Kristin’s Office set visit, version 2

Did someone say … babies?!

Watch a slightly different video of the Kristin Office set visit here.

Thanks, rspad!

(And holy crap, are we Office fanatics being whipped into a frenzy by all these Season 3 teasers or WHAT?!)


  1. Oh my gawd… I just made my aim profile super rated R by swearing profusely and apologizing and then swearing profusely again…

  2. That Kristin is so mean to us Jim fans. Urgg!! You can’t blame her though. I’d throw myself all over him too!

  3. That was pretty hilarious! I just love interviews with our Office staff, so these are making me pretty happy. And that Kristin, well, there’s a lot of things I could say here…but frankly, I just get a kick out of having the same name as her(except for the e/i exchange) so that I could hear John Krasinski say my name on the first video we saw yesterday! Ha!

  4. b…B…b…babies???
    Ram or Jam? (I’m actually kinda hoping niether. Maybe Kevin and Stacy. That’d actually be really cool. I love Kevin. Or Dwangela. That’d be hilarious.)

  5. “Mom I have to go.”
    The make out session that followed had me on the floor laughing. Kristen’s arm almost knocked over the computer. XD

    Dwangela babies..I don’t even want to think about. :o

  6. Frenzied is a good description!!!

    What a great video. I LOVED the “re-enactment” of the kiss. Kristin is great. We need to get her on the show as Jim’s love interest.

  7. What if it’s a Kelly/Ryan baby?! (I don’t know if there is a kyan or something for those two. lol.)

    But I’m guessing that won’t happen, but it would still be very funny.

  8. Okay, am I the only one who’s not really happy seeing Kristen being all flirty with John?! I mean, come on, we were left hanging with hopes of Jim and Pam finally getting together and openly falling in love with each other. And with all of this flirting stuff going on with Kristen, it is just cruel and unusual punishment. Please stop hurting us Kristen–and any other woman who publicly throws herself on John/Jim before season three starts!! Okay, that’s all. It’s pitiful, I know……..but it’s really not my fault…..

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