Jim and Pam in NY…Jim lands Ryan’s corporate job and Pam is there for school…that might be fun?!?

  36. JAM in New York would be boring, because there’s no conflict and not much opportunity for humor.

    Creed will get Ryan out of prison, in exchange for his third chair.

  37. This may be a stupid question – but does season five deal in real time? Meaning that when September rolls around and season five starts up, the show will account for the four month time gap? Or will there be no time gap and will deal with summer and everything and go from there?

  38. #51

    There will most likely be a time jump. The season 3 and 4 premieres took place 3 or 4 months after the previous season’s finale.

  39. Question: If Pam does this art institute thing and everything won’t that mean she’ll be leaving The Office to pursue a career in design?

    Maybe they’ll get her pregnant and she’ll have to drop out of design school or SOMETHING. I mean, no, we don’t want her to hold back and be a receptionist forever, but where can they go from there?

  40. I still can’t beleive Andy ruined it for Angela’s lame replay of “OK”.
    I felt Pam’s pain when she tried to smile for the pic with Toby.

    And poor Michael, getting sucked into his toxic relationship with Jan.. again!
    I’m hoping her and Holly duke it out over michael in Season 5 after she’s baked that bun in the oven. Holly seems so good for him. They mesh and she was giving him vibes… MICHAEL NOOOO!!!!

  41. Pam could stay in Scranton, but get promoted to a title like “Advertising Coordinator”, where she handles all of the advertising and graphic design.

    But most importantly:


  42. As much as a love JAM, I would never watch that spin-off. I mean, I even cried at the finale because they didn’t get engaged. But a spin-off? That’s a little too jammy for me.

  43. i seriously hope the spinoff won’t be about jim and pam. it would be too boring. while they are great on the show, i don’t think the two of them would be able to carry a show on their own. the spin off will be about ryan…i’m almost sure of it

  44. i would be SHOCKED if the spin-off is about pam and jim. plus, aren’t these writers always surprising us? i doubt they would set up something that neat and tidy and obvious. i am sure they know we are putting 2 and 2 together with pam in new york and ryan’s corporate job open. we are playing right into their hands!!
    i am going all in that pam and jim are not the spin off. and i am usually right on about my predictions so yeah… i’m pretty good.

  45. spinoff is Ryan in jail. if Karen was the spin-off, i would definitely NOT watch it! i don’t know why, but i do not like watching season 3 because of Karen. She just bugs me (but I love Rashida Jones-I know it’s weird)

  46. Yea I totally agree. I disliked Karen even BEFORE she called Pam the b-word. Her character is just too uncomfortable and selfish. I absolutely LOVE Rashida, though.

  47. the spin off CANNOT be jim and pam.. that would totally suck.. i mean, they’re great on the show.. but without dwight, michael, and practically everyone else in the office.. they’re a pretty boring couple..
    creed IS hilarious.. and i can’t wait to see what happens with dwight and angela…
    they MUST get back together!

  48. Love Rashida – Hate Karen. I can’t help but be a little happy that “Unhitched” was cancelled – only because I’m still seeing it as “Karen” was cancelled, haha!

    NBC, PLEASE don’t make a JAM spin-off. It just won’t work!

  49. #44 – Congratulations on choosing to watch the best show ever made! Welcome to the fan-cult of all that is Office.

  50. I’m surprised nobody has commented on the fact that NBC said it would be “The Office”‘s “15th and final season”. A joke? A typo and they meant 5th and final season? I wouldn’t be able to stand it if it was the final season! I am SO freaking out! I hope it was just a joke and not for real. Is this the first time something like this has been mentioned or hinted at?

    [from tanster: read the release again.]

  51. Sarah, ER is going through it’s 15th and final season. Unless they just corrected it, that’s what the news posting says. I missed the “er” part the first time I read it too :).

  52. Oh thank God The Office isn’t going anywhere. You scared me there!

  53. so is that saturday night live thing that was going to air after the office not happening anymore? if kath and kim is on after the office now what does that mean for the spin off? or is there no spin off at all?? hmmm…

  54. I have to disagree, Large Tuna. I liked Karen, though I knew that she was the rebound girl. Although I wish they had kept the Pam and Karen as friends plotline that would have been really interesting.

  55. on wikipedia it says the first episode of season five is called The Bowling Match, and the description says:

    “To promote sportsmanship after Ryan is charged with the possession of drugs, Michael takes the Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch bowling to honor him. Pam returns from the graphics design school with a surprise for Jim. Kevin pursues a relation with Holly at the bowling alley.”

    what do you guys think? Fake?

  56. CJ
    That summary sounds fake simply because they don’t have it written yet and Ryan was charged with fraud. Although the cops probably would charge him wih drug possession if they found coke on him during the arrest.

  57. I found this quote on Wikipedia’s The Office page:

    “Additionally, actress Rashida Jones has been contracted to write and guest star in a season 5 episode, reprising the role of Jim’s former girlfriend Karen Filippelli.”

    Anyone else heard this? I didn’t know Rashida was a writer? It’s here.

  58. 75: It’s Wikipedia (and the article they cite says nothing about that). They have that fake “Bowling Match” as the S5 premiere, still.

  59. I wonder now that Unhitched is canceled, if we’ll see some more of Rashida next season.

  60. wow, ryan will be back next season. i am really curious how they will be bringing him back. it seems pretty certain he wouldn’t be working at dm anymore. i can’t imagine someone being arrested for fraud and then getting their job back? sooo curious!

  61. it appears that all references to the bowling episode and rashida jones’ reappearance have been removed from wikipedia.

  62. I think Michael will hire Ryan back as a temp. Too much man-love there for them to be parted for long.

  63. I don’t think they’ll rehire Ryan. I’ve never heard of a company rehiring an employee who committed a massive fraud. I would like to think the writer’s could come up with a more creative way to deal with Ryan.

  64. I would love for Holly to come back! I am also curious to see where Pam’s character goes because once she goes to art school she won’t be DM receptionist anymore!

  65. Perhaps Ryan will be back in a tax break/hire a convict manner a la Martin.

  66. I HATE that we have to wait until September to find out what happens!! I just can’t stand the SUSPENSE!! I want the office to stay the same, I don’t want Jim/Pam to leave!! And I want them to be together FOREVER!!!

  67. Trouble with not keeping Ryan is that they’ll have to introduce ANOTHER new character to be Michael’s boss!

    I do miss the old Ryan though, him and his Short Round impressions!

  68. i really hope they don’t do a spinoff— with any of the characters missing it wouldn’t be the same. it wouldn’t be as entertaining without the character dynamics and their quirky interactions!!

  69. Here is what Netflix says in a synopsis about Season 5:

    “The dysfunction continues for delusional boss Michael Scott (Steve Carell) and his crew in the fifth season of this Emmy-winning sitcom about Pennsylvania paper company Dunder Mifflin. Once again, control-freak Dwight (Rainn Wilson) attempts to pull off hilarious power plays, Jim (John Krasinski) and Pam (Jenna Fischer) wrestle with their relationship, and Michael tries to keep the team united and productive with his “innovative” methods.”

  70. Maybe Ryan will return to the show as an employee at Vance Refrigeration. :-P

  71. Booooo, where are the spoilers?! I feel like last year we had a ton RIGHT after the finale…

  72. There were so many plot twists in the last episode I honestly had to double check the TV listings to make sure that I wasn’t watching Lost. LOL.

  73. For real….I need to watch season 4 on dvd to catch up! I can’t get enough of The Office. My family and I are total addicts! Will Ryan and Pam get married?

  74. so i have been trying to figure out how we will see ryan again next season after he was arrested for fraud (couldn’t really see him getting his job back…) what if he and kelly start dating again! the darryl/kelly thing never really went anywhere and there is definitely a weird draw between ryan and kelly. there is a deleted scene in branch closing where ryan says he “can’t explain” the power that kelly has over him and in the season 4 episodes there is clearly a spot of jealousy when it comes to kelly and darryl. and we all know how kelly feels. me and my wild theories but i am putting it out there!!

  75. You know how Jim was followed by the cameras when he went to Stamford and David Brent from the UK The Office was followed even after he was fired? Maybe the documentary will follow Ryan in jail and when he gets out, even if he isn’t at the Office.

  76. 97- i don’t think that will happen, or at least it shouldn’t happen. following jim to another branch is one thing. plus he still had contact here and there with scranton so it was relevant. plus the branches were going to merge one way or the other. they filmed david brent in the special after the series ended like a “where is he now” kind of thing and that special aired a while after the original series ended. there was a purpose to it. following ryan would be weird because there would be no reason to, it wouldn’t relate back to the original documentary at all.

  77. i have a weird feeling ryan will do a COMPLETE 360 turnaround and will be back in the scranton branch working below michael again…and pam will go to new york and jim will stay behind and visit her sometimes, and yes the cameras will follow her…and that will postpone the engagement OR just speed it up (possibly a romantic proposal under the city lights? maybe.) and the michael/jan/amy situation is wayy too complicated for me to do any kind of prediction upon.

  78. Re: 98 | tuna tuna tuna

    You’re right. Fired employees shouldn’t be “followed” by the documentary crew. Nobody followed Devon after he left, or Karen. They only appeared again because the current employees interacted with them again. We also only kept seeing Jan because she was living with Michael. Let’s face it, the show barely spends any time in the actual office anymore…. the documentary premise shouldn’t be stretched further by following Ryan if he is no longer an employee of Dunder Mifflin.

  79. What about Jan and the baby twist! Michael says he’s kind of going to be a daddy. I mean there is so much fun to be had there. Plus, the Andy/Ice Queen marriage. It’s already the best comedic writing on tv. Hands down.

  80. What I find surprising is that as of the season finale, Toby is gone and Ryan is in jail. Note- both actors are also writers. Will they really leave? Thoughts?

  81. b.j. novak has already said that we will definitely see ryan on the office next year so, no, he is not really gone. toby, i am not as sure. paul is exec producer now so he is definitely going to be doing more behind the scenes. but i also feel like there were some open ended things with toby so i could see him making an appearance again, even in a reoccurring guest spot or once or twice. i hope so cause i love toby!

  82. whoa! we WILL see toby again. wow. i wonder in what context?? is it september yet, seriously!

  83. Ugh, after Creepfest ’08, I have no real interest in seeing Toby ever again.

  84. “seemingly” arrested? Now what does that mean? That seems like an odd word to add in.

  85. I’m sure they’ll throw in some sort of Pam-Toby thing just to give him his chance to express how he feels and tie up that storyline. Ugh. I’m not the biggest JAM fan out there but seriously, how much more relationship drama can they take?

  86. I miss when Ryan and Toby were the voices of reason in the office. Glad that we might see a little more of Toby. And “seemingly” means Ryan will be back too.

  87. Season 2, which is generally lauded as the show’s greatest season, had two episodes set in a Chilis, one in Michael’s condo, one in New York, one at a Hooter’s, one at Jim’s townhouse, one at a Northeastern Pennsylvania sales meeting and one on a party boat. So I think the show except in Season One has always gone outside the narrow confines of the Dunder Mifflin Scranton office. I don’t think that was a new dynamic in Season 4.

  88. you know jim and pam haven’t really had an unreasonable amount of relationship drama. she was engaged and then he had a girlfriend. then when pam got the guts to tell him how she felt he thought about it, broke up with karen, and asked her out to dinner. they have been together for almost a year and he plans to propose, having been foiled once. i think we all feel so protective and worried that the writers will break them up we are hypersensitive to anything that even feels like drama.

  89. I was hoping we’d seen the last of toby.Why the writers made him all creepy from Season 3 onwards,i’ll never understand.

  90. “Seemingly” Arrested? what’s that supposed to mean? Were the police just getting him to question him or something? Toby coming back doesn’t surprise me much I was always suspicious about them killing his character.

  91. I don’t think the “seemingly” arrested wording is as weird as Toby “disappearing.” Uh, he went to Costa Rica, because he’d wanted to for years. Not exactly “disappearing.”

    That said, when they bring him back, I really hope it’s so Michael can make more hilarious comments at his expense.

  92. “seemingly”?? and when she says tying up those stories I hope she doesn’t mean ending the story of their character. I want at least Ryan around. So please tell us that we haven’t seen the last of Ryan, either.

  93. Re: #102-Callan and #98 tuna tuna tuna

    I respectfully disagree….

    What about the crew following David Brent after he was let go in the BBC version? And Dawn after she moved to the U.S. I think there is some validity to it. Just my opinion though. Either way, I can’t freaking wait until September!

  94. Personally I wouldn’t care if Ryan and Toby were gone for good.

    It might be funny to have it look like Toby is going to come back just to torture michael but actually not have him come back.

    Time to move Ed Helms into the credits, cut back on the amount of storyline and plot and just get back to season 2 style office antics.

  95. Hearing that Toby might come back is the best news I’ve heard all day. Toby is my favorite character, so having his sad face around again makes me smile.

  96. #117
    the original british series was presented very much like an actual documentary on the bbc and after the end of the second series (season) ricky jervais said that was the end of the show and there would be no more. the christmas specials (where they film david brent going around and dawn in america) were shown a year later as a “where are they now, life AFTER the documentary” special. it did not immediately follow the original series nor were those people being filmed in their separate lives while the rest of the documentary was still being made. so i feel that is totally different. but i do agree that i can’t wait for september!

  97. Re 120 | tuna tuna tuna

    Agreed. The British series followed a much stricter documentary format, and the Christmas specials were just a “Where Are They Now?”. Because of the length of the American series, the documentary format had to be relaxed a little. However, I don’t see the point in following around Ryan and Toby if they don’t work for Dunder-Mifflin anymore. In fact, I’m kind of over keeping up with Jan too… she used to be the most together female character on the show, and she’s practically unrecognizable now.

  98. Yay! Yay! Yay! Toby will be back. I wouldn’t read too much into Mindy’s words – I think she’s just trying to keep up the suspense. And I wouldn’t count out Toby and Ryan both continuing to work for Dunder-Mifflin in some capacity in the new season.
    P.S. I agree with Troy’s Magical Riddles – The Office crew has also been shown outside of the office itself, and some of my favourite episodes (e.g. The Dundies) have taken place elsewhere.

  99. 122

    Ryan will not be working for DM ever again. He was arrested for fraud. It would be way too unrealistic for DM to keep him around. He may still be on the show in some capacity, but just not working for them.

    Toby may come back if they decide to have a fight/break up with JAM just to make some PABY (Pam+Toby) moments :)

  100. why has no one discussed the whole angela/dwight/andy relationship? who will she end up with?

  101. my prediction – ryan comes back because he and kelly get back together.
    in case you haven’t noticed, the season 5 spoilers section is my favorite!

  102. Haha! PABY – I would have gone for TAM (Toby + Pam), but I think I like PABY better!

    Dwangela, I think people haven’t been discussing your namesake because there is only one logical conclusion – she MUST end up with Dwight, right? Or maybe there’s a “Team Andy” out there that I’m not aware of? Can we get T-shirts made up again?

    P.S. I’m starting to get nervous for Season 5 at all, based on the most recent news about the SAG negotiations.

  103. Although I love the Office, I really wished the show would revert more to the Season 2-esque format. Although, yes, the characters went outside the office, there were plenty of episodes where the storyline was contained for the most part in, or around the office (“The Fire,” Sexual Harassment,” “Drug Testing,” “Conflict Resolution,” etc). I can’t say the same about the fourth season. Almost all of them took place for the majority of the episode outside of the office.

  104. I want another Dundie’s episode. I thought it was Dunder Mifflin’s annual award show. Now I am not saying do one every year, but they could do one every couple years.

  105. i agree about going back to the season 2 style. i liked how they kept all of the relationship storylines more subtle. and i think another dundies would be great, but could they keep it original enough?

  106. 123 Long Tim: Rewatch The Convict.

    I want Toby back, but I won’t stand for a Toby/Pam/Jim love triangle. I’ve never been a fan of the Toby loves Pam storyline, so I hope it’s buried next season.

  107. I have to agree- the show should find its way back to a season 2/ early season 3 format. They kept it simple, the Jim and Pam story was still a little foggy, just flirting and the Roy conflicts were great.

    I don’t know where they will take the Jim/Pam story from here. Season 2 finale- Jim confesses love then leaves. Season 3 finale- Jim returns to Scranton to date Pam, and Season 4 finale- they almost get engaged. Where else can they go from there?? What’s next?

  108. 130: While “The Convict” is a good argument that D-M will hire back Ryan, Martin wasn’t arrested for fraud against the company that hired him. I still think D-M will hire Ryan in some way, but I don’t know how… and I think there will/should be some amusing Ryan in jail/on trial episodes.

    I don’t think Toby loves Pam at all (the way Jim did in S2), it’s just a creepy crush.

  109. The key to getting back to season 2 is to stop having shock value and exaggerated comedy (exaggerated in the purest, broadest sense) dictate the story. The best episodes are simple, character-driven episodes that are painfully dead-pan (kind of like…*cough*…an office!!). Also, you have to bring in other creative ideas from outside sources as some of the writers seem tapped out a bit, relying on contrived mustaches to sell comedy.

    If they can get to basics, we’re in for a great season 5, full of deeper characters. If not, season 6 will mark the series finale.

  110. Has anyone entertained the idea that Dunder Mifflin will be affected as a company because of Ryan’s fraudulent behavior? Like layoffs and branch closings, or worse. Does anyone think that will actually be a storyline? I guess I don’t, but it’s a possibility.
    On another note, if Jim goes to corporate, I’m going to cry. Discuss.

  111. Oh my god…. Mindy Kaling’s comment is killing me. I will be in suspense for the rest of the summer.

  112. Mindy’s comment has made me a very happy person today! I hope the resolution she speaks of is going to be in the form of a proposal and not that they’re already engaged. I’m still waiting to get my ass kicked, Jim!

  113. omg, omg, omg, I am SO EXCITED! Thank you, Mindy!!! How will we ever stand the wait??? Go, JAM, go!!!

  114. that’s an interesting theory, anise. DM is already on the rocks for selling “limitless paper in a paperless world.” I wonder, though, if that story line would be too close to the story line of season 1 and the beginning of season 3? Also, it doesn’t make sense to send Jim to corporate. He didn’t go the first time because of Pam and unless Pam goes with him, I can’t see why he would be willing to go. But since Ryan is likely gone from DM, or at least from the corporate position, who will take over for him? Will Jan be rehired or maybe will Toby take his place?

  115. That interview makes me happy for PB&J! Never have I ever been so upset at fictional characters in my life lol.

  116. i think karen will take over ryan’s position. i think that makes sense and her interaction with michael would be funny, sort of a throwback to jan and michael in earlier seasons, plus it would be interesting to the jim and pam story.
    i really don’t think that toby would take over. a lot of people have suggested that possibility but he is human resources, guys. that is a totally different skill and experience set than a management position. it wouldn’t make sense, realistically. in the real corporate world they wouldn’t randomly hire the h.r. guy from one of the branches to oversee all the sales offices in the northeast.

  117. I can NOT wait until September 25th…I am in SUCH suspense!!! I am VERY happy for JAM…I just REALLY hope the romance continues to be STRONG!!!!!!!! :)I LOVE PB&J!!!!! :)

  118. YAY YAY YAY!!! More Amy, and Mindy basically stated a JAM proposal!!

  119. 144

    Rashida Jones still has a contract with NBC so it is possible that Karen will return! I would love to see her in the corporate position.

  120. Mindy, if you are pulling a Jenna on us and not giving us the whole truth I am going to put Kelly’s copy of OK! with the Holy Twins in Jello.

  121. 148 – yeah i know. there seems to be speculation that means she will be in the spin off but my money is on her returning in the corporate position! i think that would be great.

  122. The spin-off (if it ever actually exists) could be Corporate, but as much as I like Karen, she’s far too boring to be anything but a secondary lead (so I don’t get yelled at, the same is true for Jim and Pam).

  123. arrghh! the spin-off rumors are true. I hope it has ‘something’ to do with Ricky Gervais … or I could see that being a disaster. Everything he touches is genius.

    Looking forward to seeing Toby return. Say what you want about Kevin, Oscar, or the others, Toby has a lot more potential for interest than the other office characters for storyline. To be fair, most of them have already had their own success in that regard – anything more might just be regurgitation. Really, who wants to see Karen and Pam go at it again over Jim?

  124. I can see Jim moving to NYC to replace Ryan if Pam is attending design school there. (How has no one mentioned that yet?)

    Maybe they move to NYC together and then get engaged, that way Andys proposal to Angela is a non-factor in the JAM saga.

  125. that’s a thought, jim. But I personally think the dynamic of Jim and Pam won’t work as well outside of the office. I don’t think they would be as interesting and as obvious as normal people if they weren’t surrounded by Kevin, Dwight, Andy, and Angela. That’s why I think it’s unlikely that the writers will send them off on their own. Anyway, Pam is only going to be in that art school for 3 months.

  126. #155 that theory has actually been talked about a lot, especially right after the finale. i tend to agree with #156 and think that they will definitely not have jim move to new york and follow their story there. not only would it be less interesting outside of the office, it also would also have the effect of the beginning of season 3, trying to follow stories in 2 places, which makes the episodes more disjointed. and there would be no point, unlike season 3 where the branches were going to merge back together.

  127. I think that we will see Ryan because Michael started blubbering like a baby going on and on about how his best friend was going to jail, and I think Michael will visit him in jail. On another note I think that Jim will propose to Pam in the office because he said in the finale that he met fell in love with and had his first kiss with Pam in the office so why do it any where else but the office? That’s all I have to say on that matter and as for Toby honestly I hope he never comes back.

  128. Seeing what happens what over the summer?

    Congratulations, universe, you win.
    I’ve died without seeing the premiere.

  129. I am THRILLED about Season 5! I can hardly wait to see what happens with Jim/Pam…they are SO “real”…I love that they’re TRULY “soul-mates”…the entire show is hilarious…I know the premiere will be amazing! :)

  130. We should remember that Pam won’t be in the office in the summer episode since she’s at Pratt. That should make things very interesting..

  131. Now that the cast and crew are back to work, I’d like lots of leaked photos, please. That way we can spend the next 7 or 8 weeks dissecting every little tidbit. Isn’t there some Tallyhead out in sunny CA who can sneak on set and grab a few snapshots? It’s for a good cause…

  132. If an actor from Mad Men guests on The Office does that mean that they can’t reference Mad Men on the show? Because I saw Michael as a Mad Men fan.

  133. I love Rich Sommer! He’s so adorable, and Harry is definitely one of my favorite characters on Mad Men. I’m really, really excited to see what the Office writers will do with him. Great casting choice!

  134. I’m so excited about Rich Sommer guesting on The Office! Mad Men is my second favorite show after The Office and I love Rich’s character, Harry Crane. Can’t wait to see what he brings to Dunder-Mifflin!

  135. I hate/love the words “surprise twist.” As long as the aforementioned twist has nothing to do with JAM, bring it on.

  136. Dwide-
    I think he’s the temp who fills in for Pam while she’s at art school. We’ll get to find out if Michael gets man crushes on all male temps or if Ryan was the only one.

  137. hmm..I’m sort of nervous about this “surprise twist.” All I can say is that I really hope everything with JAM is solid! But yeah, I agree with what 171 said about Rich Sommer being Pam’s summer replacement…I really hope that is true and that he’s not some new best friend she meets at art school. :/

    Anyway, super excited for the premiere!!!

  138. JAMforever-
    Just remember that these TV spoiler writers at TV Guide and Entertainment Weekly have a tendency to exaggerate. They’re basically covering for the fact that they know as little as we do.

  139. As far as the blatant cross-promotion… is Pam gonna be a part-time secretary for Jack Donaghy to make some money while she’s in NY? Heh.

  140. I bet the cross-promotion in the premiere episode has something to do with The Biggest Loser. Both shows are produced by Reveille Productions.

  141. Oh tell me they have another line of products that are gearing up to tie in with the season premiere!

    As usual, Ausiello’s spoilers are of absolutely no help.

  142. While I would love the cross promotion to be with 30 Rock, it’s more likely to be the Biggest Loser.

  143. 177, 178: Oh yeah, that makes sense, considering what the S5 premiere is about. Duh.

  144. Wow, I hate NBC so much. This cross-promotion idea is horrid. I mean the green week was one thing, but this is just pathetic…

  145. i’m confused by this whole “cross promotion” thing- please explain, someone?

  146. JumboChalk-
    Cross Promotion is when a TV show has a cross over to another show. But given that spoilers say that the premiere will be about a weight loss competition I think The Biggest Loser will be mentioned heavily.

  147. I think Ausiello was being tongue-in-cheek about the whole cross-promotion with the Biggest Loser. I think it’s just something that popped into his mind. It’s hard to imagine it being a blatant attempt by NBC to force the writers to promote another NBC show. (And as far as the whole Green promotion episode, I loved Survivor Man, and the main message was nature=bad.) And weight loss is a very real plot with so much potential for being hilarious. We’re always having weight loss challenges at my office (and some evil skinny coworkers who aren’t involved in the total hell that goes into attempting to lose ten pounds suddenly materialize into great treat-bakers and candy-sharers so there’s temptation everywhere).

  148. Squeeee!!!!

    Look at the wording carefully in the title of Kristins’ article drawRINGS :O)

  149. Double Squee! I am so excited! Did anyone read Kristen’s section? Does anyone else think that the “metaphor” about Pam losing her way means that maybe she and Jim are taking a break? So, when she “finds her way again,” maybe she “finds her way” back to Jim? I can’t wait until September 25th. Thank you for posting, Tanster!

  150. Dunder Mifflin Character gone that is coming back.

    I would naturally think Toby or Ryan. But now I am thinking Karen…

  151. Devon!

    Eh…probably not.

    I can’t see Karen coming back to Scranton, now that she’s RM at Utica.

    I definitely see Toby returning to work and Ryan staying in the show somehow, maybe even having to work his way back up from Scranton again.

  152. The employee who is coming back is Tom from accounting,he haunts his old corner in accounting.

  153. So they’re not doing the office spinoff anymore???? Please, let it be true. As long as they’re doing the Amy Poehler show, I will be happy.

  154. Oh it must be Roy. Toby and Ryan are too obvious and we’ve seen Karen, so we know she’s not really “gone”.

  155. I think it’s Karen – the story line is about a weightloss competition between the branches, so it’s not completely difficult to assume Utica is included in it.
    Though I would love to see Roy again. I felt like his closure with Pam in The Negotiation was a really great scene and I’d love to see them catching up.

  156. I’m telling you all, it’s going to be Tony Gardner. We all know he’s quite the portly fellow and maybe there’s a chance he was hired by another branch.

  157. Spinoff is off the table? Do they mean the spinoff isn’t happening? I thought it was supposed to be debuting after the Super Bowl. My guess is Ryan or Toby is coming back. I’m really hoping it’s not Karen.

  158. Maybe it’s one of the old Stamford transfers. Someone like Martin or Hannah… or Tony Gardner!

  159. I think these TV Spoiler writers know as little as the rest of us and saying someone is coming back we never expected to see again covers a whole host of characters, Toby, Roy, Ryan, Karen, Devon, Packer, or a smaller character like Mose.

  160. Guys, it’s gotta be Devon who comes back! It would be…pure win.

    and thanks headphone! I thought that’s what it meant, but I didn’t want to make a fool out of myself if I was wrong (:

  161. Ok guys still in Afghanistan till September can’t wait till the season premier but talk to me about this “spinoff” What is it and are we getting it or not? We can’t be slackin at the office…..LOL!

  162. Well here is my thought on Karen, I think she’ll be around as she is pregnant, and invited Michael to her Lamaze class. (I think I spelled that wrong). She may not be a main character but I think she’ll definitely be there. As for Ryan that was left open ended and I believe we’ll see more of him.

  163. Sorry retard moment(hence Special K….LOL), I always get Karen and Jan mixed up when I haven’t seen them for a few months. Who knows if Karen will be back.

  164. Wait. Am I missing something?? Why is the Office spin-off “off the table”? Did it get cancelled/moved? I don’t remember seeing anything saying as such.

  165. it was karen the last time ausiello mentioned the return of a character in season 4. i’m voting it’s karen this time, too.

  166. The only characters I don’t see coming back are Michael’s old manager and the chair model, because they are dead. Actually, I’m not even totally convinced it won’t be one of them. (I admit, my first thought was Roy too!)

  167. i think when they say the office spin-off is off the table they are NOT talking about the show with amy poehler, they are talking about this alleged other show that was a more literal spin-off (which i am not convinced ever existed).
    the amy poehler show is debuting at a later date because of her pregnancy.
    and my vote is karen. as the new ryan. although the return of roy or devon would be amazing. i don’t think todd packer falls into the category cause i for one didn’t’ think i would never see him again.


    I just know it. I hope so! And I’m confused. So both the spinoff and the non-spinoff are off the table??

  169. If you take the statement literally, then it is a Dunder Mifflin employee who is returning. Now, Roy is not a DM employee anymore; neither is Toby, Devon, Jan, Hunter, or any of the Stamford people who quit in season 3. Maybe Todd Packer, but he never really left, just appears occasionally as a recurring character. So, unless I’m overlooking someone, that leaves Karen as the only current DM employee who left the show (or at least left Scranton branch). Then again, I’m not sure what Pam’s status is. The spoilers seem to indicate she will indeed be going to New York for art school. Whether that involves quitting DM or taking a leave of absence remains to be seen.

  170. The natural progress of the storyline would seem to indicate a little bit of a rough patch for JAM in season 5…which honestly, they’re like PB&J together, sure, but I wouldn’t mind seeing a few waves.

  171. I wonder if Toby hurt himself surfing? I bet Michael would get a laugh out of that one!

  172. As long as Jim and Pam end up together in the end, one episode where she flirts with another guy makes no difference to me.

  173. I think I was right earlier! I said that the “metaphor” Kristin was talking about when Pam gets lost and eventually finds her way was about her rethinking things with Jim. I bet that Rich Sommer’s character gets her to doubt things. I am hoping that Pam eventually “finding her way” means that she “finds her way back to Jim.” Oh my goodness, I love this show!

  174. I’m supremely tired of the forced plot twists on this show, especially because I thought Jim and Pam got together to end that BS and get back to the workplace-based comedy.

  175. Michael went to Costa Rica and shot Toby. And Rich Sommer is Pam’s male Karen??

  176. 218 – no just the “spin-off”. it even mentions the amy poehler show in the full article. that show is still happening it just is not going to debut after the superbowl (cause she is preggers!)
    also, i really don’t think that the writers will follow some total cliche in the pam and jim story. i have faith! remember what mindy said – people who wanted some resolution from the finale will be “very happy”.

  177. No more Jam misadventures! I’m tired of that. My vote is that Karen returns in Ryan’s now-vacant position.

  178. My vote is that Karen returns in Ryan’s now-vacant position.
    234 | Troy’s Magical Riddles Tue. Aug. 12, 2008 at 11:42am

    that’s what i’ve been saying!!

  179. Pam can have the new guy, as long as Karen comes back to Jim
    Team karen forever

  180. my guess: Jim goes to art school to visit Pam and this new guy kisses her and Jim walks in on seeing that and leaves

  181. Definitely not Roy.

    Not Karen – she can’t RETURN to Dunder Mifflin ’cause she still works for D.M.

    Well, it must be Ryan then, “a D.M. employee you think is gone for good,” I thought he was gone from D.M. for good because he was arrested.

  182. Maybe they’re just trying to mess with us and it’s a former employee from The Merger that we only saw for half an episode. Or Deven.

  183. The returning character could be Jan, they need a new sales VP and as she is the most qualified, I put my bets on her.

  184. Toby would be great to have back. I hope the fall knocks the weird Pam crush out of him.

  185. I think these TV Spoiler guys cover for the fact that they don’t what is going to happen either.

  186. Anyone can come back to Dunder-Mifflin (Scranton branch) as long as it’s not Karen. I never really liked her, even given different circumstances I don’t think I would have liked her. As stupid as this may sound, I never got the right “feel” from her. I just really, really, don’t want her to come back to Scranton.

    My guess is that Jan is going to get Ryan’s job.

  187. His wording leads me to believe it’s Jan. I would have said Karen when I first read about it, but she already works at Dunder Mifflin, so she wouldn’t be returning to it.

  188. I’m going to say that Ryan gets out of jail, loses his executive job, but is re-hired as a salesman in Scranton. But I’m not sure how this could happen.

  189. #244 I agree with you. And it’d be a major surprise if she was rehired considering how she went out.

  190. #231, too funny. I think Michael gives Ryan a second chance. His man-crush on Ryan is too powerful to overcome. Andd, after all, business is about people. It’s the most personal thing in the world.

  191. My guess is that Jan is returning. Ryan would make sense, but I think they are going to milk him being in prison. Jan could always use the extra cash, so I’m assuming Michael pulled strings to use Jan as a temporary receptionist.

  192. I would like for it to be Devon that returned….just to see how Michael would handle that situation

  193. I bet Jan comes back. That’s my theory at least, and on the point of JAM, I would like to remind you all over Mindy’s spoiler on July 17. xD JAM ALL THE WAY!

  194. Oh, and for all the people who think Pam met someone at art school, ask yourselves: Does Pam REALLY seem like the cheating type?

  195. Well, Emma, she did kiss Jim while she was engaged.

    I just hope they know that the viewers won’t stand for Jim and Pam going through anything rougher than a long-distance relationship (ie, another guy/girl, big fights) just sucking. (And by the way, they do!)

    My vote is that Roy gets Ryan’s old position. Why not? I’ll give it 10,000 to 1 odds, which means you all should take it. :-)

  196. Zip line? Uh-oh! Toby’s hurt! And maybe the person coming back is, like, Devin or something.

  197. 253 I can totally see Michael doing that! How funny would it be to see a nine month pregnant Jan interacting wih Michael as a receptionist!

  198. 253: that is my guess too, if they are talking about someone RETURNING to dunder mifflin (so not karen) i totally could see it being jan temping in reception which would be great for the interactions with michael (and everyone else) and also great for the michael/jan/holly triangle!!

  199. no. way.

    Toby can NOT compete with Jim. Seriously? The Office is a hilarious show, but this is not a joke. Only thing funny is he probably got hurt on a zip line. Now I love Toby, but do not mess with Jam. The backlash will hurt more than falling off that zipline.

    yes, I did just make a threat to a fictional character.

  200. yea if they go the on again off again route with jim and pam just to prolong the series, i’ll kill someone. they know just about everybody is pulling for them, and if they mess that up, well then they are just stupid. and i really don’t think they are stupid.

  201. Returning to Dunder Mifflin and gone for good…maybe Josh? Returning from Staples! :D

  202. I think Jan is coming back. Yes – it would be funny if she was the receptionist. Also, it would be funny if Toby was Michael’s boss.

  203. If Jim and Pam really are in a long-distance relationship for more than, oh, an episode, I’m really done with this show. It’s gotten cartoonish in its jokes, instead of the subtle humor of seasons 1 and 2, and if they keep strapping soap opera plot twists onto it, I’m truly done. Season 3/4 were tough to watch, but I almost don’t care how things work out at this point because I know they won’t work out for long before another artificial plot contrivance is brought back in. The fact that the returner could be Roy speaks to this problem.

  204. #269 I hope the writers give you reason to continue watching what I think is the best comedy in television history. I am an Office fanatic no matter what happens to JAM or any other couple. I understand the way you feel. I prefer the whole crew to be in Scranton, doing funny things within the confines of the Scranton office. But I want to see how the writers handle the latest Jim-Pam situation before declaring that The Office isn’t what it used to be. I liked seasons 3 and 4, though, so I am easy to please.

  205. 269-
    I’m going to be respectful about this but I don’t understand your criticisms at all. At least they’re not going to do the whole get them together/break them up cliche of TV couples. So far it’s been realistic and hey, real couples go through the strain of a long distance relationship. So if the long distance relationship lasts until episode 5.2 you’ll stop watching? Or will you keep watching and come on here and complain about how the show isn’t like it used to be?

  206. So, it’s not Roy. And the spoiler says they’re returning to Dunder-Mifflin – Karen never left. Jan or Ryan is the obvious choice, but Ausiello says it’s someone we’re not expecting… Devon? Martin Nash? Josh?

  207. Oh, and Jenna, as much as I love her, is prone to exaggeration. “We’ll learn something about Pam we never knew before!!!!” = Pam wears dorky glasses. I’m thinking the “long-distance relationship” thing is just the one summer episode.

  208. I’m going to be so mad if something really bad happens with Jim and Pam. They already went through tough stuff and drama (Pam with Roy, Jim with Karen) They don’t need more of it. They should just be a happy couple now. If Pam develops feelings for someone else, that would completely ruin the strong connection between her and Jim for me.

  209. Maybe I’m young and inexperienced but does three extra vacation days seem like a really crappy prize? Maybe it’s the way they’re all capitalized.

  210. I’m thinking there will be a minor contingency for the branch that loses the most weight. Michael will, with crayon, add: “The biggest loser will spend three days on a Sandals trip with me, myself, and I.”

  211. ahhh john cabrera! it’s like gilmore girls on the office! ok, not really. But I’m still waiting for Lauren Graham to get a part.

  212. oh my, john cabrera is cute and was introduced to jenna? jam speculators, get to work!

    and for those not in the working world, 3 extra days of vacation (meaning 3 days you don’t have to work but still get paid) is pretty awesome. i would be into that prize, especially if i worked there. remember how pam could only wait until february before having to use her vacation time!?

  213. tuna, tuna, tuna, could Dunder Mifflin afford to give an entire branch three paid vacation days? The company has always been portrayed as being in shaking financial straits. And there’s no telling how Ryan’s fraud will negatively affect the company.

  214. I would love it if Hunter came back as Pam’s replacement while she is in NY. That would make everyting all right!

  215. 277- JOSH! Didn’t even think of him. I agree.

    And since Pam’s not there… who will fill in for receptionist? (Last time I checked, there wasn’t a temp…)

  216. Dwight/Angela/Andy and Jan/Michael/Holly (I’m so on Team Molly) love triangles are good enough. I just hope JAM’s not a triangle.

  217. Just b/c she wasn’t in the scenes they were taping today doesn’t mean she’s not in the episode. And she most certainly is in the premiere.

  218. how long of a drive is it from scranton to new york? can jim visit pam on the weekends?

  219. AHH! I’m so nervous for the new season! I really hope things are all right with Jim and Pam. I wonder why she’s not in the second episode? Jenna is, like, the best part of The Office!

    haha, the person returning is totally going to be Devon!

  220. wait Ryan is a series Regular and she said everyone but Pam was there so is Ryan there

  221. Remember how Jim was in Stamford for the first seven episodes of season three it could be the same with Pam and art school. If so Jenna would be filming on a different set which is why she wasn’t there on set the day of the visit.

  222. I was watching E! news and Kristen came on and she said that there were 2 new sets, one was pam’s art school (which we already knew) but the other was a costa rican hospital! I might be behind the times but this was new news to me!

  223. That Summer Weight Loss Initiative sounds just like a plot line in the Frasier episode “Frasier-lite”. The only difference is that if Frasier and his KACL team shed the most weight, they win a trip to Las Vegas.

  224. Come on guys, the person coming back is totally Ed Truck! You know, a human can go on living several years after being decapitated.

  225. Ok let me get this straight…Pam should only have been gone during the summer (maybe a little longer) cuz design school is 3 months long….does she quit or take a 3 month leave? I’m confused….

  226. craigers! ha ha!

    i also like the idea of hunter coming back. i hope pam’s temporary replacement is either hunter or jan.

  227. tuna, tuna, tuna
    I was speculating. They will have to deal with Ryan’s fraud. When that happens in real life a company’s stock goes down. It would add to the reality of the show to have the Scrantonites worry about how it will affect them and be a good source for comedy. Do I hear another Dwight investigation coming (or is that invetigation?)

  228. I think it’d be great if they had that kid from Job Fair stepping in for Pam as the Summer intern.

  229. I am dying to know what happens between Jim and Pam! Can you give me any information about that relationship?!

  230. I think Jan will be coming back to Dunder Mifflin. Well after her baby is born I guess. Ryan is no longer at Dunder Mifflin (probably chilling somewhere in club fed) which leaves a certain Corporate position open. I know Jan and Dunder Mifflin didn’t leave on great terms what with her suing them for $4 million but ya never know. No one else has shown that they had what it took to get Jan’s job so maybe bring her back???

  231. Oh, I remember David Wallace making reference to the HR guy during Jims’ interview.

    I thought it was a great running gag that another boss doesn’t like another HR guy :O)

  232. I am still stuck on the idea that Ryan will no longer be a quasi bearded douche bag and return as the smart, sexy temp this season.

    I think Ryan will be covering reception over the summer while Pam is away. “I mean, why wouldn’t he get the job? He’s smart, totally qualified, everybody loves him.”

  233. Maybe Toby will be the HR guy, they did say someone would be returning to DM. Plus it would be hilarious for Toby to have a position of authority over Michael.

  234. I don’t think it could be Toby. If you read carefully, it says “yet to meet” and “introduce.” Therefore I think it is someone we haven’t seen before. Maybe John Cabrera plays the head of HR?

  235. I’m so excited to meet Kendall. That bit in “The Job” where David Wallace complains about him like Michael complains about Toby just cracks me up. I love that, despite the HUGE differences between him and Michael, they managed to draw a parallel. I love these writers. Stay classy, you guys.

  236. oh my god, if they got stephen colbert to play kendall i would be in heaven. office heaven.

  237. If Stephen Colbert ever appears on The Office, in any capacity, my heart will explode with pure, unadulterated joy. And I will die happy.

  238. I would also die if Stephen was on The Office! Oh man. If he DOESN’T get picked, I will be one unhappy camper.

  239. The ratings for an Office episode with Colbert guest starring would be phenomenal!! If I were to see the day when Colbert could play a part on the Office, I would die happy :D

  240. Judging from the latest spoilers it would be interesting if the entire branch got into trouble for not following HR regulations.

  241. I don’t think Stephen Colbert should play Kendal. He’s too much of a cultural icon…to me it would make the show less realistic if The Colbert Report didn’t exist in Office-land. Does that make sense? Can’t you see Jim and Pam being into watching The Colbert Report? Or Michael not understanding Colbert’s shtick?

  242. 334- I agree with you completely. While I would love to see Stephen Colbert guest on The Office, I don’t think that HR would be the place for him. I’d like to see him as a crazy stubborn client of Dwight’s or something of that nature. As for the role of Kendall, I think Ben Stein would be perfect for that role. He’s even more monotonous than Toby and with more authority.

  243. sorry, tanster, i had a few typos!

    wait what about stephen colbert as gould? if i had to choose i think i would prefer him to guest star at some point as jan’s ex-husband!

    in response to #334 i think that trying to take that into consideration just gets a little complicated. i mean, in “night out” michael talks about watching ‘the wire’ and then amy ryan (who was on ‘the wire’) joins the cast. and as the viewer we just need to look past that because they are actors. i mean ed helms and steve carell were on ‘the daily show’ together. i could picture jim and pam watching that. i think that is a factor we just have to not worry about. steve carell himself is a movie star and cultural icon so i think it gets complicated when we extend the “documentary” thing that far.

  244. re: Christine:

    I respect your opinion, but I personally think Stephen would be amazing as Kendall. Steve Carell himself has become quite the celebrity lately, and while watching him perform, everyone seems to forget The 40 Year Old Virgin. It’s just part of his magic. I’m sure Colbert could do the same, and I could die happy if I get to see him on The Office.

  245. I don’t think they’ll ever have Stephen Colbert on The Office he is too famous. Plus it would be referencing The Daily Show and The Office has never done that meta referencing stuff.

  246. in order for it to be meta-referencing colbert would have to do something totally random like say “oh hey guys, remember when we were on the daily show together?” which wouldn’t happen because that would have nothing to do with him playing the h.r. rep or jan’s ex-husband or any other character that would be on the office.

  247. Did you guy see on the Free Jenna video with B.J his beard is completly shaven off- so what does that mean about his Ryan in season 5

  248. How come in the promo pics Meredith’s face is all splotchy and has rashes everywhere? Does anyone know? And in one of the pics does it look like Darryl and Kelly are breaking up?

  249. I can see Jan filling in for Pam leading to all kinds of levels of discomfort for the staff. Those who only heard about the dinner party will get the live show.

  250. I hope Pam’s replacement is Jan or Ryan. That would be just too funny! Oh, and I think they want to keep us hoping that the ‘Save the Dates’ are Jim and Pam, but it is so Andy and Angela. I just don’t think the timing is right for anyone else. I wish it was my Jam, but they have to keep us on our toes, right? Thank you for posting all the latest, Tanster!

  251. Kristin said there were three possibe couples that the save the dates could be for. I know two of them Jam and Angela and Andy, but which is the third couple? Darryl and Kelly? Does anyone know?

  252. Maybe Michael & Jan for the third couple? Maybe it’s like a due date save the date?

  253. Ooh! Jan as receptionist! Interesting! And I bet it’s a JAM wedding. It’s gotta be.

  254. save the dates…

    i was actually thinking
    jim and pam
    angela and andy
    angela and dwight!

  255. Angela and Dwight! Oh yeah I completely forgot about that possibility! Or maybe Darryl and Kelly… I can’t think of any others. Thank you Grace!

  256. I bet the save the dates are in regards to Jan’s baby shower! Although, I wish it were for some JAM!!! ARGH!! CAN’T WAIT!

  257. Ryan as the receptionist would be funny. Just because of the conflict last season between Ryan and Jim. But would that mean that Ryan cut a deal to avoid jail time.

  258. you said that pam would be replaced while she is gone to pratt… any chance you can give us a hint?

  259. Okay so Jan must be coming back to Dunder Mifflin or at least that’s what ausiello keeps hinting. Jan for reception! Yes!

  260. How come no one is thinking Karen? Ryan should be in jail and someone has to take over his position….

    Plus I don’t think her new show did anything.

  261. Okay, so, it’s just a thought, but could Jan be sitting in as a temporary receptionist while Pam is out? Maybe, that’s why the office will throw her a shower? And, also, if Pam is supposed to be gone for 3 months in NY, and the first episode of Season 5 is supposed to be 8 weeks during the Summer, does that technically mean that Pam will only be gone 1 more month? The suspense is killing me… Can’t wait for my questions to be answered! :)

  262. 363 – yes, that is what my theory has been (and a few other tallyheads too). jan filling in at reception just has so much comic potential. and it totally makes sense. i can just imagine michael orchestrating that (and/or jan forcing him to) and i also think it will be great for furthering the jan/michael/holly storyline.

    i also have been a big proponent of the theory that karen will take over for ryan, i have been saying that since the season finale!

  263. I think Ryan will be the new receptionist too. And the more I think about this season…I don’t know. I want Pam to move up in the world but I just think that if she doesn’t come back to DM, the whole office dynamic will be off. Not just with Jim but also concerning Pam’s interactions will Michael, Angela, and even Dwight. We saw what happened when Jim left in Season 3. BJ even said on the commentaries that he was glad when the Stamford branch storyline ended. I know the writers are good but still…

  264. I’m excited to see Pam really figuring herself out, but I hope that we get to see that with Jim, too. He seems to have some unfulfilled dreams, as well. Remember “Second Life” Philly Jim? Will we get to see him grow this season, too? I hope…

  265. I think the mystery character coming back is going to be Devon. Anyone else remember the deleted valentines day scene?

  266. I LOVE the idea of Ryan being on reception…but won’t he be in jail? Plus I don’t think corporate would go for it, it won’t be very believable. Karen getting Ryan’s job would be just too awesome. I can see some JAM tension arising out of that.

    I’ve been thinking – does anyone know how long John Krasinski plans to stay with the show? I know Steve is staying for 3 more years (while still doing film) but he’s the star of the show anyway. If John is getting loads of great film offers that he has to turn down due to The Office schedule, how long will he really be staying? Also Jenna Fischer has previously said that she is quite happy with a successful TV career rather than films so she’ll probably stay. But if John left, what would happen to JAM? Anybody else worried about this?

  267. Laura, I agree 100%. I’m feeling pretty meh about the spoilers I’m seeing come down for this season. The pregnant!Jan thing seems really contrived to me, so I hope they quickly put that in the background. Jim and Pam have been through enough already – let’s not further strain their relationship for the sake of drama. I’d really like to see a shift back to subtle, office-based humor and a lot less plot-driven stuff.

    Here’s hoping!

  268. I think that the Jim/Pam storyline will continue to move forward, but I hope that it takes a backseat in the show this season. I love the couple as much as anyone, but if the long distance drama is played up in every episode, I fear the storyline will get really old, really fast. I agree with what many have already said- let’s keep the humor as the main point of the show, and let the drama come second.

  269. There was an article published stating that Dale Earnhardt, Jr. was going to watch a scene being filmed of The Office that had Steve, John and Jenna in it so they are starting to film scenes with Pam, presumably, back at Dunder Mifflin. Here’s the link

    [from tanster: I saw that a couple of days ago and haven’t had a chance to post. thanks!]

  270. Jessica – I agree, I think Ryan will be in jail, too.

    And I’m not worried about the actors leaving. I give this show another season, 2 tops.

  271. why don’t we have high hopes and look forward to the season rather than start thinking of all the ways the writers could mess things up? i for one am just looking forward to my favorite show being back on the air!

  272. Thank you tuna tuna tuna! That’s what I’ve been thinking. Quit trash talking the show! It’s great and the writers have never let us down before why should this season be any different? I can’t wait for the office to be on air again!

  273. Sara in Philly – totally. also, I hope the writers don’t deny us a scene of Kelly visiting Ryan in jail. That would be comedy gold!

  274. B.J. Novak … also stars.

    ..& no Melora Hardin. Maybe Ryan is, in fact, the new receptionist?

  275. I think we need Todd Packer back. That’s what season 4 was missing. And I think he would work good at the reception desk. Otherwise the guy that Michael fired in season 1. I think his name was Devon.

  276. I was not trying to try to trash talk the show by any means, if that was how my earlier comment was construed. I just wanted to say I really feel that the show will be off without all the characters present within the actual office. I think the show has always worked the best when all 4 leads are in the office. And I also hope they give Jim more to do than just miss Pam if she is going to be gone longer than a few episodes. He needs a good individual story arc. If Pam is “growing”, so should Jim. But don’t worry, I still love the show.

  277. Weight Loss sounds awesome! Aw, Jim misses Pam. So I guess she will be gone over the summer, since the cameras will be filming over the summer this time. I can’t wait! Thank you!

  278. Woo hoo! New official spoilers, thank God.
    So looking forward to Dwangela and Amy Ryan coming back.

  279. At least we know JAM didn’t break up over the summer due to some BS reason, thank God. I trust these writers all the way, but I’m always paranoid.

  280. I think the new receptionist will be Jan. She’s pregnant and jobless…and David Wallace seems to have a heart big enough that he might at least let her come back to be a receptionist!

  281. It’s strange how it says “Jim misses Pam” and not “Jim and Pam miss each other. Is that just because there isn’t a camera on Pam all the time and there is on Jim? Or is it that Pam doesn’t miss Jim. I so hope it’s the camera time thing; maybe I’m just over analyzing :)

  282. My theory is that Karen will get Ryan’s job and so both her and Pam will be in NY and somehow they’ll cross each other. And it will probably be awkward…

  283. Hmm, Andy, Dwight, and Angela all attend to unfinished business? So does that mean that Andy finds out about Dwangela?

  284. I hope Andy’s anger issues resurface this season, due to the Dwangela fling. He’s just so hilarious when he’s angry.

  285. NonPocketItalian – it’s probably just because “Jim and Pam miss each other” didn’t sound good along with everything else in the summary. They’re just trying to sell the ep (:

  286. 391, Annie: Except Ausiello said it wasn’t… I’m thinking it’s Ryan, but holding out hope that it’s Devon, which I think would be hilarious!

  287. If Jim is in New York with Pam, why is she living at the dorms of her art school? Could he live there with her? I also hope they’re together.

  288. Remember in the Dinner Party episode, Michael briefly mentioned that Ryan fired Hunter before Jan played that horribly hilarious song? Maybe it’s Hunter who’s coming back in Pam’s place!

  289. amen sara, i thought for sure there would be more spoilers by now. only 3 more weeks (yay) and i am waiting for a promo or some serious scoop from kristen or photos from the second episode. when did nbc start airing those summer vacation promos last year? does anyone remember?

  290. tuna tuna tuna – about a week or so before the premier (which was the 27th if I’m not mistaken..)

  291. so is amy ryan going to be on for all of next season as a regular or a recurring? or is she just here for the 6-episode arc?

  292. I bet that the returning worker will be Devon! And what about the Michael-Holly-Kevin love triangle (lol)?

  293. I’ve been thinking, would it be so bad if Pam was no longer in the office? It makes sense that she would search for something better after going to Pratt. If she stays in a relationship with Jim, which is likely, we’ll still see her sometimes. Also, Holly is kind of like a Pam character in how sweet she is portrayed. If she is given a similar personality, we may not lose too much of the office dynamic we love, even if Pam moves on to bigger and better things. Any thoughts?

  294. #407 i do hear where you are coming from but i would really miss her conspiring with jim, particularly when pranking dwight. i will say though that i am willing to be open to wherever the writers take the show. well, unless they break up jim and pam. then i am not on board.

  295. Does anyone remember when Ryan temped at a receptionist?? maybe he’s coming back.

  296. Sigh. We need spoilers. Too bad Kristin and Ausiello are not serving our needs.

  297. Doesn’t anyone think that season 5 could use a little Todd “Fudge” Packer??

  298. That’s terrific news regarding Stephen Merchant directing an episode! Thanks for the scoop.

  299. Jan’s baby is HUNTER’S love child. Think about it…listen to the lyrics of his song Jan is infatuated with…

  300. I still think The Office dynamic will be off if Pam leaves for good from DM, #407. I like Holly but she is no Pam. And like Tuna, Tuna, Tuna said, who would pull pranks on Dwight if she left? I can’t see the HR rep doing that- plus Amy Ryan has only signed on for what, a six episode arc? That being said, the only thing that would truly bother me is if they broke Jim and Pam up. That would just be totally contrived from my point of view.

  301. Oh man, I love Merchant…and he is very tall. I wish he’d do a cameo type deal.

  302. Oh man, I love Stephen Merchant! I hope he and Ricky Gervais write some more too. “The Convict” is one of the most underrated episodes of the show. Everyone needs to go listen to his podcast with Ricky and Karl Pilkington. Unless you hate laughter.

  303. Yay! Stephen Merchant will make the premiere HILARIOUS! Somebody ought to take a pic of him with Angela. Haha.

  304. Diapers-
    I don’t think Merchant is directing the premiere I think that one is already in the can as they say in Hollywood. Wasn’t he supposed to direct an episode last season but the strike happened?

    [from tanster: that is correct, they’ve already shot the premiere, plus I would guess, 3-4 other episodes as well? i know it’s been said it takes 5 days to shoot the half-hour eps, and 8 days to shoot the full-hours.]

  305. YES! Stephen Merchant. Now, I know they don’t like it, and they probably don’t have time for it, but if he’s directing, why can’t he just write himself a tiiiny little cameo. And whoever said something about taking a picture with Angela is on to something. Just a quick scene with him and Angela would just rock my world.

  306. Really hoping Josh is the mystery person. I just love the idea of that character, and it’d be awesome to see him again.

  307. Whoops! Hmm. I’m super excited for him to direct an upcoming episode, then! The Convict is one of the best S3, IMO.

  308. I think the third episode will be about Jan’s baby shower because I know the writers were hinting that Michael was going to throw one for Jan.

  309. In the new Watch with Kristin vid, she talks about Pam going “bye-bye” and the two people discussing marriage plans.. one is Andy, and the other is NOT Jim. She says it’s a “real life movie star”. Michael, anyone?

  310. hmmmm, so jenna has a costume too. does that mean that pam is back in the office by halloween??

  311. I have to man squee at the idea of a Halloween episode. By the way, I go to Target like two or three times a week on my lunch break and they already have a Halloween display up! OK, I need to stop geeking out right now. I am a normal 28-year-old man. I am a normal 28-year-old man. I am normal 28-year-old man. I will keep telling myself this.

  312. Hooray for a Halloween episode. If Pam is back by that time, I wonder if she and Jim would dress up as characters from a fairy tale?

    Also, I can’t wait to see what Michael comes up with this time around.

  313. Does anyone remember Michael’s fun jeans from season 2 in the episode the client. I sooooooo want to see Michael wearing them in season 5! I want the fun jeans!

  314. So Kristin just posted a new video with an Office spoiler and JAM fans are probably not going to like it too much. Another season of Jam angst, woo… sigh. It seems like she was indicating Michael might be getting married?

  315. #431 lol! I just about squee-ed out loud too and I am not a squeeing girl, but the idea of a Halloween episode just made my day! :)

  316. Ummm, so Kristin reported that Pam will take an internship in New York – that’s why she’s still not back!

  317. The video has a different spoiler than 437’s comment, though Kristin also did just post that too.

  318. 435 Laura, my computer isn’t playing the video. Can you summarize the JAM situation in it?

  319. Tanster got the summary up under September 7th. I just made my comment earlier before she posted it.

    But here’s the summary anyways: Essentially the video is Kristin saying there will be two men discussing their wedding plans this season. One is Andy and the other will NOT be Jim. :( She then went on to say that the other guy is someone who is a “real-life” movie star. So I came to the conclusion that maybe it’s Michael…?

  320. I think I’ll throw a curveball out there and suggest something different. What if the “movie star” planning a wedding is Dwight? Hmm…

  321. “World’s smalled Bluetooth”… are Jim and Pam just talking to each other all day via Bluetooth? Because that’s just adorable.

  322. There’s something about the new season in next week’s tv guide (9/15). It doesn’t really say much. There is a picture of Michael and Holly in there though. I have to go to work in a few minutes but I could send a scan later when I get home.

  323. i feel like the other person is michael and the “real-life” movie star is a reference to “dan in real life”. i don’t need pam and jim to get married right now, in fact i think it would be unrealistic for them to do so given pam’s pursuit of her dreams and the distance between them. watching michael and andy try to plan their respective nuptials though? that sounds hilarious!

  324. Maybe Jim isn’t discussing his engagement plans because he eloped with Pam. Or, he just isn’t “discussing” them in the office, but he has them. Who knows.

  325. As long as Jim and Pam don’t actually break up (please no, too cliche!), I’m good. I agree with Tuna Tuna Tuna, it’s probably unrealistic with what Pam is doing right now…But hopefully it happens sometime! Until then, I cannot wait to see what Andy comes up with for his wedding plans to become Mr. Andrew Bernard. :)

  326. Maybe the other “movie star” planning his wedding is Darryl. Craig Robinson has been showing up in quite a few movies lately.

  327. They’ll be fine for the first five or so episodes? That has me worried. Please please don’t break them up :( it’s so cliche. Plus, I really think that wedding planning would be hilarious.

  328. Michelle- i think the only reason kristen said they were fine for at least the first five episodes is that is what episode they were filming when she was there. she visited for the halloween episode so as of halloween jim and pam are fine but she can’t speak for what might happen in the future because, she doesn’t know! she didn’t see! so i wouldn’t read into it. it doesn’t mean anything.

  329. Can I add my voice to the chorus and say that it would be very cliche for Jim and Pam to break up. It would much more realistic for them to have to go through the strain of a long distance relationship.

  330. Pam and Jim must keep their relationship going! Real life is constant turmoil, turns in the road, setbacks, highs, and lows. It is great to watch The Office and relate to the characters. However, to have a Cinderella story in the middle of the office is fantastic! Everyone loves to dream of true love and see good times on television!!!!

  331. WOW – this just in from Ausiello:

    Question: Got any scoop on Jim and Pam’s relationship on The Office? – Sara
    Ausiello: With a bigger budget comes…fake rain? Rumor has it that something momentous (and long overdue) takes place between the star-crossed lovers during a torrential downpour.


  332. I think I just about died from the new spoilers from Ausiello. Engagement, anyone? It’s about time! And in the rain… aww. How exciting!!! Come ooooon September 25th.

  333. now I’m not one to be overly obsessed with JAM, but WOW could they actually get engaged in the rain?!! that is so romantic. Okay enough gushing…I love the Office for the humor too.

  334. Please get some new fancy Xerox equipment! I’d rather have more episodes set in the office, rather than a field trip every episode.

  335. Wait so, I’m confused. It sounds like Jim is going to propose to Pam but will she say yes? Because the other spoiler about two lives discussing their wedding plans this season, it says one is Andy and the other is NOT Jim but a real life movie star? Can anyone clear this up?

  336. Wow, it’s really weird seeing Ausiello answer your question but even more weird to see it posted on several other websites. And that’s the second question he’s answered for me in two weeks time! Cool. :)

  337. Gosh, I’d been hoping the writers would see some of the negativity from fans about the constant non-office settings and dial that back this season. It’s too bad they aren’t going to. I really find those “field trip” episodes much less interesting than office-setting ones.

  338. So, might Jim and Pam get engaged during a downpour?? Awwww, something about that is very romantic. I nearly don’t care how it happens, I just want to witness it :)

  339. Ew. The Office doesn’t need big production values or ridiculous field trips. The smaller the better!!!! (That’s what she never says)

  340. So either they’ll get engaged in that rain, or, at long last, Jim will FINALLY tell Pam that Dwight got a hooker. ;)

  341. SQUEE, I hope! Am I reading way too much into it when I read the words “star-crossed,” which means destined by fate to be unhappy? I hope Ausiello didn’t mean anything by it. I hope it is the first thing that came to my mind…a wonderful, romantic marriage proposal in the rain! Pretty please, Office writers. I am just a little obsessed. Thank you for the scoop, Tanster!

  342. i am guessing/hoping that ausiello doesn’t really know what “star-crossed” means. or he is referencing just the whole history of their relationship (she’s engaged, he’s dating, ruined proposal, long distance realtionship – they have been through a lot!)

  343. i am guessing/hoping that ausiello doesn’t really know what “star-crossed” means. or he is referencing just the whole history of their relationship (she’s engaged, he’s dating, ruined proposal, long distance relationship – they have been through a lot!)

  344. # 464 and 466,

    You’re exactly right. The Office used to be so good because it was so “small”. I also thought that after last year, the writers would get the hint and return The Office to the office. I’m not sure how many more field trips and big budget gimmicks I can take.

  345. AHH!! Ohmigod I am literally jumping up and down in my chair right now smiling like an idiot! Torrential downpour scene.. um, can it get any more ADORABLE?!

  346. Holy cow this is so awesome. However I like it better when they all stay in the office. Those are better episodes.

  347. What I don’t understand is when people claim The Office used to be confined to the physical office and small humor in Season 2. To make that claim, you have to ignore the numerous trips outside the office that were taken that season. I can list them all, if you’d like.

  348. Tuna tuna tuna, I hope you are right! Ha, ha…I thought I was reading way to much into it! Thanks for the input!

  349. Crap! why did i read that!!! Now when I see a storm coming on the office, I think I know what is going to happen!

  350. I hope bigger means better. Often times big budget doesn’t mean better. I love The Office and want to see some amazing writing go along with this bigger budget.

  351. How’d I know people would ALREADY be complaining about the “bigger budgets?” Give it a chance, people.

  352. I think the setting sun in the first fake proposal was so romantic it’s too bad it wasn’t the real thing. A rain storm doesn’t sound that romantic.

  353. A bigger budget is always nice, especially with the costs of running a television show that’s been on air for a couple years now. It gives the show the option to use it. Let’s just wait and see what happens.

  354. A scene with Jim and Pam in the rain?! I have easily the dorkiest smile on my face ever right now!

  355. Oh man…I HATE it when they have episodes outside of the office. They just aren’t as good…except for Dinner Party. I hope there won’t be too many that take place outside of the office or I will be disappointed. I can deal with some, but not many.

  356. A rain storm doesn’t sound that romantic.
    480 | Cindy Wed. Sep. 10, 2008 at 12:30pm

    may i suggest renting “breakfast at tiffanys” and watching the last scene. so romantic and sweet it will make your head explode!

    bigtunette (#479) – my thoughts exactly!!

  357. I don’t like it when people jump on other people for stating their opinions. In my mind, seasons 1 and 2, when they did leave the office, did it in a different way. They didn’t do it for big plot points, they did it because it naturally flowed from the story. The show seemed smaller then and had a more focused humor, IMO.

  358. I hope the scene with Jim and Pam in the rain is a positive one. I assume one could read the item as them having a fight because an argument is “long overdue.” It definitely reads that way, but I’m hoping my first thought of an event involving a shiny piece of jewelery is the accurate one.

  359. Sigh. Please let this something momentous and long overdue thing be the proposal.

    These spoilers are driving me crazy. I swear, I’m obsessed!

  360. Fake rain…interesting.

    But…star-crossed lovers? Torrential downpour? Not to mention they’re fine “at the very least for the first five or so episodes”? Call me “half-glass empty”, but I don’t like the sound of this.

  361. I like the idea of a proposal in the rain. What would be kind of cool would be if it were perfect weather and Jim decided it was time to pop the question, but then it starts raining like crazy, but he still proposes! Ah, a life where Jim and Pam are engaged is a good one. September 25 hurry up!

  362. I doubt Ausiello is talking about a fight. He usually doesn’t want couples, especially Jim and Pam, to break up and call it long overdue.

  363. A proposal in the rain!? …SQUEE!
    okay sorry if that qualifies as squeeing/shouting…or both…i just couldn’t help myself.

  364. okay while we are analyzing: “momentous” – that doesn’t sound like an argument, is an argument really momentous?
    that said, i am not going to assume it’s a proposal because i learned (finale, anyone?) that anything can happen. plus i want to be surprised (says the spoiler fanatic :P) also, I will reiterate I do not think we should read into kristen’s “first five episodes or so”, that is just her limited knowledge because she is only aware of what is happening for the first five episodes or so. at the point of that spoiler they had only filmed that far so that is all she is talking about.

  365. A reminder to be respectful of other people’s opinions. If you belittle or insult opinions that are different from your own, your comment will not be posted.


  366. momentous |mōˈmen(t)əs; məˈ-|
    (of a decision, event, or change) of great importance or significance, esp. in its bearing on the future

    just looked up a formal definition in case anyone’s interested.

  367. Fake rain. Jim and Pam in the rain. Something big (proposal?) happening in the rain…Sounds like 90% of any fanfiction ever written.

  368. I agree with Agree-er. I’ll just copy and paste his post.

    “In my mind, seasons 1 and 2, when they did leave the office, did it in a different way. They didn’t do it for big plot points, they did it because it naturally flowed from the story. The show seemed smaller then and had a more focused humor, IMO.”

  369. OMG! New Promo featuring season 5 footage JUST aired on NBC during the “Dinner Party” credits

    _Michael talking to Jan’s stomach in ‘baby talk’ voice: “Who’s your daddy? You don’t know who your daddy is”
    -Jim talking head: “Michael made us believe he was the father…by telling us he was the father.”
    -Michael, Kelly, Creed, Holly, and probably everyone else (out of frame) in casual clothes doing what appears to be YOGA!
    -Holly raps!
    -No Pam :(

  370. One of the few things I didn’t like about season 4 was all the out of office stuff. This bigger budget isn’t good news to me. Generally, in my opinion, episodes are funnier when they take place almost completely in the office.

  371. #508–Jesse, I couldn’t agree more. I love the humble episodes the most. Anyone have guesses about which actress plays the woman with short, blond hair in the earl/office promo?

    10-09-2008 9:00PM

    LET’S GET ETHICAL– OSCAR NOMINEE AMY RYAN (“GONE BABY GONE”) GUEST STARS— Following Ryan’s (B.J. Novak) recent scandal at corporate, Holly (guest star Amy Ryan) must hold a business ethics seminar. The meeting gets out of control when Michael (Golden Globe winner Steve Carell) lets everyone speak freely about their unethical behavior at work. Meanwhile, Jim (John Krasinski) makes Dwight (Rainn Wilson) comply with the company’s “time theft” policy.

  373. If Business Ethics is airing on October 9, does that mean there is no episode on October 2? Any ideas why not?

  374. Just echoing Jeff’s comment: Is an episode airing on Oct. 2? If not, I wonder why not.

  375. I really want Amy Ryan to stay on the show past her current committment. I get the same feeling I got when I first saw Ed Helms on the show- she is a missing ingredient to the dynamic of the characters.

    However, even if she does leave, and Toby displaces Holly as the HR Rep, just IMAGINE how much more Michael will hate Toby. It will be glorious.

  376. I just want to add that, in the earlier seasons, it seemed kind of like a special treat to follow people outside the office (Michael buying his condo, the trip to the dojo, etc.). Now it’s routine, which means The Office isn’t really about the office anymore.

    As a girl, though, I can’t help but squee at the thought of a rain proposal.

  377. #448 bigtunette – I agree! I’m sure Andy talking about wedding plans would drive Jim crazy. Jim, especially with Pam not there, might not be so open about his personal life with everyone. Besides, Jim knows how crazy Michael would get about news like that, so he’s be smarter to keep his mouth shut. I’m so excited!!

  378. for those who fear the bigger budget (which i understand sounds a little off-putting), at least both of the episodes that we have summaries for so far take place in the office and focus on office-centic activities and plot. also, paul and amy talk about a robbery in the office, a baby shower in the office – so far most of what i heard (minus the big budget talk) sounds really promising.

  379. Business ethics sounds like comedy gold to me! I cannot wait any longer, even though Sept 25th is my 30th B-day and I’m dreading that, ;), having the Office that day will make it so much better. lol.

  380. time theft is when employees “steal” from their employers by willfully wasting the time for which they are paid. examples are: late arrival or early departure, taking long lunch hours and breaks (if you are paid a salary you get the same money no matter how many hours you put in, but the money is based on the assumption that you are working 40hrs/week), slowing down the work pace to create overtime (people get paid extra for overtime), excessive socializing and personal telephone calls, handling personal business while at work or using company time and facilities to operate another business (like your agro-tourism business for example)

  381. Boo to NBC for bumping The Office on October 2 for a vice presidential debate yet giving two episodes to My Name Is Earl that night. Not happy about that at all.

  382. There’s no Office on October 2 because there’s a presidential debate (I think). And I think that it can often work when they leave the office, though I will agree it works better when all of D-M leaves as a whole (IE, Dundies, Booze Cruise). It’s like releasing the animals from the zoo into society… or something like that.

    God, I cannot wait! Make it September 25 now!

  383. The vice presidential debate will probably have more laughs and uncomfortable moments than any episode of The Office :P

  384. Some recent comments have mentioned the need to respect everyone’s opinions. I agree with this. But I do want to say that I am of the opinion that Season 3 and Season 4 were good seasons and that I don’t believe The Office has changed its formula dramatically from Season 2. I admit Season 2 is the Sgt. Pepper — the season that won’t ever be topped, but I give the writers a lot of credit for keeping the show fresh, funny and true to what made it great in the first place: Terrific characters, funny situations and brilliant writing. I can’t wait for Season 5!

  385. Does spending half of your work day on Office Tally count as time theft. If so, I’m guilty.

    [from tanster: lol!]

  386. well said! i do respect everyone’s different opinions (even though i have my own opinions and don’t always agree with everyone else) but i DO agree with troy’s magical riddles and am i very impressed with how the writers have continued to grow and develop the show and keep things fresh and still true to a unique voice and particular type of comedy. the office has changed the face and voice of the sitcom and continues to do so no matter how one season compares to another. but i think that, as fans, we all agree to a certain extent on that point.
    i also agree that it is a bummer we will miss a week of office but i am excited to see the debates, for the issues, and the awkward humorous moments!

  387. It makes me so happy to read Episode Synopses, that means we’re close. So very close! WOO!

  388. Bigger and better? Every bigger and better episode is worse than the one before it. The best episodes are the mundane office life ones. PLEASE no more sumo suits.

  389. As I’m currently sitting INSIDE listening to the sounds of my own “torrential downpour” here in Kansas (courtesy Hurricane Gustav…we’re still feeling the effects in the midwest), I am struck with the thought that a JAM rain proposal might happen DURING a rain storm, but probably won’t be OUT IN the rain. A little less squee-worthy, but still romantic. Not to bust the bubbles of all the JAM fans, or anything. I just know that I was picturing the proposal OUTSIDE, actually IN the rain….and now I’m disappointed.

  390. Haha Kaytor, Illinois is feeling Ike now. Yuck. It’s been pouring all day, but I hope the JAM proposal happens outside. I already have my hopes up!

  391. Momentous? Long overdue? Rain? Combine that with Sept 7th’s news (two engagements this season, neither Jim’s), and I think it’s obvious that this is their first huge fight.

  392. 535-

    I have never thought of it that way. However, that seems plausible indeed…sadly but indeed…

  393. JamFan, I totally agree about the fight. I keep wishing it’d be a proposal in the rain but with Kristin’s news, I have to accept it’s not going to happen. Sigh.

  394. 535: In the print edition, Ausiello said that the rain was like a “dark cloud with a silver lining,” which makes me think it’s something positive, not necessarily a fight.

  395. Honestly, as bad as this sounds I’d like to see Jim and Pam fight. It would keep them realistic.

  396. As long as there is no cheating or break-up for JAM, which it sounds like there isn’t, a fight could be good for them.

  397. I feel like they’ll have a huge fight in the rain and then like get engaged. It seems to always happen in the movies..

  398. So maybe with the rain, Jim proposes but Pam says no (dark cloud), it isn’t the greatest time for that right now, but maybe soon(ish) (silver lining). Still sad.

  399. I’m not trying to insult anyone’s line of thinking, but why would Pam say no to Jim proposing, at this point? In Goodbye Toby, it became clear that she wants to start a family with him. No “silver lining” is going to come out of a rejected proposal. A fight makes more sense than her saying no to a proposal…

  400. I don’t want Jim and Pam to fight! They had enough angst seasons 1,2 and 3. Let’s see some more happy! :D

  401. That chocolate sabotage sounds awesome! Kevin is totally going to try and get his hands on the candy! As for the rain thing I’m hoping Sara in Philly’s prediction is correct.

  402. Diapers-
    I wouldn’t want to see them fight either. But Jim and Pam’s relationship has been very realistic so far that’s one of the reasons they’re one of the few couples on TV I can stomach. Real couples fight it would add to the realism. It wouldn’t have to be a cliched, relationship ending fight like with most TV couples. I would just want a normal fight all couples have at some point.

  403. Maybe they’re being “cute” like that mind-bender that says “you have two coins that add up to 15 cents, one of which is not a nickel – what are they?” And then the answer is a nickel and a dime, because even though one of the coins isn’t a nickel, the “other one” is. In this context, saying that there are two engagements in one season, neither of which is Jim’s, means the other engagement might be Jim’s (or Pam’s). My guess is they’re getting engaged, and are trying to obscure that fact to keep audiences surprised.

  404. I thought it said jim wasn’t one of the two DISCUSSING an engagement, not that he wasn’t getting engaged.

  405. i feel like season 5 is going to be jim’s development and growth, the way that pam grew when she was in the office without jim. i think that jim will have the same experience without pam. i feel like , with all the news of pam’s internships and being in new york, we all assume that this season is about growth for pam but i think that news serves as a red herring and the real growth this season will be for jim.

  406. OMG!!!! I cannot tell you how happy I am over this Nashua news. I live in Nashua and have been to Swan chocolates before. I’ve just been waiting for my town’s big break! Haha.

  407. I’m tired of exploring characters’ growth. Can’t we just watch amusing people working in an office without the contrived drama? I really hope Jim and Pam just get engaged and keep moving along swimmingly.

  408. what if toby returns in some sort of advertising capacity. he was in advertising before dunder mifflin and if pam is interested in graphic design maybe he comes back in that role as an attempt to get close to her. as the new season approaches i am just throwing out random theories here! can’t wait to see what is in store!

  409. Ryan’s hobbit (Troy) is taking Ryan’s old job. He says in the deleted scenes of Good-bye Toby that he no longer works for Ryan and that he works for David Wallace! He has to be the guy who’s getting the job at corporate. Plus I can’t imagine what kind of jokes the writers could get from Dwight and Troy reactions! I can’t wait for September 25th!

  410. Brittany,

    I would love it if Troy got Ryan’s old job and we had a full season of the Dwight-Troy encounters. In fact, I took my current Office Tally handle from the very deleted scene you mentioned. Dwight chides Troy thusly: “Enough of your magical riddles.” I am so pumped for Sept. 25!

  411. #544 – i think that is the major change from the first and second season of the office to now. in my opinion it is less a question of being more polished or ridiculous or going out of the office and more that what used to be a parody of office life is now a show about these characters that also parodies office life. most viewers, myself included, have become invested in these characters and each season we are rewarded by watching them grow and develop. i see where you are coming from but i also think we can have both! the office usually undercuts drama with humor which takes it out of cliche sitcom territory. we can watch these characters grow AND be entertained by the funniest show on television at the same time!

  412. New spoilers from Kristin

    Jennifer in Calabasas, Calif.: You said we’d laugh our butts off when we learned the identity of the new Dunder Mifflin receptionist on The Office. Is it Jan?
    Nope. It’s not Jan, and in fact, it’s not a girl character at all.

  413. If Pam’s replacement is not a girl character, then who is that blonde lady in the promos?

    Anyway, if it isn’t a female character, that would be really funny if Troy was the receptionist for the summer and then he gets Ryan’s job.

  414. What if the new receptionist is Ryan? I remember hearing from somewhere that Ryan will still be around this season….

  415. I am confused by this last spoiler…wasn’t there a new women receptionist in one of the NBC previews? The woman in the blue shirt?

  416. I think Kristin meant the new permanent receptionist. Maybe Ronnie will quit in a huff… in fact, I bet she will. I’ll LMAO if the new receptionist is Ryan, Hunter, or TOBY!

    One thing we’re all not taking into account: spoilers ain’t always right. Remember when Ausiello said the engagement subplot would be wrapped up by “Did I Stutter?”?

  417. 572- Michael would totally do that! Hire someone “full figured” for the initial weigh in and then replace them with someone smaller to get ahead… say “hobbit-sized”? Or maybe she refuses to participate?

  418. oh! #572, i bet you are right! my first thought was that ronni was really a man! it seemed a little soap-y.
    ha ha!

  419. guys, maybe they have several trials for receptionist including Ronnie before deciding on one.

  420. I want to throw this out here. Maybe Michael requested a large temp from the agency to skew the results of the competition. So that when Pam returns it looks like the branch has lost more weight than it actually has.

  421. New receptionist has to be Ryan. Who else would we ‘laugh our butts off’ at?

    Pam can’t be gone for too long. In one of the promo’s there is what looks like a Pam talking head in the conference room. And when they made the promo they probably only had 3/4 episodes wrapped up.

  422. I sure hope the new receptionist isn’t Ryan. That would be pretty unbelievable. Hunter would be funny…

  423. Oh boy Pam 4.0 Lover, and Sara in Philly, I’m so glad that my mind wasn’t the only one that went there with regard to the new receptionist!

  424. Oscar as the temporary receptionist!

    Not only does he not make any less sense than others mentioned (and its been said that there are 3 in accounting doing the work of 2), but it would make sense for Michael to put him with his “condition” in a position associated with WOMEN.

    Classic comedy.

  425. COME ON PEOPLE!!!!! Doesn’t anyone think it’s gonna be TODD PACKER!!!! He was absent all of season 4(which left a big gaping hole in my opinion :) yeah).
    Otherwise it’s Devon.

  426. New spoilers from Ausiello!

    Question: Any word on the direction of Jim and Pam’s relationship on The Office? I fear they are going to give us a Ross and Rachel swerve by breaking them up to make us want it that much more. — Cory
    Ausiello: Please. I already said too much last week with the rain thing. But I will tell you this: The show is casting a 30-50-year-old plain Jane who must be able to speak French fluently. And we all know how much Jim likes average-looking gals. Too bad Santa Barbara alum Roberta Weiss is so hot: She’s Canadian, speaks flawless French and in general kicks ass.

    Question: With that fake rain for Jim and Pam, is the “something momentous” happy or sad? — Laura
    Ausiello: Don’t be surprised if there’s some crying.

  427. Sarah-
    The crazy thing is it would probably work. I’m speculating on no evidence whatsoever. But maybe Stanley is right and Michael is a secret genius.

  428. Way to be all coy, Ausiello. I think because he’s saying there are tears, we’re supposed to think it’s sad, but it’ll really be happy…? At any rate, the situation might not be good (maybe it’s a fight?), but I think something good’ll come out of it (the “dark cloud with a silver lining” spoiler from last time).

  429. Didn’t it take JAM like 5 years to get together? They were close friends/coconspirators most of that time. If one of them develops feelings for someone else after 8 or 12 weeks, it’ll ruin the show for me.

  430. Blah. I need to stop reading spoilers. I’m looking WAY too far into them and this last one from Ausiello just depressed me.

    I’m swearing off spoilers until the show starts.

  431. Woah- this is the THIRD week in a row that Ausiello has answered a question of mine! So cool! (Even if his news totally depressed me. Please don’t break them up!)

  432. I hope they are tears of joy. But for some reason I don’t think they are. I think they might split-up in the rain and it will be so sad I will cry right along with Jim and Pam.

  433. A 30-50 year old plain Jane? For Jim?! No no no. They wouldn’t set him up with a woman that much older than him. 30 would be okay, but the fact that she can be anywhere in that age range makes me think that she would definitely NOT be the other woman in the Jim/Pam relationship. If anything, I’d see Jim going younger.

  434. T-
    Ausiello is so vague just because his job depends on him hiding the fact that he knows as little as we do. Sorry if that sounds cynical.

  435. According to Ausiello, the only characters in the Office is Jim and Pam. Where is the love for the others?

  436. #589:

    I’m totally with you Ashley, no more spoilers! Now I just have to train my eyes not to automatically stray to the ‘Notable Posts’ part of the page… so hard!

    (Don’t, it’s too obvious)

  437. Because Ausiello likes to freak us out. Sigh. I just wish we could know when the “rain” scene is happening. Hopefully we don’t have to wait too long. I’m fervently hoping for tears of joy too but I’m not that optimistic.

  438. I’m sure it will be tears of joy. Remember, he said momentous (and long overdue). I don’t think anybody in this world feels that JAM breaking up is “long overdue.”

  439. If he is trying to make us believe that Jim will be tempted to leave Pam for another woman, maybe he shouldn’t have said the casting parameter was for a 30-50 year old woman. 50? No offense to the cougars out there, but I think this comment was to make up for revealing too much with the rain comment.

  440. My guess is that this casting information has nothing whatsoever to do with Jim/Pam (30-50??) and Ausiello put it in there to throw people off.

    I really don’t think the “something momentous and long overdue” can be anything but a proposal.

  441. Come on, people – when the rain is first mentioned it says “something momentous (and long overdue) happens between the star-crossed lovers” and *then* crying is mentioned. Surely it’s tears of joy. Them breaking up is *not* something that would be described as “long overdue”

  442. I hope you guys are right…I love this show and I would hate for it to turn in to a “will they/won’t they” situation. I’m also hoping for tears of joy #600.

  443. Splitting them up would be ratings suicide. I just don’t see that happening.

    Since Jim has said TWICE that he’s in love with Pam, maybe the momentous and long overdue thing is Pam finally telling Jim she loves him. Mr. Sentimental would definitely cry at that moment…

    Ok, I admit, I’m trying to keep happy thoughts!

  444. They may not split-up soon but I think they will later on. They did it on Friends and fans were mad but they still watched the show praying that in the next episode they would get back together.

  445. I’m really tired of these “i know something you don’t know”-type spoilers. I’m not a huge fan of Ausiello, and I agree he does this stuff to annoy fans.

    I completely believe they’re getting engaged this season, and that folks like Ausiello know it. Because of that, they’re taunting fans thinking it’s “fun” and not “hugely obnoxious.” I wouldn’t worry. I think NBC knows better than to “Ross and Rachel” these two,.

  446. no other part of the office has ever been like “friends”, why on earth would the pam/jim relationship be like ross/rachael?

  447. 603- A breakup might be “long overdue” if you despise JAM and wish their relationship would die a fiery death. Just saying. :D

  448. 610 – While I don’t doubt a handful of people out there feel this way, I’d be willing to bet that there would be humongous outrage if the writers broke them up at this point. More people are for JAM than are against them, and I don’t think the Office fandom would view a JAM breakup as “long overdue.”

  449. okay maybe they will stay together for the rest of the series but I think something will go wrong or they will have a major fight or something.

  450. It seems like Ausiello revealed too much last week and that is why his q&a was a bit more vague this time. I could see a Jim/Pam fight leading to a proposal, but I do think a proposal is coming. I hope it is explained WHY it takes so long for it to happen, though.

  451. Sorry, at this point, IMO, a fight would be contrived drama. I can’t imagine what would cause them to get into a big fight. I’m not saying they wouldn’t be a normal couple and never fight, but a big almost-breakup fight? Odd. One followed by an engagement? Only in the movies.

  452. #609 – good point. And i agree with whoever said i’m done with spoilers. They drive me mad…sadly.

  453. Think happy thoughts. Of course they have to have a fight and there has to be tension, but this is Jim and Pam! I am trying to be optimistic and hope that the tears shed are tears of joy. The Office is the most “real” show and any relationship in real life has its highs and lows. I trust all of the Office writers. They know what they are doing.

  454. Am I the only one not understanding the french-speaking woman thing? Is that completely random, or is it some sort of clue that I’m-for lack of a better word-clueless about?

  455. I think the spoiler about the 30 -50 year old who speaks French fluently has more to do with Andy and nothing to do with Jim. Didn’t Andy mention in “Dinner Party” that he studied for a semester in France, which means that he must be able to speak some French.

    Besides, if the spoiler really does have something to do with Jim, why is it so important for the actress to speak French? As far as I know, Jim doesn’t speak a foreign language.

  456. 619 If Jim proposed, why would Pam say no? She was ecstatic about a proposal in the season 4 finale

  457. 623-
    In one of the S5 promos, there was a lady at the reception saying, “Dunder Mifflin, this is Ronnie”.

  458. Ausiello is obviously making it sound like JAM is breaking up because he knows they aren’t. I’m not worried.

  459. dudes, check it out. ronnie is the nashua receptionist. the scranton one is a dude…maybe ryan….probably ryan. also i wanna say that i want karen back. nothing is hinting anything near that, i just want to see karen back and get the open corporate position… probably won’t happen.

  460. I think Ausiello is just trying to mess with us. I worry about the strength of JAM in S5, but I don’t worry Jim is gonna fall for anyone else.

  461. 620: I don’t think it has anything to do with JAM at all; I think Ausiello just knows about that casting info and wants to throw it in there.

  462. Maybe the french speaker is for the jury duty episode that Steve Carell said he was going to write based on his own experience?

  463. #634- oh yeah, didn’t he say it was a trial where they needed a translator for the two parties involved? i bet the french speaker has to do with that, would also explain why the age range is so broad.

    #629- ronnie is not at nashua, you can see her in the background when michael is talking to jan’s belly and she is also in the scene in the warehouse looking through the boxes.

  464. Concerning that article from 638, it will be funny when Toby comes back. They can throw “relationship obstacles” at Jim and Pam. That’s fine and normal for a relationship. But I hope, hope, hope they stay together (and get engaged if wishes come true). If Jim and Pam can’t stay together, who can? :)

  465. I’m not worried about it being Karen that’s the new girl who speaks French. It always seemed like Karen was his “rebound” from Pam and he never really felt for her like he did for Pam.

    I could be wrong, but they were never really lovey-dovey and never seemed like they had a lot of fun like him and Pam do. So I don’t see Karen as a threat at all.

  466. I don’t think Toby coming back will be a relationship obstacle for JAM. Pam never seemed to have feelings for him. She said he was cute, but she didn’t sound like she had a crush on him.

  467. Dwight and possible birthing scenarios? “Baby Shower” is already one of the funniest episodes of all time!

  468. This stuff will drive me crazy until Thurs.
    Actor Rich Sommer and John Cabrera will be Pam’s classmates (some possible flirting going on?)
    Pam is enjoying living in New York
    Toby will be in a Costa Rican Hospital, a possible zip line accident.
    A Character you think is gone for good will be on the season premiere and is returning to Dunder Mifflin (for good?) (Toby, Ryan, Jan)
    We will meet the head of HR (who?)
    Something will happen between Pam and Jim in the rain (better be good news)
    They are casting a 30-50 year old plain Jane that speaks perfect French (why?)

  469. Could Rich Sommer and John Cabrera be a gay couple Pam is friends with? I think she has too much respect for Jim and their relationship to be flirting with two of her classmates. Flirting isn’t cheating, but it can be disrespectful.

  470. Just the synopsis for Baby Shower sounds like pure gold. All I can think of is Dwight playing the mother in labor and I am laughing already! Thanks for posting, Tanster!

  471. I hope the thing that is happening with Jim and Pam in the rain will make us cry with joy not sadness.

  472. 652-

    The presdiential election is on Oct. 2 so I’m guessing that’s why the office will not be shown.

  473. So I was very bored and was skimming the old comments from season 3 and 4. (I only found out what a wonderful show The Office was during the writers strike this year- had to borrow all the seasons, now I own them.) But anyways, I have to say how funny it is to read the comments. We overanalyze to such an extent and freak out over the smallest things. I’m totally guilty of it but I have so much fun doing it and also “talking” with everyone. What a great fanbase and yay for a new season!

    (I know this is irrelevant in relation to the spoiler section but there’s no better place for this comment)

  474. the new receptionist is hunter. it has to be, because that would tie in with the speculation that he is jan’s baby’s daddy. this will make like a mega quadrangle of love between michael and jan and holly and hunter. i’m just saying. this would be totally awesome.

  475. 657- I recall one moment in particular, before “Did I Stutter?” came out, and I was convinced that Pam’s little secret was a stuttering problem. How silly we are! :)

  476. Tanster, how many hour long episodes will there be this season? I know that Weight Loss will be an hour long, but will Business Ethics and Baby Shower be an hour, also?

    [from tanster: not sure …]

  477. So I think the person that is coming back to DM is Tom from accounting. He will come back on the Halloween as a ghost. Or maybe Jan old assistant before she had Hunter.

  478. Spoiler from Watch with Kristin!

    THE OFFICE: According to Mindy Kaling, this season of The Office is all about gettin’ jiggy: “This is definitely the most scandalous season of The Office, for a lot of characters. I, this past week, had so many makeout scenes I can’t even tell you. I can’t say with who, but my parents can’t watch this episode, because Kelly’s doing so much making out.”

  479. New Spoiler from Watch with Kristin!

    THE OFFICE: According to Mindy Kaling, this season of The Office is all about gettin’ jiggy: “This is definitely the most scandalous season of The Office, for a lot of characters. I, this past week, had so many makeout scenes I can’t even tell you. I can’t say with who, but my parents can’t watch this episode, because Kelly’s doing so much making out.”

  480. Is maybe Todd Packer coming back? I can sort of see him in the “business ethics” episode. Just a thought.
    Also, I think that Phyllis will keep Dwight and Angela’s encounter a secret, which will definitely have implications for the party planning committee.

  481. I don’t know if anyone else has thought about this or written about it, but Pam’s art school is supposed to take 3 months, right? Also, there is supposed to be a Christmas episode, right? And finally, the season starts on September 25th, 3 months exactly before Christmas 2008, which is also a Thursday…So to get to my point; anyone else foreseeing a Jim-Pam engagement during the Christmas episode? Would be pretty great television I think…

  482. i have also thought that there might be a christmas engagement. however, the timing of her internship is not a factor because it is 3 months from when the finale happened, so basically the summer which will be covered in the first episode.

  483. I think the engagement will happen during the fall sweeps. They need something big to happen (that’s what she said) and I think a Jam engagement would do the trick.

  484. new article on e watch with kristen with ed helms talking about andy and angela



  485. I was watching the E! red carpet and Kristin Dos Santos said that there will be ‘3 wedding events’ (or something to that effect) in season 5.. interesting!

  486. Jenna wants Pam to have an interest outside her relationships? Uh… what’s this art school thing supposed to be then?

  487. In the family reunion spoiler, is Pam trying to show her commitment to Jim because she did something bad? Her spoiler to USA Today and this one are disturbing me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  488. I was slightly disheartened to read that Jenna (a major part of the Jim/Pam dynamic that we fans love) is kind of rooting against Jim and Pam being together.

    I see Jenna’s point though with wanting Pam to have other interests and “come into her own” a little more. I think some of that will happen while Pam is at art school.

  489. bigtunette:”Jenna wants Pam to have an interest outside her relationships? Uh whats this art school thing supposed to be then?” My sentiments exactly

  490. Ahh! Finally, a glimpse at the Halpert brothers. I can’t wait! I can totally see Tug Coker being a younger brother.

  491. Jenna has expressed that opinion before and I think she’s right…she is the only person in America who thinks that. Even the writers have told her “No one wants to see that.”

  492. #683 – I think I’m at 97%. If you really think about it, like all the JAM haters out there, all a breakup would bring to the show is more angst. I’d rather have a happy couple than two sad people separated. I don’t think it’s possible to have them separate now — it’d make the show dull and depressing.

  493. Well, Jenna and I can be in the miniority together then. I love Pam, and I love Jim, and hey, I love Jam too. But the show has become so much about them it’s gotten boring.

    As an aspiring artist myself, I’m thrilled that they’re playing up that side of Pam, and I find that much more interesting then watching her make goofy faces at Jim all the time.

    Also, Kelly doing a lot of making out? Could Kyan/my favorite dysfunctional couple finally be back together? *crosses fingers*

  494. 687: the show can deemphasize JAM without breaking them up… PLEASE no JAM troubles tv gods, PLEASE

  495. We’re finally going to get insight into Jim’s background. I wonder if there is some kind of rift in the Halpert clan.

  496. Jenna darling, that’s what season 3 was! And art school! I see her point and it’s valid, but the way the show is constructed they cannot have Jim and Pam breakup, really. They can – and should – have big ups and downs, but their story is now “how do you make a relationship work?”

  497. As much as I love Jenna, I wish she’d stop saying she doesn’t want Pam and Jim together!!! I mean people can come into their own and be with their soulmate, I mean come on!

  498. Ok, Jenna is really starting to get on my nerves with this anti-Jim/Pam thing she has. And, now with the most recent statement, her opinion really doesn’t even make sense. I could see her point if Pam were still sitting at DM’s reception desk, answering phones. But, of all of the characters on that show, Pam is the one who, far and away, has gotten the most growth opportunities. Season 3, anyone? And, hello? She’s in freakin’ NYC at art school, which has always been her dream. And, at least in part, her relationship w/Jim is what gave her the confidence to even try for the internship. Seriously, what else does Jenna want??

  499. I thought that around season 3 Jenna was saying that Jam were soulmates and that they should end up together…And why can’t you be in a relationship AND pursue your interests?

    I’m excited to see some Halperts!

  500. 689, good point on the whole rift in the Halpert clan. For all we know one of Jim’s brothers is mean or annoying. Maybe Pam will only get along with one of the brothers. This could be what causes the reunion to go wrong.

  501. I’m looking forward to seeing Jim’s brothers, I always love more cute John-lookalikes! I am confused though about the proposal. I thought it was happening? But it hasn’t by the fourth episode? Also, is Pam staying longer in NY? I’m confused.

  502. 695)
    I had the same thought about Pam still being in NY. Maybe she got an internship or something. I wonder if it is going to be like when Jim was as Stamford for part of the season.

  503. Pam in New York is like Jim in Stamford; she’ll still be on the show, but not in the office. The dynamics won’t be the same (not just for JAM) but for the show in general. I hated Jim being in Stamford, because of all the missed Dwight/Michael interactions. I hope Pam comes back ASAP.

  504. 687, how’s the show “about them?” Most of the time, they get the B-plot in episodes. It’s no different than in S2 (which had no real overarching plot save “wow, Michael’s an idiot” and “OMG are Jim and Pam EVER getting together?!?!”, which are not as specific as the plots now) or S3 (where the angst was just ridiculous at times). It’s not like they’re Michael or Dwight.

  505. Bad omen: Our office just got a big delivery of paper from Hammermill that says “JAM-FREE” on the sides of it.

  506. Wow, Jim’s brothers! I wonder if the writers took a page out of fanfiction’s book and named one of them Jon, as he has become this sort of virtual character on The Office.

  507. Wow, Jenna, tell us how you really feel. lol.

    I understand how fans are starting to worry, but after prolonged thought on the topic: I see Jenna’s point. And for the record: JAM is so close to my heart that the thought of them not succeeding hurts. But…we’ve had so many beautiful, touching, hilarious, tension-filled, powerful JAM moments – which, by the way, helped restore many people’s faith in THAT kind of love – and these moments are alot like life. They’re fleeting. Not forever. So no matter if/when they break up, JAM still prevails, right? And I would love to see Pam follow her dreams and take daring choices. Jim too.

    Sorry. Umm…to lighten the tone: Tug Coker = hot. For sure.

  508. How does Jam still prevail if they break up, #701? If they do break up, where is the faith in “THAT kind of love”? If Jim and Pam can’t make it, who can? And I do get Jenna Fischer’s point. You want your characters to grow but to reiterate so many- why can’t you explore your interests and still be in a relationship? I never understood it as someone having to pick one or the other; it’s about finding a balance, which reflects how life works.

    Also, I think it is better if they stay together because then the audience can focus on other aspects of Jim and Pam’s life-such as art school. This, rather than being so preoccupied (as with for example Ross/Rachel)with when they would get back together.

  509. 701: I’m not sure I understand some of your logic. “THAT kind of love” is often life long. JAM breaking up, with the relationship we’ve seen on the show, doesn’t make a lot of sense. Pam can be daring and be with Jim, he’s the one who helped her be daring and adventurous.

  510. Squee! I am SO excited to see Jim’s brothers interact with Pam..

    It’ll be like John x 3.

    I also can’t wait to see what Meredith’s big natural disaster is.


  511. Season 4 was less genuine than 1-3, and I know these spoilers are supposed to tease us, but it’s sounding like season 5 will be more like a soap opera… a pregnancy, 2 or 3 possible engagements, 3 or 4 possible “love” triangles… I hope I’m wrong

  512. In the article Jenna goes on to say that puppies are stupid, polar bears aren’t worth saving and Santa Claus isn’t real. She is truly history’s greatest monster.

  513. yes! i was wondering when we would meet jim’s family. poor jenna, she must know how unpopular her opinion is. i feel like she is just speaking from the perspective of the actress playing the role, she is really protective of pam and seems to really love playing her. the more pam grows and “finds herself” the more fun she must be to play. that said, i echo everyone else’s sentiments. the beautiful thing about finding your soulmate is that he gives you confidence and help you grow and improve yourself. hence going to art school when you were too afraid to do an art internship before cause that guy who WASN’T your soulmate didn’t support you… remember?

  514. Okay, I want Pam to be confident and adventurous as much as Jenna Fischer does, but SERIOUSLY, she can do that and still be together with Jim. Jim isn’t the kind of person who would tie her down – in fact, wasn’t he the one that told her to apply for the graphic design thing (season 2 – Boys and Girls)? I don’t think the two will break up, just because the writers spent so long getting them together. There might be tension – but I’m not too worried…okay, maybe a little.

  515. Does anyone else happen to think that the extremely short JAM swooping-kiss clip that NBC is running might be part of the momentous rain event? Looks like a pretty gray day to me…

  516. Thank you tuna tuna tuna! I completely agree with your opinion! I’m guessing Jenna Fischer would be a bit down cast by some people’s comments on her Jam opinion. I still believe that Jam can stay together and Pam can still have her life changing finding her self stuff. Jam forever!

  517. I disagree with Jenna….why can’t Pam have both a career and Jim?? If was him who helped her get there! I think it would be a huge mistake to break JAM up!

  518. From what I’ve read, it sounds like Pam’s going to be out of the office for awhile. That bothers me more than ups and downs in Jim and Pam’s relationship.

    It’s called The Office, not Pam Goes to Art School.

  519. I’m not going to lie, but I wouldn’t be surprised if JAM nearly falters over Pam’s newfound pursuit of her art (or graphic arts) career other than through Pratt institute.

    Here’s another thought: Jim will have no one to carry out his pranks on Dwight once Pam moves out of the Scranton branch.

  520. 711 Brittany-
    I agree with you. Pam can grow and still be in a relationship. Maybe they’ll explore Jim’s growth a little. The show has suggested that he has unfulfilled dreams, remember his second life character and his reaction to it?

  521. I’m not worried about a breakup, but I am worried about Pam possibly straying a bit with one of these two guest characters/ classmates… I think they clearly won’t break JAM up, but I’m worried they’ll do some cliched, contrived triangle. That would be totally unrealistic for her character and the relationship we’ve seen, but writers like to shake things up sometimes.

  522. Mixed Berry-
    I don’t know if Pam will stray. But the show does have a history of characters doing things out of character(creepy Toby leg rub). I don’t think they will break up Jim and Pam that would be cliche. From the early interviews it seems as though they’ll deal with the strain of a long distance relationship which is more realistic.

  523. First of all, at #707, lol.

    I agree mostly with those who (begrudingly) anticipate strain in the realtionship, which is primarily due to the distance factor. So as the amazing JKras is always saying: JAM story lines are usually aiming for realistic more than other shows. The realistic nature of long distance relationship is that they’re difficult. Most of us would agree with JKras’ assessment…this brings me to JFisch’s comment: Considering that she experiences a close emotional attachment to Pam, I consider her feelings to be very realistic. When the future looming ahead of you is full of change (really exciting change), it’s hard to see yourself in a forever kind of relationship. Maybe that’s where she’s at??? Not that she won’t snap out of it and realize that change is not absolute and you CAN be who you want to be. That’s realistic to me, but maybe that’s just my (twisted) reality.

  524. That quote from Jenna about Pam wanting to prove to Jim she’s committed to the relationship has me wondering: What if Pam ends up proposing to Jim?

  525. #720-Mixed Berry:

    I am so with you on that. The anxiety I’m feeling over JAM is insane. I also need to get a life..

  526. Okay so the spoilers are killing me! Does anybody know if they are going to show the Premiere online Friday on NBC? I am still without electricity (at home) from Ike and just the thought that I may miss this episode is killing me!! We aren’t supposed ot get power back until Sunday…that’s too late! Any thoughts?

  527. I wonder if the “something momentous in the rain” thing happens during the Baby Shower episode. A lot of The Office’s episode names reference the A and the B plot lines.

  528. I love Jenna, but she just broke my heart a little bit….it was much more exciting when you knew Jenna and John were rooting for Jim and Pam. Somehow it made it more real. Does that sound weird?

    My little JAM heart is slowly shrinking….


  529. #727, I don’t think you are weird at all. It made me a little disappointed to hear Jenna say that too. I absolutely love her, and it doesn’t change anything, but I always think of The Office as the most “real” show out there. Who wouldn’t want to find their soul mate in real life? I mean, she is already attending art school to pursue her dreams…why not be happy that it is all while having her soulmate by her side? I think there should be strain and difficulties for their relationship to overcome because in reality, there definitely would be, but I hope they can overcome it.

    By the way, tuna tuna tuna, I loved your comment! Thanks!

  530. #727 Ditto. Jennas statement makes me so frustrated. When in S4 did Pam regress back to a doormat in the JAM relationship? In LOCAL AD she couldnt even give poor Jim a ride home. BTW, Id LOVE to see more Meredith/Jim moments while Pam is in NY. How Id love to see Merediths stealing longing glances at Jim from across the room.

  531. Jim and Pam will still be together in season 5, sounds to me like they’ll deal with a long distance relationship and all the complications that can bring.

  532. Is there any way Jenna said what she said as a joke/ teaser? It just makes no sense if it wasn’t.

  533. The day we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived! Only five and a half hours until the Office premieres. Thanks for keeping me occupied while I waited for season 5 tanster! :)

  534. I think something is going to go wrong with Jim and Pam. I don’t think they will break up or anything but maybe have a big fight or something.

  535. 736 Big Haircut: I’m a little anxious, but I don’t think they’ll have any huge problems like cheating and definitely not a break-up. I think the proposal and the upcoming Halpert brothers reunion are signs of realism and stability for JAM. I hope the entire show returns to what it was the first 2 or 3 seasons (but no Roy-Pam or Karen-Jim, ofcourse).

  536. i think that business ethics might be an hour. kath and kim premieres on the 9th but 30 rock doesn’t premiere until later in the month and when it does it comes will be in the 9.30 slot. so if kath and kim premieres at 8.30 after earl, doesn’t that make the office an hour?

  537. The weight loss episode was totally awesome! Phyllis was hilariously funny! “Phyllis coming alive I like it!” Jim, Season 2. And Stanley and his biceps. . . wow. The writers have really outdone themselves this time. However, I’d have liked to know what happened with Meredith’s face, you could tell it was all blotchy for the first half hour, but then it was back to normal. Oh well, because of the Jam proposal I’m not as upset as I would have been.

  538. Mixed Berry –
    OMFG…I think you’re right! John and Jenna pulled a fast one on us spoilery spoiler-lovers. They were trying to convince us that the proposal wasn’t a sure thing and if it were to happen, it would be in awhile. They sure had me! (twss)

  539. Is Pam at art school for 12 or for 13 weeks? She was there for 7 of the 8 weeks in “Weight Loss.” Do we have 6 more weeks of her and Jim apart? Will October 2 count as one of those weeks even though there’s no episode? I want her to move ahead in life, but I want there to be some way for her to stay in the office.

  540. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was with all of her emergency closet meetings with Dwight. Also do you think that the Kevin in his boxers promo picture will be in the deleted scenes? Because Kevin always had his pants on during the episode so maybe they had to cut out somethings. Like Meredith’s face fiasco… I know I’m obsessed with that.

  541. How would they get the cameras in the jury room. Even though it is documentary format they wouldn’t let cameras in the jury room.

  542. #738 tuna tuna tuna: I think there’s an SNL Weekend Update Election special after The Office until 30 Rock comes back on.

  543. I’m noticing some subtle changes in Jim this season. I find he’s being a little more honest with Michael this season like in the conference room when Michael was being Michael Clump and he was saying how society was the problem with obesity and then Jim asked if Michael was the problem and not society. Well just thought I might say that. I have nothing better to do than talk about the office on a saturday night. :)

  544. 738- tuna tuna tuna

    Business Ethics will be a half hour. After The Office NBC will start SNL Thursday Night Live which will focus on the election. I think it will air until 30 Rock premieres.

  545. 746 | Brittany: Good point with Jim. I hope they evolve him along with Pam. I don’t want them to be different characters, just more evolved versions of themselves. I think there has been so much focus on Pam’s development while Jim has been her supporter. He hasn’t really found a passion other than Pam, perhaps he won’t and won’t need to, but some type of significant development…

  546. Take it easy, guys. It’s just the opinion of an actress, not of Pam or the writers.

    If the actors that aren’t writers start writing the show, I’ll get concerned. Until then, I trust the writers to keep doing the right stuff, ala the premiere.

  547. So I think that Angela is preggers. But maybe not because that would be way to soap opera for The Office.

  548. Very interesting. Looks like Pam will be staying in NY. I wonder what this will mean for her and Jim, considering how anxious he got with her only being gone a month. Should be interesting. I am bummed though that we won’t see them on camera as much together.

  549. Wow, Pam is still in art school at that time? I was hoping she’d be back for the Halloween ep. But I guess there’s still hope.

  550. Okay so if Pam is taking a part time job at corporate, will this still be within the time frame of her three month stay in NY?

  551. It’s annoying that Pam will still be in New York at that point (and looking for a job, no less). Didn’t they learn from season 3 that fragmenting the show by putting its main characters in two different geographical locales is a bad idea?

  552. 3 months is 12 or 13 weeks, 7 of those weeks were in “Weight Loss.” She would still be in New York a week or 2 into November on that schedule. The part time job doesn’t necessarily extend her stay, but, I hope, it will reconnect her to Dunder Mifflin.

  553. Why are they telling us right now that Michael and Holly will be dating? So there is absolutely no secret or drama there. I have no idea why NBC told us that.

  554. wait. is pam never coming back as a receptionist!? NO. that makes me so sad.
    we’ll never hear dunder mifflin this pam again!?

    i mean.. i’m happy for pam. i’m not happy for myself.

  555. what if one of the well kept secrets of this season is that karen has a job at corporate and then she and pam have AWKWARD interactions after pam gets a job there? there must be some reason that they are giving pam a job there (aside from drawing her back into dunder mifflin) that could be amazing. i am surprised that we haven’t heard anything about ryan’s corporate replacement which makes me suspicious that it will be a big reveal.

  556. wikipedia shows Business ethics is written by Greg Daniels, Ricky Gervais, and Stephen Merchant

  557. Pam will almost definitely come back to Dunder Mifflin, Scranton. As long as she’s at DMS and with Jim, I don’t mind if she’s a receptionist or not.

  558. Spoiler Chat from Watch with Kristin!

    Lisa in Cleveland: I love The Office! Got any more Pam and Jim goodies for me now that the engagement is underway?
    We kind of know this, but…Jim wants Pam to have his babies! That said, the separation is not doing them any good. As Jenna Fischer puts it, “We have to deal with real relationship problems.” Well, now, those don’t sound any fun. Nor does the news I’m hearing that Ryan will continue to be a thorn in Jim’s side for quite some time up at that receptionist desk and that Holly won’t be around the whole season.

    Thea from Indonesia: Can you tell me what’s in store for Andy-Angela-Dwight on The Office?
    The good news about Phyllis knowing about Dwangela is that when Angela and Andy set a date to get married, at least Dwight has someone whom he can (theoretically) confide in. And yes, did you catch that: They are setting a date. I see a hot monkey sex session in Dwight’s future! Still, I can’t imagine she’ll go through with the wedding, right?

    wow she is good 2 spoilers in 1 day =]

  559. Vom – Well, that was actually one of the most compelling aspects of season three.

    And yeah, kind of pissed at NBC for the spoiler.

  560. Diapers Shrute – i get the impression from the deleted scenes and the preview for business ethics that jan and michael are not together. she is taking advantage of his excitement about the baby to use him for errands and what not and he just thinks he gets to be the baby’s father. michael is pursuing a relationship with holly, he told jim he should have kissed her first, etc.

  561. #771 -I’m so glad that you said that b/c I was thinking that, too! I didn’t want to say anything b/c I’ve already mentioned that I think Angela has a Schrute bun in the oven. I hate that there isn’t going to be a new episode this week… I need a new hobby. lol

  562. 772-
    I totally agree with you! I can’t wait for Oct. 9! I really think we should demand that the vice presidential debate be postponed until Friday for all Office fanatics! I know I’m obsessed. :)

  563. So am I the only one who happened to read the Watch w/ Kristin thing yesterday? What could Roy possibly say to Jim to make him feel insecure? You guys don’t think the writers would give us an engagement just to take it right back, do you? I’m getting worried…someone please talk me down from the ledge!

  564. I had a thought:

    Michael and Holly Date Night+Amy Ryan doing only 5 episodes+The possibility of seeing the head of HR=The head of HR finds out about Holly and Michael dating and fires her.

  565. Is Angela pregnant? With all her extracurricular activities, then at the weigh in where she said her doctor told her she needs to put on weight, I suspect a bun in the oven.

  566. My theory on the Roy thing: he’s in the October 23 episode, tells Jim something, Jim talks to Pam about her new buddy, she talks to her new buddy, he tells her of his feelings for her, she rejects him, it’s his last episode, October 30 is the Halpert reunion.

  567. Now I’m confused. So is Michael not dating Jan again? He’s just taking the role of the father, but they aren’t together? I don’t get how he can date Holly suddenly, but even in weight loss he seemed to treat dating as an option in the near future as he was mad at Jim for making him lay a friendship base first.

  568. “Amy Ryan doing only 5 episodes”

    only 5 episodes?not 6?

    “Amy is back home in New York, and has already finished shooting the initial agreement of six episodes.”

  569. Thank you mixed berries…I read that article that was posted up here on Monday, I assume from your response that you have read it by now. I didn’t know that Oct. 23 was the last episode for the “buddy”. I’m all for realism and real relationship problems for them to have to deal with, but I want Jim and Pam to be happy…they can mess around with some of the other characters for a while.

  570. the 5 episodes versus 6 episodes is probably the hour long which aired as one episode but is technically considered to be 2 episodes. so we will see her in 4 more episodes. which makes me think she will get fired for dating michael because 4 more episodes means the episode after crime aid.

  571. 781- I think they meant 6 half hour episodes and they’re counting Weight Loss as two episodes. I wish she was in more episodes though.

  572. Is there any way that Holly is pretending to be like she’s been to get on Michael’s good side to make her job easier? I hope not, but I think the other option is that Michael dumps Holly to be with Jan so he can finally be a dad :(

  573. Oh god does the Ausiello thing suggest that Ryan is being promoted? Ehh.

  574. 789 | Usher Jennifer Hudson Kapoor: Ryan’s hobbit drug dealer friend from New York

  575. TROYYYYYYYY! Little person becoming a sales rep? Un-PC? Paper sales, hobbit style. Holler.

  576. “Little person.” There’s a group Michael Scott hasn’t really offended yet. Bring it on!

  577. Yes! Hopefully, Troy becomes a sales rep at DM Scranton to support his buddy Ryan, and that means hilarious Dwight-Troy magical riddles coming along..!

  578. i’m pulling for a college party in the halloween episode. halloween parties are always great, and if jim heads up for NY for it, it could be another window into his socially challenged life.

  579. Remember when Ausiello said that they were looking for a female, aged 30-50, that speaks French? Maybe she’s going to be Michael’s new boss? It could mean more love triangles for Michael…

    Oh and #779- Yes. I totally agree with your theory. The Mad Men guy is only there for about 3 more episodes. He won’t be that big of a threat.

  580. Ohhh. Well thank you, MIXED BERRIES. My day is just that much better now that I know Ryan has nothing to do with that. Yay Troy!

  581. It would be cool to see Jim interacting with Pam’s new friends, but it will probably be an office Halloween party. I think the significance of Pam’s art school experience is going to be how insignificant it is overall (except for Pam’s personal growth & Jim’s growth through Pam). Not for relationship strain or as a diversion from the core of the show.

  582. People might want to head over to and click watch with Kristin. New spoilers…sort of. (You have to choose for yourself which ones you want to believe.) Good luck!

  583. OK..employee transfer?! Shocking news from corporate..could it be Holly’s transfering to another branch (Nashua) as good ol’ Toby’s returning to Scranton?

  584. Not to rain on everyone’s JAM parade here, but I was counting out 13 weeks on a calendar (slow day at work, what can I say). The date stamp in Weight Loss for the week Pam left is July 7th. Even if she left at the end of that week, it would only put her Pratt term into mid-October. If Pam is still at corporate at Halloween, does that mean she’s staying in New York longer?? Perhaps I’m overanalyzing, but still! Scary thought!

  585. 1. WWK- I’m gonna say 2-7
    2. Poor Pam! The only one dressed for Halloween. haha
    3. Since Holly will be in the “Employee Transfer” ep, she should still be there until the first week of November, right? That’ll count as 6 full episodes…

  586. This is part of my imagination here but on watch with kristin site the spoiler/ foiler of cheating could be a crazy full circle story line. Think about it pam is engaged again and weird ugly art school kid kisses her but this time she deciedes she really loves who she is with.

  587. “#777 Is Angela pregnant? With all her extracurricular activities, then at the weigh in where she said her doctor told her she needs to put on weight, I suspect a bun in the oven.”

    I also had someone mention that maybe the reason for unexplained weight gain each week over the summer was from angela being pregnant. It’s funny, that twist would have worked out well last season when the real angela was really pregnant!

  588. the trip to nashua after news from corporate: after finding out about their affair, corporate transfers holly to the nashua branch. michael goes with her to help her settle in.

  589. Wait a minute…Pam at corporate?? Is Corporate the part-time job she got to put herself through Pratt??

    *dizzy from constant state of confooooosion*

  590. I think Pam will be back in Scranton by the Halloween party. Maybe since Jim is Michael’s #2 he is invited to the corporate Halloween party and Pam tags along…?

    She should be back by then, though. If she’s gone too long, I think the show will suffer like it did when Jim was gone — even though the camera crew was there part of the time, it wasn’t really the same.

  591. I really had hoped the writers had learned from the Jim-in-Stamford storyline. The Scranton office won’t be the same without Pam, no matter how funny her NY story might turn out to be. She is a key part of what makes this show great. So I hope she comes back eventually. If they decide to keep her in NY for the whole season or something as devastating as that, Utica will be burned to the ground, by someone.

  592. I love Pam and I think as fans, we all want to see her grow and have this great opportunity. That said, I agree with 815. The show isn’t the same when everyone is split up into different locations. Hurry back Pam!

  593. I want Holly to stay forever… but do you think she’ll be part of the spinoff?

  594. the summary for crime aid says that michael helps pam get a part time job at corporate. since employee transfer is the next episode i think it is pretty certain that pam is working at corporate and shows up to work in costume. she would hardly get a part time job for one episode.

  595. Please tell me Pam will come back to Scranton! The Office won’t be complete without her! And if Holly is transfered…. agggh! I’ll be very upset.

  596. 818 | Diapers Schrute,

    I love Holly too, but I thought they said there would be no spin-off now.

  597. I picked up on that too, #804. Why is Pam still in New York? Her three month program should have ended at LEAST two weeks before Halloween, no matter how you look at it.

  598. I wonder what they mean by “Love always gets in the way” in the synopsis of Employee Transfer?

  599. Pam needs to come back to Scranton. It was terrible having Jim in Stamford for so long.

  600. i don’t know purse girl but i assume it means that michael and holly falling in love gets in the way of her being able to work at scranton? maybe? i am definitely curious about that too.

  601. I’m sure of 3 things: Pam will be in New York until a week or 2 into November, she will return to Dunder-Mifflin, Scranton and she will be faithful to Jim…

  602. Once again, I think the significance of Pam’s art school experience is going to be how insignificant it is overall (except for Pam’s personal growth & Jim’s growth through Pam). Not for relationship strain or as a diversion from the core of the show.

  603. Mixed Berries-
    I think Pam’s tenure at art school will throw some curveballs Jim and Pam’s way. That’s the nature of storytelling.

  604. Question: Tanster, any reason why the orange date of when the spoilers/news was updated is now missing? Just curious…I just always looked forward to seeing the date change.

  605. The Watch With Kristin answers were the best possible in my opinion… YAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!

  606. It’s good to know Kristin debunked #1 without jerking us around about it. Whew.

  607. Jan will totally freak if Kevin’s the father…I actually think she would have preferred Michael! That would be hysterical.

  608. The Oct 6 KorbiTV thing: it says the engagement will be long and slow, but the description of why it says so doesn’t really indicate a long and slow engagement… I’m tired of spoilers that are actually teasers.

  609. I can not wait to see how they play out Jan learning that Kevin could be the father. haha While I’m glad for the WWK spoilers, I’m apprehensive about the “false ones could end up being true, too” comment.

  610. I just figured out where Kev got some extra money for his debts. *cough*sperm donation*cough*

  611. i think after holly leaves, pam will be the new HR rep if toby doesn’t come back. i really don’t think she’d go back to being a receptionist, plus pam’s resident advisor…you never know

  612. Even though this is not hinted at, I think that Mr. Andrew Bernard may be “coming out of the closet” in a later episode. It is a callback to Goodbye, Toby when Holly said “Andy just proposed to one of your accountants.” and Michael replies “I can see it being Angela, I can also see it being Oscar”. A possible resolution to the Angela-Andy-Dwight triangle? Aah, isn’t speculation fun?

  613. tanster- are we going to get hour long episodes soon, i thought the first 4 were hour long

  614. 843 Oaky Afterbirth: That would be AWESOME. Pam definitely has to come back to Dunder-Mifflin, Scranton to keep the show’s chemistry. HR rep would be a great way to keep Pam there and get sleezy Toby out.

  615. 844: If he was gay, why would he be dating/shown actively pursuing Angela? He’s got a flamboyant personality, but unless he’s ludicrously in denial…

    Pirated music – Kelly
    Immigration on Oscar – Michael?
    Never stole company time – Dwight

  616. Yay! Jenna posted as her status on myspace they are shooting a big scene for the Christmas episode yesterday. Maybe that is why she couldn’t do leno. Oh how I love office christmas!

  617. Why would Pam be an HR rep?

    Toby will return to HR, Pam will go back to reception, and Ryan will go back to either a temp, sales rep or in corporate.

  618. I’m going to guess that Kelly is the one downloading pirated music, Dwight called immigration on Oscar (maybe back when he was a volunteer sheriff), and honestly I can’t imagine who there hasn’t stolen company time. At first I thought it would be Dwight on that last one, but then I remembered that he was playing Second Life online during work (not to mention his recent hook-ups with Angela), and in this week’s episode description it says that Jim is making Dwight comply with the company’s time theft policy.

  619. Does Holly count for one of the people that hasn’t stolen company time? If she does then I think she might be the only one who fits that category. At first I thought Angela but then the recent Dwight hook ups occured. Hmmm maybe Stanley technically everyone has stolen company time once what with the fun run and the Office Olympics. Phew. It’s hard to tell.

  620. Do we know yet who wrote “Business Ethics”? Buddy TV credits Greg Daniels, Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant.


  621. Who else thinks in the “big” Christmas scene Jim will give Pam that letter he wrote to her but took back in Season 2? That would be amaazing.

    I’ve always wondered what it said, and we all know he has to still have it.

  622. 858 | Ashley: That would be interesting. I’ve also wondered if Jim ever showed her that letter.

  623. Has anybody seen the LAX video? I have a heavy duty firewall at my job, so I can’t access Facebook.

    If you watch the video, please describe it for me.

    Thanks fellow Tallyheads.

  624. #860 – It’s a shot of Michael pacing in a airport tunnel as passengers walk alongside him. He’s on a cell phone, but there is no audio. Really short, but just enough to get a spoiler. ;)

  625. WWK- just posted a some JAM scoop and said it will be a “relatively brief engagement.” I’m smiling ear to ear!

    #860- Steve Carell is pacing back and forth while on his cell phone. There isn’t any audio.

  626. 858 | Ashley: This idea is fantastic
    …it ties in with showing everyone in the office the documentary. Wish the office writers would read these comments!

  627. Has anyone read ‘Weddings & Celebrations: Jim Halpert & Pam Beesly’ on Watch With Kristin? “A relatively brief engagement is expected”… I am freaking out I’m soooo excited!

  628. Hmmmm…big Christmas scene? Short engagement? Also tanster’s interview with the writers from comic con has Greg and Justin *whispering* about the Christmas episode.

    I think that a Christmas wedding is totally possible…or maybe Jan gives birth in the Christmas episode.

  629. Airport scene/Christmas episode…my prediction…JAM flies to Vegas to get hitched!

  630. According to the Oct. 6 Watch With Kristin thing, Jan shows up to her baby shower with her baby “in tow” as in already born… did I read that wrong?

    11-06-2008 9:00PM

    THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT—Dwight (Rainn Wilson) and Jim (John Krasinski) are shocked when they get the results of the annual customer survey report. Pam (Jenna Fischer) and Jim decide they want to spend every minute together using their bluetooth phones. Meanwhile, Angela (Angela Kinsey) and Andy (Ed Helms) pick an unusual location for their wedding.

  632. As cute as that bluetooth thing sounds with Jim and Pam, are we to understand that Pam is still not back to Scranton by that time? Ugh!! I missed her so much in “Business Ethics,” I want her back soon!

  633. I think Andy & Angela will have their wedding in the Dunder Mifflin parking lot!

  634. Wow, that’s the first time I’ve seen Steve Carell listed in the ‘also stars’ part.

    Customer Survey sounds interesting.

  635. So is the customer survey episode the one in which Jim and Dwight have to work together for something. Hopefully, it will involve pranking Ryan.

  636. I have a feeling Pam won’t come back until Jim and her are getting closer to getting married. I have no idea why, but I think the writers have something up their sleeves to make us be like “OMG WHERE IS PAM?!” and then she comes back and something so great happens that makes us forget about her being gone in the first place.

  637. Well, I’m really excited that Jim and Pam will be in constant contact. I think that it will be extremely cute and much needed after Business Ethics.

    867- I don’t think Jan will have her baby then, Kristen had said something about Jan having her “baby in tow” at the Baby Shower. So maybe she already had it??

  638. A week or so ago, Jenna Fischer’s myspace “status” said that she was shooting a “big Christmas scene.” I don’t know if this means big in size or big as in, “big things happen,” but that was just enough to get me excited. Anyone else see this?

  639. I hope we get to see Jim & Pam together this episode. Except for the moment after Jim popped the question, we haven’t seen JAM together as an engaged couple.

  640. I just wanted to remind those who are getting excited by Kristin’s “relatively brief engagement” reference, that Pam’s last engagement was 3 YEARS so… the use of the word relative could be pretty important.

  641. I would like to see Pam and Jim planning their wedding. It will be nice to see how Pam reacts to her fiance actually helping with the big day. What would be funny is Pam is so used to planning a wedding on her own that when Jim tries to help she won’t let him do anything. Not that I’m looking for an argument between them but it could be funny.

  642. Shouldn’t Pam be back by the next episode? The last week of the Weight Loss episode was August 18th. If you assume that Business Ethics took place a week later, on August 25th, wouldn’t she be back by Baby Shower? It would be early September, and thus, the end of the summer program at Pratt.

    Also, if the writers are still showing us summer, are they just going to leap forward to the present at some point, or what?

  643. I think the writers are going by “tv time”… 7 of her 13 weeks were in Weight Loss, the last 6 are the 6 episodes after Weight Loss, Nov 13 should be her last episode in NY. 3 months = a quarter of 52 weeks = 13 weeks.

  644. Mixed Berries-

    I don’t believe that’s what they are really doing. It makes sense seeing how things are working out, but in the Oct. 30th episode Pam is the only one dressed up for Halloween. Following the tv time logic it would be late september or early october based off the amount of time she has spent in NY. Also, the writers have never based it on TV time.

    It’s still possible that she has in fact left art school and is now trying to find a job in New York. Jim not going with her is a bit confusing though.

  645. Good point Long Tim. I just hope Pam gets back to D-M Scranton soon, she’s already scheduled to spend a quarter of the season away, the chemistry isn’t the same :(

  646. The latest Watch With Kristin thing is reassuring. To me it reinforces the idea that the JAM drama will come from misperceptions by Jim & not from Pam actually being wooed by her new buddy.

  647. Can someone help me out with Kristen’s latest spoiler? What is phone snafus and butt-dialing? Is she trying to be funny or am I missing something?

  648. 892 – I assume what it means is Pam sits on her phone (which is maybe in her pocket) and it dials out accidentally. Perhaps Jim hears a conversation that wasn’t intended for him that he misinterprets. That’s just my guess.

  649. this week “Baby Shower” is written by Aaron Shure. Who are all these new writers?

  650. I do not think we have to worry… in a blog the other day Jenna wrote she has a few desk scenes coming up (possibly in “NY” or scranton) but today angela in a post said she wants to flick a paper clips at her in a scene… could this mean Jenna’s going to be back at her rightful desk?

  651. I wonder when Roy will be back in the picture.
    Maybe around Christmas time? That seems plausible enough.

  652. I bet Roy says something that makes Jim suspicious, Jim overhears a conversation that he misinterprets, Pam meets Jim’s brothers and tries to show that she loves Jim. Things go wrong, ala Meet the Parents.

    I sigh.

    They get married, the end.

  653. I’m going to predict that Roy shows up in either Baby Shower or Crime Aid. The WWK post from a couple of weeks ago said he was supposed to show up in one of the first five episodes and Jim and Darryl run into him because they leave the office to get away from Michael’s “hijinks”. That could be either the baby shower he is making the office throw for Jan, or the upcoming auction from Crime Aid. Just a theory.

  654. For those who don’t know, the new guy, Aaron Shure (who wrote this week’s ‘Baby Shower’) was a writer for Everybody Loves Raymond. Interesting.

  655. Why is there supposed to be so much strain with JAM? They’re only 2 hours apart, 1 hour if they meet half way. Lots of people drive 1 or 2 hours to & from work every day, why isn’t JAM together more often?

  656. I don’t get it, I liked Everybody Loves Raymond, still to this day one of my top tv shows that I would watch, granted it was a bit formulaic, but it was a funny show, though I do think Jan’s character is getting old , Melora Hardin is talented, just her character, I think will probably be written off soon.

  657. @904: I live in Allentown, PA and work for a company that has a branch here and a branch in New York. I often have to travel to the New York office. I can tell you, from personal experience, that the two-hour commute each way is exhausting. As for meeting halfway – easier said than done for a couple like Jim and Pam whose schedules aren’t compatible. He works at an energy-sucking 8-to-5 job and juggles his personal responsibilities, while she’s in an environment where you juggle classes, sleep and all-nighters. So it would be 100-percent unbelievable for them to meet up every day or even a few times a week.

  658. The synopsis for Business Trip has been posted!

    CANADA BOUND—Michael (Golden Globe winner Steve Carell) is ecstatic when David Wallace (Andy Buckley) decides to send him on a business trip to Canada. Andy (Ed Helms) and Oscar (Oscar Nunez) become unlikely friends when Michael decides to bring them along on the trip. Meanwhile, Jim (John Krasinski) is counting down the days until Pam (Jenna Fischer) gets back from art school. Rainn Wilson, B.J. Novak, Leslie David Baker, Brian Baumgartner, Kate Flannery, Mindy Kaling, Angela Kinsey, Phyllis Smith and Creed Bratton also star.

  659. What’s the betting that Pam is only back in the office for a little while, and then she’ll find something like a new internship in the city? And if/when Pam returns, she’ll probably be unhappy anyways because she’ll be back at the reception desk. And Jim won’t know what to do and it goes on and on… sigh.

  660. I still think Nov 13 (Business Trip) is Pam’s last episode in NY… She’ll definitely be back to stay in the office at some point.

  661. When I read the synopsis for Business Trip, I got a little sad. Why does it seem to me like Jim is the only one excited to be together again? Like in the Weight Loss synopsis, it read “Jim misses Pam.” I know that Pam is happy to be doing what she has always dreamed, but I wish they would show her missing Jim a little more. That’s just my humble opinion. Thank you!

  662. I try not to read too much into the synopses. Think about it, since Weight Loss, we have seen Pam for a total of like, 5 minutes. I think it was evident that she missed him at the end of Baby Shower when she said something to the effect of, “I’m going to my dorm, not home.” I wish they would show them missing each other more often, too. However, I think that she is absent so much (which sucks) because WE are supposed to miss her as much as Jim does. AND look at what happened when the synopsis said “Jim misses Pam”…he proposed!

  663. On behalf of Canadians everywhere- this is AWESOME!
    Anyone know where exactly they’re supposed to be?

    And I was really hoping Pam would be coming back in Employee Transfer. Guess not… :(

  664. It would be awesome if the Dwight-Angela-Andy thing was resolved w/out any heartache. Andy & Oscar as an item would be HILARIOUS!

  665. I don’t see what the problem is with Amy Ryan becoming a series regular. She’s hilarious, add tons of new dimension to the show itself and to Michael, other actors including Steve Carrell, JKras, Jenna Fischer and Rainn Wilson have done movies too, while being on the show. It’s perfectly possible to be big on the small screen as well as the big…Hello George Clooney?! And I know that the writers are creative enough to work with her schedule should something come up and makes her need to leave for a bit. To me she should not only be a series regular, but also stay in the office. Her dynamic with other characters besides Michael is priceless. Special Kevin? Lesbian Holly/Gay Oscar? Waah More Paper?!! Come on!! okay I’m done ranting…Word Count 133

  666. i totally agree with you, Alien…Bleh. i mean, during season 3, wasn’t steve carell working on 3 movies while filming the office? i think the big problem with keeping Amy Ryan on is that she lives in new york…well, at least i think she does. i kind of have the feeling that she’ll stay for good. maybe she’ll be gone for a couple of episodes, just to keep us on our toes…i’m hoping she comes back for the super bowl episode….

  667. Yay! Shout out to Canada!! So that was Andy and Oscar in the clip from LAX…interesting!

  668. So upon rereading the info for next week’s episode, I think that Wallace is going transfer Holly. Thus, the trip to Nashua.

  669. I think there will be a Pam-centric episode in the future. There was that TV guide preview which mentions that she meets Jim’s brothers.
    Also, way to go Winnipeg! As a Canadian who has visited Winnipeg, this rocks! I think this is the first time that the Office has taken place outside of Scranton/NYC area.
    Also, I am wondering if The Office is going to mention either the World Series (Phillies?) or the US election (wasn’t Biden from Scranton?)

  670. Uh oh, it says in the article that Michael has an affair with a concierge in the hotel that they are staying in. Does this mean the end of Holly? I really hope not :(

  671. The 11/20 episode, though it’s got no description up yet, is called “Frame Toby,” which I think we can all agree is probably the best episode title in Office history.

  672. I am not happy about this Winnipeg episode — Michael has an affair with the concierge?! He is PERFECT with Holly!

  673. 923 – They went to Philadelphia for The Convention.

    And I agree with the Pam-centric episode. I think the writers are trying to mature Pam as well as many of the other characters.

  674. I hope Toby isn’t back as a regular… If he is I hope he’s nice, original Toby. He turned into a creep in season 4.

  675. Yes, I want Toby back! I love Holly with Michael, but I miss all the Michael/Toby hate moments. Those got me laughing the most.

  676. Hah! I just knew the trip north would be to Winnipeg. Anyone who has ever stood at the corner of Portage and Main in downtown Winnipeg knows what I mean. (For those who haven’t, this particular intersection is known as the windiest intersection on the planet!)

  677. I have a theory about Holly but don’t really want to post it because it would really ruin a shocker moment (moments)if I’m right. It may not happen in this week’s episode, but I think it will be revealed sometime soon. I think a lot of people are going to be rewatching her six episodes and wondering why it wasn’t obvious the first time. Way back in Goodbye toby I read a theory post on her and I agree and think a lot of things are going to make sense and tie in soon.

    I also think Astrid is Michael’s child, and we will find out Jan is trying to avoid manipulating Michael by saying she isn’t.

  678. I am guessing that it is just 4 more episodes until Pam is back- for good (Frame Toby).

    But what about the reunion with Jim’s brothers, is it going to be during “Employee Transfer”? I think it will be because the synopsis talks about how “Love always gets in the way.”

  679. I think the “love always gets in the way” part is talking about Michael and Holly

  680. Why would David Wallace knowing about Michael and Holly be bad? She is in HR, so she isn’t his boss…besides Michael already was with Jan. I want Holly to stay forever and ever!!!

  681. 935- that’s true, but usually when something big happens with Jim and Pam, they never post it in the synopsis (ex: proposal & casino night kiss).. so maybe a double meaning?

  682. I think we’ll see Jim’s brothers this week, because in the sept. 25 spoiler it said that the meeting with the halperts was in a late october episode and this week is the only episode left in october.

  683. common female enemy in the office? Ooh, ooh! I guess Angela!
    Meredith doesn’t care…Phyllis is busy blackmailing Angela…Pam isn’t there…Holly’s leaving…wait…Kelly?

    Okay…Angela or Kelly.

  684. Sorry posted too soon…

    It’s Kelly. She does Customer Service. And the “Love Always Gets in the Way” thing probably does have to do with Michael and Holly, but I also think it has to do with Pam. She’s going to come back to Scranton for Jim, just like he did for her. What I want to know is what will happen to Ryan when Pam is back at reception? (Assuming that’s where she goes)

  685. Seeing as the plot of “Customer Survey” is the yearly sales numbers coming out, and that there is only one woman salesman, dwight and jim’s common enemy must be phyllis.