Kim’s Halloween report from The Office set

(From tanster: thank you to Kim for sending this report from this year’s Halloween costume contest on The Office!)

The Time has come…the souls have risen!

“The Fourth Annual “Ghost of” Michael Scott Dunder Mifflin Scranton Office Fun for the Zombies Burial of the Cast and Crew Halloween Costume Contest for the Doldrums cure!”

This years winners are:

3rd Place:
Bob Turk as “Elvis” aka The King
(crew job: Special Effects)
The Office Halloween Bob Turk

2nd Place:
Matt Sohn as “Colonel Sanders” of KFC
(Crew job: Director of Photography-and 1st time EVER wearing a costume!)
The Office Halloween Matt Sohn

and the winner is….
1st Place: “The Two Old Muppet Men!”
or so the judges called them because they did not know their Muppet names. (Statler and Waldorf for trivia folks)
happily worn by Renee Hazelton and Karan Doherty (Crew job: Set Costumers)
The Office Halloween Renee Hazelton and Karan Doherty

Winners at the Awards Table with Judges Kate Flannery and Vartan Chakirian (Crew Job: Craft Service)
The Office Halloween

Renee, Karan and I laughed so hard our eyes were watering while I put on their wigs and facial hair. I thought I would never get it all on straight! The cast and crew really liked their costume! What creative costumes we had this year. It was a really fun day… great costumes and all made possible by Stephanie Kinch, our 2nd 2nd Asst. Director who has amazing Halloween Spirit and makes our Costume Contest happen every year. She hand-makes her costume every year… this year…. “Shark Victim” got many smiles.
The Office Halloween Stephanie Kinch

And I happily cheered them all on. Seen here with our set Nurse Patrice Madewell in her 1950’s poodle skirt. We all laughed a lot and had a fun day at work. Even wrapped early in time to enjoy trick or treating with our families. That’s all from your Office Halloween Reporter.
The Office Halloween Kim Ferry and Patrice Madewell


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