The Office stars’ movie projects

USA Today has a nice pair of articles (and photos) of the current movie projects starring Rainn Wilson, John Krasinski, and Jenna Fischer.

An excerpt:

“We’re all happy with the opportunities we’ve been given, and we’re all doing very interesting, diverse projects,” Wilson says. “(Office producer) Greg Daniels said after The 40-Year-Old Virgin came out, ‘We’re starting the show with one movie star and we’re going to end the show with four movie stars.’ He really believes in us.” Nobody plans to leave the TV show, however. “If the movies came first, we’d all still be dying to be on The Office,” Krasinski says.

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  1. Alex, I definitely agree!

    And how articulate is Jenna?? Love it when she’s talking about John and Rainn when she says, “”It’s so cool to look at them, because to me, they’ll always be Rainn and John, but for the world they’re turning into Rainn Wilson and John Krasinski. They’re a first and last name now.”

    Too cute… and she’s a first and last name now, too!

  2. I think Steve is going to be great in Even Almighty it looks hallarious.
    ps. I can’t spell

  3. its going to be kinda strange when Jenna, Rainn, and John are all huge movie stars

  4. Here’s hoping that all four can have long and successful careers in movies.

    Also, just a little tidbit. You can see two OFFICE actors in movies out this weekend. Rainn in THE LAST MIMZY, but you can also see B.J. Novak in REIGN OVER ME. He’s only in the third act of the movie as this smarmy lawyer. And he gets slammed by both Adam Sandler and Donald Sutherland.

    You should still check the movie out. Not as incredible and Mike Binder’s last movie (the underrated gem THE UPSIDE OF ANGER), but it still hits you in the gut.

  5. Unfortunately, Blades of Glory doesn’t look good to me. I’m sure I’ll still see it, though… along with all of the others. I am in love with Will, Will, Amy, Jenna, etc.

  6. I love Rainn, but I just saw “The Last Mimzy” last night and it’s not very good. Rainn does a good job with what he’s given, and he doesn’t seem like Dwight at all, but the movie feels like an E.T. knock-off. Several times the audience laughed at things that I don’t think were intentionally funny (mostly having to do with when the government comes in to get the mimzy). Bummer. I had higher hopes for it.

  7. I think its sweet that JKras says “If the movies came first, we’d all still be dying to be on The Office.”

    I agree in that my love of the show will probably lead me to watch all of their subsequent movies, but first and foremost, they’ll always be Jim, Pam, and Dwight to me. :)

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