1. She’s “contractually obligated” to not speak about the Jim-Pam plot….wow.

  2. Her saying that the NBC execs always want more Michael was interesting and explains a lot. If there’s one thing I would have changed about this season it is less Michael Scott, even though the character and Carell are both brilliant but sometimes less is more.

  3. Are you guys serious??? How can you NOT be understanding those interviewers are spoofing an entertainment show? Their style is self-deprocating and real, as opposed to the same old, boring stiff interviews which are a dime a dozen…I enjoyed them…they were funny…and Kate seemed to dig it.

    That said, Kate was awesome. It’s interviews like this that leave me wanting so much more Meredith in the show!! She seemed so genuine! Why is the Office simply the greatest show of all time???

  4. LOL. So I just tracked more of the interviewers videos down….sorry to disagree again, but they were very funny. He’s not with the other guy when he does red carpet stuff…but despite that, he has some hilarious moments with celebs on the carpet. I’m still not totally sure what hollywood press tv totally is, but I’m a fan!…reno 911 premiere…wow..

  5. no, it’s not that I don’t “get” what they are doing, but it’s that I don’t find what they are doing funny or good. It’s distracting, actually, to have the pseudo-self-deprecation thing going on. Maybe it’s funny once, but not 15 times. Maybe it’s funny if that guy is your college roommate or something. But to the rest of us, we just see that he is annoyingly trying to get the attention on himself.

  6. Loved the interview. Great to hear from Kate—she is full of personality! Liked the interviewers style. They didn’t take themselves too seriously and were funny. the audience seemed to be loving it…now, can I see an interview with Toby….please…

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